American Idol 2010: The Final Two Sing and Simon’s Last Critique

Singing for the last time for our votes tonight on American Idol was our Top 2 Crystal and Lee and they were both amazing in their own unique way.  We also got to hear Simon Cowell’s final praises and criticisms as an American Idol judge. 

I was pretty sad tonight knowing this was the final judgment by Simon Cowell and he seemed to be unusually happy and didn’t have anything really negative to say to either of the finalists.  I was hoping for one more slam from the Brit but that’s ok, he left with class and he will most definitely be missed.

The contestants sang 3 songs each.  The first was their favorite song of the season, the second was picked by Simon Fuller the executive producer and the third is the song they will release as their first single if they win.  Crystal won the coin toss and chose the pimp spot so Lee goes first.

His favorite song from the season was “The Boxer” which is no surprise because he sang it so well the first time and did just as good this go around.  The one complaint I have with his performance was that he sang it too soft and at times the band overpowered him.  Randy said it was a great way to start off the show; Ellen said she couldn’t be prouder if she birthed him herself; Kara wants him to have more passion and to punch harder and Simon said that was a kiss on the cheek when it needed to be a kiss on the lips.

Crystal chose “Me and Bobby McGee” another no brainer since she is all about Joplin.  She sounded truly impassioned and obviously felt the song and embraced the audience as she was singing.  My one complaint is that at times her high notes sounded more like a screech and she needed more warmth.  Randy says it started slow but ended dope; Ellen thought she was compelling on stage; Kara loved it and Simon said it brought him back to the time when they fell in love with her.

Simon Fuller’s pick for Lee’s second song was “Everybody Hurts” which unfortunately for him was another mellow sad song.  Had he came out and sang it with a deep emotion that we all could have felt he could have had an amazing moment but regrettably this didn’t happen.  However the vocals were pretty good and he may have done just enough to get by.  Randy said he could feel the Lee that he loves; Ellen wants to see him let go and not pull back; Kara thought he was emotionally accessible and Simon thought it was a brilliant choice of song but thinks Lee is nervous and wants a 10 out of 10 for the last song.

Crystal’s song by Fuller was “Black Velvet” which was perfect for her voice.  She really belted it out and gave it her all and you can tell she is right where she needs to be to take the title.  Randy says mamasox is in it to win it; Ellen thought it was fantastic; Kara said you could tell she wants it and Simon said “you took that song and absolutely nailed it.”

Lee’s final song that he will record should he win is “Beautiful Day” and I thought it was much better than the first two and I’m breathing a big sigh of relief.  He is showing his personality more and giving us that cute smile and even though he went out of tune a couple of times I thought he redeemed himself.  Randy said “by the middle of the song you got your groove back.”  Ellen thought he was fully present for that song and loved it.  Kara said he got swallowed up but that he had the most commercial voice and had grown more than anyone else.  Simon said the competition was designed for someone like him who needs a break.

Crystal Bowersox closed the show with “Up To The Mountain” and while I wasn’t a fan of the song itself, I will say that Crystal blew it out of the water.  She really put her heart and soul into it and showed us some vulnerability.  Randy said that is what this show is about, incredible; Ellen thinks she is in a league of her own; Kara thought she was emotionally invested and Simon for his final critique of his idol career said “I thought that was by far the performance and the song of the night. And since this is going to be the final critique I’m ever going to give, that was outstanding.”

What a night!  Who do you think will be crowned Season 9’s American Idol?




  1. I think they want cystal to win and is slamming Lee for no reason like what Kara did. Cystal is so so boring and if she wins, i think the show have been fixed. Anyway if Lee come out with an Album i will sure have it not crystal as it a waste of money and she is too irrogant on stage.LEE all the way but we help and wander why it is not a Casey and Lee showdown then with a MAMA…..BORING

  2. If we will base it on their performances, Crystal will win it.

    But I guess that’s not what’s about to happen.. 🙁

  3. Crystal showed the professional touch on each delivery. She’s much more comfortable on stage & sure-footed on her notes. She has a unique style that can change on a dime to sing any genre of music she wants to & feel at ease doing it. I liked her NEW SONG, and I intend to download it.
    Either way the vote goes, I know who the true entertainer is, and I’ll keep that my secret. Shhhhhhhh!

  4. Crystal Wowwed me. Her first song was good, second song really caught my interest. Last song WOWWWED ME!!!!
    I pray she wins and that America gets it right.

    Lee is a sweet guy, but he did not get there.

    CRYSTAL! MAMASOX ROCKS! SHE IS A WINNER. I will buy her music.


  5. Crystal knocked it out of the ball park, I definitely will buy anything she produces. People keep complaining about her doing Joplin, I have no issue since it suits her voice so well. If people voted based on performance and talent than Crystal should win. Too many guys have won on their looks and gone nowhere, think Taylor Hicks and Chris Allen over Chris Dougherty & Adam Lambert.

  6. There is nothing remotely boring about Cyrstal.That can not be more opposite from the truth.If Lee wins,it’ll be Chris ALLen all over again.The popular teeny bopper “idol”instead of the better vocal.I do think Lee is good,more stand out than Chris last year.However,if you want unique(No current singer like her,she should win-hands down.Lee sounds likE David Cook,who hasn’t made it.Adam Lambert is much more successful now(even Chris Allen thought Adam should have won).If Lee wins,it won’t go to the stand out singer,it will go to the popular singer.I wish them both well,but Cyrstal is soooooooooo much stronger of a singer.

  7. Lee and Crystal were fantastic tonight, but based on performance I think the voters will choose Crystal. They will both be successful in their recording careers.

  8. Crystal was better tonight, but Lee is going to win due to the young girl vote! I didn’t vote, but that’s my opinion.

  9. I agree, Crystal was outstanding tonight, and by the performance she would win hands down, but as Robin stated, the teenage girls will all vote for the cute guy, not for the true artist. Good luck to both of them and no matter who wins, I for one, will be buying Crystal’s cd’s and not Lees.

  10. I have really liked both of them all season! I think Crystal performed better tonight, though. She’s more unique, and the better performer, in my opinion, but I really like Lee. I’ll download both of their albums whenever they come out.

  11. okay karas a bitch…she didnt critque crystal at all even though her voice is so annoying.
    lee was completly connected to the audience during beautiful day and he did not recieve enough praise…the judges are just being bitches.
    based on lee’s former performances, his talent, and his personality i think he should and will win.

    every one call 18664365705 or 03 or 01 !!!!!!
    GO LEEE<3

  12. hello american idol? i think this the time that we forget american idol at all, we agree for lee,but for cyrstal? oh my goodness,its very not adorable for us, if its cassy james and lee,it can be! the only we can say,we hope that next time you chosse the best american idol, its devasted to all pilipnos here in my country, hope! not all judges well chosse good and capable in that position, as american idol in the next year,i like randy jackson, cause hes real on here way as judges in this competation, semon and kara also they are good, only ellen i dont know ,if she has and idea more in music,but we love you all,only the participant we dont like, most of all the tatto lady, lee is good for us, but if cassy is there the more perfect. thank you to read my msg, i close my tv tonight,cause i dont like to watch at all, we pilipino,wait for next round,tatto lady you must be shy to become american idol, judges only i can say, choose lee! happy day to all american people, respecfully yours{ betty mendoza } pilippines,

  13. Ok..I am not a big fan of Lee or Crystal but if I had to pick a winner based on PERFORMANCE…I would have to say Crystal nailed all three songs she sang…she knocked it out of the ballpark…she looked more relaxed then Lee and seem to “connect” with the audience more and Lee struggled with the first 2 songs and looked quite a bit nervous..His 3rd song was his best of the night but he still didn’t seem connected..So America if we are picking a true American Idol then Crystal has got to be the winner…tonight she was the total package!!

  14. No matter Crytal did it better tonight. Definetely Lee chashed her out all season so she is not gonna win just for one night, no way!!!
    Go Lee, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  15. i found they ganged up on lee tonight. i thought that the 3 song they sing is the same? lee sang a cold play song that he is going to record if he wins. i didn’t get it. i am big fans of both of them so i don’t care who wins.Good Luck to the both of them!!!!

  16. It is a very good idea to judge each contestant by all their performance through the season. Please visit the U-Tube, and you can find that number of people downloaded Cirstal’s songs outnumbered(more than two times) Lee’s. It is a pity that the beutiful songs with cristal’s own originality (such as “As long as I can see the light, Give me one reason, Bobby Mcgee, Midnight train to Georgia, People get reagy”) are forced to be compared with the Lee’s songs eventhough it is in completely differnt level form Lee’s songs. I frequently visit this blog, and sick of all the comments from the Lee’s female fan without true taste for music. I think name of this blog should be changed to Lee’s fanclub because even operator of this blog is huge Lee’s fan and always frets about Lee’s losing. I am sorry if I made inappropriate comments, but please open your eye, shed all the prejudice, and focus on the talent and originality. Lee should thank Simon for giving him Halleluahy, because withouth that song he is a negligible even though he counldn’t delivered withouth back-up singer due to his poor vocal power. Honestly, Halleluahy by Tim is much better than Lee’s. Without back-up singers, laser light, smog on the stage, his Hallelluhy is so boring.

  17. If i have the chance to vote, i will go with Lee, hope he will win this season 9 and last season for Simon Cowell. cheers everybody.

  18. Hey I have a question for you guys. In the past hasn’t the release song been the same for both contestants? A rather lame, orginal song? Why did Lee and Crystal perform different songs? And why wasn’t it an original. I can’t seem to kind any answers googling.

  19. Lee all the way. I love Crystal but Lee is better. (Plus I don’t like Crystals hair.)

  20. I think Crystal is a true talent and she can really sing! She definitely less pitchy than lee! It annoys me sometimes that lee can’t stay on pitch.
    Crystal is awesome and has the power in her voice. She can definitely take any songs and make it her own.

    Based on singing ability, I would, 100%, choose crystal!!
    However, looking at d result of previous american idols, I’m pretty sure that Lee will win it! The vote usually leans to the guys more. Such a pity.

  21. Hi People

    If LEE DeWyze didn’t win, this show has been fixed. I won’t watch American Idol next season. Looks like it is Judges Idol not American Idol.Sad.

    LEE doesn’t need the title to win. He has already WON as far as his fans are concerned. We are waiting for his post AI album and concerts. LEE, you are fabulous, no matter what. BeLEEve it or not.

    LEE, A BIG THANK U, 4 entertaining us.

  22. Lee all the way. No offense to Crystal, but I would never buy anything of hers. Lee, on the other hand, has always been great and I can’t wait for some more original stuff by him. Good luck Lee- you deserve the win!

  23. To all Lee fans:

    MAKE SURE LEE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Crystal is a better singer than Lee and Lee will win this year AI b/c he is well liked by others!!!

  25. I think Lee bombed tonight but Hope he wins!!!Chrystal is great but her vocals are somewhat the same tone!!Go Lee!!!

  26. you just want lee to win ’cause you think he’s hott, sexy or whatever it is you see in him. crystal actually sings unlike lee, if he wins it will be a crock of shit, because the only reason why is because of little teenage girls whose only concern is who’s hot and who’s not. there’s more to life than that.

  27. In sum Crystal shined tonight, no doubt, and Lee seemed too nervous and scared, BUT, what it comes down to is whose music do I want to buy? Who do I want to listen to? And that is LEE DEWYZE!!!!!!!Lee you need to believe in yourself. You are awesome!!!I voted for you 5 times and I’m going to vote some more because you deserve to win it!!Crystal has had a lot of mediocre performances. The only thing she really does well is the Janis Joplin bluesy stuff. Her screaming kind of gets annoying too. But Lee, I can listen to over and over. Check out his original stuff. He is HOT!!!!!!

  28. In sum Crystal shined tonight, no doubt, and Lee seemed too nervous and scared, BUT, what it comes down to is whose music do I want to buy? Who do I want to listen to? And that is LEE DEWYZE!!!!!!!Lee you need to believe in yourself. You are awesome!!!I voted for you 5 times and I’m going to vote some more because you deserve to win it!!Crystal has had a lot of mediocre performances. The only thing she really does well is the Janis Joplin bluesy stuff. Her screaming kind of gets annoying too. But Lee, I can listen to over and over. Check out his original stuff. He is HOT!!!!!!

  29. Lee’s song choices were good for him … I liked his performance and will continue to like it … Lee can switch it up … Crystal, however, even though she switches it up, she always sounds like Joplin … this day and age, you need variety in your music … go Lee, hope you win … you deserve it … you were the most consistent all season long …

  30. Crytal definately was the best tonight. All three of her songs were sung with passion and excellent vocals. She is a natural singer. Lee was ok but not in her league. Adam should have won last year. How many CD’s has Chris what’s his name sold? Clearly, Crystal has been the best all season but since this is a popularity contest amongst the younger fans, due to their lack of recognizing real talent, Lee could pull it out. I hope that doesn’t happen.

  31. hi! i think the people there in the studio of american idol dossnt even know,the pilipno people choose already cassy james as there american idol, when we seen cassy in the show of ellen,how simple is he, thats make people here in my country love cassy james,that why! in the studio we are very sorry,even who win tonight,just leave it to those who like them, but we pilipino people, we have already the best american idol, on other one just cassy james, cassy pilippines love you so much here, we all wish in one day you become a big star like some other singer, we all pry that you become a very succesful singer, i seen by you.that you have that capacity to be the one,

  32. Tonight Chrystal was very very strong, honestly she did a great job. Was confident, had stage presence, was in tune and nailed her songs.

    I felt Lee very very nervous but he did a decent job.

    If the competition was one night as tonight without a doubt Chrystal would have won it hands down BUT has been months and months and in my opinion Lee should win anyway.

    He has grown, he has worked very hard to get in the final… not that I am diminishing Chrystal’s job at all she has worked so very hard too but I genuinely believe that Lee has listened and put on practice the advices. Chrystal has not really. She feels she is that kind of artist and she always had something to say back instead of listening and learning.

    She will do so very well but for youth and entertaining I think Lee should be the winner as Chrystal’s style is not connected with the youngsters.

    Anyway good luck to both and the one that wins will have many blessings and a wonderful career ahead.

  33. AMERICA, Do not judge just on one show to vote.

    You voters, should judge the overall performances and who will make a more potential record breaker and packed concerts and will sell more CDs. IT IS NOT OTHER THAN LEE, OUR IDOL. HE ROCKS. CAN’T WAIT FOR HIM TO COME TO S.E.A. TO PERFORM.



  34. Lee will will take home the prize. Crystal had a better performance night, but her songs also lent themselves to bigger vocal moments. Yes, Lee was a little nervous tonight and Crystal wasn’t–she’s had tons more stage experience coming into this competition. So why will he win? His story, his identifiability with the fans, his humility…and that fabulous voice. If we are talking about potential, he is on a very steep climb! Con’t get me wrong: I love Crystal, too. She’ll have a real nice contract out of all of this. (Casey, too, for that matter.) They’ll all win in that respect, but I’m betting Lee will take home the prize!

  35. Come on people – you know who’s gonna win! Even though Crystal was awesome tonight and, based on talent, “Should” win, it will be Lee that takes the title. The reason? All the little teen/tween girls needed somebody to vote for since Casey left and their votes switched to Lee.

  36. it’s ridiculous! mamasox is only a MOTHER at home but wouldn’t be an Idol. Lee is cool ,awesome and he has everything to be winner. hahaha YO Yo LEE

  37. It is truly bizzare seeing all this hype for Lee. Anyone who is even slightly honest and unbiased could never consider this guy to be superstar materiial. He is not even good enough for a club singer. Crystal is in a league of her own. The thought that teeny boopers would rob her of a legitimate title is seriously disgusting. Crystal will win. She deserves to win.

  38. hi michelle,

    Crystal was by far the better performer tonight, but Lee already has a more popular fan base, I’m afraid. Kind of funny that he’s already released 2 albums but the so-called fans haven’t been buying those CD’s . . . or have they?

  39. michelle nobody won yet, tonight was the last performance the votes should be in for tomorrow night

  40. michelle trout read my comment # 54

    NOBODY has won yet lol tonight was the final performance and people must vote for tomorrow’s reveal… be patient lol

  41. i know it!!!!Crystal you rock even if you won’t win you always are the best singer of this year and of course more far than Lee

  42. Tonight’s show definitely crystal had a better performance. But based on their total performance I still think Lee has been consistent since day one. But I think He was just too nervous tonight. So my vote is still with LEE…

  43. OMG..every year, people blame the reason why their favorite didn’t win on the teenybopper vote. I for one am not a teenybopper. I am 28 years old and love Lee’s style of music. I don’t think Crystal is relevant or commercial enough. Don’t get me wrong, she is awesome and will do great. IMO, I preferred Lee’s voice simple as that.

  44. i agree that 80% that Lee is gonna win this year not because he’s best singer just simple that teen or little girls like him than Crystal even we all know that Crystal is really amazing for all the season

  45. hey. we people outside america can’t wait. so we’re counting on you americans lee fans to vote! WE WANT LEE TO WIN 🙂

  46. VOTE FOR LEE DEWYZE, OKAY? he’s what real talent and good personality stands for!

  47. oh please why are all of you think Lee sang great but he was only nervous?????????
    so why all of you don’t ask why he was not nervous in the last competition huh???
    and i just say that the season this year was even suck if Lee’l’ win because it’s just not deserve

  48. just let me repeat again K
    AND the performance he did proofed that


  50. let’s vote for Crystal because an amazing performances she has given us
    Crystal No1

  51. I do agree this was probably the worst year ever on American Idol…sorry but neither Lee or Chrystal is as good as Kelly, Carrie, or Daughtry.

  52. let’s vote for Crystal because an amazing performance she has given us
    Crystal No1

  53. I love how people quickly forget how crappy Chrystal’s performances were last week…it’s all about what have you done for me lately. It should be based on overall.

  54. and i don’t know if you vote for Lee just because you like him so it will not unfair for the real talent

  55. I HOPE LEE WINS. that’s good because throughout the whole competition, he had a good personality. i really beLEEve that he was really nervous as it was the finals. still, he has a really awesome voice. and he can sing. crystal sings the same kind of stuff all the time. it tends to be boring. she sounds like she’s singing the same song every week.

  56. They both have talent…just in different ways. She was awesome tonight, and it wasn’t his best night. I still think Lee will win because she seemed limited in the types of songs she could do.

  57. American Idol needs a change and Crystal is that change…we have had the Lee type before, but never a Crystal…..even if Crystal does not win, she will do GREAT things…. I would buy her music 🙂

  58. Well…..this few bogs are only cystal fans reading and by tonight standard Lee is better but the judge is sure making a big slam on Lee. Cyrstal have never been good and her singning is so pub like what she was doing before AI. Lee is so talented but due to his lack of stage exposure and on a big night he sure will not be the same to some Old MAMA Sox who sing for a living. Thus American please get it right and LEE all the way………but i think the show have been fixed for her to win…so unfair.

  59. Crystal absolutely blew away Lee tonight…Not even close….
    The difference is clear….
    Crystal has a beautiful voice
    Lee is raspy and frequently goes off key
    If this is a true singing competition, then Crystal wins easily…. If it is the usual bunch of little girlies that vote on who’s the cutest, then Lee wins and it’s a damn shame…..

  60. No offense to Crystal and her followers, she’s a competent singer and has all the confidence in the world, I just don’t dig her style – musically or otherwise, she reminds me too much of my college days at Cambridge/Boston… waiting for the T and hearing people like her, actually some were even better.

  61. Chrystal vs Lee? If you consider last weeks performances Casey should have taken out Chrystal. Even with the voice and physical fatigue from their trips home Casey (by his own admission at his worst) which I strongly disagree with is still my pic. John Mayer eat your heart out! What number do I call to get Casey back in the running? The cutaways to him in the audience tonight was the best part of the show and he did not even get to sing. His good looks are just a perk of his performances second to his pleasing voice. Close your eyes and listen. He is still HOT!!! All the performances last week were just average if you leave out all the hype at the end. Why was Casey thrown under the bus? Hmmmm. The judges made sure to steer the voters away from a Casey Lee top two. Based on tonights show Chrystal wins but would not be on still if not for all the judges dissing and under the bus action Casey got last week. Casey is my winner all season. And the only one of the three that really stayed true to himself throughout the Idol directed ride. What a class act. Stay that way Casey. Yeah not all the advice was useable!!!
    I say Yall should have helped us in Texas keep Casey in.

  62. The show isn’t fixed for Crystal so she wins, she has a talent like NO one ever on this show. Lee is good, but I find him so typical of other teen boys on the show. It’s time for a change this season, I am growing tired of this show. It’s what we feel on the inside when they sing, not what we see on the outside when they sing.

  63. I feel awful as I read all of these comments. As a college music major who has been singing/playing instruments and listening to every genre of music my whole life, it is sad to see so many people disregard Crystal just because they don’t like her musical style or the artists she looks up to. Crystal is a true artist and has a clear professional sound and the confidence to fill any performance hall. She belongs right up there with artists like U2, Melissa Etheridge, James Taylor, and Janice Joplin. Crystal completely blew Lee out of the ballpark. I wish people were less ignorant and valued artists for their talent and performance skills rather than judging them by their looks and the type of music they choose to sing. Crystal is the winner all the way!! And even if Lee wins..I know Crystal deserves it so much more and she will blow him out of the water with her record sales.

  64. Tammy, you like Crystal, wait for her CD and buy it. No one is going to keep you from doing that. People who vote for Lee and not her do so because they have issues with her as an “idol.”

  65. Never going top by crystal’s album it would be the wors and sleepiest album ever and Her own son was terriable and un interesting and she was way off key and pitchy on black Velvet Listen tothe origonal and see what I am saying and she screached the whole night
    Lee to win :3

  66. Ron….WRONG…People who vote for lee are little girlies that think he’s the cutest….. If you and the little girlies had a clue about vocal skills, you would know that Crystal is easily the best performer

  67. Ric…do you know anything about music? have you ever sang? have you ever taken classes or professional lessons? if not…then don’t go dissing Crystal’s pitch and tone because I highly doubt you understand anything about musical keys and how notes relate to each other. I’m a music major in college..and trust me…Crystal knows how to stay on key damn better than Lee does.

  68. Crystal has good voice that is for real, but she sounded the same to all her songs, that is why she didnt get my attention. Lee has very good voice also, sometimes pitchy, but he sounded different in each song. I saw the improvement of Lee from the start till the end. Most of all only Lee gave me chills through out the season.

  69. Agree Ron, Lee is all about creating music, creating songs with his creative talent and creative vocal.

    Sorry, just an opinion, Crystal is all about her single parenthood first stuff and with baggages which is not ideal as an Idol.

    Idol should mean more than just singing good in one show, it is everything, an all rounder and big fan base stuffs.

    Lee, in our opinion is more marketable and commercial. Bottomline, $ale$, $ale$, $ale$.

    His 2 albums are proof he has good foundation for music and he did that out of passion for music and not for that cheap bucks. Music lovers want music and talent potential.

    Hope future American idol judges do not pre-judge but their job should be to make the contestant better and bring out their good sides and not put them down by criticizing and no favoritism ,no prediction or judgement on who would be Idol from the starting point. Let America judge and vote for their Idol, not the show or the Judges.Sick of all those Simon Cow criticisms. At least Kara and Randy pulled in their music expertise to make them better and not worse. Bravo.

  70. I still, after all these years fail to understand WHY there is not a top female and top male winner. Come on, compare Mars with Mars and Venus with Venus….teeny bopper girls who love Lee / the guys/ will vote and as before what chance against THAT ???

  71. You are so right about the teeny bopper girls Corrina, Lee will be announced American Idol 2010, BUT Crystal Bowersox will be more successful 🙂

  72. Crystal is a total package??? YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!She’s FAT, a 70’s hippies hairstyle which looke forever greased & tangled (I would cut it all off, if I got my hands on it…lol!)& worst of all, her screechy vocal in the high notes sound like a broken record & same old boring performance which send me to Zzzzzz…..

  73. Actually that was my thoughts for Lee…he sounds the same all the time, it’s a bit sleepy…as Simon would say. I feel he lacks energy, and I guess that will change as he becomes comfortable with the stage. I just don’t think he has that star quality just yet. Crystal has so much confidence and you feel it when she sings…it’s all so smooth and relaxed. I thought the duet they did was great.

  74. I agree Doug that Crystal blew Lee away with her vocals. That is also why it should have been a Crystal vs Casey showdown (with Casey getting my vote of course…where’s that number I asked for earlier?) even though there was no way Lee was going to get left out if Idol producers had their way (thus their big production last week at the end). We all talk as if this show is about the best talent. This show is about Idol making money and their pick for the most commercial style and sound which is Lee’s truthfully, not Casey or Crystal, the two originals.

  75. crystal is far more talented than lee. she has confidence, she has a beautiful voice and sorry lee fans, but she blew him away tonight. tonight we got to see who is truly the best and who has been the best all season. if people vote for talent, crystal will win hands down. even if the little girl vote gets lee in, which it probably will, crystal will have a much more successful career, because in the end, talent will win out.

  76. Imho, if Crystal wins, she will only have one album with one tone of vocal as she sounds the same in all her songs.

    We would not replay her sounds whereas, for Lee, we keep replaying his songs (its strange)somehow his voice is magnetic and magical, we want more and more and more and would not get bored listening just his one song the whole day. Its a fact! It doesn’t matter whether you agree or not, it is how it is for me. Lee, luv u.

  77. That was a bit rude tenisaddict…..We are not judging on looks as I said before….IT’S TALENT!!!
    It’s more important to be beautiful on the inside, that’s what makes a REAL person….Crystal is a BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!

  78. Lee should be the WINNER!!! Crystal is good too. But you need to think who can sell better records…that will be LEE!

  79. Doug 88 & those with Doug:
    Remember the Beatles, or were they before your time? Who were their first fans? Exactly… your little girlies! Are you denying the Beatles’ talent and success simply because they had little girlies fans??

  80. Ron we are just saying Crystal shined tonight. NO ONE really loses as long as Idol sees the money that they can make on any of the contestants this season. It will then be up to the public to buy the music Idol produces. Idol always wins. Sometimes it’s the contestants that get the raw end of the deal thru no fault of their own. And let’s not forget that those who stand out usually end up with another gig or even an oscar.

  81. Do they tune in to Idol and vote in Alaska? If so who’s the pick there?
    Isn’t that another country? LOL

  82. BeLEEve Fans Club
    “Lee, in our opinion is more marketable and commercial. Bottomline, $ale$, $ale$, $ale$.”

    Which is an under appreciated facet of the judging. The finalists have to sign exclusive contracts, tying them to the show. In fact they earn only a capped amount for their first two albums. So who will be the biggest earner, could factor into the judges comments in a back channel way.

    its funny, these two couldn’t be more different. Both very talented, but my guess is Lee will sell more records…..mainly because his popularity includes the demographic that buys more albums. Crystal’s channeling JJ will be great for her, but will tie her to an older, (sorry Crystal) less apt to buy cd’s group.

    I’m going to miss Simon. Tough to imagine a show with Ellen and not Simon. LOL, will fox bring in another british meanie? That will be interesting.

    I hated Lee’s 2nd song. But my guess is he is the AMERICAN IDOL.


  83. Paula, my response @103 was specifically addressing comments made by Doug @88.
    We all have opinions and you don’t go about calling people “wrong” just because they disagree, this is America!

  84. I found this pretty staggering. Read the last para carefully. Contestants have to pay their own expenses, traveling to and from the show. #1 show on tv, with very limited production costs compared to programs like 24. Sort of reminds me of college football, and the dispersement of funds.

    he winner gets $175,000 when he/she starts recording … and another $175,000 when that person “delivers” the first album. If the winner gets a second album, he/she gets anywhere between $275,000 and $550,000 depending on the success of the album. As for a third album — anywhere between $325,000 and 650,000. As for a forth — anywhere between $375,000 – $750,000. As for a fifth — $450,000 – $900,000. And a six album gets the winner between $500,000 and a cool $1 mil.

    The second place finisher gets $150,000 when he/she starts recording their first album … and another $150,000 upon delivery. The second album gets the runner-up between $225,000 and $450,000 and so on.

    As for 3rd through 12th place — if the label signs them — they each get $100,000 when he/she begins recording album #1 and another $100,000 upon delivery … though most of them end up playing hot air balloon festivals.

    And get this … according to the contract, “A.I.” isn’t required to pay incidental expenses during the show. Contestants even have to pay for their own transportation when they’re not traveling to and from the show.

  85. Well i do agree with Madds. Crystal has a unique quality!! But i have to agree Lee is also a good singer!! But If we see the newest performance then Crystal does deserve to win!! So i am excited to see who wing whether its lee or crystal!!! But my vote however goes to crystal!!!

  86. Ron DIDO. I am still waiting for the number to vote Casey back in. But that’s just my opinion.
    I don’t really care who wins at this point but I think it should be Crystal. And again Idol is the real winner here.

  87. Based on the most performances that can be labelled exellent throughout the competition … Crystal should walk this. Actually funny that Lee fans states that one should not vote based on one or two performances but that votes should be based on overall performances. I for one do not know what show they watched.

  88. Yeah if we go to the facts then the viewing of A.I. has drastically gone down from Carrie Underwood’s season. Even Daughtry’s sales were low compared to hers. And the recent Idol Kris Allan’s earning were low comapared to Adam’s sales which were a platinum! So it seems that the winner’s sales is always low than the idol itself (same went to two Davids).

  89. None of tonight’s performances were outstanding, although the sound crew is probably to blame as much as the contestants. The judges were completely out to lunch: Crystal wasn’t that good and Lee wasn’t that bad.

    If they had lifted the limit to 3 minutes on the songs and cut the judges’ time and left off final sappy video, it would have been a much better show.

  90. Dear Dr Smith

    OMG, this is new info to me. IT SUCKS!

    Is this how the money making machine AI is giving back to the contestants???

    They pay their own transports? Unbelievable! I thought all paid expenses and they are paid like allowances for entertaining the viewers all over the world? Jesus, looks like the ones making $ALE$ are the AI producers and the Judges. And we thought, the #1 would get US1Million and #2 US500K for all the hard work and anxieties and the gruesome 4 months away from their loved ones.

    OMG, they had to go for another round to make a good album before bagging the US1M??
    How pathetic??? All those poor souls. Sounds like…(speechless).

    No more watching AI, for us. All those poor souls get only criticisms, cry and go home, just to be in the show. How sadist can it be??What is so great about AI, then???? IF LEE DOESN’T WIN, AI SUCKS???? All the nervous breakdowns LEE had to undergo, for nothing??? Not worth it. It’s shocking! No wonder he was reduced to tears! Our heart goes out to all the contestants.

    Lee, come to this part of our world, you will be treated more dignified. You have our love and admirations.

  91. Agree with RealityDan because Lee started getting very good comments recently as he only got positive comments in the past!! Meanwhile about Crystal if we talk she had been getting very good comments from the Hollywood round i guess!! So u cant say that Crystal had been performing bad all the season, because she had not!! In fact she was the best all the season (Apart the blues genre)..

  92. rofl wow… so all the little 14 year old girls are going to vote for lee.. so hes going to win? So is American idol based on looks or singing ability? Everyone that votes for lee is retarded. Crystal is clearly the bigger talent.

    Dont think i hate Lee because i dont, Crystal was and has been my fave since day one.. and Lee has been my number two. They are both going to have amazing careers i think.. but Crystal deserves to win the title. shes been the most consistent and im pretty sure shes never been in the bottom three.

  93. I think both Lee and Crystal and talented; they each got their own style.
    I’m a huge fan of Lee – I love his style, his voice, and his song choices! I will definitely buy his record!

  94. I have To Say they wanted Crystal To Win It , They Want A Girl To Win Due To The Fact That If LEE Wins its going to kill the amount of girls coming to Audition Next season . But You Can Never Say , Lee Might Just Get the Votes he needs

    The Pre-Idol Finale Week LEE JUST CRUSHED THE COMPETITION That Would have got him so many votes + that night he showed that he was so much better than “BOWERSOX” ..

    I have him On Redial From The 1st second the show ended

    he deserves to win more ,
    Crystal is just a happy girl who is young and has already got a kid , she has enough to look after by getting 2nd place .

    Lee is the guy who deserves this more , This is perfect for his life .

    Cmon LEE

    And I Hope America Gets It Right This Time , and Gets the right Person The Win , Comeon Lee .

  95. We won’t miss Simon.

    We wish him “What goes around comes around”.

    At least, no more tears, storms and towels in the show,
    Ellen brought in some sunshine and smileys to
    the show.

    Hope AI will be all smiles and sunshine, without Simon around. Sayonara, Bon Voyage, Simon.

  96. crystal was repititive, very screechy…who wants to buy full of screechy songs…where’s the variety!!

    Lee was amazing. There’s so much he can do with that voice of his!He would be the perfect IDOl. Please vote for him.

  97. John @ 121…a suggestion… switch the sound on your hearing aid to low. Wannabe Rockstar? Where DO thess people come from?

  98. A suggestion AI for the next season.
    Put the songs of the contestants on your website…or on several websites after each show…count the number of downloads over a given period and establish in such a manner, whom the public will spend real money on. This can be used for elimination as well as establishing the winner and will cancel out the ones who vote a zillion times but later on buy ONE CD of the same idol they voted for.

  99. I like Lee and WANT him to win … but Crystal BLEW him away tonight. Lee is so much better than what he brought to the show last night. Don’t know what happened, but if fans just vote for the performances last night, Crystal would win!

  100. so hard to judge this year because i love crystal and lee and have since the auditions. but to hear all these little girls vote for lee for his looks is awful. this is a sing competition. not a looks competition. crystal hands down has been the most consistent all season. lee just took off when it got down to the top 12. i have said since day one crystal would win this year and i will stand by my decision after tonight. she was wonderful tonight and lee disappointed me. He took a beautiful day from u2 and did no justice to it. i have never heard crystals song and i loved it. would definitely go see her in concert and buy her cd. he voice has many different ranges and she can do many different kinds of music. get lee out of his comfort zone and he stinks. sorry little girls. i think crystal is going to win this year!

  101. Lee will win and if he’s wise, he’ll use his prize winnings for opening up paint shops all over america because there’s NO WAY he’ll be successful in music…he just doesn’t have what it takes! Crystal will not win but will by far be the most successful idol and will provide a good life for her son. She will sell many records that will be chart toppers…just like ellen said…if you make a salad i’ll buy it…she’s too good!

  102. Jani, last night was just the performances. Tonight (Wednesday) is when we get to see who America choose as the next American Idol. Tonight’s show is 2 hours.

  103. BTW…as it stands on dial idol, LEE IS 58% AND CRTYSTAL IS 42%…MAMASOX FANS, LET’S BRIDGE THE GAP!!!!!

  104. @2me – Don’t think that will work as the lines are only open 4 hours after the show ends.

  105. It doesn’t matter who wins the title – both Crystal and Lee deserved to be there tonight. Each will get a record deal for sure – so whether you support Lee or Crystal we will hear plenty more in the future from both of them.
    Vote for your favorite !
    As I can’t vote, could someone please place a vote for me – on Lee. He wasn’t as strong tonight, but he’s shown he can grow.

  106. I have liked both crystal and lee the whole season but i would love to see lee win. i’m sick of people saying that people who like him over crystal are just girls with no taste. not everyone has the same taste. i love music and will listen to both of them but i just don’t like the sound of female singers as much.

  107. Hi,

    As an artist singer, you need to be able to connect with your audience and Lee got THAT all!!!

    Crystal’s connection is lacking in this one crucial aspect. That’s all from me.

    If you Voted for LeeDeWyze, you have made de right wyze CHOICE!

  108. Okay, I slept on it, got up this morning replayed their songs and…. On pure talent and ability, Crystal wins the night hands down. She rocked. Lee, well, was just okay.

    Now who should win it. Should being the operand word – Crystal. Better talent. Better ability. Better flexibility. That Joplin-Raitt style, and her voice range – well, she is a true star.

    As to Lee, if he sticks with the Springsteen kind of songs – he will sell records (like Annibell on his current release). If the vote is based on image and visual appeal – Lee will win (Prediction, not my personal views).

    It will be an injteresting night. I hope that Crystal wins – she deserves it. Talent, stymle, ability, desire, etc. – she is number 1. I hope American Idol viewers/voters did the right thing.

    All said IMVHO.

  109. What is wrong with you people! You need to watch Australian and English Idol to realise what a bunch of dropkicks your contestants are! Lee is ordinary and Crystal is OK but still ordinary. No wonder the show has dropped in ratings.

  110. July-Dropkick…just interested [not realy]…why are you watching AI then?

  111. go crystal you are going to win it…….. for you have got talent… extaordinary…. Lee’s voice is great, but many possess that kind of voice…. hope crystal wings it………….. 😀

  112. Crystal’s “Up to the Mountain” is a blast and i can’t stop listening to it….. Hope they sung same songs…. to really know who is better… i absolutely know Crystal’s version is much better…. Who won american Idol???? 🙂

  113. Hi im Rachel, diehard fan of Casey James….so truth be told, if Casey had been in the top 2, there’s no way either of the 2 will stand a chance, but since Casey has gone on ahead to better days, i must say of the two, Crystal is the one who sung better at the finale….much better….but ONLY cos Casey is not there to compete. Ha!

  114. the more i watch, the more i feel that the show is manupulated. compare the two final songs… crystal’s was PERFECT for her, where lee’s not so much. the judges seemed to be in crystal’s favor. sometimes i wonder if i am listening to the same thing they are, although i am sure it is different in person. yes, it’s true that there is no one that sounds like crystal in today’s music world because THAT TYPE OF SINGING STINKS… went out with the hippies. and that screeching – hurts my ears. i hope people voted on the compilation of the season, not on last night. i think nerves got to lee. probably because he is a genuine, down to earth guy, who is humbled by the whole thing… not an arrogant performer who expects the big prize to be handed to her. oh, and how about her good wishes to simon??? what a bunch of crap. what a kiss-up. she could’ve done that privately backstage, not on national television… all of my votes went for lee this year.

  115. I’m tired of people discrediting Lee, saying the only reason he could win is because of his looks. This is your opinion. I am a huge fan of Lee, not because of his looks, but because of his talent. He is so passionate about what he sings, and you can see that on his face with each performance. I do not get that sense with Crystal when she sings, which has made it hard for me to like her as a singer. I have also found other stuff from Lee before he was on Idol, and it was fantastic. Plus, I find he is more humble, and truly feels lucky to be where he is. This entire season, I have felt Crystal was a little cocky and she felt she had it won from the start. I think Lee has potential to be popular for a long time beyond this show, and no matter what happens I think in the long run he will be more successful. It is not about looks for me and I’m sure that is true for a lot of other Lee fans.

  116. people, we all know Crystal is 1,ooo,oox better than Lee so lets let that stay true, and Lee, sorry to people that are in LOVE with lee but once you realize how lats night lee got terrible compliments, they were more of complaints, but once you realize that, youll join team Crystal and hopefully you will just forget about lee. and lee wasnt born with musical talents! lee was energetic and curious. CRYSTAL WAS BORN TO BE A MUSICIAN AND WAS BORN TO BE THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!! Now just take a couple minutes to think about how lee doesnt have music in his blood, and how Crystal is 1,000,000,000,000,000,00 times better than Lee. lee is terrible. they never gave him amazing compliments like what they said to Crystal! Just face the facts. lee is not much a musician while Crystal had gigs and has played music in public! and yes, lee fans, i am critizing lee because he is NOT GOOD! CRYSTAL IS 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 X BETTER THAN LEE! i am sorry no efence and i dont mean to be rude im telling the truth. btw, the last song that lee played, it was terrible for his terrible vocals.

  117. A big LOL to all the people who say vote for Lee because we cannot base our votes on one night. Uh if we base if on the whole season, Crystal would have completely FLOORED Lee. Last night already proved what not-tone-deaf people already knew. Lee cant sing on key.

  118. Crystal have it all right from the beginning.She shines through! She has the voice. She has what it takes to be a winner.

    She’s never been in the bottom 3. She may have her lows at times but it was never as awful as the others who has been voted off; she always have her moments, but overall, she belted most of the songs comfortably and professionally.

    She’s never compromised her artistic talent no matter what the judges say because she knows what kind of artist she wants to be.

    I will buy her records win or not! But for sure she will!

  119. I think you definitely have to look at the whole season, not just one night. Lee clearly won me over weeks ago. Crystal has talent too, and she’ll do well as a performer, but Lee stole the show this season. He’s awesome. And even if he isn’t the most comfortable yet on the big state, he has plenty of fans who support him and will give him the confidence he needs to be great.

  120. Both Lee and Crystal deserve to be where they are right now. They have been my favorites for quite a while. I admit that Crystal was awesome last night, but Lee was awesome as well…so, I’m basing my judgement on past performances and on who I feel has the greatest potential for future growth. Lee, like Carrie Underwood when she was on Idol doesn’t have a huge stage presence, but with the right management and coaching, his potential is TREMENDOUS. Crystal however, is set in her ways. She is great now, but I don’t believe that she is flexible enough to grow in the manner that she really will need to do in order to be the huge star that she wants to be. Therefore, Lee has my vote because he is awesome and has been all along the way. He has proven that he has the greatest potential for growth, because he has already grown by leaps and bounds since the beginning of Season 9 and is going to grow by huge amounts going forward. I pray Lee and Crystal receive the best opportunities in their future endeavors and that we will see a whole lot more of both of them! But, Lee should win this competition!!!!!! He deserves it!

  121. To all those teeny bopper girls out there who judge for looks, remember there are also a lot of JOPLIN, DYLAN, 60,s people out here in the real world, who in hearing CRYSTAL,S voice, take us back to some fond memories. LEE has my admoration, I like him. But as a 55 year old musician, Crystal gets into my soul. Crystal come from behind? We will see…..Hoping for your votes fellow Oldtimers.

  122. Guess everyone’s entitled to an opinion but to say you don’t like someone’s hair so they shouldn’t win is so seventh grade. The critiques last night were valid, but of course, that’s hard to accept if your favorite is getting negative remarks. Whether you agree or not, Crystal gave the better performance on all three songs. If the winner is the best singer, the most creative artist and a unique personality…Crystal will win. If it’s who is the most commercial, somewhat cute, ballad singing guy with guitar, Lee will win. It’s “American Idol” not “Best Singer in America”. America has idolized some mediocre talent over the years. Regardless of tonight’s outcome, Crystal will be the one I’ll be listening to for many years to come.

  123. @Betty, just because you like Lee very much to win does not mean all Filipinos like him to win too. Both Lee and Crystal are excellent singers. But, based on their performances for the season, and especially after their last night…Crystal was definitely the better one. Crystal deserves to win. But since this is a popularity contest, then it is anybody’s ball game!

  124. @Betty, I like watching American Idol.But i have to disagree with you that the Philippines rooted for Casey.

  125. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in LEE’S performance last night but that does not wipe out an entire season of his performances….He was very nervous and it was obvious. Crystal is an excellent singer but not my kind of music so here’s hoping that LEE wins tonight because he is capable of singing better than he did last night.

  126. Either way, both contestants are already winners but I hope LEE bags the prize. Among the contestants of season 9, Lee showed tremendous growth. From someone so UNSURE of himself to someone CONFIDENT about his own personality and brand of singing.

    Please do not blame the teeny boppers if your Idol candidate did not make. I believe that aside from the looks of the idols, these teeny boppers also identify themselves with the type of music popular for their age. I’m not saying that Crystal is not relevant but sometimes, her style of singing is becoming boring. But no doubt, she really has good vocals and technique. But if people keep saying that Crystal is like Janice Joplin, these teeny boppers would wonder who the hell is she (?). Since they are not familiar with the artist where Crystal gets her inspiration and technique, these young ones will opt for someone whom they can identify with their generation and that is Lee.

  127. well, glad simon is leaving, too much favoriteism , I hope that crystal wins! however I wished that Casey could of won? He was awesome!

  128. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH SUZN. They just showed part of each Idol singing last night on The View, and I would say Crystal came out on top. I wish this show actually judged people on the talent they have, not the looks. For you people making remarks on Crystal’s looks…GROW UP!!!

  129. Just wondering why the judges didn’t notice that Crystal screamed last night, they were so quick to tell Siobhan that. At least Siobhan carried the tune as she let loose…….
    I still want LEE to win………He did grow so much in the competition, where Crystal stood the same.

    Sorry to see Simon go, I still think he was the best judge and an honest one…….

  130. Also, for you who think Crystal is NOT the type of artist for Idol….you are WRONG!!! She is exactly what this show needs, and that’s a change. People are loosing interest in this show and we need a change from the usual…this show is predictable, and because of that, Lee will come out on top.

  131. To those that said Crystal was never bottom 2- I don’t think Lee was either. Also, he has often receieved more praise than Crystal in past episodes. Crystal had better vocals last night, but Lee had better vocals according to the judges the last 3 weeks, and before that his vocals were praised as often or more than Crystal. I am not saying Crystal is not a good singer- she is. Her style of singing is just not something I enjpy listening to. Can we just take the look factor out of this? Those that are saying that Lee will win based on that are just looking for any excuse. You don’t like him, that’s fine, but stop focusing on the looks aspect. He is talented and has grown a lot, and I hope he wins.

  132. #165 GABBY….I totally agree with you that LEE has grown and except for last night his vocals were awesome….CRYSTAL has not grown at all, she is the same as she was at the Auditions.

    I do believe that both will do fine and get contracts and I just prefer to listen to LEE rather than CRYSTAL…..JMHO and preference!!!!

  133. Although Crystal and Lee are both great, I feel the vote should be overall season winner. Crystal was consistant (aside from lacking for a few weeks). Lee, ( who also stumbled for a few weeks) deserves to win. Like Kara said that Lee started in one place, and ended up where he is now. He has given 110% each week and it showed in his performances and growth. So, he had an off night last night, lets not forget about David Cook’s finale, I beLEEve he still won. And both David’s were cute too…………….

  134. To all who are saying Lee would only win because of all the “teeny bopper fans”…I for one, am NOT a teeny bopper. However, I would def vote for him over Crystal. I think he has a connectability with the audience that Crystal doesnt. I honestly believe that Lee will do amazing after Idol even if he doesnt win. But i hope he does =)

  135. You know what ? I watched halph the show then switched to the Cubs game. I just realized that I don’t care who wins or loses. I think this season stunk. And with Simon gone I won’t be watching next year. I just don’t care !!!

  136. Lee proved his talent over the whole season. He just happened to have an off night when Crystal had a great night. He was nervous and who wouldn’t be. Crystal should be nervous because Lee can still win even though he wasn’t at his top performance level last night. No doubt, he has a huge fan base who will continue to support him win or lose tonight–but I think he will still win!

  137. People tend to forget that Crystal has been performing at clubs, on the street, etc for years. I believe this is Lee’s 1st time (since he’s been on American Idol) performing in front of people. So naturally Crystal would do better than Lee, she has more experience. But I think overall and if you look at it the way Simon described it; Lee should win because he started the show as a regular working person and became a artist.

  138. #172 NIKKO…I agree I just hope the American voters thought so too!!! The votes are in and it is what it is…..but I still have hope that the voters realize that he was just nervous and remember the weeks before….

  139. I have been a fan of both ALL season. Lee has progressively gotten better and Crystal has stayed a true performer. I agree Crystal had a better night for the finale. I also believe Lee has displayed a true desire to be an actual musician and Crystal is only looking for a way to put more money on the table to raise her adorable lil boy. Unfortunately this is American Idol and I voted for the person that is looking for just that…LEE! But I LOVE them both…ya’all are both incredible!

  140. I guess in all fairness, this is “American Idol”…they are looking for an idol, not just a talented artist. This is not just a talent show, it is a marketing show. Lee will fit the whole “Idol” look and sings the music that the “New” generation likes…..BUT, Crystal has such a talent, and has vocals that will sell themselves. Lee will do well and has a beautiful voice, but he has alot of growing to do yet. I feel like there was no place for error last night, and that kind of pressure would bring out the strongest contestant…Crystal aced the evening. If nerves bring you down that evening, that shows you are not ready. All the best to the two Idols…you are both winners, in different ways.

  141. well just my comment.last night crystal was in it to win it.tonight will tell all but crystal can sing.i like lee to but he did not give it all.he will get a contract from someone he will be ok.but 3 out of 3 crystal won can sing.

  142. To 1969 HIPPIE PARENT
    I’m a 48 year old parent of a grown daughter. There is no doubt that Crystal is gifted. But she’s already a practicing musician by her own admission! Lee is not just a pretty boy and if he does win, which I think he will, it won’t necessarily be because of Teeny Bopper Girls! And, he deserves the break as much as Crystal does. 🙂

  143. n who’s talking ’bout consistancy…..crystal has been the most consistent performer throughout the season…..starting 4m “as long as i can see the light”…..she’s been head and shoulder above all other contestents…..n no offense lee ‘s fans r making silly excuses 4 him that its his 1st off night as if he’d been outstanding the entire season…..they should thank simon 4 hallelujah………..n some1 wrote OLD mommasox……that is so sexist……THEY’VE THE SAME AGE FOR GOD’S SAKE

  144. I thought Crystal won the 1st two rounds but the third for me went to Lee. Gotta give it to Crystal – but couldn’t vote – I really like Lee too! Happy Idoling Folks – until next year….Well maybe not – no Simon!! Bummer. Thanks for all the laughs and comments.

  145. It appears that most of the bloggers here would vote for Lee, many because of his $$ potential. If you look at the itunes sales for the season, Crystal outsold him over 2 to 1. It seems the true voters have already spoken with their wallets. Tonight’s votes only show which have the largest “texting” fan base. Unfortunately, that is the teen/tween young girls. With the rest of the population fairly split this will probably tip the scale to Lee.

  146. The third song was Crystals shining moment!!! I thought “A Beautiful Day” was nothing special, and lacked in vocal power…poor song choice for Lee. Not saying it should sound like Bono singing, but more vocal power and enthusiasm was need…found it boring, and would not want it on any album of mine.

  147. Ive been watching this over here in England and have tuned in every week to listen to Crystal. I think she is absolutely fantastic and easily deserves to win. I will definately buy her music, as I have done for Adam Lambert, David Cook and Daughtry. David was the only one to win the title and I could not believe that he had won (although I so wanted him to!) so I did not watch the show and result, as I was convinced the “teeney boppers vote” would win for the other David (I forget his name). I hope this is not true tonight, but as I said I will buy Crystal’s music, and Lee’s fans cannot stop me. Adam Lambert’s music is playing nicely over here, but no-one has a clue who last year’s American Idol was. I look forward to hearing Crystal’s music playing over here, there’s a market out here for her, but unfortunately no market here for Lee, the boy next door.

  148. Crystals fans are really interesting, why do you think anyone is trying to stop you from buying her music, especially if you are all the way over in England or wherever else in the world, how are we going to stop you? Plus, it is not our engrained spirit – we here believe in democracy and freedom of choice, though we may be wild and egocentric at times…ha!

  149. Go Lee!! You’ve come a long way and you will shine. All the best, you’re awesome.

  150. Crystal should win on talent and performance. If Lee wins it will be a shame because Crystal has raw material and can make a significant contribution. Lee is just bubble gum.

  151. lee wl win…. for a rocker’s view point, yes. he sounds for a more variety of the rock genre: Post-grunge, Alt.Rock, Pop-Rock and even Folk. with these combinations, I think he will be successful.

    I’m not on the Girlie stuff, nor will I favor da mama thing…I’m not even American, but IN MY OPINION, LEE can sell more in this decade of music.

    Even in Non-American places such as here(Phil.) a lot of people like Him, Casey, David’s., Daughtry, and the gay Adam.

    We wl be waiting for Oct.-Nov for Lee’s Album.

    Even if he won’t make it sell in the US like Danny did, we will make it far more than RIAA Platinum here.

    Just Base it on: Fireflies,Lips of an Angel, treat her like a lady, Hey Jude’, THE BOXER.. lee cont. to be the SIMPLE MAN,and hallelujah….YOU’RE STILL THE ONE..

  152. Does everyone know the name of guest performer who performed at the end of last night show? Many thanks.

  153. It’s Will Young who won UK’s Pop Idol in 2002. He’s been a huge success and I’m surprised so many people blogging on this website do not yet know of him.

  154. I want lee to win sooooooooooooo badly, but i think it will be Crystal because the frikin judges didn’t like lee

  155. First of all, yes, Lee is super cute. But i do not like his vocals on any base of that. i think it’s bullshit that so many people think that is the only reason. Just because Crystal is unique and different does not make her a “true artist.” They both are artists whom i respect, but i would like Lee to win. (: he’s amazing <3

  156. Crystal is the BEST by a large margin but just like last year Adam was the BEST! I hope We get it right this year!

  157. I just want to leave a final comment before I go to bed as it’s 22:52 over here, and it’ll all be over when I wake up tomorrow. I think Crystal was “a run away winner” right from the very start and was “held back” a little over the last few weeks (for obvious reasons – this is a money making show but equally an excellent opportunity to seek out new talent) so allowing for someone else to “catch up” with her, and so making it more of a competition. Lee must have been pulling in the most votes and suddenly he started to receive some really good comments, whilst Crystal’s comments on her performance subsided somewhat. But I knew that in the final, (cos I could have staked money on it that she was always going to be in the final) Crystal would not hold back in any way and prove again just how amazing she is. I have enjoyed this season of American Idol, just as I have done in previous years, and I think all the contestants have done a good job and I have been thoroughly entertained. But I sincerely hope Crystal will be crowned Season 9’s American Idol, then justice will have been done. Thank you and goodnight.

  158. If someone has to critisize Cyrstal’s hair,you KNOW her voice is great.What could her hair have to do with anything.???????????LEe has been off key several times(Even in the finale!!!!!!!!!!!!_the judges thought so too.e has a very nice sound,and will be successful,bu Chrystal is so much better.You would recognize her on the radio.Lee could easily be David COok on the radio,.IF Lee wins,it will be like Chris allen last year.Votes going to popular,typical,instead of the very best vocals.Simon is almost always on the money.All the judges agree.They are both good,but there are ton ofgood singers out there,not a ton of unique,good quality all the time singers.

  159. Come on America it’s Crystal all the way..I can’t believe some of you out there can’t see that.Remember WHO’S GOT THE TALENT AND IT’S

  160. #196 MARLENE…..lets be fair about this….They are both very talented individuals and its really preference. They sing to different styles of music. I don’t think either one of them should be insulted….They both will do fine!!!!!!You can buy Crystal’s CD and I’ll buy Lee’s….

  161. 195 Robin we got it, recognizing a sound is one thing, recognizing a sound we like is something else, got it?

  162. Phyllis G. (Las Vegas) So true Phyllis, two different types of music. I don’t think we should be critizing either of them. They are both talented. Some contestants say its better not to be the winner…if so you’re more locked into American Idol running your career for a few years. Either way, they’re both winners.

  163. When I read Lee supporters’ reviews, it’s clear, girls are in favor of him and have a tendency to criticize Crystal looks. And this is why kris Allen is doing Ford commercials. This is a singing competition. If it’s all about looks, we will see Dewyzes’s Ford commercials next year and see Bowersox sales soaring.

  164. RealityDan please learn to spell! A dropkick is a failure. I watched the show with an American friend after being told it was fabulous. No wonder our Aussies do so well overseas. We obviously have more talent!

  165. Okay, so it’s honestly getting old. I love crystal and the way she looks is not problem. They are very different, but her voice is the type you’d get tired of after a while. Lee fxcking dewyze is not cute everyone. He sings well. That is so retarded! Respect his VOICE, NOT looks. In my opinion, Lee should win. Don’t judge the book by its cover, because they both have beautiful voices, no matter what anyone thinks they LOOK like.

  166. Oh dear waking up this morning to hear the same old news. Yes I agree with Natalee, by this time next year Crystal will be more popular than Lee, especially internationally, and Lee will be a “one year wonder”, we’ve had a few of those over in the UK. American Idol produces extraordinary runners up it seems, at least we don’t have to wait months now till we can download their music. I just want to say congratulations to Crystal, you’ve been brilliant from the very start and given flawless performances and I look forward to hearing your music for many years to come.

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