Carrie Underwood Releases ‘Two Black Cadillacs’ Preview

The song has been out for awhile now but Carrie Underwood, former American Idol winner, is about to release the accompanying music video for “Two Black Cadillacs.” The single off her “Blown Away” album is officially released today and to go with it Underwood is releasing a short, seventy-second teaser clip for the upcoming full video release in January.

The video features Underwood, another woman, and, you guessed it, a no-good, two-timing man. Looks like things don’t go too well for the guy as Underwood and the other woman (or is Underwood the other woman?) meet at a funeral.

No word on if Carrie will make an appearance on American Idol season 12, but the video will release near the new season’s premiere in January 2013.

Source: American Idol Fandom




  1. carrie was, is, and will always be AMAZING!!! she was brilliant since day one and has yet to disappoint. LOVE HER!! one of the best to come from idol

  2. Just enough video to make me anxious to see it. Carrie is great and I am so happy she has made it in a very tough business. Except for Adam, Carrie was the best Idol every…..Good luck Carrie!!!!

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