American Idol Releases First Commercial For 2011 Season

American Idol returns in January 2011 for its 10th season and Fox is already starting up the marketing machine with its first commercial for the new season. While we don’t get a glimpse of any new city auditions we don’t get a trip down memory lane with a look back at all the past seasons’ winners.

Now that we’ve had 3 very similar American Idol winners in a row (Cook, Allen, and DeWyze), do you think we’re finally due for a change this year?




  1. I saw the ad and it is good. I, too, can't wait for the new season. Yes, I hope this season is season is different and maybe someone more upbeat can be the next American Idol…..maybe even a female………you think!!!!!!!!

    • David Cook is not Bland, he is different than Chris and Lee. He is really really good and I like him alot

  2. We will have the same kind of pop singers as long as America is allowed to vote a zillion times for each contestant.

    People with discerning tastes don't spend hours on the phone,voting for cutesy-pies.

  3. I certainly hope there is more diversity with the group of contestants who are selected to go through!

    @Phyllis G., you are right on the money!!!

  4. I really wish the powers that be would read this blog. I feel we seem to know what's good for the show better than the producers do…maybe they are too involved…

    If they did read this blog they would know that the voting stinks (for a better work)……The teeny boppers have taken over the voting…..There were two seasons that I voted like crazy…Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert (who should have won that year)….Now I'm a conservative voter, no sense in losing sleep over it anymore……I can't compete with the teeny boppers……

    • that is for real, they have more free time with nothing better to do. No real contestant stands a chance.

  5. In total agreement….still like the way the voting is handled on DWTS…so much more professional. But, I guess, like everything else…AI is a money making venture and the telephone conglomerate is the major sponsor…ah well…still lokking forward to the new season…and have a positive outlook


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