This season on American Idol former Green Mile contestant Savion Wright returns for a second chance with another year of musical development under his belt. His wait paid off as he is officially one of the Top 24 contestants for Season 14.

Savion Wright on American Idol Season 14

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Eliminated shy of the live shows last year things seem to be going Savion Wright’s way according to the last Idol spoilers which say he’s made it through Hollywood and beyond to become one of the American Idol 2015 Top 24 singers.

Previously on Idol, Savion’s storyline featured a focus on the death of his brother, but this time he says that struggle has helped to make him stronger. Appearing during the season premiere’s Nashville auditions Savion performed Eric Clapton’s “Change the World” after crediting Clapton with inspiring him to learn guitar.

So what did Wright do differently this year that kept him from being cut out of the race to the American Idol live shows? Time will tell as the Season 14 auditions are set to soon conclude and the Judges will head back to Hollywood for more eliminations.

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Savion Wright performs during American Idol 2015 Showcase Week

Savion Wright on his House of Blues performance

“Oh man, that was so sweet. You know, some of my favorite, all-time favorite artists that I look up to have performed on that stage. So, looking up on that stage was like, I’m up here where the artists I listen to have sat and stood, and it was so revealing for me just to look at that and say you know what, this is actually happening, this is really happening right now.”