1. Matt Giruad is going to be the next A.I. And not just because he is my cousin. He really rocks. I agree ith Ronda in that Allison & Meagan ith be the other top 2.

  2. Allison, Adam, and Kris should move to the next round… Meagan’s vocal talent is ok but her stage presence is awkward and uncomfortable. If she stays around its only because she’s attractive.

  3. I believe that Adam has what it takes to be the next AI. He’s got good looks and great vocal range. I also agree that either Allison or Meagan will make it to top 2. Just choose the right songs, baby!!

  4. Adam is our next American Idol. WOW, he has it all, complete package! Awesome voice, dreamy eyes, really cool hair…..He’s won my vote!

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