American Idol 2010: The Results Are In

It was our first results show for American Idol Season 9 and I’m a little surprised with the two guys who were voted out.  What a shame for Tyler Grady who sang “American Woman”.  It might not have been his best vocal performance but he deserved another chance.  I loved his Jim Morrison look and think he could have done well if given the opportunity. 

The same with Joe Munoz.  I blame this on idol.  They gave him absolutely no face time until it was announced he was in the top 24.  AI should give equal camera time to the ones who are singing for our votes.  I understand they don’t know at the time they are traveling around the county but when they get to Hollywood week there is plenty of time to make sure all 24 are shown to the public. 

I have a question, why is Tim Urban still there?  He does NOT deserve it.  He sang like crap.  He couldn’t hit the high notes and should in no way be in the competition.  What a disgrace for him to be there and Joe and Tyler at home.  I don’t get it.

Ashley Rodriguez and Janell Wheeler was no big shocker.  Although Lacey Brown gave the worst performance for the girls, Ashley and Janell were a close second so it doesn’t surprise me they went home.  I hope Lacey chooses a better song next week and gives us a great show.

Two former idol contestants came back to sing.  The first was Allison Iraheta who sang “Scars” the second single from her debut album.  She sounds great live and I enjoyed it.

The second was last year’s winner Kris Allen.  He officially kicked off Idol Gives Back with his tribute to Haiti.  He sang The Beatle’s “Let It Be”. “It is heartbreaking to see the devastation that Haiti is currently facing,” said Allen before leaving on his trip, as quoted by American Idol News. “I am truly honored to be traveling to Haiti to see the U.N.’s relief efforts first hand and to help out in any way that I can.” It was upsetting to see the video playing in the background while he sang and I want to encourage all of you to download Kris’s song from itunes as this will help aid in relief efforts.

Did you think the right people went home tonight on American IdolTell me why or why not.




  1. lacey is the worst she should have went home first ..i love john park, crystal bowersox, casey james(swoon*), and shabioyubobo lol..whatever her name is..she’s good.

  2. NO!!!!! I liked Tyler Grady!!!! It should have been Tim!!!!!!! AND I totally agree about them not giving Joe enough Camera time!!!! How can you become a fan of someone you dont even know!

  3. While I thought Grady could have picked a better song in no way was he the worse up there!! I am sorry they let him go … He would have been fun to watch … Nobody is standing out for me yet this year …

  4. I have to say, though, that the look on Tim’s face when they said he was safe was absolutely priceless. He was more shocked than anyone!

  5. I voted for Joe because after hearing him & getting to know at least a bit about him he was actually very talented. But so sad he was sent home! Tyler also had a great voice even if he was a bit eccentric. Janelle was my favorite out of all the girls. She could sing well plus she was sweet & not annoying which I find every girl remaining…

  6. I gave up on the girls…I think the guys are better than the girls now after Janelle was sent home….who I think can win it all are: Andrew Garcia, Casey James, John Park, and Lee Dewyze 🙂

  7. Are you crazy? Janell chose a bad song but her American boy performance was amazing! I swear people have no clue about talent these days. Crystal bowersox or however you spell it… Really needs to contact Ani difranco’s label. She is way too good for this show. Have a good one!

  8. Oh gosh Tim Urban is like another Jonas Brothers! He does sing like crap! American Idol is a joke man it’s not a popularity contest people! nor is it a contest based on looks!

  9. I cannot believe Tim was not sent home, Joe has the voice, the vocals. I dont think it was fair, and I agree with Tonya.. Joe did not have the opportunity to come out on camera or even present a story…everybody has a story!!

  10. ugggg, one of the half dozen ‘watchable’ performers are gone already in Tyler Grady. At least he was interesting. O’well…its par for the course this year.

  11. I totally agree about Janell and Ashley being eliminated, but as far as the guys they (Tyler and Joe) shouldn’t have been them eliminated, it should have been Tim and Alex. The song Alex sang Wasn’t the right song for him and Tim overall was terrible.

  12. Tim?! Tim!? Out of all the performances and voices? TIM?! and like Simon said wasn’t he ELIMINATED already? Sounds like some fishy underhanded promotion money contract or higher up is pushing it. I mean, just youtube his performance and compare it to all the others. At least the other guys can sing. Even Tims reaction was like “this is so wrong man”.

  13. TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIM URBAN WAS THE WORST. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN VOTED OUT.

  14. I don’t know why Angela Martin wasn’t part of the Top 24. Instead, they put Tim Urban in. Seriously.

  15. Micah: Angela Martin is “safe” because she sang on Ellen’s show (Watch!) and will have a song written for her by Kara, probably including a contract! I kind of agree with the girls’ results. Unfortunately Lacey was the worst due to song choice – she’s a great deal better than what she showed. Among the guys Tim Urban was undoubtedly the worst. He’s nice but he didn’t hit the high notes. Letting Tylor Grady go is a bit of a tragedy because he’s got the vocals and is as good-looking as Urban if in a different style!

  16. I felt that Ashley and Tyler would be in trouble after their performances. I was sorry to see Joe leave but he clearly did not have enough of a fan base.

  17. Other than a couple of guys, any of them could have and deserved to be thrown out. Being heroine thin and looking like Frankenstein with curly hair is not gonna sell records. Tyler is a joke. The other cat who was thrown out wasn’t even in the same key as the band. In fact most of the guys and most of the girls were so pitchy and amaturish that its hard to believe that this is the best the producers could find. I can find better singers any Firday night in my local bars. That’s a fact. Worst group of contestants ever, by far.

  18. I was so upset to see Joe leave. He had a great performance and I feel he was not given a chance to show America what he was about. Don’t give up Joe..I see great things in your future! Tyler should have stayed as well. His performance was not great but he would have made the show more interesting.

  19. IMO, Joe had one of the most promising vocals. Unfortunately all his screen time went to Andrew Garcia and Big Mike during Hollywood. And that he lost to Zac Efron — oops, I mean Tim Urban — is just unfortunate. He was my 3rd favorite. 🙁
    The other 3 eliminations were correct though. However, Tim Urban and Lacey Brown just can’t last another week…

  20. its showbiz!!! they are looking for face value. apparently joe munoz has no showbiz face value for most americans, and that sucks. young americans prefer the good looking guys on idol sorry to say.

  21. I am not upset about who left. I don’t think anyone is exeptional at this point,sure hope they all step it up or I will tune out.

  22. Showbiz, that’s right but this is why the judges are there. They normally should focus on the singing, the vocals.
    Joe can sing, he was OK, Tyler #&@!ed it up with the song choice but he is also a good singer.
    J.Seller, T.Urban, H.Vaughn, L.Brown – these four should’ve been sent home.

  23. I agree w/a lot of others that said Tyler Grady was wrongly let go. If it truly is based on our votes-then we can only blame this on not enough of us getting votes in for our fav’s. I keep an Idol journal for each season&reading back over judges comments, it was a very disappointing 1st week overall. We who really care about Idol & the performers need to be vigilant in our voting & keep the better contestants in so we have a shot at having a great season-like season 8 was!!

  24. Well I had Joe as my second favorite on the guys and very dissapointed he was out. I think was very very unfair as for the girls Hayley should go as soon as possible, I find her voice annoying and chidlish. Top 3 for me Shivaun, Andrew Garcia and Chrystal




  27. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT….I think the 2 guys leaving was a total mistake…I loved them both & wanted to see more…Tim Urban must have a lot of friends who voted him back as his performance without a doubt SUCKED…Maybe they will have one of those weeks this time where they bring back someone that was voted off and I hope it is one of these guys!!! I agree with the girl picks..The public must have got tired of voting after the girls and neglected to cast the right votes for the guys thats all I can say!!! good buy Tim Urban….

  28. This is ridiculous.
    TYLER GRADY was (and is) the one that I think should win.
    I’m so disappointed with America. I live in Portugal so I don’t really have a chance to vote.

    Thank you for ruining AI.

  29. 100% should have been TIM off. He was the worst singer of the night. It was painful to listen to him. I am sad about Tyler and Joe. America for sure got that one wrong. Tyler had tons of personality and was entertaining along with his good voice.

  30. I think “Big Mike” is overrated as well as the other two black guys (very boring, nothing unique) Any one of those three should have been gone ~ Tyler definitely brought something unique to the table, and should NOT have been eliminated. Big mistake. Once again, it’s SO political and it comes down to who has the biggest fan base – NOT who is the most talented! Song choice is SO critical, I never understand why the contestants don’t seem to get that ~ being reminded constantly by the judges!!

  31. Tyler was sent home?!?! 🙁 Sick!!! I hope he will be back next year! He was great!! I thought Alex Lambert was good too! 🙂

  32. I understand that Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz and Tyler Grady got eliminated from the competition last night, which means twenty contestants remain safe for Next Week’s Competition.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  33. OMG! Couldn’t believe they kept Haeley Vaughn!!! She is the worst girl there. When she sang on stage she was so screechy! I think people feel sorry for her because she has that slight lisp which is very noticable when she sings. Professional singer…no way…get a clue America! I think she is cute as a button, but can’t sing for anything!

  34. i thought all the singers deserved to go home EXCEPT joe munoz he was the best of all the guys and the guy who was against him tim urban he shouldve gone home and u could tell by the look of shock on his face that he thought he shoulve to.

  35. It comes as no surprises the problem is the voting process. I understand that there is a rapid dialing device, for lack of a better word, a single person can vote many times in a short period of time. Maybe someone can shed some light on that, where it is true or not? Will they ever incorporate one vote per person, not until then will I take it serious.

  36. I agree Ron. DWTS only allows 3 votes per person so it is much more fair. I think AI wants to say we had 70 million votes last night. Big difference in votes and people cause I know some people who vote at least 100 times.

  37. I loved tyler i really was rooting for him he did not deserve to go home, there was @ least 4 other guys who shoulda left before him… I think they should do a wild card show an bring him back..BRING TYLER BACK! BRING TYLER BACK!

  38. Yes, Tyler should have stayed, I’m not sure how long he would have lasted but he was enjoyable to watch.
    They would never bring him back after “throwing the judges under the bus”!

  39. I just don’t get the show. It was very evident to me and everyone else that Lacey was absolutely flat–for her not to go I don’t understand

    also, I thought that Joe was one of the best of the 12 and wasn’t given a chance or enough people did not “know” him to vote–
    the young boy that was brought in (don’t remember his name) was terrible and should have been out

  40. I didn’t agree about the first 2 gals to go,
    nor did I agree about the guys. Hayley Vaughn
    shoulda been Gone! Also, one of the others as
    well.Ashley & Janell were both so nervous (just like everyone else! But they sang pretty well after being “voted off” with the pressure off. And Both girls have “Class” & Good looks
    The whole package. They shouldn’t have gone 1st! The guys…I sort of feel the same way…
    There were worse ones to go first!

  41. My favorites were Casey James(the “hot Guy”)
    also the new Lambert (Alex). He’s very shy….
    Maybe he’ll get better. The one guy who sang 2nd was quite talented. I also liked the Irish
    gal (Siobhan?) She sang a difficult song; & I thought very well!Hopefully they’ll all be less
    nervous next week! We’ll see!

  42. I feel that Tim Urban was by far the weakest performer of the men’s group. I think he thought so too by the shocked look on his face when it was announced that he wasn’t being sent home (at least not this week). And the two girls who were sent home were pretty good compared to Hailey Vaughn. But after Adam Lambert’s performances last year, no one really stands out this year.

  43. Tim Urban and John Park should have gone home. They were both completely flat! Joe and Tyler should’ve stayed. Lacey Brown should’ve gone home as well. A-Rod did so much better than her. Janelle has such a nice personality. Lee Dewyze and Casey James are favorites! Now don’t vote for the wrong people again, America!

  44. Joe should have stayed!!! No way he sounded worse than Tim or John. Can’t believe it, the results this year’s just soooo weird! I’m guessing girls vote on looks more than voice!!! What a big shame!!!As for the girls, Janell has such amazing voice and personality! Haeley should have gone home, coz her high notes are just too screechy. Lacey may have picked the wrong song, but her voice is amazing.

  45. If Haeley sings as poorly next week…I WILL vote for everyone else and hopefully others will unite to do the same thing. How in the world did she ever make the top 24??? It was down to the last two girls and they sent the wrong one home and kept Haeley…who can’t sing in my opinion. And liking her should not be the issue. It should be if she can sing.

  46. my fave girl was shelby,it so sad they didn’t put her through.the good thing is ellen brought her to her show like angela.go girl don’t give up.

    i like casey,andrew,aaron &lee

  47. I agree that Tyler Grady and Joe Munoz should have stayed. There were other guys way less musically talented than both of them. Tyler and Joe both had distinctly different styles, and I think both of them would have have grown and continued to bring their own special variety of talent to the show, if given another chance. I really appreciated Tyler’s comment when he said that he liked all the judges, but didn’t feel that he got much constuctive criticism during Hollywood Week. He went on to say that what he got Wednesday night after he performed was too little, too late. The camera went to Simon after Tyler’s comment, and I found it very interesting to see Simon say, “Good point.” I hope the judges take Tyler’s constructive criticism to heart. I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that I appreciate Ellen’s kindness and her positive comments toward the contestants, but she doesn’t fit the profile for an American Idol judge. Her only experience with music is that she listens to it and likes it. If that was all it took to qualify to be an AI judge, then the millions of people who watch the show at home could be judges. Ellen’s comments are vague and unoriginal. She struggles with what to say, especially when she is called on to comment first, and I hear her lifting phrases from the other three judges who really do know music and the recording industry. The show won’t be the same for me when Simon leaves, and I hope at the conclusion of this season the producers re-evaluate the panel of judges and make sure all four are qualified.

  48. Quite frankly Idol is terribly disappointing this year. It was already beyond horrible with Kara being there last year. She doesn’t haven an honest opinion of her own it’s always repeating what Randy or Simon says. Very unappealing woman, and Ellen just doesn’t fit in. She’s great, and I really like her show, but not Idol material.

    The participants I haven’t seen one single person who deserves the title but time will tell.

    American Idol will not survive once Simon leaves!! In conclusion I do not watch Idol this year as it’s BORING and the only judge that is worth listening to is Simon. The show won’t survive without him.

  49. tyler-not the best but its not his time yet
    joe-probably the best vocals of the night.flawless riffs and shifts
    janelle-yeah she really the weakest and no personality
    ashley-sultry but wrong song choice

    Why tim urban stays?he just looks like tom welling with weird eyes and singing nursery rhymes

  50. Tim should be the one to be sent home. His performance was totally terrible. he can’t actually sing. this is crap.

  51. I guess there’s something wrong with the voter’s ears. I don’t even think Tim Urban is cute enough to stay in the competition. Joe and Tyler are wayyyyyyy hotter than him. Tim sucks. He better go home next week.

  52. …absolutely agree with the last few posts about TIM URBAN. He should have been gone last week. Ohh well, he’ll get cut this week. As for the girls, LACEY BROWN should have went home last week. Ohh well, she’ll get cut this week.
    My opinion…I think American Idol should hold off on AMERICA’S VOTES until the judges eliminate the contestants down to the TOP 10. This way at least we can count on the TOP 10 to already have proved they have serious talent. This way FEWER talented AI contestants would get voted-off. I have a strong opinion about this because sometimes the WRONG person gets the boot. C’mon America, stop voting for secondary reasons like, “He’s cute or She’s cute”. It gets old year after year and so will their looks. Haha.

  53. I think all of them should have been sent home.they just arent any good this year.I find myself cleaning house or cooking while they sing,cant hold my attention,last year I didnt want to miss a second of it,probably because of Adam Lambert,My husband and I couldnt wait to see what he did on each show.He made it fun to watch,the shows are so boring

  54. who hell??’ voted for TIM to stay,he is so boring.pls American Tim should be sent home this week. is too bad that Tyler was elimented he was one of favourlity.Casey James is the best.

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