American Idol 2010: The Final Two Sing and Simon’s Last Critique

Singing for the last time for our votes tonight on American Idol was our Top 2 Crystal and Lee and they were both amazing in their own unique way.  We also got to hear Simon Cowell’s final praises and criticisms as an American Idol judge. 

I was pretty sad tonight knowing this was the final judgment by Simon Cowell and he seemed to be unusually happy and didn’t have anything really negative to say to either of the finalists.  I was hoping for one more slam from the Brit but that’s ok, he left with class and he will most definitely be missed.

The contestants sang 3 songs each.  The first was their favorite song of the season, the second was picked by Simon Fuller the executive producer and the third is the song they will release as their first single if they win.  Crystal won the coin toss and chose the pimp spot so Lee goes first.

His favorite song from the season was “The Boxer” which is no surprise because he sang it so well the first time and did just as good this go around.  The one complaint I have with his performance was that he sang it too soft and at times the band overpowered him.  Randy said it was a great way to start off the show; Ellen said she couldn’t be prouder if she birthed him herself; Kara wants him to have more passion and to punch harder and Simon said that was a kiss on the cheek when it needed to be a kiss on the lips.

Crystal chose “Me and Bobby McGee” another no brainer since she is all about Joplin.  She sounded truly impassioned and obviously felt the song and embraced the audience as she was singing.  My one complaint is that at times her high notes sounded more like a screech and she needed more warmth.  Randy says it started slow but ended dope; Ellen thought she was compelling on stage; Kara loved it and Simon said it brought him back to the time when they fell in love with her.

Simon Fuller’s pick for Lee’s second song was “Everybody Hurts” which unfortunately for him was another mellow sad song.  Had he came out and sang it with a deep emotion that we all could have felt he could have had an amazing moment but regrettably this didn’t happen.  However the vocals were pretty good and he may have done just enough to get by.  Randy said he could feel the Lee that he loves; Ellen wants to see him let go and not pull back; Kara thought he was emotionally accessible and Simon thought it was a brilliant choice of song but thinks Lee is nervous and wants a 10 out of 10 for the last song.

Crystal’s song by Fuller was “Black Velvet” which was perfect for her voice.  She really belted it out and gave it her all and you can tell she is right where she needs to be to take the title.  Randy says mamasox is in it to win it; Ellen thought it was fantastic; Kara said you could tell she wants it and Simon said “you took that song and absolutely nailed it.”

Lee’s final song that he will record should he win is “Beautiful Day” and I thought it was much better than the first two and I’m breathing a big sigh of relief.  He is showing his personality more and giving us that cute smile and even though he went out of tune a couple of times I thought he redeemed himself.  Randy said “by the middle of the song you got your groove back.”  Ellen thought he was fully present for that song and loved it.  Kara said he got swallowed up but that he had the most commercial voice and had grown more than anyone else.  Simon said the competition was designed for someone like him who needs a break.

Crystal Bowersox closed the show with “Up To The Mountain” and while I wasn’t a fan of the song itself, I will say that Crystal blew it out of the water.  She really put her heart and soul into it and showed us some vulnerability.  Randy said that is what this show is about, incredible; Ellen thinks she is in a league of her own; Kara thought she was emotionally invested and Simon for his final critique of his idol career said “I thought that was by far the performance and the song of the night. And since this is going to be the final critique I’m ever going to give, that was outstanding.”

What a night!  Who do you think will be crowned Season 9’s American Idol?