Caleb Johnson: “Dream On” by Aerosmith – American Idol Top 2 [VIDEO]

Caleb Johnson’s voice may not have been back to 100 percent tonight on the American Idol Top 2 performances show, but it didn’t sound like it! He pulled out all the stops for his performance of “Dream On” by Aerosmith chosen for him to sing by American Idol creator Simon Fuller.

Watch Caleb Johnson sing “Dream On” by Aerosmith below and tell us what you think!


Jennifer Lopez says that’s what you gotta do! This is the finale, this is it! You gotta come on, you gotta deliver, and that is what Caleb just did. The right song and he should thank Simon Fuller for that one. That may have did it right there.

Harry Connick Jr. says as powerful as the ending was, that when he sings in the low register, he’s like a GT that has so much power. Don’t forget to be powerful throughout. It was phenomenal, but he wants to see it even when it’s low and intense.

Keith Urban says Caleb literally had him at the opening register of the song. He disagrees with Harry because he loves how he arched the song from beginning to end.

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