American Idol Parody Video: “Hollywood” by Abandon Paris

While we were wandering around looking for interesting tidbits on YouTube, we came across a very interesting little American Idol parody video we just had to share! Most of the American Idol parodies we’ve seen out there are kind of long, but we actually thought this one was quite well done. And funny!

The video is titled “Hollywood” and it’s actually a music video for the band Abandon Paris from their new self-titled debut album. Instead of American Idol, the title of the reality TV competition in the video is ‘Abandon Idol’ but the logo is nearly indistinguishable from the original.

American Idol Parody

We hope they followed those parody laws carefully, because there are some parts of the video that you’d swear were actually filmed from the real American Idol! Nobody wants any lawsuits flying around…

The best thing about the American Idol parody video to us is how the creators really played on the ‘stereotypes’ of the show and how they get emphasized. The country born White Guy With Guitar, the geeky, quirky guy with glasses, the gothy rocker girl turned into a demure darling, and the diva, perfect girl complete with sparkly, too-short dress.

Check out the video above and if you like the song, which we actually did, you can download it over on iTunes.