American Idol Cancelled In the UK: Will It Return?

American Idol cancelled in the UK? We feel badly for our friends across the pond because apparently UK channel after 5* has cut the show in the middle of the season. How rude is that? They didn’t even wait to let the viewers find out who won American Idol 2014!


According to Yahoo, UK channel 5* abruptly decided to cancel American Idol 2014 shortly after the Top 12 finalists were revealed. Although no official reason was announced, we can only assume it was likely due to low ratings. In the US, American Idol ratings have been in a free-fall for years, and this season has set record lows.

A spokesperson for 5* reportedly confirmed the news that American Idol is cancelled for now. The network’s official site for the network also now shows that “American Idol isn’t currently scheduled to be on any of our channels.”

However, there is some hope for fans that they may get to see the rest of the season at some point. “The show will be back in the summer,” the channel 5* rep told Yahoo.

Channel 5* actually nabbed American Idol from ITV2 in the fall of 2012, but apparently it has not proven to be a very successful steal for the network.




  1. I personally think that channel 5 have made a huge mistake. I’ve read many comments on the net complaining about the decision and many of them are calling to boycott the channel. How can they think that re-airing it in the summer is going to keep their viewers happy when they will already know who the winner is..i have sent an email of complaint to the channel and i would like as many people as we can get to do the same and demand they put it back on before it’s to late.

    • I personally think you need a life outside of American rejects … If no one watches the show it get’s canceled and to cancle 1/2 way through shows how bad the ratings have dropped … Keith Urban is so boring!

    • How is it that in 2014, people still don’t know how television works? If a show gets low ratings, it gets cancelled.

      • I never watch american idol or any shows from any UK network ,people can still go online and watch the show every thursday and friday after its airing on FOX. VERY EASY AND NO PANIC I’M NOT SUPRISED THAT CHANNEL 5 DID THAT . BUT THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY TO ENJOY FROM OTHER SOURCES AND MEANS .

      • Then please tell us HOW, Fouzi. (I hope this is legal).
        I like many others liked watching the program, and have been watching this Season until its mysterious curtailment. I phoned up Channel 5 to find out what was going on, and they told me it had been cancelled due to low audience figures. (As I had been watching it, obviously mine wasn’t counted!). The guy said that it MAY return in summer, but I said that that was no good as the results would have been announced in the US and promoted everywhere..He “understood” but he was only the spokesman…
        Pretty poor show Channel 5 (and btw, cancellation in the middle of a series is NOT common practice in the UK)

      • Well andrew is very easy ,it is legal ,because these websites are for a reason is to let people watch free pay tv including all the latest TV SHOWS US TIME,I heard from sources that it could be the last season of IDOL ON FOX the official network broadcaster in the US due to poor ratings as well but still the show is on going i even watched the live performances yesterday and i got a copy of the results show but uk viewers need to explore other options rather than stick to one we’re in 2014 ,watch US TV never been easier. google watchseriesus and u get all the possible websites versions there are few outhere. GooD LUCK AND IF U STILL CANT GET HOLD OF THE SHOWS LET ME KNOW AND I’LL HELP YOU , EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE ONLINE .

      • thanks for the tip, I am angry they have taken it off mid series, they should try advertising the show, it’s no wonder it’s not being watched, and another thing is the time, I had to tape it so I wouldn’t miss it. stupid twits, tv is getting worse, I seem to spend my nights watching grand design’s because there is nothing worth watching on any channel.

  2. what a disgusting way to thank the 5* viewers and those paying customers whom enjoyed watching American Idol and are now gutted they cannot decide for themelves whether or not they wished to continue watching the 2014 season…appalling and very unfair to simpy axe without prior notice! I do not rate this channel anymore. stupid decision. they want return future viewers? luck will not help them! idiots.

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