American Idol Recap: Hollywood Week Round 1 – Solos

Welcome to Hollywood! It’s time for the second phase of American Idol in last night’s episode as hundreds of Golden Ticket holders arrived with big dreams and hopes of making it on to the next round.

American Idol Judges at Hollywood Week
American Idol Judges at Hollywood Week – Source: FOX

While hundreds arrived only fifty-one of the very best would survive the week of difficult cuts and big challenges of facing off against one another for Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick, Jr. We can’t wait to see what happens during these cuts even if we have already shared the spoilers with the latest American Idol results that have yet to be revealed to viewers.

Tonight’s show includes solos by Trent Harmon, Jessica Cabral, Dalton Rappatoni, Michelle Lecza, and more. We’ll be sharing their performance videos and our reviews here throughout the show.

Stick with us tonight for our live recap coverage of Hollywood Week including tonight’s solo performances and difficult eliminations. This is going to be a fun week for Idol.

Up first on the Hollywood stage is Jordan Sasser. It may be nerves, but his original audition was much better than this. I would imagine he will get cut. But before we learn his fate Dalton Rapattoni takes the stage and delivers a pretty solid version of “California Dreaming” by the Mamas and the Papas. He’s followed by his rival Jaci Butler. And well, Jaci’s audition was kind of a mess. She’s probably better when she has a band behind her. But surprise, all three make it through to the next round!

Jenn Blosil took the stage next and gave the judges a very emotional performance that was followed by Thomas Stringfellow who also poured his heart out on the stage. Olivia Rox rounded out that group of good auditions, so it’s no surprise all three make it through to the group round.

Up next we get the segment where Idol producers try to force another female winner by pretending like the girls are more talented and outnumber the guys. Which is all great, but we know how it goes when a cute guy with a guitar shows up. Wait. Scratch all that. Sonika Vaid is up and if any girl can win this season it’s her.  Yes, I said it. She is definitely going to be a contender and this performance helped prove that. And Sonika moves on to the group rounds. Obviously.

Speaking of contenders La’Porsha Renae and her version of Katy Perry’s “Roar” wowed judges and myself. Her version of that song is one of the best I’ve seen. So no surprise she moves on to the next round also. Maybe a girl can win this final season.

But not if these next guys have anything to say about it. Harrison Cohen, Daniel Farmer and Manny Tores hope they will continue the guy-winner streak. Of the three, Manny is clearly the best, but he and Daniel both make it through but Harrison gets cut.

Lee Jean, Melany Huber and Shelbie Z close out the day with some solid auditions and Shelbie and Lee make it on to the next round.



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  1. Love Jenn Blosil [looks a lot like actress Eloise Mumford]. Also like Tristan McIntosh, Dalton Rappattoni and to some degree Trent harmon [although he’s a bit too Phil Philips emo].

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