American Idol Looks To Reinvent Itself

So we already know American Idol 2013 won’t include judges Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler. And despite knowing more changes loom, that’s all we’ve got right now.

According to sources, producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick are likely to return to produce American Idol , so that’s not changing. So what will? Does anyone even know? The Hollywood Reporter took a look at that question.

Sources tell THR that one of the first steps in retooling the program will be to cut production budgets and staff, including the exorbitant salaries for judges. (Fox declined comment for this report.) That doesn’t bode well when it comes to competing in a talent marketplace where Britney Spears is receiving $15 million to judge Cowell’s The X Factorand Christina Aguilera is only a few million behind on NBC’s The Voice. So who’s available for the more reasonable price tag of, say, $5 million? Contenders includeNicki Minaj, Fergie, and even alums like (Carrie) Underwood and Adam Lambert, who have a unique perspective on the show.

“It’s next to impossible to regain past glory and relevance as the franchise has had more than its moment in the sun,” Jeff Rabhan, former manager of Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken, Told THR.”But if they were to change a small dynamic or update the competition by changing the rules, it could possibly invigorate the fan base. And if nothing else, viewers will tune in to see which celebrity judges have been hired.”

What changes would you like to see American Idol make?




    • Limit the voting!  That’s the wonder drug.  Viewers are fed up with the power voting and so they tune out.

    • She clearly doesn’t have the maturity to know how to handle her own career, let alone judge and advise someone else.

      • Can you imagine little Jessica judging, hahahhaha…she told the judges she thought they didn’t like her as they blasted the stage to save her.   This leads me to believe she will be a great actress on Glee with a performance like that!  Poor little thing would have to sit on a cushion…aww

    • No. She stole the only chance of the best singer sing! Colton Dixon is wayyyy better than her!!!!!

      • No way. She was robbed. She didn’t steal anything to anyone! Jessica was the best. Phillips? He sucks!

  1. Please make the voting different.  I think it would be such an improvement.  Perhaps they should limit it to 10 or 20 votes per method!

  2. To be a success the program has to reach more than just one age set.  Change the voting; get a cross panel of judges that include someone from the recording industry, someone from the younger set/possible a successful former idol with some years of experience and hey why not chose an average person out there to sit on the panel….one that is really a music lover…I’m sorry but Simon went way down in my book when he put Britney…crazy Britney who’s career has been on bottom more than on top in a chair to judge other performers….Just sayin….I enjoyed Jimmy Iovine’s analysis of the contestants more than the judges and even he was not always right but was more rational than the actual judges.

    • LOVE the idea of an average joe sitting on the panel.  these are the people who actually BUY the music.  the voting system is ridiculous and has to be changed to one vote per device.  the age limit of the contestants has to be raised to at least 18.  and lose the filler and all the sob stories.  the show is supposed to be about the music.  also would adore to see adam up there. he would bring a fresh perspective to the show. (and maybe sing a little, hint hint.)

      • I agree except, I think 5 votes might be more fair as families might have different faves and while mom likes #4, daughter may favor #9.  Not everyone has multiple devices in the home.

      • Look how varied the opinions are on this site.  The ordinary person theory would make some people happy and those who don’t agree with him not so much, just like any other judge.   Everyone is screaming about changing the voting system, be careful what you wish for…who knows how this will end up.

  3. More relevant songs. The themes skew so old. No more Stevie, 50s, 60s, inspirational. Basically, let contestants sing songs that are in the style they would like to sing if they make it in the business. Get rid of Randy. All he’s good for is catch phrases. He has lost touch with today’s music.

    • I think part of the reason for the themes is that, truthfully, there isn’t much new music being written that showcases a singer’s voice.  It’s all about auto tune and synth.  They almost have to rely on older music or the few current sources [country, Broadway] for true music.

      • I have to agree with what you say about today’s music not really being a good showcase for vocal talent. Plus, AI always has such categories as “music from this decade and performers choice every season. So even more music from this decade is not needed. And I like to see the challenge of the whole group having to perform from one small category, such as music form one persons catalogue. I think the success of the show is based on that. Otherwise it would be like X-Factor, where the performers can sing what they want pretty much anytime. Which in my viewpoint … is one of the main reason that show is not as successful as American Idol.

      • Something I’d like to see with their theme weeks is expanding the list of themes.  We’ve seen Beatles etc. done to death.  Let’s have a week of Oscar winning songs, a Bon Jovi week,  Disney movie songs, Blue Grass/Folk [John Denver, Peter Paul & Mary etc.], Jazz, Broadway.

    • Yes-Yes to Adam Lambert….We need new exciting young blood who’s career doesn’t need a boost but just be there for the performers.

  4. Off the subject a bit- I posted a long post.  I gave my ideas.  I was respectful in my post.  I’ve posted here quite a bit w/ never any problems w/ anyone.  Then this message comes up where I’ve got to type in these words I can barely make out.  I guess I got them wrong.  So now a moderator must approve my post. 

    Did I type all that out for nothing?  I’m lost as to what happened. 

    • If a post contains links or images or certain “flagged” words it will automatically go to moderation. You may have used the word in a completely appropriate context but if it’s on the list it will be looked over before the post is allowed. 

      I really appreciate moderation myself. It’s great for the times when I neglect to self-edit my comments as carefully as I should….LOL

      Sometimes my hair brained remarks get through despite moderation though….sigh

    • ok, tried it twice.  Guess this site doesn’t like long posts.

      Short version-
      1) Judges be in their seats to start show. Gives singers more time to sing.
      2) Be fair to all contestants.  In not only judging, but also production angle.
      3) Voting- Change it to a ranking system.  1-10, or how many contestants are left.  1 vote per person. 
      4) Have half of vote based on I-tunes sales.  Results show can be 2 days later.
      5) Pay scale improve for contestants.  Top 24 gets $10,000.  Top 12 get $50,000 & so on.  #2 gets $500,000, winner gets a million. 

  5. I woukd not mind Adam Lambert. He mentored last season and did a pretty good job. At least he kniws music and the Idol ropes.

  6. I think limit the voting to a maximum of 5 votes per phone number.  That would keep those young female voters from voting thousands of time for their favorite male singer.

    • What is your definition of young? The average age of the viewer is a lot closer to 50 than 15. My teenage daughter and her friends do not watch the show any longer. However, if Jon Bon Jovi were a judge, they would all be tuning in!

  7. I would like them to CUT all the awful singers, I dont think it’s funny or cite at all.
    I want to see good to great singers.

  8. Register online and hold 3-days of auditions with more time than 15 seconds and at least 2-songs. Silly doing the registrations 2-days and auditions in only 1-day. If they are serious about finding great singers then they will audition serious and really find them. 

    • I don’t think that the auditions are really done in one day. They just edit the footage to make it look that way. Sometimes the cattle call auditions are a month or more in advance of the golden ticket casting for the show. 

  9. Change voting.  Judges should have some part of the voting as they do in Dancing with the Stars.

    • That is a definite no no. The whole premise of the show is that America picks the winner..not the judges.

    • No this is American Idol…..we get to pick the winner, not the judges….lets keep it that way, just limit our votes like Dancing with the Stars do.

    •  NO power to judges, they serve first as the talent scouts and then as mentors/advisers.

      -Remove Judges Save
      -Limit votes to number of contestants and by registered voter
      -Disclose actual vote counts on the results show…make it a real reality show, including the tough news that the results of real vote counts will give.

  10. First, I think Adam Lambert would be an excellent choice for a judge.  Second…….they REALLY need to revamp the voting process.  There needs to be a limit on how many times a person can vote.  If they don’t we will keep getting the same cookies cutter cute little white boy winners with no talent just because all the little tween girls have nothing better to do than vote………

    • For the 854th time…it’s not the tween girls! They don’t even watch the show! The average age is closer to 50!!! Blame it on the cougars if you must blame it on someone, but it’s not little girls. Besides, I happen to think Phillip has talent, as does David Cook.

      • I totally agree with you about Phillip having talent.  I was never a big fan of David Cook but I’m sure he has his fanbase.  What I don’t totally agree with you is that a lot of  young teenagers watch the show with their Moms or Dads.  I really don’t think your over 50 crowd gets on the phone and power dials for two hours.  JMO

      • @Phyllis…okay. Yes, some young kids might watch but my daughter hasn’t watched in quite a while. I think it’s more..pre-teens that are watching and I can’t imagine a lot of them get to use their phones just as they please. I don’t power-vote myself but I did vote a lot for Phillip this year. Probably more than I have ever voted before…

      • Pally45…..I’ve stopped power voting after Adam’s season.  I vote but not like I did for Adam……It just seems strange that the winners over the last three seasons have been cute guys with a guitar and I seriously don’t think too many grownups power voted for these idols.   Do you?

      • I wouldn’t call Scotty cute. I liked him from his first audition and I voted for him.  He didn’t play the guitar ALL the time. I wouldn’t call Lee Dewyze cute either…but he NEVER should have beat out Crystal. I don’t know who is power-voting but I know I voted A LOT for Phillip and I’m 45. Grow up Pally! LOL! 

      • Pally, the average Idol viewer is a 50 yr old female.  Just read that fact over the wkend.  I’m sure some teens watch, but I can’t imagine it was P2 they were pining after.   Like you said, it was more of a cougar situation!  Or people who know good music when they hear it regardless of their age.

    • I canno timagine why any young girl (tween/teen) would watch american idol, it is really not their thing.

    • I had several tween daughters, as soon as they got a cell phone, AI was the last thing in their lives.

  11. Limit the voting, they already granted my first two wishes…get rid of Jennifer and Steven. 

  12. Kudos to the producers and the network for making an attempt to position their finances for the future market place which is getting more and more watered down by other “copy-cat” programming! I think it’s great that they are trying to keep the show up and running instead of just letting it die like so many other networks would do. Even with all of it’s negatives, AI still gives young hopefuls an opportunity that they would probably not otherwise get. I hope that is part of the consideration in keeping the show alive instead of just throwing in the towel.

    I think I can see in my crystal ball that maybe another of AI’s sponsors might be pulling their advertising funds and shifting them to another environment that promises more exposure for their products. A reduced budget will absolutely force the AI executives to make some dramatic changes to the program so that’s no surprise.

    I hope they can find a creative way to maintain the quality of the production within the financial constraints of a devalued advertising market.

    I definitely think that the voting needs to be improved. I also think that the judges do not necessarily need to be high profile celebs. I think everyone just wants good honest and constructive advice to come from them once the show goes live. At that point they should shed their title as “Judges” and just offer cohesive remarks to help the competitors improve. The public becomes the judge at that point.

    I also think they should raise the age back up. If it were an adult they were speaking to, I would like for just once to hear a judge say, “You’re a beautiful woman, watch your styling and song choices and use that to your advantage.” or “You’re an attractive young man, work on those biceps, get out your guns next week and sing something sexy to get the ladies swooning over you.” That wouldn’t be out of line at all for an adult contestant and it would actually be great advice IMO. Couple that with some vocal coaching advice and they could actually help these contestants instead of belittling and embarrassing them. 

    Just sayin…..

  13. I think they should get rid of the save….if AMERICA votes someone off, it should stay that way.

    • @Sheri…hope you and your sis are doing well!  Lose the stupid save, it was a gimmick that wasn’t needed.  No one “saved” ever became the Idol.   It gives the person extra time for the pity vote that comes after and could hurt someone who could have actually won, like this year Hollie prob would have done better had Sanchez not been saved.

  14. Limit the voting to 5-10 per phone. Up the age of singers to 18. Anyone younger rarely has the experience to know who they are as a performer other than singing for high school and family events, where they copy the newest teen sensation. Judges need to judge as mentors. On SYTYCD, the judges are specific in critiquing  performers while encouraging to continue to do the  things they are doing right. Judges also need to be charismatic (Simon) and endearing (Steven and JLo) to the audience because when it gets down to it, they too are putting on a performance. 

  15. Branden…I know most of us sound like broken records but the voting system has got to change……..The voting has to be limited in order to be fair………Judges come, judges go but the voting system has been here for ever and its time for that change!!!!!!

  16. The thing i think needs to change the most to keep idol on top and i’m sure many would agree with me is the voting system. Okay i know the show is called american idol and that means that the people should have the final say on who wins each and every season. But being a die-hard fan of this show as i am i really think it should be the judges and only the judges who choose the winner each season. Why is that you ask because there the ones who actually know what there talking about and besides why are they there for then only to give there critic and if you ask me be bias most of the time. Don’t get me wrong i love american idol and i think it’s awesome that in january there going into it’s 12th season but you have to agree with me that idol needs some drastic changes if it wants to stay on top and continue to have the success it has had especially in the past. One more think that idol should try what so you think you can dance is doing this season and have two winners instead of just one especially with what has been happening the past few seasons with all the male winners i don’t think that’s fair especially for the female singers who are just as if not more talented than it’s male counterparts.

      • ITA The thing that broke the voting system is that 11 years ago everyone didn’t have a cell phone, text option, computer and landline.  Since then the ways to skew the voting have blossomed like weeds.  The only thing that will resurrect Idol is limiting the voting.  And the judges should have opinions, but no weight in determining the winner.  And ditch the “Save”.

    • A question for you Marcos, if the talent scouts find the contenders and the judges choose who gets a contract, what would be the point of the show?

  17. Maybe AI should outsource the judging responsibilities. If they were an unbiased and separately governed entity it might be a huge improvement to the way they approach the contestants. The show would probably save a lot of money. They would just pay one fee to the organization providing the judges instead of having to pay each one a salary. We can just make this a truly legitimate talent competition instead of a reality show and that would give the winner much more credibility entering the entertainment industry.

    On the other hand, all of the politics surrounding the current format and the things that they are put through during the reality show which is AI gives these people a genuine taste of what it’s like in the business of entertainment. It exposes them to the viciousness of the media and allows them to make a very informed decision as to whether or not this is where they want to make a career. It might scare some of them off and some of them might actually invite the challenges that lie ahead.

    So who’s to say which is the right way to do it? There are positives and negatives in anything you do. But when the ratings drop you definitely have to change something or the sponsors and advertisers will jump ship in a hurry. 

  18. a fair voting system. i gave up on the show after the teeny boppers got james and haley eliminated.

    • I don’t get the Haley love, she growled her way through songs, hooked up with other contestants, kept making her outfits shorter and tighter, so desparate…plus that big huge smile when Pia got least pretend you like the other girls.

  19. I almost don’t see how the show can be “fixed.”  When AI started, it was new and fresh and had the sarcastic Brit, dimwit Paula and at the time beloved Randy.  Now there is no continuity of judges, in fact, we don’t know who they are, and a failing or faltering voting system.   When the show started, computers weren’t in every household and not all teens had cell phones.  The world has changed and so has AI and probably will never be the same. 🙁  I’m sorry to be a Debbie downer, but it’s true, or it’s bc I’m with child and hormonal!

    • Perhaps a new sarcastic Blighty can fix all that now.  You’re up the duff aye..all the lasses I got that way went wonky on me…lol.

  20. I keeping reading that American Idol needs to do wholesale changes across the board, if it hope to stay competitive with the other music based reality shows. Really? Last I checked, the rating for American Idol were the second best of every single television show currently on the air. And their rating far exceeded any of the music based reality shows on TV today. So, I will offer a different approach … Rather than state what needs to be changed, I will list what need to stay the same (in order of importance):

    1- Those hokey theme nights that so many people complain about, is the very heart and soul of this show. If American Idol let the performers sing pretty much anything the wanted, like X-factor does … It would be as boring as X-factor.

    2- Absolutely do not let the glitz of the stage overpower the song that is being performed. X-Factor has elaborate stage productions, bright and glittery lightshows and stage dancers all overpower the performer being showcased. And I think that is another reason why American Idol is more successful that X-factor.

    3- Jimmy Iovine and his next day commentary was the only decent judging going on this past season. Replace all the other judges and their multi-million dollar contracts with new judges each and every year. Maybe even have one judge each week come from the studio audience, to kind of have a voice from the average man. But, KEEP Jimmy and his next day critique.

    4- Ryan Seacreast has developed into one of, if not the best stage announcer on any television show. So he is a keeper as well.

    • I like that  ya took a different view on this.  Good points all.  Especially the one about Ryan. 

      The biggest difference between AI & X Factor IMO was Ryan vs the guy who hosted for XF.  The other things you brought up are certainly true, but Ryan was the biggest difference. 

      Good points ya brought up.  Great post. 

    • Seacrest is worth $125 million.  Not bad for a boy/man who hosts a reality singing show, dj’s and drops the ball on New Years Eve. (Oh yeah and gave us all the gift of the Kardashians, thanks little man). People feel comfortable with a familiar face, but for me, not his.  My personal favorite G**crest moment was when he tried to high five Scott the BLIND contestant a few seasons ago.  Took him awhile to realize his stupidity.

      • I’d say that was a small human mistake from a guy who doesn’t often put a foot wrong.  Ryan is the best host in the business.

      • AI must like him, they pay him well.  I love to watch Joel McHale when he starts on Ryan on The Soup, it is Hysterical!!!  We can’t love everybody Templar.

      • What’s with the Ryan Seacrest worship hour? He’s already signed for two more years. His job is not in danger. 

  21. Let Randy go! May scream if I hear one more reference to Journey.

    Limit voting to either five votes per line or to number of contestants remaining.

    It may be too late for AI now anyway.

  22. Adam Lambert would be a HUGE mistake.  The guy is unstable and would be unreliable.  
    Maybe it’s time for a country artist–Brad Paisley?  Carrie Underwood?  Dolly Parton would be incredible!

    • you are completely out of your mind..I along with another hundred or so people that I know would not miss a minute of anything Adam does..He would be the most most fair, honest, and reliable judge the show has ever seen..On the other hand he would probably not consider for 5 miillion…

      • Yeah, I’d like to know what he means by unstable also.  He seems to be pretty grounded to me. 

      • Probably referring to Adam’s admission about repeatedly using LSD and saying it helped him find direction.  

      • That really was a stupid thing to say but Adam is an honest person who made a mistake and talked about it.

    • I disagree. Adam Lambert is not unstable. That’s just who he is and that is why he shouldn’t be an AI judge. If he were unstable at least there would be a chance he could use some medication to resolve his issues but unfortunately that is just his normal rational self which to most of us would be considered irrational.

      • Wow..really? He does one thing on stage that is considered to be in poor taste and now he is irrational?  Apparently you have never made a single mistake in your life.  What IS your problem with him..that one thing he did on stage? 

      • We have already discussed this. He didn’t just do it that one time. Check Youtube. He performs that way every time he sings that particular song. If it had been a one time thing and a temporary lapse of judgement or even just an attempt to gain a fan base and get his cut of the pie I would probably give him a pass. I’m not that judgmental. But he did it over and over and over again and actually seemed to be proud of it. The only concern he expressed was with how it would affect him and him alone. When one is given that type of platform and the opportunities that he has been given you are also expected to act responsibly and be a good role model for the viewing public. Especially the young influential fans that you might have. For him to think that his behavior was okay IS irrational. He made a conscious decision to never appear apologetic for his actions. He said that on the Ellen show.

        Now all that said, I do think that sometimes we need screw balls out there in the public eye as well because people learn things in life in different ways. Some people will look at that and say, “I hope I never get that stupid and embarrass myself like that.” Others will think it’s cool and go out and try to emulate it.

        It’s always a toss up as to how something like that is going to be received but self respect and personal pride should be the measure one uses to make decisions concerning their own conduct IMO.

      • then how do you rate mick jagger, steven tyler, david bowie, and elvis presley??  are they irrational??  or are they putting on a show??  i think people just have it in for adam because he makes no bones about who he is.  and all he wants to do is entertain.  leave him be. 

      • This is an excerpt from an interview with Lambert. I took this from MJ’s Big Blog. You tell me if this is acceptable. I have already made my feelings known about Steven and his disgusting comments and encouraging one contestant to “indulge in things…..” Glad Steven is gone.


        “If people are lacking purpose in life would you advise them to take LSD?”

        Adam’s Answer:

        “Sure, it’s one method of finding yourself. My trip led me to some epiphanies about who I was as a performer, what I wanted to do and how I needed to create my own opportunities. When I got home, I started writing music with other people and went to the Idol audition. The vision was about finding opportunities. I wasn’t sitting in the desert in rave-wear thinking about Simon Cowell when I was on acid.”

        I have been conversing with you and Pally for a while now and I know that you wouldn’t encourage your children to engage in this type of behavior or want this type of individual as a role model for them. I just don’t understand what the appeal is. I think the answer to this question is proof enough that it’s not simply his performing style but it’s who he is as a person.

        Nuff Said!

        P.S. Elvis is dead in case you didn’t know. Also I can’t stand Jagger or Bowie either so my rating of them would be pretty low also.

      • in a million years i would never encourage ANYONE to take drugs.  but…when was this interview conducted and how reliable is the person conducting the interview?  sometimes adam is NOT the brightest candle on the birthday cake, but look at all the other positive things he’s done in his short time in the public eye.  he’s raised thousands for charity and has entertained zillions of people.  his show with queen is outstanding.  his new album is fabulous.  and his voice is incomparable.  there are worse out there.  but like all art, music is subjective.   not everyone likes the same thing, which is how it should be.  i STILL think he’s be a wonderful judge just because he’s been there and knows the ropes.   now i’m reading that mariah carey is interested.  what’s the difference between her and jennifer lopez??

      • You are comparing apples and oranges. I think Adam has an amazing voice. I am glad he is using it for some positive things but if one person takes his BAD advice then I consider that a BIG failure on his part. You are telling me that you would be willing to put him in front of your child and have your child take heed to his advice after knowing that he holds this view on doing drugs? He is not only condoning the use of drugs he is touting his opinion that there are beneficial elements to that behavior. Basically what he is saying is that LSD got him to where he is today! Is that rational???

        The difference between Mariah and JLo is “manufactured voice vs. natural voice”

        You will have to research the source of the interview yourself. I don’t have time. It’s posted on MJ’s Big Blog site. I gave the source. Let me know what you find out.

        BTW I know you wouldn’t encourage that I just don’t understand your defense of someone who does.

        “Some of our biggest regrets in life won’t be the wrong things that we did. It will be the right things that we did for the wrong people.”

      • Adam stated he was not advocating drugs.  Steven Tyler discussed with Matt Lauer how he lost his children, wives and band due to his abuse of cocaine.  I never heard you object to Steven.   Look at Paula, she often looked and spoke as if she were drunk or drugged, and yet she was an Idol judge.  I think your opinion of Adam will be shared with most of Idol’s audience…which we’ve discussed before, Southern, 50ish Republican woman, etc.   I don’t think we have to hide our children from Adam.  It might be a good platform to discuss drugs with your kids.  I wouldn’t  be running for cover anytime soon, you and others like you will surely knock Adam out of the judges spot, just as it lost him his earned title of American Idol 2008.

      • If you never heard me object to Steven then you weren’t paying attention. Still you use other bad acts to justify Adam’s? I just don’t get it.

        You will never make me feel sorry for the guy losing the contest if that is your goal.

        Look at the question and answer. How is that not advocating the use of LSD? “Sure! It’s one method of finding yourself.”

        You can blame others all you want for his short comings but it’s his mind frame, behavior and that statement that is to blame. Blame him, not me or anyone else. He is the one who said it. Nobody knocked Adam out of anything except Adam.

        So your response to me is that he might not be a good person but there are others just as bad or worse. How is that a defense for him? Sounds more like you are agreeing. I never heard you say there aren’t any better choices that the producers could make. And I disagree. We do need to hide our children from him and everyone like him that advises the use of LSD.

        BTW I am not republican or 50ish for your information! Statements like that give liberals and democrats a bad wrap. You need to watch that!

      • We need to hide our kids from him….are you serious?   If any kid uses LSD or any other drugs, it is not Adam’s fault or because he is a judge on American Idol, its because he is associating with the wrong people!!!!!  The entertainment business is full of people that are not the best role models….so what……if we like their music we buy it……we don’t go out and emulate them!!!!!!

      • Yes, I’m serious. No, “We” don’t emulate them because we are stable and well rounded individuals but, unfortunately, some do. Those who are not so fortunate as to have the greatest parents growing up or those who are considered outcast or loners in a social sense like the kid who perpetrated the “Columbine Massacre”. We, as a society, are responsible for the well being of those individuals as well.

        If nobody ever emulated anything that was ever done in the entertainment industry, the phrase “life immitating art” would not exist. Society is well aware that there are people out there who will do that. For some reason you are in denial about it.

      • I’m not in denial…..I just look at the positive side rather than the negative.    Life imitating Art…..Yes, does not only exist in the entertainment industry but in all aspects of life…..I just look at the positive side of it.    You seem to look at the negative side….I guess that your prerogative.

      • You are so right!!!!!!  Unfortunately we can change season 8 but we sure can welcome him as a judge!!!!
        Also…Congratulations…..and for your sake I hope there is only one baby there….LOL……I believe you already have twin girls?  I thought  you mentioned that once before……

      • Meant to say CAN’T change season 8……I should learn to proof read before I hit the post as!!!!!  Sorry!!!

      • Our nations youth are working very hard right now. Some of them are doing everything they are supposed to do. They are getting their education, getting good grades in high school, going on to college and maintaining great GPA’s and after all of that effort they still can’t find a job in their field. They leave college with a debt the size of a home mortgage hanging over their heads and end up working at a Walmart cash register. We as adults tell them if they do all of these things they will have a great life and a fulfilling career. It doesn’t happen. They lose trust in their parents, other adults they looked up to along the way and also lose faith in the system.

        They start to think, “Why did I trust this person? This is the same person who told me there was a Santa and a tooth fairy! Lies, it’s all lies. They end up like James Holmes for Heaven’s sake!!

        Who and what is left? These times are a very tough period in our nation and across the world for young people. The last thing we need is to have someone telling them they can “find themselves” with LSD. The last thing we need is to elevate the person who is telling them that on a pedestal for them to look up to. You can say, “This isn’t to blame and that isn’t to blame.” You can dismiss every negative thing in the world as something to blame but the simple fact is that our entertainment industry, video games and the internet are all desensitizing society to all immoral or unethical behavior. Violence becomes common place and less traumatic. Bad behavior is dismissed and excused and good behavior is demonized and mocked.

        Our children can’t even get a job after all of that hard work but you are upset because a millionaire might not get a position that will pay him even a few million more and he has done all of these things wrong?

        What is the matter with you people?

        COME ON!!! Really!!! It makes no sense at all that you are defending this guy or that you want him to be the shining example of how to succeed in life. I don’t get it. I just don’t.

      • two years ago adam admitted that he experimented with drugs. he certainly was NOT a junkie.  how many of us have also “experimented”?  in the meantime, he’s not using drugs now.  in fact, he’s on a healthy food and exercise regimen.  he speaks his mind and never lies.  we all have the option of watching/listening to him.  or not. speaking of which, give a listen to “outlaws of love”.  it will break your heart.

      • Sigh…..

        Why do you and others defend this guy so vehemently? Sounds almost like an infatuation or something. I can’t understand. I really can’t.

        I certainly hope he has turned things around. I just don’t think that he should tell people to use LSD to “find themselves”. Everyone out there who has “experimented” doesn’t advise others to do the same. A lot of young people’s lives have been ruined and people have died using LSD. Some of them only “experimented” once and they never had the opportunity to get clean because they were DEAD! When I read that statement it made my stomach turn.

        You know it’s okay to change your mind in light of new evidence sometimes. Even courts do it on occasion. Do you have personal interests at stake in this? It’s also okay to like his music and still not consider him a great example for other people or a good person to be judging children’s performances. If they change the age back to 18 I still wouldn’t like it but I wouldn’t be as upset about it. I am still going to watch the show if he is there but just don’t expect me to appreciate or respect his opinions. Not only for the reasons I have stated but also because I don’t think he has had enough success or experience in the music industry to give good advise that will lead contestants to a long and prosperous career.

      • Taymaro:  Believe it or not audiences are researched, and what I posted is what it is.  I don’t read all  posts so missed yours on Steven’s use of drugs. Mentioned Tyler and Abdul’s substance abuse since they were judges..get the connection?  We all get it, you don’t want Adam.  Does everything have to be arbitrary with you.   I’m done going back and forth with you..either he becomes a judge or he doesn’t.  People were slaughtered at the movies last night, it’s hard to give a crap about Adam Lambert’s past.   

      •  Exactly…what is wrong with LSD? Or other drugs of self discovery?

      • Surely you kid. I mean SERIOUSLY!

        THE RISKS:

        LSD disrupts how your nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin interact throughout the brain and spinal cord.37 By disturbing the normal functioning of the brain, LSD distorts visual judgment, sensations, moods and feelings. And these changes can quickly become frightening. Some users experience terrifying thoughts, feelings of despair, fear of losing control, fear of insanity or even death.37 When you’re completely unable to get a grip on reality, it becomes very easy for an unexpected, fatal accident to happen.

        Whether it be a direct result of the drug or an event that would not have happened were it not for the drug it’s still tragic and no one should be encouraging the use of something that could permanently damage their brain. Not to mention it’s illegal and can ruin one’s life due to the criminal charges if they are caught in possession of it. In those respects, LSD is not a harmless drug.

        You people are out of your minds!

  23. Adam Lambert as a judge is a no brainer, clearly the most talented singer and performer the show has ever seen..I hardly think he’d do it, but wouldn’t it be wonderful..

  24. I would LOVE to see ADAM LAMBERT as a judge. I would also like to see the rules changed:
    1) limit the number of votes or EASIER 2) Increase the power of the judges-combine the votes of the public with the judges choice or give the judges more chances to overcome the public vote


    • Bloody hell it blows me bollocks how Yank lasses go after some chav sporting a blimey mop about his head. I know many of you think he’s fit and all that, but he’s a ponce if ever there be one.

      • You think he’s latching on to her because he’s seeing dollar signs in her future? You’re silly. He’s a good kid and they are only teenagers. This is hardly expected to be a life long relationship at this point.

        You must be a balding 50 year old. Jealous much!!

      • BTW I am no where near 50 and I have more hair on my head than a Adam Lambert!

      • Sorry, I always thought “ponce” referred to a pimp. I thought maybe you were sayin he was after her for her money.

        What is your definition of ponce?

        Camp? Fey? or just kinda wimpy for a guy?

        Glad to hear you still have all your hair though…hahaha

      • A ponce is a poser or pretentious person at least in London where I grew up. That mop head of his is as pretentious as a Lord’s wig.

  26. Why not Clay Aiken as a judge? I think he would be an excellant choice. Given the fact that he was runner-up in AI Season 2 (which BTW…he was robbed and should have won…IMO); he is one of the handful of past seasons contestants who has had a fairly successful career in the music business; he proved to be a solid contender in Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”; and he is certainly one of the most articulate and charismatic entertainers to come from the show. I think he has talent, wit, and spunk…and would be the perfect fit for the job as an American Idol judge!

  27. Jimmy Iovine’s comments are very good, so be sure to keep him in his current role!  As far as changes, like everyone is saying, the voting needs a limit.  Also, the judges (producer) need to stop trying to stack the votes and be honest in their criticisms.  We do NOT want any divas as judges!  They make most of us sick so please choose judges wisely.  Some have mentioned Jon BonJovi and I think he would be great in the judging role. 

  28. I would like to see Adam lambert as a judge he would have a good eye and he would know what simon would say too:) they should pull him up there to be a judge!!!

  29. I’ll change everything.

    1) 3 new judges: One new one, one modern and one legend.

    2) Voting system: ONE VOTE per person (or computer or phone).

    3) It would be interested that the judges choose the worst singers of the week so they’d get nominated to leave the show. Then, the viewers will choose among them and the one with most votes will stay in the competition.

    For example: “When Jessica was voted out, she had sung Stuttering really good. If the judges would have nominated the worst singers that night, Hollie and Skylar would have been nominated. Then, people would have voted for the one they’d liked to stay on the show. And the next day, the one with the lowest number of votes would have left the show. The same would have happened to COLTON. He would have been nominated (because he didn’t sing well that night). But if it was Hollie VS. Colton, I’m 100% sure that Colton would have stayed and Hollie would have gone home that week.”

    Do you understand what I mean? 

    • Then you might as well not have the show and just have people go to a producer and make an album. The judges would have way too much say this way and could easily manipulate who they want to win.

  30. YES YES YES To Adam Lambert  past contestants know what it feels like to be judged also have ordinary everyday folk who are real music lovers on the judging panel.  from Heather Neave

  31. Shoot, if money is the problem for downsizing, I’d be a judge for much less than even $100,000.  Much less.  Seriously, who says the judge has to be a singer themselves.  I know what sounds good and what doesn’t.  CALL me.

  32. Phyllis G. (Las Vegas), Pally45 and Pr63 post with conviction, not hatred.  They make strangers on a website feel like friends and are an inspiration to woman everywhere!  Thank you guys for your congrats.

    • Your right about that.  I love this website and I have no malice towards anybody.  I always say…We have to agree to disagree.  Thats what makes this site fun….We all have different opinions, likes and dislikes.  I have meet the most amazing people on this site and I now email with a lot of friends that aren’t on this site anymore (especially after Season 8).  Vanessa…have a wonderful weekend…..feel good!

    • @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus I also congratulate you on your pregnancy. I forgot to mention that as I am so passionately against having Steven Tyler Jr. (Adam Lambert) as a judge.

      Do you think that I post with hatred?

      Just for the record; “I do not hate Adam Lambert”.

      There is a place and an audience for his type of entertainment. If he can be successful there more power to him. People who like that sort of thing will gravitate to him where ever he lands. I have also agreed that he has an amazing voice, which he was born with BTW. He’s an attractive gentleman. None of that changes my opinion. 

      There is nothing wrong with good healthy debate on the matter. You four are just as passionate about your opinion and that’s okay too. Even though I can’t even fathom the reason why you are defending him so much. Diversity is what makes the world go around and I respect your opinion and loyalty, albeit misplaced to this young man. I just don’t hold the same admiration for him that you do. 

      I am not going to say anything else about it unless I change my mind.;)

      Hope you all have a great week end. 

    • You are more than welcome! I was on vacation last week…and didn’t have access to the Internet. Kind of a welcome reprieve!

  33. They need to stick to judges who understand music and talent.  Stevie Nicks would be good.   Some more good choices would be Mick Jagger, Harry Conick Jr., Carrie Underwood,  John Melencamp, Brian Adams, or Dolly Parton.

  34. New set of Judges! Including Randy. Randy, JLo and Steven could be guest mentors or special guests. Next would be the voting system. Limit the votes! Third, No More Saves! (please?) So it would be fair to other contestants. Fourth, new set of themes please. No more wildcards. Let America decide the top 12 contenders whom they think are capable winners. Last would be to have a longer time allotment for a contestant’s performance.

    Additional: I know this is impossible. But I hope that there would be at least no-commercial episodes. 😉

    • Unfortunately, it looks like they are in serious negotiations with Mariah Carey for $17 mill+.  If they don’t limit the voting and they do hire her, I’m done.  I barely got through the seasons with Kara.   If they fix the voting, I’ll put up with her, otherwise, no.

    • Why can’t they just put Jimmy Iovine as a judge? He always had criticisms to give out and he did so often! American Idol needs another judge that will offer constructive criticism that will drive the contestants to constantly better their performance. JLO and Steven more often then not praised the contestants more then they actually critiqued them. Just a thought. 

      • Because Jimmy heads up the record company that hands out the contracts.  That would be unethical and would negate the reason for the show.  If he was the judge and he has the contracts, why have a TV show at all?

  35. Ok here goes I’m seeing a lot. of arguing about the whole teen girl theory, so here goes. I don’t believe it’s teen girls who are running the show. First point is young teen girls who are 15-18 thus high school age really don’t obsess too much over celebrities, or any other cute guy models. They would probably obsess over the cute boys they go to school with. Also many girls that age are busy with school things like sports, clubs, dances, social functions,ect. Now girls that are 12-14 might obsess over the cute male contestants, as they are more the type that obsess over Twilight and want to be the next Mrs. Cullen or whatever. They might have cell phones, but they would be on a family plan which their parents would be paying the bills. Depending on how many minutes they might be allotted on their cell phone plans. If they have AT&T and have unlimited text then I could see that, but not all of their parents are going have AT&T as their cell phone providers, and they might call in and vote a few times but they are going to call in and vote for two hours straight? I don’t think so.

    It’s more regional. Most of the Idol winners have come from the South. A breakdown of the winners and the states they hail from
    Kelly Clarkson-Texas
    Rubin Studdard- Born in Germany(his father was stationed there) and grew up in Alabama
    Fantasia Barrino- North Carolina
    Taylor Hicks- Alabama
    Jordin Sparks- Born in Arizona, but grew up in New Jersey.
    David Cook- Born in Texas, but grew up in Missouri
    Kris Allen- Arkansas
    Lee Dewyze- Illionis
    Scotty McCreery- North Carolina
    Phillip Phillips- Georgia

    Now out of all of the idol winners it can safely be said that only one was not born in the South, and it can also be said that out of the eleven winners only three weren’t raised in the south. Jordin Sparks, David Cook, and Lee Dewyze are the only three that grew up in a state that is above the Mason-Dixon line. In the season 8 finale it was said that Kris Allen’s home state of Arkansas had more votes from that state than there are people who live in the state of Arkansas. It makes me think that the South has people who really know how to power vote, and they normally vote for their own.

    • This has all been posted often in the past.  Upper east coast doesn’t watch Idol, neither does upper west coast.  The south and midwest is Idol’s core audience.  Always has been.  It doesn’t matter who is power voting, they need to put a stop to it.   As for the teen girls being too busy with school activities, there are no school related activities after supper on week nights.

      •  Lol it took me 10 years to understand what you Yanks meant when you said “supper”. I’ve found in me travels across the US, it means different things in different parts. As Patton said: “American’s and the English are a similar people separated by a common language”

      • You’re slow on the uptake, we get it.  There’s this kind of famous painting called “The Last Supper”.  You might have gathered from that it is the evening meal.  If anything the word dinner is more ambiguous this side of the pond.  Often lunch is referred to as dinner, and lunch boxes referred to as dinner pails.  In polite society, dinner generally refers to a more elaborate formal meal or one eaten at a restaurant, while supper is a more informal family meal.   By the way, I don’t believe you are English, perhaps not American, but definitely not Brit.

      • And, by the way, Patton didn’t say that.  Winston Churchill said it.  A Brit would know that.  

      • Actually this is a bit of controversy in the UK, there are some who swear on their bollocks that Patton uttered this quote during a speech in London at the end of the war. Others claim that Churchill made the quote in the US during a state dinner. Neither man’s published works contain the quote.
        My grandmother always claimed she was at the Patton speech and heard it herself. However…poor granny was a bit wonky, so who knows.

      • @LordCalvinReKlein:disqus I live in England four months of the year and your attempts at Brit speak are dated and artificial.    They seem to have been garnered from books or quite old films.  So, sorry, I don’t believe you.    It’s OK, enjoy your fantasy role.  No harm in it.

      • Templar or Carloser,
        I really don’t care what you think nor does any one else. It mat be 25 years since I’ve lived in London, but my family were just here and they still speak the same way the did when I was a kid, so continue your fantasies all you want…no harm in you making a foreign a s s of yourself.

      • You obviously don’t have a teen girl in high school. There are TONS of activities after supper! My daughter was the hockey manager and was gone 2 nights a week just for that..sometimes more! My niece played volleyball and was gone pretty much every night!

  36. the concept of an “American Idol” is not just about performance but also ones ability to relate to an audience and create a voting fan base…so I am good with the voting system…

    An alumni judge would be a helpful idea for the contestants…not sure how popular it would be for the show itself…

    They need a woman like Jen Lopez on the panel, the contestants need that…the need a vet performing artist like Steven Tyler…again, the contestants need this…

    Best of luck to American Idol on figuring out how to accomplish this…they had a good thing that needed and adjustment…appears they are headed for an overhaul

  37. I like the idea of Will.I.Am but that wouldmake three black judges and could be construed as racist, i.e. “They don’t like me, cause I’m not black.”

    Voting definitely needs fixing! Limit two votes per contestant per device. That way if you like more than one contestant, you can give two votes to your favorite and one vote to your second favorite.

  38. I think every week’s mentor should be a judge. If not, some surprise judges every week.

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