Meet Christina Isabelle Pasqualone: American Idol 2013 Top 40 Spoilers

American Idol 2013 spoilers

We’re flying through our American Idol 2012 Top 40 spoilers and today we land on Christina Isabelle Pasqualone. There isn’t a ton of information on her as this is her first shot at American Idol, but we were able to dig up a couple videos of her singing.

Below we’ve got her singing “Summertime” and while the style is a bit unusual (for me anyway), her voice is pretty solid. I’m not sure if she can really go week after week on American Idol like this, but who knows. Thankfully, I found something a little more straight forward. That video of her singing is posted at below “Summertime.”

Overall, I find her a bit sleepy, but that’s based only on two performances.

What you you think of  Christina Isabel Pasqualone? Does she have what it takes to become the next American Idol?

Remember these are just rumors. And even if the Top 40 rumors are true, that does not mean that they’ll make to the live shows or any other format American Idol might be observing this year.




  1. Someone should tell that girl to stay out of the high register. It is AWFUL. Her second video is better, but she still resorts to hitting those high notes which are not pleasant to the ear at all. I think she is trying to show her range, but not working for me. I think she could be trained to sing in an appealing way. Right now, it’s not appealing.

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