American Idol 2010: The Results Are In

It was our first results show for American Idol Season 9 and I’m a little surprised with the two guys who were voted out.  What a shame for Tyler Grady who sang “American Woman”.  It might not have been his best vocal performance but he deserved another chance.  I loved his Jim Morrison look and think he could have done well if given the opportunity. 

The same with Joe Munoz.  I blame this on idol.  They gave him absolutely no face time until it was announced he was in the top 24.  AI should give equal camera time to the ones who are singing for our votes.  I understand they don’t know at the time they are traveling around the county but when they get to Hollywood week there is plenty of time to make sure all 24 are shown to the public. 

I have a question, why is Tim Urban still there?  He does NOT deserve it.  He sang like crap.  He couldn’t hit the high notes and should in no way be in the competition.  What a disgrace for him to be there and Joe and Tyler at home.  I don’t get it.

Ashley Rodriguez and Janell Wheeler was no big shocker.  Although Lacey Brown gave the worst performance for the girls, Ashley and Janell were a close second so it doesn’t surprise me they went home.  I hope Lacey chooses a better song next week and gives us a great show.

Two former idol contestants came back to sing.  The first was Allison Iraheta who sang “Scars” the second single from her debut album.  She sounds great live and I enjoyed it.

The second was last year’s winner Kris Allen.  He officially kicked off Idol Gives Back with his tribute to Haiti.  He sang The Beatle’s “Let It Be”. “It is heartbreaking to see the devastation that Haiti is currently facing,” said Allen before leaving on his trip, as quoted by American Idol News. “I am truly honored to be traveling to Haiti to see the U.N.’s relief efforts first hand and to help out in any way that I can.” It was upsetting to see the video playing in the background while he sang and I want to encourage all of you to download Kris’s song from itunes as this will help aid in relief efforts.

Did you think the right people went home tonight on American IdolTell me why or why not.