American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 9… Again

After last week’s save of Big Mike Lynche we are going into this week with another Top 9.  This is a scary situation because 2 people will get the boot Wednesday night so let’s hope it’s not one of the top contenders.  Hopefully with last season’s runner up Adam Lambert as mentor we will see some great performances from the hopefuls because if there is one thing Adam can do, it’s perform on stage. 

So let’s get to the ranking of the contestants based on last weeks performances from worst to best:

9)  Andrew Garcia was karaoke and as Simon would say irrelevant.  Hope he picks a better song this go around.

8)  Tim Urban was not the worst for once but should have been in the bottom 3 instead of Mike.  I think we might finally see the end of him this week.

7)  Aaron Kelly wasn’t too terribly horrible but a long way from the best.

6)  Big Mike shouldn’t have been in the bottom 3 in my opinion but we put him there so if you like him and think he deserves to be in the competition you better pick up the phone and vote.

5)  Siobhan Magnus did manage not to scream for once but her song choice was boring and forgettable however she did hit all the notes and was on pitch.

4)  Katie Stevens stepped it up this week and I was finally able to give her some props.  Hopefully she will continue on this path.

3)  Lee Dewyze fell a spot because it wasn’t near as good as last week but he gets points for bringing in the bagpipes.

2)  Crystal Bowersox continues to do well but I’m worried that she sounds the same from week to week and there is nothing to improve on and everyone loves to pull for the underdog.

1)  Casey James gets the top honors and no it’s not because of his looks.  I thought it was the best he has ever done in the competition and he showed us a different side of himself.

Get ready to hear some Elvis Tuesday night and see what the singers were up to when they hit the streets of Las Vegas.  How would you rate this Top 9?




  1. Ashley,
    I agree with you 100% on your top ten list and comments! Casey James…He has always been my #1 (even during Hollywood Week!) This guy is amazing and has improved with each of his performances. I haven’t always agreed with 1 or 2 of his song choices, but he’s always rock solid! I think he is smokin’ hot, but too much emphasis is being placed on his looks…he can sing and is great to watch on the stage!

  2. Siobhan with the clearest voice is my favorite. Would love to hear her sing Suspicion. Lee, 2nd. fave, could do really well with Treat Me Nice. Casey 3rd. could go all bluesy with Trying To Get To You. Aaron passable with Kentucky Rain. Tim a natural for Don’t [ the tweenies would melt]. Mike could do Trouble [from King Creole]. Katie could be a throwback to a Skeeter Davis type with Puppet On A String. Andrew would be great doing Moody Blue. And Crystal, who cares?

  3. For the most part I agree with the order stated in this article. But personally, I think Lee’s bag piped version of “Hey Jude” fell a lot further down than just one spot. Based on that performance alone, I actually had Lee very close to the bottom 3 that week. Which was very strange to me, as I have always seen Lee as being in the top 3 with Crystal and Shioban on a very consistent basis each and every week. And Casey’s rendition of that song “Jealous Guy” was definitely worthy of a best of the night vote from me. Which is strange as well for me. As before that, I always saw Casey as a somewhat middle of the pack singer hiding behind his guitar playing ability.

  4. Actually, Lee’s been one of my favorites since the first live show. However, I didn’t like his “Hey Jude” either and had him in my bottom three just for that week. I still think if he doesn’t have any other bad weeks he’s top three material. Casey finally showed he can really sing, but I don’t see him in the final three. My top five since the first live show have been:
    With Lilly long gone, I’ve been trying to figure out who’ll replace her in the top five, and think it probably will be Casey. But why listen to me, I had Kris in the fifth spot last year, so what do I know!

  5. My rating from best to worst is:

    Big Mike

    Siobhan is the one you can really see on a CD. Her album will be rich and full with all her styles and screams- That I Love!!!
    Sorry Lee and Casey, u guys are good but the world doesn’t need another Daughtry and Nickleback!! I love Crystal’s personality but I hate her voice, wouldn’t buy her CD!

    Siobhan All the WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 3 or 4 of the Season 9 Idols are actually quite talented – HOWEVER, I can only see Crystal and Casey James as having true success with a CD post Idol. And although I personally think Bowersox is great (and can see a Tracy Chapman-esque void in the music biz lately being filled by her), I actually think Casey James might be the most viable candidate for commercial success post Idol. Those middle of the country folk seem to love their American Idol and participate in the voting quite successfully and seem to, for the most part, support their Idols in buying records once the show is done. I hope that didn’t sound like I don’t think Casey James is worthy of being in the final 4 on Idol – I do! Well, anyway, the reason I will really be watching American Idol this week is for Adam Lambert. One does not have to love the whole Lambert package to appreciate this guy’s stunning vocal prowess and compelling music. If anyone reading here hasn’t gotten his CD – you really should check it out – or at least hit the internet for any of his live, concert, or acoustic performances… this guy has “IT” on so many levels it’s criminal… and the music – just plain and simple enjoyable.

  7. My rating based on Lennon/MaCarthy week was:
    1- Casey
    2- Shioban
    3- Crystal (Normally my #1)
    4- Katie
    5- Mike
    6- Lee
    7- Tim (suprisingly not bottom this week)
    8- Andrew and Aaron tie for last.

  8. My ratings based on last week ONLY:

    9) Crystal – She screwed up “Come Together” criminally.

    8) Aaron – A 16 yo kid singing “Long and Winding Road”? – ludicrous.

    7)Katie – same old “Let it Be” sung the same old way.

    6)Tim – singing early Beatles without the “in your face” rhythm is like pie ala mode without the pie.

    5) Andrew – his “Can’t Buy me Love” suggested Art Garfunkel singing “Satisfaction”.

    4) Lee – having fun with “Hey Jude” – a pop anthem since before his parents met.

    3) Casey – creative job selling an unknown tune. Performance better than the song.

    2) Siobhan – shimmering, beautiful version of Hindu chant. Performance better than the song.

    1) Mike – on “Eleanor Rigby”, some good old-fashioned street corner preaching against and with some of the sweetest strings this side of heaven.

  9. so far i think….

    lee and Crystal are in the top list….Crystal are always the best and lee are keep improve:):)

    casey and Shioban are moving to the top….they finally show another side of them…soft side:)

    and then is aaron and mike should sing the way like susan boyle…i think it will work:)

    for me katie is like a rock type..should sing something like fergie or Avril Lavigne will work!!….last week she sing the song”let it be”…i think brooke white from season 7 are better than her…:(

    andrew have a voice still cant see he can work at what type song yet… just a normal voice and normal performance…did let me WOW before…

    my top list is

  10. Siobhan is my favorite. Note-perfect on “Across the Universe” and as one critic said, the best version inspired by Fiona Apple’s rework so far. The one who I would most want to see doing an intro song to a blockbuster movie. The person I expect to grow the most in the next two years and the one person I am most interested in for her 1st album. Also, as with Casey and Tim, never underestimate the power of looks and charm. I like her enough to hope Siobhan doesn’t win and can avoid churning out product before she is ready.

    My power rankings, Ashley are:

    9. Aaron Kelly – Poor Aaron. He could go out as a bad Elvis imitator, or be like Katie and exceed expectations with a solid big voice country Elvis turn.
    8. “Big Mike” – His arrogance after his Save, the chest-thumping, and lack of expressed thanks to the judges, constant camera pans between him and his desperate and somewhat trashy-looking wife was a bad scene. It should cancel out the sympathy voters –by firming up negative opinions about him and his cheesy music…good or bad vocals in service of bad music with a bad personality is no winner.
    7. Andrew Garcia. Kept by fans still hoping he can get it back, by hispanics seeing a Mex-American go deeper into Idol than ever.
    6. Tim Urban. It ain’t just the vocals. It’s looks and showing A-level temperment and character. He didn’t do a bad effort at all on Beatles night, may excel on Elvis night. Moved up on my list because his “shirtless Tim with those abs!! pic was in the top 4 Internet downloads of any pic the last month.
    5. Katie Stevens – Showing good voice and I anticipate, like with Tim – a hot Elvis night for her.
    4. Lee Dewyze. I almost swapped him with Katie. Several forgettable performances, little buzz on the ‘Net.
    3. Siobhan Magnus. Just as Simon predicted, polarizing. Pro Siobhan people like me are passionate about the talented, hot nerd. Some can’t stand her. But she gets 50-60% more comments on her than any other contestant and along with Casey, is the one the “pros” in music are looking at.
    2. Casey – Along with Tim and Siobhan – the one with “the looks”. Is he more than a hot-looking, excellent lead guitarist? Answer Beatles night was Yes! the guy can solo on lead vocals. Top band managers took notice.
    1. Crystal – Still #1 with her passionate “Goddess Crystal!” devotees. Sounding pretty much the same week to week. Very good, but you know her niche. Helped stay #1 despite significant flubs last week by fans of Siobhan and some of Casey that don’t want their fave’s career hurt by being Idol Winner and forced to push out stuff before they are ready.

  11. I should add that I don’t mean to imply that Crystal is #1 only by “sufferance” of Siobhan and Casey voters. She deserves to be #1 so far, and no Siobhan fans or Casey ones are currently calling in votes for Crystal though I suspect most Casey and Siobhan fans like Crystal and like hearing her.
    It is just that as things get closer, barring a big surprise, I think Siobhan and Casey fans will begin thinking a 2nd place finish is better for their Idol than being winner. Which makes Crystal even more likely to finish as #1 if she is up against either in the Finals.

  12. Siobhan’s studio version of “Across the Universe” is excellent. The 2 Minute arrangement does not do the song justice and it is not so much a short coming with Siobhan as it is with the clipped song.

  13. my rankings are a mixture of last week,and for all the performances so far this season.


  14. Aaron by far had the worst performance last week. It boggles my mind that everyone didn’t hear that!

  15. Aaron sings like a little choir boy begging for the priest to not make him tonight’s pillow muncher

  16. Aaron should have been the one sent home. By using the save, the Judges have put the girls in Jeopardy for a guy who should be there after Aaron and Tim leave but is no real challenge to Crystal, Siobhan, Lee or Casey. Not sure it was a smart move.

  17. Adam is going to be an amazing mentor!!!!!!!!!!i think Casey will be so wonderful!!!!!!!!Crystal is phenominal.Mike has a ton of talent.Lee is great,but too much like David Cook.I just don’t get Shiobbon at all.SHe screams.Adam didn’t scream,he held out notes for a long time.i don’t get any comparison.I hope people vote for voice alone,not who would be best on the Disney talent.

  18. reply to robin comment.

    siobhan hits notes,or havent u been watching ane or hearing,last weeks show,all the other ai singers gave there outlook on each other.not once,di i hear mention of any screams.however i did hear them all say she hits notes that only most singers could only imagine hitting.and as far as comparing her to adam lambert,she is like 8 or 9 years younger than he is,and probably doesnt have the background in music that adam has.they are similar in showmanship,but are also different in many other aspects of there music.u dont get her,and like simon says a,lot of people love her,and there will be some who wont.but u cant argue the fact that she has come along way,and has so much talent.yes, she is different,and i like it.its not always the same old tired and boring songs and performances u will get from her.she takes risks,and maybe they fail,and maybe the wont.but she is fun to watch,and will probably be a bigger music star than any other of the remaining singers,go siobhan,and do not change.

  19. Robin, I’m with Jeff on this Siobhan is a amazing Soprano and she does not scream (with the exception of the end of “Paint it Black”, it is a big note and it is musical. I think Adam will weigh in on this and he will not call it a scream. I think you have been Simonized and you can not decern the difference. Too bad, because even Simon is starting to come around and realize the talent that Siobhan represents.

  20. Judges’ save rule sucks. It makes it unfair. Mike should be gone. Ryan’s an idiot with comments like “Mike is trying to make a better life for his child”. They are all trying to make better lives for themselves. Also stupid comments like shocking results. Why because Ryan and producers don’t agree, or are they shocked because of all the air time they gave Mike and his baby? What would happen if a few blacks got voted off, then they saved a white person. Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton would be leading protest marches all over the place. A.I. would be better with no judges or new judges.

  21. For me the list is as follows just considering last week performances:
    1. Casey
    2. Siobhan
    3. Crystal
    4. Lee
    5. Mike
    6. Kathy
    7. Andrew
    8. Tim
    9. Aaron

    My favorites are:

    1. Siobhan
    2. Andrew
    3. Crystal
    4. Lee
    5. Casey
    6. Mike
    7. Kathy
    8. Aaron
    9. Tim

    Still a long way to go 🙂 but that is how I would like AI to finish.
    Good luck this week with AMAZING Adam Lambert

  22. Siobhan’s definitely not my favorite but she’s not the worst. And yeah, she does scream in a screechy. Big difference between Adam. At least he’s controlled and makes it look so easy. Siobhan makes it looks like she’s struggling. She’ll probably hit her high soon then go downhill.

  23. Please, someone pick a song for Andrew. He has got potential to be another Adam Levine, but his choices are screwing him over. He needs to stick with Jason Mraz or Maroon 5 type songs. Biggest disappointment this season. Real shame to see him go but it feels like it’s coming. Sigh.

  24. Bill@24: You must be a heck of a guy. Not only can you read people’s minds, you can see into the future. I’m not aware that either Rev. Jackson or Rev. Sharpton have ever shown an interest in AI.

    People of color start out in this competition with at least one strike against them because the viewership is overwhelmingly white and white people tend to identify with white people.

    But I think that people of color know this when they enter the competition and tacitly accept it.

  25. @ Kelly #29… Adam Levine or Avril Levine… lol

    @Martha #27…. no oopsys or sorries… Go to the blackboard and write, ” I must not call Katie, Kathy, 500 times”..

    @ Ted #30 and Bill #24… you two should get together and star in a movie… it could be called… ummmm…. “Bill and Ted”…. lol

  26. @lemmethink : I think it is a matter of people having different “ears”. If you consider the end note in “Think” a screech, then you should listen to Aretha hit the same note – she might seem a bit screechy to you as well (Though Aretha has a lower voice than Siobahn) Just listen to this compilation of Aretha hitting the big notes

    Tell me if Aretha was screechy or not. Most people would say she is hitting big notes. “Superstition”? Stevie is screaming in most of the second part of the song and Siobhan actually was better technically than Stevie was, yet Siobhan was not given credit for her performance because Simon used the screaming analogy and people took off with it.

    One final thing, Siobhan is a soprano, her best notes are in her higher register, she is relatively untrained and that is why she gets a bit nasal at times, but that is a matter of technique and training, not talent. Listen to the 15 year old Siobhan as Mabel in her High School Musical – listen to the last 2 minutes of the video, it is nothing short of amazing.

    Hopefully this will help us better understand if Siobhan can sing or not and if she is screeching or not.


  27. I am baffled by the fans of Lee.

    Does anyone find it troubling that this man simply CANNOT sing? He gave a whole new meaning to the expression “a little pitchy” this week as, from what I heard, he failed to sing a single note in key.

    I use “sing” loosely here as Lee doesn’t actually sing, he talks musically.

    The entire chatroom I was in during last weeks show was a unanimous, “sorry, we just don’t get ti, this guy is awful!” regarding Lee.

  28. Even though it doesn’t seem like anyone agrees with me, I think that Aaron Kelly and Big Mike are awesome! Here’s how I would rate the top 9 from worst to best:

    9) Tim (even though I like his smile, he needs better vocals)
    8) Andre (always the same thing; no WOW moments)
    7) Casey (if he keeps singing like he did last week, he’ll go up)
    6) Lee (no comment)
    5)Crystal(she’s Okay but I don’t think she is as amazing as Simon says)
    4) Siobhan (so cool. can totally see her with an album)
    3) Katie ( luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    1)Big Mike and Aaron Kelly(can’t decide)

  29. Big Mike should be in the bottom 3, too conceited, thinks he is better than he really is, just too professional sounding…..
    not real, 1.Katie was best this time, 2.Crystal next, 3.Casey, 4.Lee, 5.Andrew, 6.Tim, 7.Aaron, 8.Siboan, 9.Mike
    Crystal still stands out as the most naturally talented.

  30. ltw@33: Thanx for the link. just goes to show that if you work at it long enough you can be an overnight sensation.

  31. I don’t think Big Mike should have been saved.
    I didn’t know until last week they could only use their save until the last five finalist. I don’t feel this is right. If you can save, then save till the end.

    My Vote Is:

    1. Crystal
    2. Casey

    2. Siobhan

    4. Lee
    5. Mike
    6. Kathy
    8. Tim
    9. Aaron

  32. Charlette

    April 12th, 2010 at 12:15 PM
    I don’t think Big Mike should have been saved.
    I didn’t know until last week they could only use their save until the last five finalist. I don’t feel this is right. If you can save, then save till the end.

    My Vote Is:

    1. Crystal
    2. Casey
    3. Kathy
    4. Lee
    5. Siobhan
    6. Tim
    7. Aaron
    8. Mike
    9. Andrew

    submitted before I got done.

  33. Ted:
    I do agree with you on the fact that American Idol is a show with “overwhelming white viewership and that White people tend to identify with White people”. And that is a big (if not huge) reason why Big Mike was in the bottom 3 last week. But, I can also guarantee that Black people identify with Black people, Hispanics identify with Hispanics … and so on. But I am fairly certain a large number of White people must have voted for Ruban Studdard a few seasons back, as he won. Whereas fair voting would NEVER have happened if it was a great White singer (say someone like Crystal) singing on a program with mostly Black veiwership. My point is people of “all races” tend to identify with those that are like them. So why do you make it sound as if only White people do this?

  34. Siobhan and Casey—–my top two choices.

    Big Mike is probably not conceited, but simply isn’t that great a singer.

  35. A save wasted IMO. Big Mike never even thanked the judges. He has a serious attitude problem! Don’t think his “guns” are cool either – could really give a hoot, this is singing not body building. He should go home now. Think it will come down to Siobhan, Lee, Crystal and Casey. I like Katie and Aaron also. Tim, Andrew and Big Mike can leave anytime now.

  36. Ted, Kaven, you are most welcome. To me Siobhan is what American Idol should be about. The unknown talent who gets a chance to shine in competition. Lee, Crystal, Casey, all had a professional career before American Idol. Siobhan was working as a glass blower and singing with some local bands, but she was mostly known for her performances in high school theater.

    Siobhan also comes from a family of very modest means and never uses it as a means to gain sympathy.Siobhan is by her own admission an unformed artist and this can work against her sometimes. But she is fearless, proud and by all accounts – kind. This is why I support her, I don’t know if she can win Idol. But I will surely buy her music and support her career post Idol.

  37. My Top 3 choices:
    Hope that Aaron keeps getting the votes…the kids that buy the records love him.
    Last choice:

  38. there is one reason i watch idol this year.her name is,siobhan magnus.if she goes i go with her.she has the total package.she has so much talent,and then u add style,looks,age,a gaint set of pipes,and u get a star in the making.yes,she needs some fine tuning,and some what of a makeover,but she can have a big music career.both,usher,and miley granted the most praise her way.they noticed right awat how talented she is.also, i dont even feel she has sang her best yet,just wait until that happens,she will only improve from here,people we are witnessing stardom in the making.

  39. Jeff an ltw,I respect anyones opinion.I don’t like Shibbon’s voice.It doesn’t have anything to do with uniqueness at all.I think she should always be true to herself.She seems sweet too.She can carry a note somtimes.I think Mike is always good,along with Crystal,and Casey.I don’t mind lots o different opinions.Just that some people are voting on things unrelated to talent.Like,tim’s nice smile.Enjoy te show-whoever you like.

  40. Robin: I understand what you are saying and I hope you understand why I responded to you about the so called scream. I have tried to refrain from making comments about other contestants. But I couldn’t help myself with Lana, I was kidding but I can see that I might have offended her as well. My bad.

    As for my reply to you earlier, I think we all hear differently and the idea of likeing or not likeing the tone of someone’s voice is a personal matter. But please don’t say that Siobhan cannot hold a note, I find that unfair. And no she does not scream, a scream has no musical nature to it. Did you listen to her on “Across the Universe”? Where did she miss a note? How about the link to her performance in High School, as Mabel in “Pirates of Penzance” are you saying that she could not hold a note there? That is where people can disagree with you and find your comment unfair.

  41. My order of how I think It should turn out
    1. Lee Dewize
    2. Shibbon Magnus
    3. Casey James
    4. Crystal Bowersox
    5. Big mike Lynch
    6. Aaron Kelly
    7. Andrew Garcia
    8. Tim Urban
    9. Katie Stevens

  42. My order: (Based on my satisfaction of listening to them without getting a head-ache from screeching, yelling, and scratchy-potato in your mouth-sound, and wobbly vibrato.)

    1. Tim the sweetheart
    2. ?
    6. ?
    9. Mike – his voice is not scratchy… he just grosses me out to watch.

  43. 1. Crystal Bowersox
    2. Lee Dewize
    3. Casey James
    4. Shibbon Magnus
    5. Big mike Lynch
    6. Katie Stevens
    7. Aron Kelly
    8. Andrew Garcia
    9. Tim Urban

  44. This show would be boring to death if Big Mike is out. He is the only one who adds live with whatever he does. The other contestsnts are really dull.

  45. For those of YOU who have noticed the magnificence of SIOBAHN MAGNUS,I say..GOOD TASTE! Her talent is just something very special! For my tastes, SIOBAHN and CASEY James are the best overall!! RANKINGS thus FAR
    1 Siobahn* or Casey*
    4.Kate Stevens
    5.Lee D or Big Mike
    7.Aaron Kelly
    8.Andrew Garcia
    9. Tim Urban

  46. @ Colo Mtn Kid #44

    I am glad Big Mike was saved and he didn’t have time to say thank you to the judges. He was cut off just as soon as Simon said that he was saved.!

    HE SHOULD NOT GO HOME!!!!!!!!!

  47. @ timurbanfan


  48. @34 bill mitchell

    ITA. lee cannot sing live. WHY are the judges pimping him so much? and most importanly, WHY are some people buying into his hype?

    he should sing a slow ballad to show the judges just how embarrassingly out of tune he is

    if he wasnt given so much over the top praise, i would be totally neutral to him but the over pimping totally turns me off

  49. 1. Lee Dewyze
    2. Big Mike
    3. Crystal Bowersox
    4. Casey James
    5. Siobhan Magnus
    6. Katie Stevens
    7. Aaron Kelly
    8. Andrew Garcia
    9. Tim Urban

  50. For the finale: Siobhan and Casey. The rest of the pack, from 3 [best] to 9 [worst] Lee, Aaron, Tim, Crystal, Katie, Andrew and Mike. Don’t care who wins. Siobhan and Casey will both come out of this with careers, but it might be best for Casey to win and give Siobhan more time to hone her craft.

  51. You hit it exactly right with your reviews of the top 9 show. Couldn’t agree more.

  52. Steve@42 – I think that it is important that there are more white people in the the US than other groups. If AI should decide to expand an run similar shows on BET and Univision, I doubt seriously if those shows would get top rankings, be covered in the newspapers and news broadcasts, get huge IPod downloads, and have a large number of fan websites like this one. I seriously doubt that that the person voted off would get a shot on Letterman.

    I think the situation is slowly improving. It wasn’t so long ago that a person of color would have had no chance. Now he or she has one strike against him. I still think the situation is sad.

  53. To Ted #66: Don’t you think it’s possible that the target audience for Idol is tweens, teens and the under 40 viewers and that in the black community these age groups are more interested in hip-hop and rap? I don’t think I’d want to tune in to a show where 50 cent or Eminem was trying to sing a song made famous by Queen or Rod Stewart.

  54. As for Chris Ford’s post #11, I agree that it was in poor taste for the cameras to pan from Mike to Christa and back while Mike was doing what is usually the American Idol “swan song”, and his wife, Christa, was understandably upset and crying. It was a tacky publicity stunt designed to boost the ratings, and it pained me to see Christa, who is my niece, used in this way. As for Mike seeming arrogant, thumping his chest, and not thanking the judges consider this: Try to imagine what it takes to have the wherewithall to stand and deliver the clear and convincing and relevant performance of “Woman’s Work” immediately after being told you (most likely) would be leaving the show. And then, to be told you are “saved”. Can you imagine feeling anything other than stunned? As for the chest thumping Mike has been doing this since he played football in college.

  55. Mike is singing just fine.

    What I’d really like to see is Aaron covering Snoop Dogg. LOL.

  56. Crystal – To my horror, I am starting to like Crystal more every week. To me, she is finally starting to mix it up a little bit.

    Katie did good tonight – which shocked me.

    Lee already sounds professional…he could be on a rock station right now and fit right in. I wish he would believe in himself more, he is already there.

    Casey – I like Casey’s voice and style. He sounds like Bob Seger.

    Siobhan is still one of my favs and her voice is amazing. She does not scream or screech. Her voice has POWER in it. She has power like only black women have…and for a tiny white girl that is awesome! It is beautiful and amazing. Are the judges trying to confuse her?

    Tim is improving, but he bores me a little.

    Aaron is trying to keep up. Not the best, but certainly not the worst either.

    Mike has a soothing voice and has always been in my top 4, but he is losing his touch.

    Andrew is my least favorite every week. He is boring and his voice is not with the others. He picks horrible songs also. If he ever sings “La Bamba”, he may rock it…but he needs to go home.

    The show is about vocals, yes, however I believe one’s personal music preferences will determine or sway one’s choices. I do not think it can be helped.

    In defense of Lee, When he sang “Hey Jude”, I thought he sounded pitchy at points, however, my husband said he sings “grunge” and “grunge” sounds like that.

    And in defense of Casey…he has beautiful hair. As I was a teen in the 80’s, I can’t help but look at their hair. 🙂

  57. They were all mediocre.
    However,when this is all over,Siobhan will go on to star in a mediocre musical and Casey’s picture will adorn many a teenager’s bedroom walls.

  58. To Azroz #71; Excuse me? Only black girls have powerful voices? Have you never listened to Barbra Streisand, Linda Ronstadt, Grace Slick, Joan Jett, Lita Ford etc.?

  59. mike and crystal are goin to be the last ones standing at the end of it all so lets just be happy for them ….and stop hating !!!

  60. I just have to say that Casey has true talent as well as Crystal. Tim has a very nice smile and is a very pleasant person, but the truth is he can’t sing.Lee is okay, but not my favorite.Soibhan has potential, but she needs to mature in her vocals and stop yelling.Aaron and Katie need time to find themself and mature, but the potential is there.Andrew is okay,but needs help picking the right song. Big Mike can sing , but I don’t see him going anywhere with it.

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