American Idol 2010: What Should The Top 5 Contestants Sing?

Let’s get ready for the music of one of the all time greats, Frank Sinatra.  Harry Connick Jr. will be mentoring the contestants and orchestrating the band next week.  Hmmmm perhaps they are thinking of him as the replacement for Ricky Miner.

We have a great song selection for the American Idol Top 5 to choose from and if they sing from the heart like they did this week, we should be in for a wonderful evening.

Mike Lynche would do well with “Come Rain or Come Shine”.  He could put the R&B twist on it and really make it his own.  I think it’s the perfect song for him.

Crystal could do “One For My Baby” and really do it justice and jump back to the front of the pack again.

Aaron Kelly gets another great week of song choices.  I think “My Funny Valentine” would be great for him.

Casey James says Frank Sinatra was one of his musical influences so he better bring it.  I want to hear him do either “That’s Life” or slow it down once again and show his vocal range with “The Way You Look Tonight”.

Lee Dewyze could struggle with these choices.  Let’s hear the all time classic “Strangers In The Night” and see what kind of spin he can put on it.

What do you think the American Idol hopefuls should sing?