Tonight On American Idol 2016: Group Round In Hollywood

Get ready for the most brutal round of Hollywood Week tonight on American Idol when the surviving Hopefuls are challenged to find a group, learn a song, and not screw it all up!

American Idol Hopefuls in Hollywood
American Idol Hopefuls in Hollywood – Source: FOX/YouTube

There’s no way we’re getting through tonight’s Idol without drama and a lot of it. Left to fend for themselves, some Hopefuls are going to have amazing success and group cohesion while others will struggle to find that right fit and lose most the night to figuring it all out.

So much rides on the singers’ abilities to work through the stress and we’re anxious to see which of them can pull it off during Thursday’s two-hour episode on FOX starting at 8/7c. We’ll be here live recapping the whole thing with the American Idol results on who stays and who goes so be sure to join us back here at 8PM ET to follow along and share your thoughts during the show.

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