Jessica Sanchez Talks Glee and American Idol 2013

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Jessica Sanchez is about to have a big year in 2013 after her time on American Idol and one of the stand out events for her will be a story arc on FOX’s “Glee” as we’ve previously reported. Now we’re hearing more from Jessica on that role and along with what she thinks of the upcoming Idol season 12.

In an interview with WetPaint Jessica shared what she could but really the only details she had was about a relationship with Finn:

WP: Any idea when it will be coming out?
Jessica Sanchez: Sometime around the spring.

WP: What can you tell us about your upcoming appearance on Glee?
JS: I haven’t filmed yet and I don’t even know who my character is yet!

WP: Do you know if you’ll be in the NYC plot or at the school?
JS: I have no idea! But I’m very excited; I’ve been taking acting classes.

WS: How would you feel playing Finn’s love interest?
JP It would be awkward because he is A LOT older than me! You know I guess that is what acting is; you’ve got to pretend that he’s your age or you’re that person’s age. We’ll see, whatever happens, happens.

Okay, so not a whole lot of insight there, but Jessica did have some thoughts on the American Idol 2013 judges. “I’m very excited to watch the show next year; it’s going to be interesting. Randy is a classic, Keith Urban he’s amazing and Mariah Carey is a legend, Nicki Minaj, I love her she’s so colorful. It’s going to be crazy. American Idol, they always have those judges that make big sparks just to make the show colorful,” Jessica explained to WetPaint. Hopefully Nicki doesn’t get too upset again for that comment. I can see it now on Twitter from Nicki: “What?! I’m colorful? Why? Because I’m black! Or a rapper! Racist!!” Let’s hope not.

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  1. minaj will find a way to make EVERYTHING racist!! give it a rest, already. as far as jessica sanchez is concerned…she’s adorable!!

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