General Larry Platt “Pants on the Ground” American Idol Audition 2014 [VIDEO]

Remember General Larry Platt and his awesome “Pants on the Ground” original song from a couple of season back? Well, the infamous General and his anthem against wearing your pants halfway to your knees is back once again at the American Idol 2014 Detroit auditions!

General Larry Platt Pants on the Ground American Idol 2014 Audition  -Source: FOX

His reappearance on American Idol season 13 should hopefully put to rest all those rumors going around that General Larry Platt kicked the bucket a while back. He’s obviously just fine and quite happy to give the new American Idol judges a taste of his now famous “Pants on the Ground” rap. The original song became a huge viral hit, with almost 9 million views on YouTube alone. He was even invited back to perform the song during the American Idol season 9 finale!

Harry Connick Jr. is stoked when he recognized the General, who earned his nickname during the Civil Rights Movement. He immediately starts clapping out the rhythm  to “Pants on the Ground” and tugs his jeans down low before joining in on a rendition of Larry’s hilarious rap. Keith Urban grins like a fool while Jennifer Lopez starts grooving along before stopping and yelling she is “not going to dance to this!”

We don’t think the General will earn a Golden Ticket to Hollywood, since we see Harry escorting him out the door still singing along, but we’ll have to wait until tonight to know for sure. It would certainly be entertaining to see if the General has any other crazy fun original songs to share!