American Idol 2010 Top 24 Elimination Results

Tonight on American Idol 2010 we’ll find out which four singers are eliminated when the bottom two guys and two girls are sent packing. After this week’s performances it seems like almost anyone could be at the end of their Idol journey.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait and see the big reveal!

American Idol 2010 Top 24 Elimination Results:

  • Girl #1 Eliminated – Janell Wheeler
  • Girl #2 Eliminated – Ashley Rodriguez
  • Guy #1 Eliminated – Joe Munoz
  • Guy #2 Eliminated – Tyler Grady

So yeah, tonight’s results were pretty shocking to me. What about you? Think America got the votes right or did they screw it up? Be sure to sign-up for our free Idol updates and never miss another thing this season which looks to be crazy!

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  1. Yeah, she wasn’t too bad. I was surprised she was the first girl to go. I thought there were a handful of female performances that were worse than her. Ah well.

  2. Joe should not be going! He was in my top 2 or 3 favorites for the guys last night. What are people voting on?! Must not be vocal skill!

  3. Janell Wheeler’s guitar song Hollywood week was one of my very favorites. I would have liked to hear her more.

  4. I think she was better than a few others that stayed…Shows you its a popularity contest more than a singing competition

  5. Joe’s voice was one of the best last night, but his words slurred together so much that we couldn’t figure out what on earth he was singing most of the time. I was surprised that the judges never commented on it. Maybe they could see his mouth to read his lips better.

  6. I had 0 trouble understanding Joe. He did an EXCELLENT job. I’m really bummed, he completely won me over last night!

  7. I still dont believe Haely Vaughn got past the first 60…and she is still there…must be sympathy votes

  8. I had hoped to see more of Joe Munoz. Loved is closing song this evening. He is someone that I would enjoy listening to in the future. He just needs a hand up of opportunity. I sure hope that a producer will see the potential and work with him.

  9. I do NOT agree with Layla. Andrew Garcia is Latino and he is SMOKIN’ I think he has a chance to win the WHOLE thing. Goooo Andrew!

  10. Layla..

    It’s not anti-Latino…2 non Latinos went home too… don’t start that crap.

    I actually like Alex’s voice..and he went home

  11. I really think that Haeley Vaughn should have been eliminated. Her vocals is so irritating and just shrieks! No one is vocally exceptional at this point. Casey is pretty close and has the whole package; looks, a modesty about himself, silently confidence and a raspy voice, although he sounded nervous, just a tad. Mr. ‘Straight Up’ reminds me of last year’s contestant Gokey.

  12. No way Tyler got voted off. He was so cool. Tyler never change. I might have to stop watching American Idol. I don’t believe it.

  13. I don’t really care. I’m from the Mtn time zone so it hasn’t even aired. I’m just so tired of being dissed living in this time zone that I logged on so I don’t have to watch the amazingly long dragged out elimination.

  14. Joe should not have went home, that was a mistake. There were some pretty sucky performances last night, and Joe was not one of them, he was one of the best vocal wise.
    He looked comfortable on stage, and had a great voice.

    This is really dissappointing..
    I voted for you Joe. Keep your head up,
    and have faith in God. Believe in him, and believe in yourself and you will go far.

    Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  15. I really think America got it all wrong! Ashley should not have been voted off… I was hoping she could be in the top 12… Janell, nothing to say though… but really… Haeley and Lilly should have been voted off…

    As for the guys, Alex and Jermaine should have been cut! Tyler didn’t performed well but his journey should not have ended so early…Joe was quite alright, he should not have been cut!

  16. I don’t know what or who’s was voting but I don’t agree they sent some of the wrong people home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not going to watch it anymore and my familys not so good bye American Idol

  17. Already starting this season off to a terrible beginning, Haeley Vaughn should have left at the least.

    Guys? Toddrick Hall, Jermaine Wells, Tim Urban — should have at least been one of these.

  18. Tyler Grady was not the greatest singer, but I couldn’t stop smiling all throughout his performance. He’s unique and didn’t deserve to go, and neither did Joe. But Casey and Andrew are the ones who have amazing talent. Voted for both(:

  19. I think Joe was pretty good. Tyler’s whole image would have gotten tiresome very quickly, but I think I could have tolerated it for another week.

    All in all, wrong pick for the guys. I think that Tim Urban should have been booted for SURE. It just seemed like one of those kids on youtube who try to sing but can’t quite get it. Other than that, most of the guys were alright. Nothing too incredible though. I would have sent that skinny kid home though. His performance was not bad, but something about him just ANNOYS me.

    The girls were for the most part terrible. I don’t care who goes or who stays in them. Haeley Vaughn was a torture to listen to though.

  20. Don’t really have a favorite yet. But this Hayley chick is irratating…she has to go. hopefully she’ll get voted off next week. don’t know why the judges put her though…

  21. the people voting are not sending anyone home, they picking one person to continue….sadly to say its surprising the one person they wanted to continue wasnt joe =<

  22. I was totally disappointed by all the top 24 this season. No one rocked it, they’re all boring! Time for someone to step up…please! And stop with that whiney style of singing, it’s annoying & overplayed.

  23. I was totally happy that Tyler left. Did you see his rehersal outfit. LOL!!! He isnt the best singer. I love Casey James, and Aaron Kelly. I like Kelly too. She lives lyk 20 minuuutes from me!! tht would be so cool if she won!!!

  24. This is all just a popularity competition. I think that Ashley and Janell could have given us more later on in the competition, but I was very surprised that they were voted off this week. Haeley should have gone first (annoying voice), and maybe also Lacey. Tim Urban should have definitely go, and the only reason he stayed is because of his looks. After hearing today’s results, I would have not watched American Idol anymore, but I’m only watching because I want to hear more from Andrew Garcia and Michael Lynche.(And maybe see how Kara reacts to Casey’s performances)

  25. Joes’ elimination shocked me!Tim should’ve gone home} I had Joe in my top 4 {4th actually} Lee Dewayne and Casey James best 2 singers.{boys in that order so far}
    Lacey should have gone home and Janell and Ashley should have stayed on. Love Crystal and Lille!

  26. I do agree with you John Wayne Haeley should have been other girl to go with Lacey . {I’ve never heard such a beautiful song “Landslide done so badly not even in my shower}
    I also agree with seeing what Big mike and Andrew Garcia bring in coming weeks but don’t write off Lee DeWeeze either. {or ear/eye candy Casey for that matter.} Should be interesting in weeks to come.Idol isn’t always right. Remember Daughtry? I just saw him in concert “He rocked!”

  27. once again idol is not really a singing contest. Urban, Vaughan, Benami were awful and they stay and Grady, Munoz, and Rodriquez go???What’s up with that??? This year’s competition sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. This is the part where we turn and scream, “Curse you, Vote For The Worst!!!” Haeley and Tim both were “the worst”, which therefore got them a bunch of votes from VFTW’s followers.
    Very, very disappointed to see Joe Munoz go. No, it was not the fact that he was a latino that got him booted – it was severe underexposure. NOBODY knew who Joe Munoz was – he got almost no air time during Hollywood, so why vote for someone you have no connection to? So, so sad…and that he lost to Tim Urban too!!!

  29. I hate to pick on a 16 yr old – but Simon is sooo right Hayley is sooo annoying. Really! She stays over the other 2 girls that were eliminated? This is a singing contest? Really? One definitely would be fooled that it could be perhaps a cute under 21 boy contest by sending Joe home first! Again, Really?

  30. Okay folks, Alex Lambert & Toddrick Hall defintely should of gone bye-bye. I mean, really??! Suck out loud! I liked Janelle, but I think Paige & Crystal ar pretty rockin’. And as long as Casey stays, I am in “Heaven”… hee hee.

  31. Big Mistake… Joe Muñoz HAS a great voice! What are ppl voting on? A lot of the bunch performed worst and stayed exactly why??

  32. I agree that Joe’s departure was due to underexposure. I don’t remember even seeing him in Hollywood, which is a real shame, especially since he lost to one of the worst Idol contestants ever (next to Sanjaya). Tim was just torture to listen to. I’m surprised I didn’t hit the mute button. I’m sad that the show really is based on popularity since the voting is mostly done by pre-teens who vote for the good-looking guys and those who attempt to sabotage the results. The only person that would keep me watching this season is Andrew Garcia and unfortunately, that’s not enough for me. This season does lack a lot of talent. Good-bye American Idol! (And good luck with the show next year when Simon won’t be there…)

  33. I had Joe as one of my favorite 2 guys. This was a very unfair elimination and I am amazed Hayley is still there (not for long). I am upset really 🙁 Joe shouldn’t have gone

  34. Liezl, you are one of those people who looks for the most handsome guys, not the best singing guys. I really dislike people like you who vote for American Idol, attempting to keep the “Pretty boys” on the show, while missing some real music talent. This again also proves that the show is 90 percent popularity, and 10 percent music talent. For example, I truly believed that Adam Lambert (last year runner up) was a better singer than Kris, but many people liked Kris better and voted him as American Idol.

  35. It was mentioned in the previous article that Joe was not given any face time during the entire audition process, and the question is why is this the case? I thought his performance was second best among the guys, but he still gets the boot. He deserves an apology from the producers of the show; an apology for not giving him the same opportunity that every other person from top 24 received.

  36. Josh is absolutely right. Andrew Garcia got plenty of screen time, and look how popular he is now. However, Joe was not exactly the best singer, so it wasn’t that much of a shame that he left. It was the girls I thought that were pretty unfair.

  37. Yolanda, Garcia and Bowersox are the two that have the most raw talent in my opinion, and also my favs. Casey James also had a solid performance. It seems that the producers want to keep G & B around, seeing that they performed at the end of each competition show. Did you notice that?

  38. Actually, Katie Stevens played at the end of the girl’s show. I think for girls, I agree it would be Bowersox, and maybe Katie too. For guys, its no doubt that it would be Garcia, but Casey James may also have a chance as this is a popularity show.

  39. Im really happy that Haeley stayed, she may not have the best vocals but she’s just naturally happy in singing. Thats what the singing is all about anyways! ENJOYING! She had some good moments with “Change” she can actually pull this thing off. IF SHE CHOOSES RIGHT SONGS!

  40. I cant believe Tyler got voted off that is so wrong he was one of the best and its sad to see him leave im sooo upset

  41. Liezl – I can see Casey in the Top 5. Once Aaron steps it up, I can see him making a run for it too. It’d take nothing short of a MIRACLE to get Tim Urban there. In fact, it’d take nothing short of a miracle to see him reach the Top 12.

  42. Joe Munoz is one of my favorite contestants here…but…but…Americans had disappoint me…Yes, since I’m not American, I am just a kid that lives far far away from America that can only watch from here and hoping for my fave contestant not to get eliminated…Joe Munoz is very very great…But got no much vote and eliminated!!! I think it’s better for Tim to get eliminated…Not Joe Munoz!!! TT^TT…
    Tim himself got very shocked for the result! I think…Joe Munoz really need to get back or something…

  43. I was really surprised on elimination nite. Ashely, Joe & Tyler are the few people with strong and good voice. I always see cute guys or people with sad stories but its not gonna make me feel sorry and vote for them. I always vote for who i think got the VOICE and not the LOOK!! Oh, one other thing, I voted(more than 15 call) for one of the person that i think that is good and the automated machine never stops me if i made my 15 calls and my cousin voted for one of the people that got voted off last nite and the auto machine stop’d her saying that she had reach her 15calls.

  44. They all need to step up to the plate next week. I am starting to lose interest in this years group. There are really no stand outs yet. I did not see last nights show but I guess I did not miss much.

  45. I really cant believe time urban didnt get voted off. Especially after what the judges said to him after his last performance. But I started freaking when it was between katie and janell. I really liked janell but I really think katie could be the potential winner. She has an amazing voice and is really happy singing.

  46. Sorry to see tyler go was looking foward to more from him, and how did urban slip through?
    Generaly the guys are awful but he is the worst of the worst

  47. Ashley should not have been voted off.I picked her for the TOP 5 She is too good of a singer. CHANGE THE RULES!

  48. Who’s voting for these people? Haeley and Tim are still in it? This was the most confusing elimination’ve ever watched!! I was really surprised. Big Mistake!!

  49. Katie…I agree, Katie has a lot of potential,I would like to see her go on for a while. shes young and I believe will only get better every week…This season the chicks rule

  50. I just wanted to say that I was originally very disappointed that Maddie Curtis of the Boston auditions(the teenager with down syndrome brothers) was not voted into the top 24. She had an amazing voice, better I feel than any of the 12 voted in. I wish you would tell Simon that I think he just passed up the teenage version of Susan Boyle in quality of voice. I just don’t understand what the judges are listening to. Her voice was so clear and beautiful. It was a treat to understand every word that came out of her mouth and it sounding so beautiful and unstrained. Her range was great range and she could really hold a note. Can you explain to me how someone with her ability and such a naturally “pretty” voice was so quickly eliminated?

    I have been a fan of American Idol from the beginning and I am no youngster. I always vote and understand the qualities looked for. However, I often think the voice is often outdone by the performance in the show and I think that is so sad. When I turn on the radio or listen to a cd I hear a voice — I don’t see a performance.

  51. Its going to be another boring season like the one when Taylor and Jordin won. You spend so much time watching this whole damn show you do end up getting involved. What all are failing to see with Haeley is that she is very very commercial. She will go back to her country songs next week and you’all will think she’s fab. I’m glad Lacey got another chance. The best females are Crystal and Lilly without a doubt. Males – america got it so wrong. Joe was really good and deserved to stay in longer. I think they should have the first week as non elimation so that each contestant gets a feel of it and they get the criticism so they can go back and get it right. Its still interesting but I can’t see any real “winning talent” yet. Angela Martin should have been in the top 12. She was amazing.

  52. Germain

    Is the second post I read from you that Simon and Ellen don’t like americans that speak spanish.

    Your comment must have a reason and I feel you should be very certain or not to say something like that. Happens I am mexican and I admire both Simon and Ellen for their hard work, their tenacity and their being honest. I am very upset Joe got booted from the show. Not because he is mexican but because he SINGS much better than others and making a comment like that so racist to my opinion makes me want to say that if you don’t have proof of your words best keep quiet. This show is about eliminating people I dont think has nothing to do with nationality, language, race or religion. This is a show and that is how we should take it. Personal comments such as yours are out of line.

  53. Besides, they are not that voted for the contestants they are the judges and have nothing to do with the votes.

  54. I think Chris Allen’s performance was awful. He was “pitchy” throughout. How he made won I’ll never understand. Without AI behind him, he could have never sung any place but the local VFW. The four eliminated on Thursday were not surprising except Ashley Rodriguez.She was good enough in my opinion to make the top 10 or 12.

  55. Ohhhhh….Please…. all of you who say you’re done with Idol are full of it. Part of the reason for watching is for the contraversy and upsets. It would be a pretty boring show without them. No, Idol is not anti latino if anything the american music consumers are anti latino. After all it is a competition looking for the next American Idol. Of course it’s a popularity contest. Look at the history of music.Some of the biggest stars Can’t Sing! The winner has to be somone who is marketable to the demographic of americans buying the most music. The best voice and strongest singer very likely will not win.

  56. Wow it’s funny reading all of these comments. People talking about journeys and last week that’s garbage. Janell suck point blank it’s over. Tyler Grady sucks heard better singers hollywood week don’t know how he made it. Now Joe he was good and should have stayed over the guy that couldn’t hit a high note. Simon is bias yeah that guy Jermaine may have did some foul stuff las week but he is probably the best vocalist on the show this year. Alex have the most unique vocie he just sound good but other than them everyone else is second tier.

  57. The stupid people voting probably picked the person they wanted to go. These should have been the order of elimination:
    Janell Wheeler Didi Benami Joe Munoz Tyler Grady
    Lacey Brown Lilly Scott Casey James Michael Lynche Stupid fixed votes

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