American Idol 2016: Should Mario Bonds Have A Golden Ticket? [POLL]

Should the blind singer last night on American Idol, Mario Bonds, have received a Golden Ticket and been put on through to Hollywood? Fans reacted strongly to his rejection and we want to hear your opinion on the results.

During Wednesday’s audition rounds we saw Mario come in to the room and wow the American Idol judges with his performance but then I was definitely surprised to see him denied a pass to the next round. Mario brought in not just a great voice but also a lot of positive energy and spirit that could have been a great addition to Hollywood Week. All the same, Mario was turned down by the American Idol Judges and was sent out in tears.

Could Mario Bonds still get a call back? His companion suggested that it wasn’t over and the judges could change their minds, but Mario was confident he had messed up his big opportunity. Could American Idol have been hinting at something by including that part about a call back? Hmm.

Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts on whether or not Mario Bonds should have earned himself a ticket to Hollywood on American Idol 2016.