American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 9… Again

After last week’s save of Big Mike Lynche we are going into this week with another Top 9.  This is a scary situation because 2 people will get the boot Wednesday night so let’s hope it’s not one of the top contenders.  Hopefully with last season’s runner up Adam Lambert as mentor we will see some great performances from the hopefuls because if there is one thing Adam can do, it’s perform on stage. 

So let’s get to the ranking of the contestants based on last weeks performances from worst to best:

9)  Andrew Garcia was karaoke and as Simon would say irrelevant.  Hope he picks a better song this go around.

8)  Tim Urban was not the worst for once but should have been in the bottom 3 instead of Mike.  I think we might finally see the end of him this week.

7)  Aaron Kelly wasn’t too terribly horrible but a long way from the best.

6)  Big Mike shouldn’t have been in the bottom 3 in my opinion but we put him there so if you like him and think he deserves to be in the competition you better pick up the phone and vote.

5)  Siobhan Magnus did manage not to scream for once but her song choice was boring and forgettable however she did hit all the notes and was on pitch.

4)  Katie Stevens stepped it up this week and I was finally able to give her some props.  Hopefully she will continue on this path.

3)  Lee Dewyze fell a spot because it wasn’t near as good as last week but he gets points for bringing in the bagpipes.

2)  Crystal Bowersox continues to do well but I’m worried that she sounds the same from week to week and there is nothing to improve on and everyone loves to pull for the underdog.

1)  Casey James gets the top honors and no it’s not because of his looks.  I thought it was the best he has ever done in the competition and he showed us a different side of himself.

Get ready to hear some Elvis Tuesday night and see what the singers were up to when they hit the streets of Las Vegas.  How would you rate this Top 9?