American Idol 2010 Top 2 – Season Finale Elimination Results Tonight


Update:  Kelly Clarkson and Fantasia will sing “Together We Are One” as a farewell to Simon Cowell.  Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks will both be on the finale tonight.  It is rumored the guys will sing “You Make My Dreams Come True” and “Maneater”  and Lee Dewyze will perform with Hall and Oates and Crystal Bowersox will sing with Joe Cocker, these are just rumors as well.  Other possible entertainers include P.Diddy, Usher and Rueben Studdard.  Paula Abdul may make an appearance and not just on the video.

Are you ready to find out who will win American Idol 2010?! Tonight on American Idol it’s the biggest results of the season and either Crystal or Lee will be crowned as the winner! Based on our latest poll results I’m thinking it could go either way. What do you think will happen when the 2-hour season finale airs tonight at 8PM?

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  1. Goody! I’m the first post! I think Lee is going to win, but Crystal was better last night. Lee has all the young girls votes, plus he probably picked up ALOT of CASEY JAMES votes this week! I didn’t vote this week because CASEY is my American Idol winner this season! Good Luck to Lee and Crystal, though!

  2. Awesome. I am from Australia & I loved Casey, Lee & Crystal from the audtions, so I am completely happy. Lee is by far the best vocals etc… He didn’t do great tonight but I think the choice song from the Exec Producer was a dud & also felt the panel were marketing Crystal to win they mentioned ‘win’star’etc to her every performance and NOT ONCE to Lee unfair play on the public. Anyway we’ll be watching with bated breath !!!! Go Dewize !!!

  3. This is suppose to be for talent not popularity.
    If Crystal doesn’t win, it was for popularity not talent. Lee doesn’t even come close to Crystal’s talent. I wouldn’t buy any records of his at all, and I don’t think I’m the only one either. That song that Crystal did will climb fast on the charts.

  4. Some of you need to stop bashing Lee.
    He’s just as amazing as Crystal is.
    They both have a tremendous amount of talent.
    And they both deserve to win.
    But.. my heart belongs to Lee.
    And i pray he wins<3


  5. Both are extremely talented and I wish it could be a tie and both will go far. However, Crystal’s type of singing is more unique and is will probably sell better.

  6. lee wil win chrystal is also very good but it ain’t her time go dewyze!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think both of them gave their best shot in the finale….. Base on talent, i think both will go far…. But based tonight….hmmmmmm….. i think Crystal is better than Lee…. especially the song “Up to the Mountains”… it was a blast… Lee’s
    “Beautiful Day” was great…. unfortunately he didn’t made the song interesting at first… i was bored…. but in the middle it got better, and it proved Lee’s credibility as an american idol…. But still Crystal nailed every round… She was better than Lee by an inch…. Hope Crystal wins…. She was my favorite…. and I know she will go far with that versatile voice…. Go crystal!!!!!!!

  8. Both were awesome throughout the whole season!

    So I’ll based my judgment on last night’s performance!


  9. Sorry Parker but I believe you are wrong. Crystal is popular becaaue she is original, brilliant & sounds like the greats Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin etc etc but that will only last for a certain time. Lee is brilliant & current & magic voice & good looking & humble , he has it all… anyway may the best person win both have HUGE talent… Team Dewize

  10. The number of women who can cover Aretha and not sound like wimps are few and far between. Crystal should win.

  11. As Simon like to remind everyone, this is a singing competition and let’s face it, Crystal is by far the most telented of them all. I would buy her CD tomorrow. If people vote based on who can rock the place and make music, Crystal should have an easy time of it tonight. Good for her!

  12. By now, LEE had proven he was not taking a break as what Simon constantly put it. It is do or die for him !

    Simon wanted America to vote for Crystal since he had made a premature self-prediction. BTW, why did Crystal only thanked Simon? Its obvious, right?

    Obviously all LEE’S fans know LEE has proven he is now a talented creative singer otherwise he will not survive up to the finale !!!

    LEE will be a lovable superSTAR!
    He deserved all of it for what he had been through to try to win this.

    This is for his fans,his family,his hometown and himself. Music is his life passion! That is the LEEDEWYZE we know. We support you, LEE.

  13. The votes are so so close. At this point they have the results already but it was a very close competition. On the votes are Lee 57% Chrystal 42% on the votes are Lee 52% Chrystal 48% and in this site pool Lee 55% Chrystal 44%
    Seems Lee is the all around favorite in the pools, lets see how it turns tonight on the show.
    Good luck to both.

  14. Lee and Cyrstal are both talented, but LEE has better voice quality and has much more STAR potentials!!!!!
    We have a big music organization and we will all vote for LEE!
    GO LEE!!!!! We will all vote for you!!!!!

  15. I love them both…it’s going to be a very close. I think they should definitely consider recording together. They sound amazing together. I’m happy for whoever wins!

  16. Crystal thanked only Simon because he is the only one Retiring…and that’s what her comments were about. What a moron…all you boy band loving, tiny boppers….don’t understand true uniqueness or talent. Crystral is both unique and a great talent, Lee is ok, but his voice is a dime a dozen.

  17. I love them both!!! Hard to choose. But only one will win. Can’t hardly wait for 2-Night to find out. Best wishes to them both. Yes I did vote for one.

  18. #21 Mike….did you mean teeny boppers?
    #15 Lucy…what’s your point? That’s about the most idiotic comment I’ve seen on here. Let me guess, you suffer from low self-esteem and probably an eating disorder. Talk about moron.
    Crystal deserves the title, but I think she may have blown it throughout the last half of the competition with her mouth….why did she feel so compelled to spout out comments that were so unnecessary over and over again? She would have this hands down had she not gotten so cocky.

  19. Crystal was not sincere last night.. struck me as someone who was trying to be accessible to the crowd / fans… but it did not ring true at all. Even her little “good luck” to Simon speech felt totally contrived. Yes, she has a nice voice. Yes, she has talent. But overall, she is not an “Idol”. She will make an album, have a following, but will not have the mass appeal that Lee has / will have. Go back to last week, when Lee owed the stage. And everyone’s hearts along with it.

  20. Ha ha, good point Sookie #23, what is lucy’s point, “an overweight guy/gal” ?? Yeah, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when i think about Lee or Crystal. Not. MORON!


  22. My vote is for Lee, what a clean cut wholesome American boy who can really sing. Chrystal has a unique style that is unappealing to me and I would not be able handle listening to her much. She has an unclean appearance and should cutout those knots from her hair. Chrystal get real your are a mom now.

  23. I will be happy to see Lee take the title. He is wonderful to hear and see. He has taken this competition more seriously and positively than Crystal, who thinks that she is already there. Tonight will be a wake-up call for her.

  24. Hello America,

    We don’t care whether LEE wins or not, He has WON our hearts and blew us away with his versatile vocal, and we are going to buy all his CDs, albums and go for all his concerts.

    Who cares now who wins. We have chosen our Idol long before the semi-final. The competition is over after the semi-finale.

    Finale is for both of them to enjoy themselves in their finale moments. No more competing during finale.

    We support LEE all de wayze, be it #1 or #2.
    Congratulations Lee. Thank you for giving us those songs. We want your album with all those songs you sang in American Idol.Anxiously waiting. Take care, our Idol.

  25. They were both great in their own way ! Idols all ! Saying that I agree completely with the judges. Simon simply said it best ” THAT WAS OUTSTANDING “. My hope is that Crystal continues her singing career by being acknowledged tonight as America’s Idol. Something tells me we have a “legend” in the making. Time will tell what happens in these young careers…I wish them all well !

  26. Looking at the various polls, Lee is probably winning the title tonight. And I am glad. I can’t wait to see him react to the news! And his single performance tonight is going to be overflowing with emotion!!!

  27. I am a Lee suppporter, though I really enjoy Crystal, too.

    Crystal beat Lee hands down last night. She deserves the crown. Don’t know what happened to Lee–he did not have the sizzle he needed.

    Based on comments here, the last round did not move change many voters from their picks, though. So it may be a very tight result.

    It’s a shame that some people commenting here focus on the looks rather than on the vocals.

  28. Lee will win and should win as American Idol.

    Crystal can’t touch Lee with a totum pole in reaching out to the mass thru music or persona!

  29. I think Crystal will win this season. She is consistent in giving awesome performance since from the start… Though Lee is good but Crystal is the best.

  30. It is shame that there are only girls in this blog crazing for Lee. I also think that Lee would win because maybe over 70% of vote will come from female, and they definitely favor boy with good look. That is the reason why lots of female contestans were voted off at early stage. It is so sad!

  31. With the incorporation of audience voting, you naturally invite the public opinion in, which causes voting to occur based on many factors: looks, personality, style, talent, attitude… People will vote based on their opinion of what is important, which is never based on the same criteria. Personally, I voted early in the competition on vocal ability and when it got to the point that all of the finalists could sing, then I starting thinking about personality and style… Frankly, Crystal does not come across to me as a genuine person. I don’t like that. On the other hand, Lee is transparent and honest. He genuinely has grown in this competition and is grateful for all that he has been given. He has a great style and it will be nice to hear him on the radio.

  32. For those of you that think Lee will not go places…..His self Album “Slumberland” he did before the show is selling 2,000 copies a week. Which, by the way, sold more than Kris Allen last week. That’s pretty good for a nobody!

  33. #36 Jun

    I totally agree. I actually like both Lee and Crystal but from a talent point of view, I think Crystal should win. Unfortunately, people tend to vote for good looks, perfect teeth and smile.

    If it’s any consolation, I believe that Crystal will be the bigger star…just like Adam Lambert is the bigger star vis-a-vis Kris Allen.

  34. Jovesta #37 thank you very much for your comments about Lee, i have always been captivated by his voice, but it is this rare simple honesty that i find extremely refreshing, which reflects in his songs

  35. Neither finalist is outstanding in talent. Rather disappointing and uninspiring season for AI.
    I’m more interested in who will take Simon’s place as judge. And I do hope they go back to only 3 judges—-4 is one too many.

  36. Last night Crystal had been way better than Lee. She proved that she is an amazing singer and artist. Goooooo Crystal!!!

  37. Ronnie – thanks for the kudos!

    And to #40 and #36 – there will always be the superficial pocket out there who want this to be a modeling competition. But I am not going to lie; looks are a factor. This person is supposed to be a public figure, someone we LOOK at as well as listen to. I don’t agree that the look factor should supercede the vocal prowess, but it does play a factor with people.

  38. First of all Crystal’s name doesn’t have an “h” in it. Second, Crystal is definitely better than Lee talent wise. But she will NOT win because the teens that know nothing about music will vote for Lee because he’s “hot”.

  39. what’s this? before Casey left people picked on him for being “hot” and now Lee is the “hot” one? don’t you guys have better excuses? and why do you need excuses?? if they don’t appeal to you that’s fine, don’t say things that aren’t fair… besides the Beatles had a lot of little girlies fans and no one questioned their ability to sing or make wonderful music that’s lasted half a century!

  40. i love them both,but based on the performances last night which is very important,crystal will win this competition

  41. But this isn’t a CD selling competition, it’s a singing competition and Crystal has been more consistent than Lee and was definitely the best last night.

  42. Ronnie, girls thinking Lee is hot isn’t an excuse. That’s the only reason my daughter and her friends voted for him. And look at the Jonas brothers. For some reason teen girls think they’re hot and they suck. The Beatles were great. Look at all the #1 hits they have.

  43. My vote goes to Tim Urban … ooops he’s gone. This season stinks and I really don’t care who wins.

  44. If last night were the only time that we had seen the two of them, then maybe our opinions would be different, but we have months of their performances and behavior to look at. Sorry, but Crystal has a bad attitude and it shows. She may be able to sing well, but it is not all about her voice to many.

  45. The finale was not that spectacular as last season but judging from the 2, Lee has the vocal for CD’s. This is not a concert, so he need not have to be Adam Lambert in the finale with the stylish walking down the stairs in and greasy hair.

    Crystal tried to imitate Adam Lambert walking down the stair but she looked clumsy and almost missed a step and faltered with her high heels.

    Sorry, for me, her vocal was screechee as usual, and I could not make a word she sang. She hit the same high notes and there were many faults in her singing but the judges chose to ignore them since it was finale they had to justify and made it spectacular.

    guess if Sioban or Kathie were in the finale, the show would be more spectacular with Casey too giving his jam band and of course Lee with his rocking vocal. The show would have been more colorful and lively to watch if Sioban and Lacy were in to the end. Missed Sioban and Lacy. They would spice up the show.
    (Just my personal comments).

    Lee is my American Idol, even he comes 2nd. He has incredible original vocal being himself and not fake or imitating someone or trying to be like a superstar or stage performer.

    Just his presence, his vocal and truthfulness in his songs are enough for us.

  46. #44 Jovesta

    I understand that looks do matter but this is a singing competition so it should all be about talent. I’m not saying that Lee is not talented…just believe that Crystal has more of it. If looks is the criteria, then Casey…who is really hot!…should have been in the finale instead of Crystal. And the judges, when selecting possible competitors should limit their choices to good looking people who can sing as well. It’s just a sad commentary.

    And to #38 Crafty, if it is true that Lee’s “Slumberland” outsold KA’S records, I’m sorry but it just shows that America made a mistake when they made Kris last season’s winner. Ironic that as you said, a “nobody” can outsell an AI.

  47. There is something to be said for humility…..and Crsytal seems ot have lost the words! Although she ios talented, she is not a star and her salutes to the audience and way to familiar jokes with the judges and the tweets with Melissa are too much for this Idol fan. I think that Lee’s humility coupled with his tremendous voice will resonate with the rank and file Idol fans…..Go Lee, no lmatter though yuo are talented and wil certainly go beyond Idol! Remain humble and look at Daughtry!

  48. Slumberland is selling now due to Lee’s rise to fame on the show. I wouldn’t say that a “nobody” is outselling Kris Allen’s CD. The current AI is outselling the former AI.

    And I think that Lee is more handsome than Kasey anyway. Not that that is what matters.

    And yes, being a pop idol does include being looked at. So, yes, looks do matter TO A DEGREE.

    You cannot expect people to rule solely on vocal chops alone when they see so much more than that. If we were only listening to their voices and nothing else then maybe we could vote based on voice alone. But you know that isn’t happening. Lee has a better voice for this competition. Crystal has a folksy sound which obviously isn’t appealing to some.

  49. I agree with #47. Stop making up these excuses. If Lee wins, he wins. They’re both gonna be popular and have a CD anyways. Look at Adam Lambert, he didn’t win, but he sure is doing a better job than Kris Allen. People are taking this waaay to much. They’re both talented. But I am still Team Dewize, hott or not.

  50. Check out the Virginia Gentlemen’s The Way on youtube for those of you who think AI is all about singing… any of those young men outsings any of the AI contestants any day.

    As far as Jason’s comments @#50 go, a hypothetical question for you:

    Would your daughter vote for Lee if he has Crystal’s voice and sings/screeches exactly like she does? We may not want to underestimate how intuitive these young ladies are, they may have a better sense than some of us adults who tend to over-analyze everything & deny our feelings!

  51. Well from experience from past American Idols, I can comfortably say that it is definatley a popularity contest. The majority of America or so this show proves, has no education of great music! Both current contestants are great. They have both had there ups and downs. Crystal has definatley been the most consistant and that is why she has recieved praise most of the time. She is unique, has a wonderful voice and is all natural. Lee is also excellent but i have to say he and Crystal are in a different league with Crystal being, by far, the most musically talented of the two. Either way, they both deserve to be where they are today and both will continue to be successful as musicians!

  52. I could not get the through on the phone’s last night. I would have voted for Crystal.

  53. Signing out for the year – thanks for all the comments – they crack me up. So, to put in my 2-cents as well – Crystal all the way and yet I couldn’t vote last night. Happy Idoling Folks – now what to do until NFL starts in Aug!?

  54. USA Today’s Idol Meter, which is based upon tangibles and not simply the views of gushing fans, has Crystal clearly on top.

    On the other hand, DialIdol based upon busy signals has Lee clearly on top, so we know that the gushing Lee fans will likely prevail.

    According to a story in USA Today, it is Lee who needs to win to have a career. Crystal will do ok coming in 2nd just as Adam did last year when he won the singing contest but lost the popularity contest.

    So evidently all Lee had to do last night was to show up and it didn’t really matter how well that Crystal sang. Lee did ok last night, but the American Idol finale is not the place to be shy or reserved and I do think that the judges ultimately condemned him with faint praise.

    Based upon what happened last year I am sure that the Lee fans will prevail and he will win. Who has the better or more successful career will be left to be seen.

  55. Crystal is so talented! she’s very unique in her style, in the industry today where everyone is using the shock affect to sell themselves, Crystal is natural and refreshing. She send’s the youth a positive message which is ‘if you have the talent you don’t need to shock’. I wish Crystal all the best, if America doesn’t choose her it’s not her being ‘second best’, it’s just that she doesn’t fit the Hollywood image which we are sold 24/7.

  56. I have been trying to figure out what that USA Today Idol chart is. I am at a loss. They don’t even explain what it means. How much data was collected? How did they collect it? Hmmm… I say ignore that “poll”.

  57. I don’t agree that Crystal is not a “shock” to some. The dreads alone shock some. Then there is her screaching of the high notes. Just like Adam Lambert, if she would keep away from the screaching, she would be fine. Luckily Lee doesn’t screach, need to shock people, or any of that nonsense. He is “what you see is what you get”. Thank goodness for Lee DeWyze.

  58. to elocs and elocs’ friends –
    It’s amazing why people think fans are one thing and success of a musician is another – the two are intertwined in destiny, that is why de wyze says “we are in this together” to his fans, who love and support and listen/buy his music and in turn make him successful/happy!

  59. Well, I am not a Crystal fan and I am not a Lee fan, but I am a fan of the truth and the truth, as I see it without being a fan of either and with no dog in the fight, is that last night in the singing contest Crystal clearly won and I think the judges would agree. Fans of both will vote for them regardless.

    Had I thought that Lee had really done the better job last night I would have been happy to sing his praises. I think that Crystal clearly wanted to win and performed like that was her goal.

    As far as the success of either one goes, time will tell. Who will be the Kris and who will be the Adam, or who might end up being the Taylor.



  62. Angela #72
    lee has been the best contestant on this show cence adam lambert, so that makes him much better than crystal………….So do you like crystal or do you not like anyone in the compition?

  63. #23 Sookie, you are absolutely correct! Crystal was one of my favorites from the beginning until she started getting cocky and argumentative. I never voted again for her after that. I do not believe that she will ever love her fans like Daughtry and Carrie Underwood have and Lee will. I want Lee to win. His music is more of what people want to hear and buy and he is much more appreciative….GO LEE!!!!!!!

  64. @ 75, i just took a break and watched lee’s beautiful day again and you are so right about the “love” that is so obviously missing in crystal while so overflowing in lee! he sang the song for his fans whom he loves so dearly and they love him back soooo much… such a warm and wonderful feeling!

  65. In the end personality counts. And Lee is a bagfull of it. One can’t underestimate his silence. We got you Lee! Make us fans proud :))))

  66. I really really hope Lee wins as he’s more appreciative. BUT, let’s face it, the only American Idol who has done well who actually won is Carrie Underwood. Kelly Clarkson has done awesome as well. Other than that, the ones who don’t win do better. This season was the worst ever for talent I believe. I wanted Katie from the beginning because she was so sweet and sounded great. I’ve always loved Lee. I couldn’t believe Mike stayed as long as he did and Casey too! I think America will make a bad choice if they vote for Crystal. Lee will definitely sell more albums. Crystal’s type of music does not get played much and who will she tour with? Lee has so many more options and will have many more followers. And that’s based on his voice, not looks at all!!! GO LEE!!!!! No matter what, you’ve won all our hearts and we know you’ll have an amazing career. I am buying your cd tonight and will wait patiently for the next one and the concert dates.

  67. Lee is a one trick pony he does have sparkly blue eyes and listen i have been around a long time Crystal is the real deal but this show is about commercial success in other words catering to the 10-14 crowd who are not sophisticated enough to know talent when it pokes them in the face Crystal is more talented than the crappy commercial pop singers out there peace slomo

  68. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of the 10-14 year olds out there. Frankly, I think that if they are in control of the voting , then I am appreciative that they have noticed the attitude issue prevalent with Crystal. Young people can spot the true class acts.

  69. Lee had momentum going into the finale. His awesome performance of “Hallelujah” on the week before did not go overlooked. I think a lot of folks made their minds up based on that performance alone last week. I actually hoped he would do it again last night. So I was a bit let down when he didn’t…and I was therefore inspired to vote more than usual.

    This guy is going to be a great recording artist. I have no doubt.

    In all honesty, I think Crystal will do fine without the title. Lee might need it a little more. Voting for Lee was just the American thing to do.

  70. Crystal clearly had more passion in her performances and was consistent all throughout, but she does not fit into pop star mold; she would be more of one of those misunderstood indie-rocker type performers,teh nobody understands me kind of vibe; she was cocky throughout the competition, she is not easily accessible, and I dont think the audience today can relate to her,she is not very commercial, her screaming can be tiresome after awhile and it can grate

    Lee, is the all American rags to riches kind of performer, people love to hear bout, from piantboy to rockstar fame, his voice is edgy and gritty and he doesnt scream like Crystal does, he is more commercially available and more emotionally laden, he is nervous and has no personality, but women love him and he will pick up casey’s audience and votes

    I wanted Casey to win, he had great vocalsand was in tune, was a greta guitar player, and is very appealing to the masses, he is the most commercial of them all

  71. @80 slo jo… you know, if your idol is indeed such a real deal she should have been discovered by talent scouts long time ago… she was terrific at 13 and at that time she’s truly what i would call fresh and raw talent, unfortunately no more now, she has developed a style that limits her and her appeal and she has peaked and become too set in many ways…

  72. they are both very talented. Lee was very nervous because he just got use to singing with a big crowd and last night he had to sing in front of a bigger crowd. If they stayed in the other auditorium he would have been less nervous. He is a fantastic singer and he really deserves a break to boost his self confidence. Crystal will always have self confidence regardless. They both deserve alot of credit.

  73. Both Lee and Crystal are dynamos. Their duet was awesome. It would be nice to have a tie. Crystal was more hot tonight and Lee has that confidence now. However,We hope Lee gets it- They are the best “two” for the standoff. It must be hard because they both are supportive of one another. Good Luck. Both are Fantastic

  74. Crystal was clearly the better performer of the two last night, but i remain a loyal Lee fan, as i have always been since the beginning of the season. Lee i hope you win this year’s idol title, but if not, then i hope you go on to have a long and successful singing career. thank you for sharing your talent with us this year. God bless you always.

  75. I think Crystal was awesome and Lee had a bad case of the nerves. They are both terrific people and I hope a career for them both. In closing I just think Crystal is a cut above the others. But we just have to see how the voting turns out. It will be a great show I am sure being that it is Simon’s last time ever on IDOL.

  76. I love Crystal! She rocks! Especially that last song she sang just brought me to tears. oooooo weeeeeeeee.

  77. best part of idol this year was “PANTS ON FIRE” the rest of the talent was just poor. it lacked everything. no personalities. no showmanship. if half of them did not have guitars they would have had to cancel the year for lack of excitemnt. big mike showed some stage showmanship. the others as a whole were just boring. the show tonight will be fun to watch with simon going and all. leaving the hotel now and heading to the nokia theatre. should be fun but the lack of talent really sucked this year. last nights judges especially randy and ellen were just so phoney. if ellen thinks crystal’s high notes were notes and not screams then she should just stick to being a comic because a judge she ain’t.

  78. So, does anyone else think that Lee would get emotional if (and when) he wins? The people who say its ALL about talent are so wrong. Personality is a huge factor is well. I mean, I would NOT choose to listen to someone who is a conceited, know-it all jerk just because they have a good voice. I want to hear someone who I respect as a person as well. And Lee seems to be so genuine, humble, and appreciative. I do LOVE his voice. But his persona is even more appealing. And I think that’s why his fans are already so loyal.
    —And for those of you discounting the intelligence of the 10-14 crowd… you shouldn’t. I have one of those, and he is extremely smart. And he voted. Multiple times. For Lee. (And not because he was hot!) He loves his voice, his overall sound, and his personality. He noticed that Lee is the “real deal.” If you notice in past performances, Lee thanks his back-up singers, regularly thanks the band, and takes the judge’s comments for what they are worth, instead of becoming all defensive and arguing the point. (do you think he agreed with everything they said?? I’m sure he didn’t. But he didn’t sit there and try to tell them why they were wrong every time they found something to work on)
    I think that “who” he is will have as much a determining factor in the outcome as his awesome sound does. Partially because he is so thankful, and truly appreciative, I think he deserves to win. I hope that most of the other voters feel the same as well.

  79. Bottom line,they both have talent.The ones that last have a unique stand out quality.Adam LAmbert should have won,and CHris ALlen even thought so when HE won.If LEe wins,it will be last year all over.(although Lee is much more talented than Chris.)It will mean popular,typical looking wins,not the best vocal.I won’t be disappointed(He is great;but the BEST one who you would recognize on the radio,and doesn’t sound like other current artists(Daughtry,David Cook,)is Cyrstal-hands down.Who thinks SImon will get emotional.????HE didn’t want them to say it was the end.He jumped right in,saying”No,tonight is my last night.”

  80. Crystal is the BEST, just like last Year Adam was the Best! I hope WE get it right this Year!

  81. Lee for the win, and for a lot more soulful sound/music to come years ahead…

  82. lee has a passion while i think crystal wants money to raise her child…but i do think she was soulful.

  83. I think Crystal has an AMAZING voice – but really what will she put out?? Yea she sings good songs like Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Rait, she has that type of style but is that what comes out these days? Plus, she almost quit the show – I don’t think she’ll last long or has it in her to last long…Lee’s type of music – there is always a need for it, he connects with the songs, makes you feel what he’s feeling, he’s an all around artist and was waiting for his chance – he’ll be around for a while and wants to be around for a while – he thrives off of his fans. I think overall he deserves to win – Crystal is just another great voice that will get lost in the crowd.

  84. gee! LEE is all over the TV,! what happen to Crystal? didn’t have a chance, so much favortizem.

  85. i hope the teeny boppers have Lee’s music to grow old into like the girlies with the Beatles 🙂

    and annie @ 101, i agree with everything you say except crystal’s voice, it gives me chills down the spine and goosebumps – not too good for me 🙁

  86. Did Lee look nervous? I don’t think so. This was Simon’s perception, how could Simon feel anything when he has no feelings at all.

    To me, LEE looked so cool and relaxed and did not look nervous at all. Just because Simon said so, it had to be so. What a stupid comment Simon gave., It was definitely not helpful and useful in a finale.

    Of course, both of them were anxious and tired by now. What do you expect Simon? They had to nail 2 new songs! Maybe Lee was trying to focus to remember the lyrics.

    Simon should have asked Lee first whether Lee was nervous rather than concluded it himself. Was that an evil intention? What do you people think?

  87. I think lee should win, crystal is good but she has not been consistant, She may have had a better night but lee has been good and consistent from the beginning.last week he knocked both songs out of the park!! Well done When the judges critique lee listens, crystal does not, she always has a comment.. Lee is a sincere and humble person, crystal just seems too cocky!! Good luck lee, you deserve this!!!!

  88. My comment seems to be wiped I wonder why, perhaps it was because I called some one a B…. wont do it again. Nothing to be said accept Crystal is the BEST there is no comparison however best never usually wins Idol look at Adam Lambert. Paula left after he finished the show because she knew he could never be topped and Simon has just realised it. Simon you said it Outstanding!!! Go Mama Sox!!!!!!!!!!!You ROX

  89. America wrong again . people are not voting on talent , they are voting on there favorite person wrong choice today, so very wrong MS. SOX IS THE WINNER

  90. Wow! comparisons of Lee with the Beatles already – do any of you have any idea of what the Beatles went through in order to get through and now there are comparisons being made with a contestant of a music competition with probably the greatest band ever – what a joke!

    I listen to music because I feel like listening or it’s what I want to do. Then there is the selection – what I am feeling in the mood for or want to listen to. I do not want to listen to that artist because he or she is a babe. I don’t buy that person’s music because he or she is arrogant, or looks fat or some mis-interpreted comment she or he made or what other people think – I buy to listen because I like what I hear because maybe I connect. If you judge your reasons in regards to music based upon what the artist looks like, personality or what she says or wears then what’s the point because it has nothing to do with music. These types of judgments are nothing but spiteful comments – sad!

    For the last 2 – 3 weeks the judges have basically been saying that Lee is the one to beat. In the finale their round 1 comments on Lee was basically “come-on pick it up”. After the end of round 2 they knew that Crystal was cleaning it up and in round 3 there was hesitation in their comments with Lee and when Crystal had completed her ballad they knew she had completely overwhelmingly out-performed Lee. Lee sang out of tune and soft/loud with his mono-tone voice for dynamics where Crystal used range and tone for and with soft/loud and the use of ritandardo for dynamics. This was a mis-match and I have said before the final 3 should have been Big Mike, Siobhan and Crystal – but then again all these guys have some issue or problem according to the commentaries been made.

    To Randy Jackson, sir with no disrespect, but the slow beginning is called an introduction with the use of contrast of dynamics to differentiate that from middle to the outro.

    But then again who cares because this is not a music competition.

  91. Once again I wish this truly was about singing and not a popularity contest. From the beginning I felt Lee was a darkhorse and I admit he can sing to some degree. But for pure singing ability Crystal was the best choice. Just as they did last year America got it wrong. Adam was so much more talented then Kris. Last year I thought seriously about not watching anymore because it has become so obvious that the judges slant it to who they want to win. To me I detect no sincerity about Lee and find crystal a lot more unique and pleasant to listen to. She gave me chills and Lee never did. I just really wish they would change the voting and limit the number of votes. A lot of people proved you do not have to win to be a sucess and I know I will not buy lees cd but I would buy crystals. Lets face it American Idol says they want unique but they really only want the cookie cutter artists of this world. Last night it was clear crystal outperformed lee but all judges kept talking about was this poor paint salesman. And worst of all Simon predicted Lee to win on Ellen Tuesday morning. Hmm think that slanted a few votes? Well with Simon leaving and If fox does not change the voting I will not be watching again next year. My husband always says this show is fixed and I am really beginning to wonder myself. If they change the voting and bring adam in as a judge i might watch again but otherwise I think this is the end of the road for me. As for Lee I hope he really appreciates the gift he was given because crystal deserved it more based on pure talent alone. And once again I was moved by his speech tonight and I never found crystal to be smug,fake, or insincere. Good luck Crystal I know you will be a success. By the way, way to go fobbie I totally agree with you since I was a music major in college and I see where you are coming from.

  92. I am so happy that America got it right again! Lee is so invested in this. And he is going to soar! Crystal will also have a career, but in a smaller more specific way – she will appeal to the 40 something folk crowd most definitely.

    I was so touched by his honest and humble reaction to winning. And when he released all of the emotional buiild up he sounded even BETTER!!!! I am so excited to hear what he does with this opportunity!

  93. People – the show is not rigged. It is based on the opinions of millions of people. Sorry that you do not agree with the majority. But obviously Crystal did not appeal to the majority, just like Adam did not appeal to the majority last year. I don’t understand how Simon’s prediction can make people vote a certain way. If anything it would sway people in a different way. Anyway, Simon didn’t MAKE people vote a certain way. People vote all on their own. Frankly I don’t care what the judges think. I care about how I react to the performance. And if they bring Adam in to judge, that would be a crock. He is not an established icon, no matter how you cut it. He shouldn’t have been a mentor this year. That was ridiculous. How can you put someone in that position who didn’t even win? I think it is rude to the contestants, actually.

    On another totally, unrelated note: Where was Adam Lambert and David Cook last night?

  94. Jovesta,
    David Cook was doing a charity benefit in Kansas and Adam Lambert was not asked to participate.
    I agree with everything you’ve said. Adam should NEVER have been a judge. He has no experience at all. I think they did that to help him recover from his sorry performance on whatever show that was where he kissed the guy.
    I am so happy Lee won. He is much more deserving and will have many more followers.

  95. Oh, and Fobbie 111, There are so may things wrong with what you said. But I will only comment on one of them… just because there are those of us who choose to take into account the kind of person someone is (as well as their voice) when we choose to listen to them, does not make us either “sad” or “spiteful”. You, sir, appear to be the one who is sad and spiteful (on top of being a poor loser).

  96. barb, I agree with you 100%. I hate saying the American public got it wrong again. I honestly feel that the one half of the American public likes boring, as they did it again this season.
    Last season and this season two guys with decent voices, but boring were given the title.
    I hate boring!!

    I, for one, will never watch AI again.

    And, like Adam, Crystal will make it big without a title. She was, by far, the best singer throughout. You go girl!!!

  97. Margaret and Barb, you are both being sore losers. If you don’t like Lee, that’s fine, but don’t throw out insults just because your choice of finalist didn’t win. Obviously Lee is NOT boring to the majority of America.

  98. Lee is a great and humble guy, he deserved to win. all the best Lee, can’t wait for your cd.

  99. What a FANTASTIC finale. Everyone was fantastic. Casey is so gorgeous, movies will definitely snap him up. WELL DONE LEE, even as an Aussie I am thrilled & also waiting for his CD. Crystal did well & she is defintely suited to the likes of Alanis Morrisette (whom I love & play in my car ALL the time!!) who only appeals for short range times then fades out but LEE is suited to the likes of Chicago a band whose music has spanned decades, it shows Americans voting got it so right. I have become a huge fan of American Idol since watching this journey from start to finish. Thankyou America & CONGRATS Lee

  100. 118. raina
    If you feel that you wish to point out that I had so many incorrect points of views – in otherwise my opinions – then please point ALL the wrong (as you conveniently stated) and not leave it to just one issue as a demonstration of justifying your ‘understatement.’

    No.27….”she is unclean and should cut out those knots in her hair. Crystal you’re a mum now get real!”….
    no.28….”he has taken this more seriously and positively than Crystal who already thinks she is there….”
    no.37…”Crystal does not come across to me as geniune person”….
    no.52….” Crystal has a bad attitude and it shows”….
    no.75….”until she started getting cocky and argumentative. I never voted for her again after that’….
    no.78….”in the end personality counts”
    no.81…”they have noticed prevalent the attitude with Crystal”….
    no.83….”the nobody understand me kind of vibe, she was cocky through out the competition, she is easily not inaccessible”….

    …. these are some of the more tolerable more kinder comments that I have read about Crystal in this forum compared to the less tolerable mockery regarding her weight, drug use, looks even her micro-phone – and yet you label me as sad and spiteful, let alone a loser! Tell me do you accept this type of behaviour because you have certainly not only condone it but also exemplified it.

    However this is how people judge Crystal and being nasty about it and not for her musical talent – oh that’s right it has nothing to do with it according to you – yet this is a music competition and that is my whole point of view which you completely misread! American Idol is popularity contest and not a music competition which is wrong – that is how people like you are able to accentuate the negative whom have no clue about music.

    May I make a suggestion – perhaps Paris Hilton’s real TV programme is more your pace!

  101. 111 fobbie, just curious, how old were you when the Beatles started playing in Germany (not Britain)? they did not start off being the biggest and most successful band… they went thru a whole lot… guess who were their first fans – demographically speaking?
    the other thing is, we are drawing parallels and making analogies, can’t take everything that’s said only at face value, even thou at times you have to and just give it a laugh 🙂

  102. Fobbie – AI is a pop singing competition. It has multiple factors on whiuch the public can judge. It is not just about singing. When you put people on display on national TV, they will be judged on their appearance as well as their talent, personality, style, etc. It is just the way it is.

  103. enough of it guys. both are talented. most women voted for lee. most men voted for crystal. it’s fair. both will still be famous and if your idol is the best as you think. then she’ll be famous/ he’ll be famous coz he/she got talent right? if you claim that the one is more talented than the other then he/she can out stand the other with upcoming album sales isn’t it? respect both parties. an idol means the one who people looks up to and serves as an inspiration for the people. some chose lee as their idol. some chose crystal. that’s the way it is. both strived hard. everyone actually. it’s not just with the looks man. it’s with the talent. i admit lee is cute. yeah. but i love his voice too. and i also like crystal’s voice. oh cmon haven’t you chose something because of what you want? stop pretending here of being an expert in criticizing the voice of the two, your judgement is half from what you know and half from who you like. well. let’s just stop it. we’ve got a winner already.

  104. Too bad the judges coerced the voting during the last few weeks of AI because one true winner was made out to not meet their expectations after every great performance which he delivered to the judges’ deaf ears. The perfect choice if I had a say would have been CASEY JAMES. Every time he sang, the audience was excited with his singing but to their shock ( I watched their expressions) Randy started running Casey down(jealous guy) and the copycat judges always agreed with Randy’s foolish comments and grimaces.The judges could have given credit to the one who deserved it,Casey and I truely believe Casey James is the ultimate winner but America didn’t see this because his singing fell on deaf ears. I adore Casey!!!

  105. 124.
    But that is my point – in this forum there have been comparisons to a guy who has it made from entering a music competition to a group whom lived in dingy quarters upstairs from where they performed daily from anywhere from 10 – 16 hours a day for bad money – don’t forget the Beatles were deported from Hamburg the 1st time for Harrison being underage. They really struggled but in the end became probably the greatest band ever. Lee enters a music competition and now the world is before him but to compare Lee with the Beatles I think is unfair – then again I don’t know the struggles that Lee has been through but to make comparisons is unfair in particular to Lee. I believe what the Beatles went through is why and how they got there.

    I understand what you are saying but you say 1 thing and that it is a singing competition – my point is that should it not be judged upon the singing. What has personality got to do with it – in 1966 John Lennon in an interview said ….” we’re bigger than God”…. Did that affect the beatles sales. The following year they put Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club album and became the biggest selling album ever until Michael Jackson’s Thriller. I don’t think personality has anything to do with and it shouldn’t.

    i apologize and agree it is all to do with preference and for our own reasons.

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