MacKenzie Bourg American Idol 2016 Top 5 Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2016 finalist MacKenzie Bourg is flying on a wing and a prayer at this point in the competition. He hasn’t been doing all that well in fan polls and social media trends have shown him slipping toward the bottom of the remaining season 15 contestants. Despite his obvious talent, and boyish charm, MacKenzie’s artistry just seems to be getting lost against the powerhouse voices of some of his fellow competitors.

MacKenzie Bourg on American Idol 2016
MacKenzie Bourg on American Idol 2016

For his American Idol Top 5 performances, MacKenzie Bourg once again showed his unique qualities as a performer by taking two classic songs and making them his own. We might have made different choices from the list of songs the fans sent in for him, but they were solid picks. But did either of his American Idol performances really give the viewers enough of a thrill to propel him through to the next round?

“Wild World” by Cat Stevens

The American Idol judges liked the song, but they didn’t give MacKenzie the kind of high praise they dish out when they really love it. Although it was a good tune for the young singer, and the arrangement was certainly interesting, it just didn’t show MacKenzie’s talent as well as it could have. Even so, Jennifer Lopez said she totally enjoyed the performance, just not the song choice so much. Keith Urban weirdly compared MacKenzie to cake batter because “even when you aren’t fully cooked you’re still good.” Harry Connick Jr. liked the song but though MacKenzie should have stuck to the melody more.

“Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson

Although we’ve seen this song done way too many times, MacKenzie does a good job of giving it his own flair. All of the American Idol judges were impressed with the performance. Jennifer Lopez actually thought it was the best version they’d seen on the show. Harry Connick Jr. once again praised MacKenzie for really working the lyrics of the song. Keith Urban rambles about some movie, but basically it’s all about saying he’s a fan.

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