American Idol Live Tour 2009 Tickets Now On Sale


Launching on July 5th the American Idols Live Tour 2009 is set to include Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Michael Sarver, and Scott MacIntyre. All Top 10 performers will be on stage and singing their hearts out all across the country just for you!

Tickets for the American Idols summer tour go on sale Saturday, May 9th @ 10AM and I’ve collected up links for where you can find them. The best seats are going to sell out fast, so you can buy them here:

Check out all the live tour dates for American Idol 2009.

Anyone planning to get see this year’s Top 10 perform live? Let’s hear it.




  1. i’ll book early so i can take the front seat and be able to see live my idol adam lambert….

    go go go my idol, you are the next american idol!

  2. Have to pass on this one.I’ll wait till Adam and allison are on their own then I’ll go. To bad they can’t split em up like ADAM,ALLISON,MATT and MEGAN the rest just hurt my ears.

  3. No way am I paying these prices to see this or any show. I’ll just wait..hopefully Adam and Allison will team up for a show…and the others that I actually like will do shows that normal people can actually afford.

  4. Memphis will be closest for me…I’ll be going to see Adam for sure…Can’t wait to see what he will do…See ya’ll there!!

  5. Good morning all. Looks like the kiddies have taken over the other thread. None of the locations are very close to Tally. Hope you guys that can go have a great time!

  6. adam is really the #1… he deserves to win this season….. his very talented…… and i can’t wait to see adam again in the stage….

    >to other guys….always do your best….

    >you are all champions……^_^

  7. all remaining contestants were already popular and rich.. good for them..hope they will share thier wealth to the needy like me heheheh!!!DANNYYY,,GOOOOOO

  8. fanny
    ur so funny. wish i could watch their tour. i like danny too and chris and alison. even anoop. theyre all good singers as amatuers (except adam hes already a pro) i hope most of them will learn more from this tour

  9. I would like to watch a concert of Gokey singing the lead in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It would be thrill if he can shriek or scream a note or four at the end of Amazing Grace followed by Hallelujah. And his hands sticking out with fingers pointing, like all guns blazing in a western spaghetti movie, would channel the spiritual energy to the audience. What a way to go! Amen.

  10. Christian
    If thats what you want have at it.I should not have said that the rest would hurt my ears as their not that bad (ONLY DANNY)but on the upside Dannys performance would be a great time to go take a piss and get a beer.

  11. Got my tickets, (2) for the Tacoma Dome, Just hope I can find a friend feeling fiesty enough to go with me. I saw Clay and Kelly’s concert which was fantastic. I agree an Adam/Allison would be fun. I have a feeling Adam will be wanting to move as far away from AI as quickly as possible. Too many artistic restraints!

  12. got my tickets for american idol tour for vancouver ,bc canada i am so excited they are finally coming to canada for their tour so excited!!

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