Melanie Tierce American Idol Audition: J-Lo Has The Goosies!

At an American Idol audition, if you give Jennifer Lopez “the goosies,” you are doing it right girl! Hopeful singer Melanie Tierce didn’t just give J-Lo goosebumps, she set off a firestorm of fan love on Twitter as well.

Melanie Tierce American Idol Audition (FOX/Twitter)

Melanie Tierce had barely even started singing before the American Idol judges looked like they were in love. Jennifer Lopez got “the goosies,” Keith Urban teared up, and even Harry Connick Jr. was is so moved he can’t even stay in his seat!

We don’t have Melanie’s American Idol audition video just yet, but we will post it right here as soon as we do. Meanwhile, you can hear her sing the same song she performed for the judges in the YouTube video below.

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