Michelle Sussett on American Idol 2018

Michelle Sussett has joined the American Idol 2018 Top 14 singers according to this season’s spoilers revealing which Hopefuls have made it beyond the auditions and through the challenges of Hollywood Week and beyond.

Michelle appeared during the March 12th episode of American Idol on ABC where she performed Selena’s “Techno Cumbia” for her audition. It was more than enough for a Golden Ticket and even got the judges out of their chairs and dancing all around.

Michelle Sussett sings “Techno Cumbia” on American Idol:

The Miami Herald reports on Michelle’s journey in America that’s brought her to a chance to excel in Season 16 of Idol:

“I watched American Idol in Venezuela,” she says, “and one of the reasons I wanted to come to the United States was to be on the show.”

Sussett and her father, Alexis Guillermo, and her two younger brothers fled the oppressive regime of Nicolas Maduro in July 2014 and were given political asylum after Guillermo became a target of repression and lost his job as an engineer.

Sussett says she learned English during her first few months here and started working in area restaurants to make ends meet.

If the spoilers are right then we’ll be seeing a lot more of Michelle, but if you can’t wait for her to show up again this season on American Idol then you can find her on Twitter for her latest updates as the season progresses.

Watch Michelle Sussett win Ultimate Miami Voice in 2015: