American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez on How Show Changed Her

Of all the current American Idol judges, Jennifer Lopez is certainly the most emotive. She gets “goosies” over great performances, wipes away tears when contestants become emotional, and lights up with joy at seeing cute toddlers accompany their singing parents to auditions. J-Lo gives a lot of herself to American Idol, but that’s only fair considering how much the show has changed her over the past few years.

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol 2016
Jennifer Lopez on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX

“I’ve enjoyed this journey so much, working with talent, working with musicians, working with singers, more than I thought I would” Jennifer Lopez tells InStyle magazine in an interview for their February issue. “… I really feel like it has enriched me in a way, like the exchange between me and the contestants. By helping them, it helped me grow as a performer over the past five, six years.”

J-Lo says her time on American Idol has truly been “the most incredible journey, not just for me, but I realized the impact that it had.” Being a part of something like this, she says, really made her feel “fortunate” to have such an opportunity.

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