American Idol Ends, For Now, But Our Coverage Continues

American Idol 2016 wrapped up its season and possibly the end of the series, but just as Ryan Seacrest teased, “for now” the departure may be temporary. But just because the FOX show is off the air that doesn’t mean our site is closing its doors.

American Idol's Farewell Season
American Idol’s Farewell Season – Source: FOX

With 15 seasons worth of talent out in the wild and the lingering expectation of many that American Idol isn’t really over there is so much to keep covering and discovering for American Idol fans and our readers here on the site.

We plan on keeping a steady supply of new content with updates and news for the Idol contestants and it won’t hurt to keep a candle in the window for when FOX comes to its senses or Simon Fuller finds a new avenue for the series’ return.

Not only will we be around with our American Idol coverage but reality TV fans can join us for our summer fun with CBS’s “Big Brother” at our fan site (Facebook & Twitter) and twice a year with Survivor at (Facebook & Twitter) and share the fun with our communities of fans there as well.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us since the site started and all those who joined us along the way. It’s been incredible fun and an extraordinary opportunity along with greatly appreciated work for many of us over the years. We couldn’t have done that without all of you who made it possible by visiting us every day and sharing the fun of American Idol. You’ve given our team more than you could imagine.

There’s lots more to come and we’re excited for whatever is next for Idol!