American Idol 2024 Recap Episode 8: The Top 24 Perform Part 1


It’s an exciting American Idol night with the start of the live shows. We’ll watch as the first twelve Idol hopefuls perform live. Additionally, American Idol 21 winner Iam Tongi returns to perform. We also know that Jelly Roll and Tori Kelly act as mentors for the Top 24. The contestants travel to Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa in Ko Olina Hawai’i, for their first live show and vote.

Twelve perform tonight and then another twelve perform tomorrow night. Once the live shows begin, American Idol really kicks things into gear. The cuts happen fast, and the next thing we know, it’s the final three. Because of the rapid pace, this makes voting for your favorites more important than ever. You can’t miss one night of voting because it could end in your favorite contestants being eliminated. It’s several weeks before the American Idol finale but they will go fast.

Nevertheless, the live shows are very fun. They show the contestants’ potential as singers, performers, and mega superstars. They have more restrictions than the auditions and Hollywood Week, so it presents a bigger challenge for them to overcome. The Idols are also pressured to win over the audience, instead of just the judges. Additionally, the live audience, theme, and song choices can really take a contestant to a new level of greatness.

The auditions showed us a lot of talented contestants. Therefore, I am excited to see their journeys. I want to know who makes it to the end. 

Let’s get into that American Idol 2024 recap

AMERICAN IDOL – 708 (Disney/Eric McCandless) JAYNA ELISE

Top 24 Perform: Night One

Who will win you over?

Ryan Seacrest introduces Tori Kelly as the mentor and judge for the week. The contestants are excited to see her.  Hailey Mia is the first up to perform. Tori mentors her on how to wok on her stage performance. She sings “she’s all i wanna be
by Tate McRae.

Tori says she feels like she’s watching herself seeing Hailey. She says leveled up from practice to performance. Lionel Richie tells her to give them more attitude. Katy Perry says she could have given it a little more sauce. Luke Bryan says her vocal performance is great but to “swing for the fences.”

Text 1 to 21523 to vote for Hailey. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Jordan Anthony plans to sing “Titanium” by David Guetta Ft. Sia. He talks about his journey of being bullied as a kid because of his weight.  Lionel says he has a great future. It was fantastic. Katy says he needs to find the balance but his runs were great. Luke says it shows a new side of him. Tori says it was so good and she knows how much the song meant to him.

Text 2 to 21523 to vote for Jordan. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Jayna Elise performs “Confidence’ by Demi Lovato.

Tori says she’s so proud and she looks like a rockstar. Lionel says she was a stage performance killer. He loved it. Katy says she has a unique way of doing her runs. She needs to keep that. Luke says she got the crowd moving.

Text 3 to 21523 to vote for Jayna. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Julia Gagnon starts her session with Tori talking about her recent engagement. She’s singing “Rumour Has It” by Adele. Katy congrats her on the engagement. She tells her it was good but to iron her low vibrato. Luke says she has shown her stage presence. Tori says vocally she has it. Lionel says to use the stage more. Tori, Luke, and Lionel emphasize to vote.

Text 4 to 21523 to vote for Julia. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Tori sings her new song called “High Water.”

Kayko sings his original song about his mother who passed away a few years ago. It helped him grieve. The song is called “How to Live Without You.” Ryan tells Kayko that it’s an emotional song about loss. Tori says he really brings the world into his story. Lionel says he makes the song seem like it’s been here forever. Katy says so many people are relating to him. She says he belongs there. Luke says the songs are well-done and he doesn’t feel like picking apart all of his vocals. He hopes people vote him in.

Text 5 to 21523 to vote for Kayko. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Nya performs “The Best” by Tina Turner. She dedicates it to her fiancé. Katy thought the arrangement was great and her tone was great. Luke says it settles in as she continues. He says it might have been the best performance of the night so far. Lionel says she turns it into her song.

Text 6 to 21523 to vote for Nya. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Blake Proehl sings “Anyone’ by Justin Bieber.  Katy says he has the making of a star but his mind is interfering. He needs to push it aside. Lionel says he needs to play to the audience.

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Iam Tongi sings “Why Kiki.”

Abi Carter sings “Ocean (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong UNITED. Luke says it’s an experience. He calls her a frontrunner. Tori mimics his sentiment. She calls her a true performer. Katy calls her one of her favorites.

Text 8 to 21523 to vote for Abi. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Quintavious is torn between two songs and one of them is her songs. Tori suggests he sing her song. He picks “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood.  Tori says she respects him for staying true to himself. Lionel says he took the crowd to the next level. Luke says he brings big-time energy and made the song his own.

Text 9 to 21523 to vote for Quintavious. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

KB sings “Heaven” by Bryan Adams. Tori says her biggest hurdle is believing in herself, but she nailed it. Lionel says she gave him goosebumps. Katy says she’s one of the most unique voices and wants to keep her. She tells America to vote. Luke says she’s a star

Text 10 to 21523 to vote for KB. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

Will Moseley sings ‘Sittin On (The Dock of the Bay) by Ottis Redding. Tori says his voice makes her feel warm. She says he sounds like a seasoned pro. Katy says it’s the performance of the night. It felt safe and American. Luke agrees that it’s the performance of the night. He says he’s in the conversation to win the season.

Text 11 to 21523 to vote for Will. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

McKenna Faith Breinholt is the last to perform for the night. She sings “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. She dedicates the song to her adopted mother. Luke says she should be very proud. Tori can hear her on the track. Lionel says she makes them feel it with her singing.

Text 12 to 21523 to vote for McKenna. You can also vote on the American Idol app or at

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