Kree Harrison Performs On American Idol 2013 Top 4 (VIDEOS)

Kree Harrison top 4

Kree Harrison caught some criticism last week on American Idol 2013 when she didn’t connect to with audience so that was one of her main goals for this Top 4 week redux. And I think she pulled it off.

Nicki Minaj was happy to have her “Kreedom” back and I think Randy Jackson decided to be nicer too. But I can’t really remember. I try to block him out as soon as he starts speaking. Let’s take a look back at Kree’s performances from last night. Let us know what you think. Does Kree have what it takes to win or is she heading home soon?

Kree Harrison Sings “See You Again”

This is a beautiful song and even though it’s really new and not that known yet, I think it worked for Kree. It wasn’t the best performance ever, but it was good. Carrie Underwood liked it, too. She tweeted to Kree that it was an honor for her to perform her song.

Kree Harrison Sings “Stormy Weather”

Kree Harrison, Top 4 (2nd week) 2nd song… by HumanSlinky

Kree’s standards song was her best of the night. Who knew the older songs would come off as better than the ones from 2013. Kree’s been hit and miss lately and I wonder how fans are going to react to this week.