Paula Abdul’s Unwelcome Gift From Young Dancer on SYTYCD:TNG

Former American Idol judge Paul Abdul received a rather unwelcome gift from a young dancer on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. Abdul is now serving on the judging panel of the dancing reality TV show, and she’s just as touchy-feely as she was on American Idol. Sometimes, however, her love of getting up close and personal with the contestants comes with unpleasant side effects.

Paula Abdul gets close with dancer Chi Tahani
Paula Abdul gets a bit too close with dancer Chi Tahani

After 12-year-old dancer Chi Tahani totally nailed her performance to “Countdown” by Beyoncé, she earned an enthusiastic yes from the whole judging panel to move to the next round of competition. Even after winning over the judges, however, the young girl’s nerves got the best of her when Paula Abdul went in for a hug.

The poor kid tried her best, but couldn’t help it when she suddenly spewed vomit all over Abdul. She immediately and sincerely apologized, but the damage was already done. However, despite being covered in nasty goo, Abdul told Tahani that it was all okay.

Recovering quickly, the young dancer strolled offstage to celebrate making it to the next round, while Abdul went to go get cleaned up. All of it, of course, was captured on video — including the girl’s infectious giggle over the whole incident in a post-performance interview.

“[Paula] squeezed me too tight,” Tahni told SYTYCD:TNG host Cat Deeley. “And all the happiness came out on her jacket.”

Okay, so the whole vomiting thing was super disgusting, but how darned cute is this girl? You can’t blame her for being so terribly nervous that she lost her lunch, especially when she’s so adorable afterwards.