Top 10 Performances Of American Idol 2016

American Idol has officially come to a close. Trent Harmon was crowned the winner and Fox is probably already planning American Idol The Comeback! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s stop and look back at a pretty solid season.

  La'Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon perform on American Idol 2016. (Fox)

From the editing to the contestants, American Idol 2016 was actually a pretty good season. We had a lot of great performances from a talented group of people and here are the Top 10 as we see it.

10. Tristan McIntosh, “Why Baby Why.” Tristan’s audition was one of the best this season. That audition made her a contender and even though that may have been when she peaked, it is prove she earned her spot in the live shows.

9. Avalon Young, “Earned It.” Avalon had a lot of ups and downs and unfortunately when she pulled out this perfect performance, it was a bit too late for her and she was eliminated soon after. But there’s not denying this was her best performance of the season.

8. Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae, “See You Again.” Back in Top 6 week when these two were paired together, a lot of people said there’s your final two. And so it was. This was a fantastic performance and even better foreshadow.

7. Dalton Rapattoni, “Sound of Silence.” I was hard on Dalton a lot this season because I come from the Simon Cowell school of singing. I think you have to be able to actually hold a note to be a singer. Dalton wasn’t the best vocalist, but he was a great artist and this was my favorite performance of his.

6. Sonika Vaid, “Bring Me To Life.” Sonika jumped from good to great with this surprising song choice. The momentum she gained from this moment carried her through some near-eliminations and all the way to the Top 5.

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