Jack Janowicz American Idol Season 13 Audition [VIDEO]

We did not have a lot of American Idol spoilers about the final auditions round tonight in Omaha, Nebraska. However, one of the contestants we did hear would be auditioning for the American Idol judges in Omaha was De Pere, Wisconsin native Jack Janowicz.

Jack Janowicz American Idol 2014 - Source: YouTube
Jack Janowicz American Idol 2014 Source: YouTube

According to pre-season reports about his American Idol audition, Jack Janowicz was one of the standout performers to try out in Omaha. We did not get a chance to take a peek at his audition before the Omaha auditions aired, but we were able to track him down online.

From the videos we saw of Jack on YouTube, we found ourselves quite impressed with this young man with the smooth, sweet voice. Of course, it doesn’t hurt one bit that he happens to be very cute, and has one of those infectious smiles when he sings. All that aside, however, his voice really is gorgeous, and that’s the most important thing.

Sadly, American Idol producers apparently decided NOT to show the Jack Janowicz audition video during the Omaha auditions episode. We haven’t been able to find a video of it so far. We know they have a LOT of contestants from each set of auditions, but we were bummed he didn’t get featured. However, we can tell you that he DID win a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. So hopefully you will be seeing him next week!

Meanwhile, Jack already has a bunch of singles available on iTunes, and we might just have to go ahead and grab a few whether he makes it very far on American Idol 2014 or not. You might just want to hop over there and take a listen for yourself!