Jessica Simpson and Son American Idol Play Time! [PHOTOS]

There are many famous American Idol fans out there, although some of them may not be willing to admit it. Jessica Simpson, however, is one celebrity not shy about confessing that she watches American Idol 2014. In fact, her and almost 8-month-old son Ace apparently enjoy bonding over the show!

Jessica Simpson and baby Ace

In the caption for a photo posted to her Instagram feed, Jessica Simpson says “American Idol captivated” her son Ace. You can certainly see his fascination in the first photo below! For good measure, mom Jessica added a few more cute pics of Ace having some play time with mom during our favorite reality TV competition.

(Click the pics for bigger versions or to scroll through.)

Jessica notes in the caption for the last pic that “Ace and his Daddy will definitely share shoes one day. he isn’t even 8 months yet! Whoa!” Based on the size of this little guy’s feet in those adorabe striped pajama footies, we’d have to agree, whoa indeed!