American Idol Ratings: 2014 Season XIII Episode 3

Last night’s American Idol 2014 audition episode filled two-hours on FOX with some incredible talent and a vastly improved judges’ panel. So was it enough to bring in the audience after last week’s dip in ratings for Idol?

American Idol San Francisco Auditions 2014 3

Recovering from its Thursday dip in ratings American Idol was back on the rise and won the night for FOX. Hooray!

American Idol pulled in 13.2 million viewers and was up three percent from Thursday’s viewership despite being down, as expected, from last Wednesday’s premiere night event.

We had hoped the show would do better on Wednesday thanks to positive word of mouth from last week’s premiere and that just might have been the case. It’ll be interesting to see how Idol does with a one-hour show tonight when the judges head to Atlanta.

Source: TV By The Numbers




  1. I watched american idol tonight. and I noticed that the judges ( the guys ) had calmed down quite a bit. And dirty, mean Harry has calmed down too. Not so mean Harry! If you want this show to keep making it have the two little boy judges act like adults! There is such a thing as fun and all. But acting like little kides as judges just makes the show look dumb. Take a look at the judges on the voice and you will see thye are funny. But not one of them is dumb, or acts like a little kid.And the have comments to make that are not silly. Their comments are about song range. Falsetto , And true music comments. about vibrato. Nor do they roll all over the floor. go pick up a contestant like a baby. AI director you need to keep an eye on the guy jufges and make sure they are having fun while having creative comments about the contestants. CALM DOWN HARRY AND KEITH! After all you are both grown men with a wife and children. Not little kids!

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