Could Ryan Seacrest’s days as Idol host be numbered?

Ryan Seacrest

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest’s $45 million contract is up after this season, so speculation on whether or not this season will be his last has begun.

The Hollywood Reporter is speculating that the host might have to take a pay cut if he wants to continue working on the show. And like most people in Hollywood who expect more money each contract, a pay cut will likely mean Seacrest walks. And if Idol can make it without Simon Cowell, it can make it without Ryan Seacrest.

Add that to the talk that Ryan may end up hosting NBC’s The Today Show, and whether or not he’ll be around longer than Season 11 is a pretty reasonable question.

How would you feel about American Idol without Ryan?




  1. Unimaginable. Of course, I couldn’t imagine Idol without Simon either. I hate change. Ryan would be TOTALLY missed. He’s sooooo good at his job. But, really, $45 million?

  2. i can’t cry for people who have to take a pay cut on a 45 million dollar contract. NO ONE is worth that kind of money! idol went on without simon. iit will go on without seacrest regardless. even the “tonight show” went on without johnny carson.

    • I agree…..No one is irreplaceable….We just need to get used to someone new…..

      • Hi Phyllis G. U R right…no one is irreplaceable and no one is worth that kind of money~!!! Looking forward to a new season of Idol~!! 🙂

    • Guys, guys, we talk about this as if we are the one paying Ryan’s salary. So what if he gets sssmillions of dollars for what he does,
      as long as he does his job properly and with
      the finese and a profesional way he does it year after year. I like Ryan , and yes he is
      replaceable, but why, there was no need.
      Just saying………..:)

      • Hi Ed! Yes, the holidays were good. Got to see family. Now looking forward to AI. I’ve always liked it and comparing it to the X I think I’ll like it even more. Hope you have lots of intelligent comments to make over the season!

  3. I appreciated Ryan more after watching the poor miscast Steve Jones on Xfactor! He would be missed, but if they found a good replacement (perhaps a past contestant with personality) it would work out. I like it Post- Simon and a lot of people thought that was unimaginable. He’d be smart to walk while he has so many opportunities.

  4. Idol always do this. J-LO was leaving and didn’t. This will drag out to keep the show in the media. He will get a new contract.

  5. Really good MCs are hard to come by. Just look at the awards shows. For every Billy Crystal or Neil Patrick Harris there are a dozen James Francos. Ryan is exceptionally good at his job. He totally eclipses Nick Cannon, Steve Jones, etc. The only one who comes close to Ryan is Tom Bergeron on DWTS. Idol started out with 2 MCs but Dunkelman was let go because Ryan put him completely in the shade. IMO he’s worth every penny.

    • Templar…..I think Nick Cannon is a fantastic host. He is great on AGT….

      • I agree with Phyllis G. that Nick Cannon is a great host. He is comfortable there and just enough of a kid to go out on stage and let the judges have a laugh at his expense, too. Very likable. If Ryan walks, he walks and the show will go on, but he would be missed. It will be nice to see Ryan again after the host on X Factor. (He really makes you appreciate Ryan.)

      • @ Phyllis…yes, Nick Cannon would be wonderful if Ryan walks away… It would take someone with personality, who is empathic and can easily establiosh a rapport with the contestants (Ryan does have these qualities)

  6. I could not imagine Idol, without Ryan. He is a great Host, and really does create a big impression on this show.

    • Ryan is a great host.He holds it all together. If JLo can get her big bucks and just look pretty and shake her bottom, Ryan’s smile and clean cut looks are worth it, too. Doesn’t she make a ton of money as well?

  7. I agree with Sam. I appreciated Ryan a lot more after seeing Steve Jones. Ryan is entertaining, sympathetic to the contestants, and all around pleasant to watch

  8. I am not a fan of Ryan’s(that because he’s behind the Kardashians which I won’t go into here) however he is a good host. I’ve grown to apperciate him after watching the horrible Steve Jones on the X-Factor so if he leaves I say they need a host that will do just as good as or a better job than Ryan(the only one I think of that can outdo Ryan is Tom Bergeron of DWTS). If he leaves then the show will survive as it survived after Simon left. And I’ve got to agree with the “they will drag it out” comment as they seemed to do that with JLo after last season ended.

  9. I would either quit watching it or the show won’t be as exciting to watch without Ryan. Ryan is one of the best. He makes the show entertaining to watch and it would never be the same without him and I really think the ratings will go down without Ryan Seacrest. I think he could afford to take a pay cut, but whatever it takes to keep him would be best for the show.

  10. I would hate for Ryan to leave. Never know who would replace him. Somebody like the guy from The X-Facter. Can’t think of his name, but I can’t stand him. He is so rude.

  11. I think Ryan is phenominal at his craft and well worth the money. Oh, and adding JLo to American Idol was a really smart move. She’s beautiful, emotional, yet makes the tough decision without dehumanizing the contestants. I congratulate you in choice of judges and host for the show this season.

  12. Have enjoyed watching Ryan. However, Ryan is no different when it comes to, “Show me the Money”. Hearing about people making Millions when a lot of people lost jobs, homes, doesn’t make me want to watch this show. Put some of that money towards the homeless in L.A. Just saying, don’t want to hear about Greed.

    • To be fair we don’t know how Ryan spends the money he makes. Maybe he’s paying a lot of it forward. People make the same kind of judgement about rock stars, but as an example Bon Jovi has built over 200 homes for Habitat For Humanity. Perhaps Ryan is a closet philanthropist.

      • @ Templar…You do bring up a good point..there are many celebrities that do “pay it forward”…perhaps Ryan is one of them… 🙂

  13. He is probably ready for a change of scenery after 11 seasons, and the show will survive without him, just as it survived without Simon Cowell. Just don’t make Steve Jones (or Queen Latifah) Ryan’s replacement.

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