American Idol 2010: What Should The Top 5 Contestants Sing?

Let’s get ready for the music of one of the all time greats, Frank Sinatra.  Harry Connick Jr. will be mentoring the contestants and orchestrating the band next week.  Hmmmm perhaps they are thinking of him as the replacement for Ricky Miner.

We have a great song selection for the American Idol Top 5 to choose from and if they sing from the heart like they did this week, we should be in for a wonderful evening.

Mike Lynche would do well with “Come Rain or Come Shine”.  He could put the R&B twist on it and really make it his own.  I think it’s the perfect song for him.

Crystal could do “One For My Baby” and really do it justice and jump back to the front of the pack again.

Aaron Kelly gets another great week of song choices.  I think “My Funny Valentine” would be great for him.

Casey James says Frank Sinatra was one of his musical influences so he better bring it.  I want to hear him do either “That’s Life” or slow it down once again and show his vocal range with “The Way You Look Tonight”.

Lee Dewyze could struggle with these choices.  Let’s hear the all time classic “Strangers In The Night” and see what kind of spin he can put on it.

What do you think the American Idol hopefuls should sing?




  1. I’d like to hear Casey James singing “you will be my music”….I heard a version of it by Regine Velasquez and it’s nice

  2. I hope they all do well. I think this week will be perfect for Mike and Aaron that is the style of music they like.
    On the other hand I really hope someone from AI reads this blogs, there are many interesting things to think about. First of all Ryan Seacreast attitude and underline comments. That comment to Shania about her teeth was with so much bad intention and disrespect to Chrystal that hurt my heart; the comments to Simon even if is a game are not funny anymore and I could go on.
    I hope from now on the judges will be fair, they got rid of the talented material (Siobhan) who is the person that was bothering their favorites to stand and shine. Well she is gone after all the BS they told to her week after week is time to Judge and not destroy or Simon and Kara still will be in that way of “judging”? if so Casey is gone and Aaron too. Looks like judging for them is pick a favorite and make him/her win. All this season was pure joke honest and the votes? I agree with some that say are rigged cant be other way.
    As Siobhan is gone I will send my good vibes to Lee and Aaron.

  3. I have never thought American Idol was rigged until this season! Even last season with Kris winning over Adam settled that thought! I read that Ryan made a comment about Crystal, “if she continues or if she quits, no matter what, she will be the most successful”. They have publicized her from the very beginning, and even with Simon saying that this is a girl’s season…I mean, don’t get me wrong, Crystal is VERY talented, but why not let America get a fair chance at making that decision.

    Look at what’s playing on the radio and see if you can picture these artists for a long period of time…i hear mostly r&b, coutry or rock on the radio stations, and that’s why i think Lee will last longer than any of the others…
    Again, it all comes down to…it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s going to be who sells more records.

    And really, Frank Sinatra week, i think this might be boring…they should have a Qeen, Bryan Adams, or even Journey if they’re going to go old school!

  4. Here are song choices for this week…

    Lee “Young at Heart”
    Crystal “New York New York” (her own edited version)
    Casy “Strangers in the night”
    Aaron “You make me feel so Young”
    Mike “The Way You Look Tonight”

  5. i hope casey does another slow song…i notice he got good reviews for jealous guy and don’t but not for uptempo and fast songs

  6. I think it may be difficult to compress some of these songs because so many of Sinatra’s songs tell stories. But here is my list.
    Lee – My Kind Of Town [he is from Chicago]
    Mike – The Best Is Yet To Come
    Casey – As Time Goes BY [Who doesn’t love Casablanca?]
    Aaron – I Only Have Eyes For You
    Crystal – Someone To Watch Over Me

  7. SIOBHAN MAGNUS…” I did it my way ” ..wait, she got eliminated for exactly that, doing it her way..damn!
    At least my wednesday and thursday nights won’t be tied up anymore.

  8. we cant wait to see big mike proformed again on stage we all given him gods blessing and we knows he will be in the final 2,and he will come out as the winner.

  9. Frank Sinatra week…..WOW……Lets watch and see how 5 American Idol hopefuls can screwup an Icon!!!!!

    88fngrslouie…I would really have loved to hear SIOBHAN sing “MY WAY”………

  10. Good-Bye American Idol. I am through watching. Siobhan got blind-sided and there is noone worth watching anymore.

  11. mike u gone sky high,u were the best proformers on tuesday and we all hope u choose the right songs for the rest of the 4 weeks left.we all given u our votes and we looking forward to buy your records.good luck

  12. micheal lynch is the best so far,since he got that save he keeps doing better and better each week.he did not deserve that vote off,but thank god for those judges who gives him the only save.he is not letting those judges down because he is the number one on the list of all 5 left so far.

  13. Are you kidding–HSSAK singing “My Funny Valentine”?? His little voice would butcher it, especially with the memory of Melinda Doolittle’s perfect rendition a couple of years ago.
    I think Lee will struggle this week; he just can’t seem to find the emotion needed for a Sinatra song.

  14. yow yow big mike u hit the bill board chart already,i watch this american idols since it started here in the usa 9 years ago.i can spot the winner before it reach final.big mike we spot you to come out on top this seasons.good luck and do a little dancing while proforming.

  15. I can’t watch Mike… he iritates me. Having said that, in my opinion next week will be the most difficult. I recently read where Pavarotti was jealous of Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) because Gillan can change songs any time he likes, but when Pavarotti tries to do the same he is harshly critiqued…. Pavarotti ! Anyway, Sinatra songs by idol contestants are in the same boat. We all have fixed in our minds what these songs should sound like, so unless these guys deliver 110% with a perfect arrangement we’re going to be disappointed. Mix it up without mixing it up? A big challenge and this week will certainly sort the ‘artists’ from the ‘karaoke singers’. Bring it on…..

  16. big mike again u do what america want u to do.u did real good this week and if u reach at top 5, we know your a shore winner.
    micheal and crystal final
    3 casey
    4 Aaron
    lee will go home this week

  17. all the way from leeds westyorkshire england big up to the top 5 to reach there.but we are watching big mike all the way,he improve every week he is a shore winner this seasons.

  18. we watch american idols show on cable from jamaica,we think it is the number one show in the world now.we all love big mike and crystal,and i think they will go to the final and big mike will win the american idols this year.

  19. @ Albert (#21)

    Do not make any further comments. You give England a bad name with your poor spelling and grammer.

    Also Big Mike is not a SHORE, or even a SURE winner!

  20. the number one tv show in the whole world american name in shana fr jamaica and i love the show.big up to the top 5,and i think big mike will win this year.because he shows so much improvement lately and he is doing he job much better.

  21. phyllis..would have been cool to see SIOBHAN do that. So fitting for her to be true to herself.
    Doesn’t work on Idol though.

  22. hey chris 23 u all knows what i mean weather i spell shore or sure everyone knows what it means.anyway thanks for correct my spellings for me and vote for big mike for me ok.

  23. Should be a great week…I can visualize and hear:
    1. Aaron – Ain’t She Sweet or Angel Eyes or Come Fly With Me
    2. Lee – The Way You Look Tonight or Strangers in the Night
    3. Casey – Song, Sung Blue or What Is This Thing Called Love
    4. Crystal -When Your Smiling(upbeat) or Send in the Clowns
    Mike – Embraceable You or (When) Fools Rush In
    If Siobhan were still here, I could definitely hear her singing…I’ll do it My Way
    Good Luck to all of the remaining 5.

  24. #25 88fngrslouie….I don’t know what works on Idol anymore…Kris over Adam…..These Top 5 over Siobhan!!!!!

  25. i agree with #27 Rose
    i do think this this aaron wk again, i like aaron from day 1 from what i seen aaron is goin 2 pick an old song.

    Aaron – Come Fly With Me or My Way

    Aaron 2 win!!!!!!

  26. Funny one, Chris…you criticize someone else’s spelling and then you misspell GRAMMAR. Maybe you should look it up next time before you spout off.

  27. i love the american idols show that i cant miss it for any other tv show tuesday and wednesday.big up to all the judges without them the show would not be so much fun,also to all the top 5.i really have my mind on big mike to come out as the winner this year,he as make so much improved since he got the save.

  28. phyliss…go all the way back to Daughtry..he got robbed also…
    Idol is confusing and going of the track i agree.
    Don’t know if I can stomach another week of ballads and same old ,same old. I guess that is what people want..cookie cutter entertainment. Very confusing!

  29. I don’t see Aaron singing My Funny Valentine
    (think it was from an old Audrey Hepburn movie)
    It just sounds too cliche…I would like for Aaron to really showcase his voice…I believe that Angel Eyes, Come Fly With Me and/or even As Time Goes By. I would like to recant my earlier note of Aaron singing Ain’t She Sweet…that also might be a little to “bubble gum” sounding. My vote3 will still go for Aaron.

  30. congrat to all the top 5.he is my prediction this week from good to worst
    num 1 big mike
    num 2 crystal
    num 3 casey
    num 4 Aaron
    num 5 lee
    lee will leave the compition next week,because he have not style.

  31. Fat Mike would be the LOSER & pack his bag this week…no doubt about it!! He’s the worst of the pack!

  32. hey whats up top 5 you are all do good to make it here,but i am given my vote to micheal lynch he is the most popular person being an american idols this season and he is doing well.

  33. @ #10 Canyon…I like your choices as well…we shall see. I do believe that the contestants have a good mentor this week as well…Harry Connick, Jr. Aside from being a compassionate philanthropist (great work for the victims of Katrina) he appears to have a lot of musical (piano playing and singing) talent and acting (Hope Floats with Sandra Bullock). Wishing all the contestants well…although it is Aaron 2 win!!!

  34. 88fngrsLouie….Yes…..Daughtry got robbed too!!!! We can also go back to Season 2…Clay Aikens…..I don’t know if America gets it wrong or American Idol/Fox that does???????? I’m really starting to question things now!!!!
    Plus I gave up wasting my energy on voting, I don’t really think it matters….if they change the system then I will start voting again!!!

  35. On a related Idol note, People Magazine has just named Adam Lambert as one of the Most Beautiful People In The World, as if we didn’t already know it. Congratulations Adam.

  36. @ #39 I did see that Adam Lambert was one of the most beautiful people…People Magazine…he is pretty…isn’t he…lol

  37. Those who knew Sinatra personally have stated that he HATED “Strangers in the Night” personally, and so do I. There are so many great Sinatra songs, and so far, only a few of them have been mentioned here.

  38. i think all the girls and guys enter this year american idols top 12 was great,and to reach top 5 even make it more greater.i really like big mike this year and i am sure he will be the winner this seasons.

  39. OK..Really Frank Sinatra..They are telling these people to bring these songs current,just hoe current can you bring songs from yhe 40’s and 50’s can see it now the judges will say its to old for poor Aaron and karoke for the rest get with it idol if you want them to sound current give them other choices..the judges harping on how the songs sound to old or they not current well what do you expect with the choices ya giving time i hear simon tell Aaron he dosent sound young enough i wish aaron would pop off with ok which would you prefer the ABC’s or the barney song..get with it judges gi9ve these contestants newer material tp pick from or back ofrf of them

  40. Sorry keyboard sticking see i made some typos but hope you can figure out what i meant lol

  41. @Albert (#26)

    That would be Whether, not WEATHER lol

    Like I said…..Blah! Blah! Blah!

  42. I agreed with U, Tami@43! It’s the judges who are too damn “lazy” to think of something new for the contestants!!

  43. Lee, can’t wait to hear your rendition of a Sinatra song!

    Those who think you won’t do well this week definitely miss the whole point of AI – judges and producers are looking for creative artists who have the talent and ability to turn a classic into their own, they are NOT looking for the best karaoke singers.

  44. One more thing,Aaron not getting the credit he deserves he has an amazing voice and no i am not a tween voter i am 48 years old and simply think this kid is amazing but has been in the shadows of the rest of the contestants now is your time Aaron let it rip now my friend show them what ya got..loved big mike at first but honestly havent seen nothing out of him the last 3 shows that impress me..crystal you rock just keep rocking on think you in it for the win but Aaron still my favorite see something in him that is amazing just needs to stop trying to impress the judges and be his self and relax and belt it out!!!

  45. I’m wondering why everyone thinks that Crystal
    Bowersox is the one to beat? Is it because she is strange? We don’t need another Janis Joplin sound-alike. The was only one Janis and she was unique. There is nothing special about her or her voice. It must be her “style” or lack of it. She wanted to leave 2 weeks ago which leads me to believe that she has no loyalty to all those who have supported her these past weeks. How many would give anything to be in her shoes with a chance at a million dollar contract? Those who were voted off don’t deserve to be beaten by someone who doesn’t care if she wins or not………she is just “homesick!” Give me a break! I really hope the winner is someone who is willing to
    do whatever it takes, including being separated from his or her family for a while.

  46. i do like all the top 5 so far they all do well.i really like crystal and big mike the most they let us having fun when they are on stage.but i will give big mike my vote though.

  47. Ron i agree but suppose to be what the people want that is why we vote not the producers or judges just think they should have more current artists to choose from dont get me wrong think Frank is great but really that is just going back a little to far in my opinion

  48. May be wrong…but I believe I heard a while ago that there are copyright laws restricting the contestants from singing “current” songs. I understand that Sinatra is definitely dated…but he is also an Icon and does have a lot of noteworthy songs that have been re-recorded by several major artists throughout the years. I also believe Sinatra’s songs will challenge these contestants to concentrate on vocals rather than on instruments. Aaron 2 win !!!

  49. I have watched this show from the start but now wondering if the votes really count or if the producers and judges have the final say dont know if all the effort i put into voting really matters in the end.With Archie and Cook thats an example on the fial show the judges ran Archie under the bus if votes really count said the night belonged to archuleta so that his voters think he was safe to win so they need not vote.But in a way was best for him not to win so he would not be tied down to a year contract with idol and thats how i feel this year would love to see Crytal win but in the long run think she would do better on her own without a year contact with idol(19 entertainment)think that would only slow her down..Aaron will have a great career no matter what as the rest of them will too i imagine..A big Aaron fan here but think maybe he should have waited a couple years to come on the show and maybe would have been taken more seriously..GO AARON GO CRYSTAL !!!!

  50. Rose you are right certain songs do have copyright laws and i do agree Sinatra is an icon and a great one guess i just tired of them telling these contestants that the song choices sound to old for them and if they change it up then they say they ruined the song guess they just have to find a happy middle lol would not want to be in their shoes..Cant carry a tune lol i guess they would not want me in their shoes he he

  51. I’m not quite sure that these kids even know who Frank Sinatra was!!! LOL I’m no spring chicken and he was from my parents era!!!!

  52. @ #33 Rose: I believe My Funny Valentine is from Pal Joey, starring Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth and Kim Novak.

    @ Rose #53 I think you’re right about licensing and copyrights. I’ve been pushing for a Bon Jovi week for years. Their songbook has something for everyone including country. I’m sure, if Jon or Richie was the mentor, Jon would waive the fees for using his songs.

  53. Tami 52 I totally understand except without their rules there won’t be the show.

    I only wish that the show can prove to us viewers that our votes not only count but are indeed critical deciding factors in who’s staying and who’s ultimately going to win.

  54. i cant wait till they preform tuesday at 8 pm on fox 21 ……………… i cant wait to hear crystal sing shes the best besides aaron and kasey big mike needs to sing more out his mounth it sounds luke hes singing out his nose and he lee he can sing dont get me wrong but crystal bowersox is the best …………….. she is the only girl left and 4 boys …. the next one they need to send home is big mike sorry if this makes someone mad you will get over it

  55. I’ve said this before. Next year the judges should save their critiques until results night. Tuesday the Idols sing, the public votes. Wednesday the judges say what they thought of the performances then Ryan reads the results. The power of suggestion is eliminated and America makes up it’s own mind about who they vote for and why. Then, if the judges feel strongly about saving someone, OK. Plus a quick replay snippet of each performance would do away with the dreadful “guest stars”.

  56. @ # 58…I stand corrected…thank you. Tou are right as well with Bon Jovi…that would be “wickedly awesome” to quote our recently departed Siobhan.
    Pal Joey also reminded me of a previous Idol when they had Tony Bennett as a mentor???
    Still like Aaron and Lee ( he has that raspiness that reminds me of Springsteen – although not the strength) Too much drama with Crystal. Casey may do well…Big Mike..not so much.

  57. I don’t have a lot of interest in any of these yahoo’s (no pun intended) this year. So I’ll end up backing Crystal cause of her ohio roots. But she is comin out of Chicago so it ought to be ‘my kind of town’.

  58. @ # 55 Tami…I agree. It would be confusing. And, I too, cannot sing my way out of a bag, but I know what I like and what sounds pleasing to me and Aaron has a sincere and fresh quality.
    Kara really needs to get over her “connection bit” – lost respect for her when she had Casey take off his shirt – poor guy- and have not paid attention to her comments since. Even though Simon can be a little acerbic at times, I believe he tells it like it is. Also with your previous statement about Aaron..I would like for him to believe that he BELONGS up there and OWN that stage. He’s had some good nights and is still a favorite (same county).

  59. Rose, I agree with your agreement of Canyon. They do need to get honest though about the talent they choose. How did Mike Wii ever get in unless they were playing games. Then they screwed themselves cause they had no control mechanism to overrule hijacked voting that allows the truly bad to stay beyond their time.

  60. @ #66 Mark – Do not understand why Mike has stayed on so long …he has a decent voice…but I would not put him in the category of Barry White or Luther Vandross-he is just not there.
    I also cannot see him fitting in with the; Sean Diddy and/or Jay-Z…cannot see it…he needs to go on tour with Rueben and Clay

  61. has anyone seen this .siobhan magnus has over
    38,000,000.hits on google.i am not sure if its a typo error,or what?somethings not right.i am starting to wonder about her getting voted off so early.if her elimination is stirring things up.

  62. google site,and then type in siobhan magnus,and then hit enter,also siobhan is in top 10 on yahoo search. u go girl.

  63. I don’t know why the judges appear at all after the final 24 are picked. These guy are like all the rest of us in that they what they like but don’t know enough to know why they like it. Instead, we get silliness like “I don’t connect with you”, “The Shania Twain pulled into the station”, “I don’t know another way to say ‘you’re great'” or “You sounded like you were in childbirth” (as if either the judge or the singer knows what childbirth sounds like).

    If the judges were gone, the singers could give each song the time it needs.

  64. Casey, just keep singing,baby! Something slow and romantic…Casey is THE BEST…love,love,love him!Come on, Casey fans, keep him in the game and VOTE FOR CASEY this week!!!

    NOTE:# 69, I too question the results from Wednesday night…NO WAY Casey James was bottom two!!

  65. well maybe its right,siobhan has over 46,000.000 hits on google last time i checked it out.thats what i call impressive.

  66. nuff respect to you all in the house,the judges and the top 6 was the best week ever this season.but big mike come out on top of all the others,play over the video and u will see for yourself.big up micheal lynch you will win this season.

  67. So glad to hear positive comments about Big Mike this week. There is something great about a singer that can nail a ballad and not hide behind a bunch of noise of bands and instruments.
    So you are bored and want to snoooor through it. I say let the vocals shine through.
    #35 tenisaddict, did you want to say tennis but can’t spell it? Your Fat comment only shows your shallowness. Stick to the subject of singing and keep your insults to yourself.

  68. ruppert.69.71

    looks like,siobhan wasnt hated as much as alot of people think.wouldnt u agree?.i a concur thats a awful lot of folks interested in siobhan magnus.

  69. What cracks me up is all the people who assume that because *they* voted for their favorite, everyone else must have as well, and therefore the show must be “rigged” since *their* favorite is voted off of the show.

    I knew either Siobhan or Mike would be the next to go.

    Siobhan has a nice voice and she can scream (mostly) on key, but she does not know how to USE her voice. She is throaty, doesn’t hold softer notes on key, and relies so heavily on her Scream Finale that she doesn’t put enough energy into the rest of the song. (She needs to learn what “scream reflex” and “yawn reflex” are in regards to singing, and strive for the yawn reflex for everything BUT the screams.) Had she performed nearly as well in competition as she did in her “goodbye” song, I’d have been rooting for her all along; though I’d still have said that she needed to develop and learn how to use her voice to its potential.

    Mike’s voice is maddeningly nasal; he has no resonance. I said from the beginning that I know that he CAN move me, but he just doesn’t quite get where he CAN go. Sadly, you don’t become a star because you CAN move your audience; you get there because you DO move them.

    The rest of the contestants move me in some ways, and leave me wanting for more in others. Aaron is indeed going to be an amazing vocalist when his vocal cords mature; I’ve seen him (successfully) display the most versatility. Crystal, Lee, and Casey all have their “niches” which isn’t considered great for competitions such as AI, but can work just fine for them for careers.

    BTW, “changing up” a covered song is only good when the changes themselves are pleasing to the ear. There’s a fine line between doing a good karaoke rendition and changing a song to make it one’s own. Cross that line too far in either direction, and you’ve got yourself a bona fide train wreck. THAT is why many of the “change ups” to songs have been so highly criticized.

  70. Ruppert, jp, et al… 1.) I just Googled “Siobhan Magnus” and the return gave me, “Results 1 – 10 of about 6,600,000 for siobhan magnus.” That’s a far cry from 38,000,000. 😉

  71. I think they need to start breaking the votes down and saying how many each contestant received..I vote but not sure if it really matters no way of knowing think in the end the producers have the final say thats just my thinking wish there was some way of knowing some that were sent home makes no sense to me..I often wonder if the judges are hearing what we hear at home some have been plain dreadful and the judges act like its the best thing they have ever heard.I do agree that the judges comments should be kept for results night that way the public can truly vote for who they want to also needs to be more fair and only allow one vote per phone number i mean you can sit and hit redial over and over this is not a fair way i dont think.

  72. Tami (#85), I agree that we should be given the number of votes given. Granted, people can still say it’s rigged when the results aren’t to their liking. lol

    I can see how saving the judges’ critiques for the results shows would be beneficial in avoiding bias when voting. However, I find myself disagreeing with the judges about as often as I agree with them.

    “Dancing with the Stars” allows seven votes per phone line, which I think is quite fair… my house will soon be having six people living in it (2 “adult kids” & 2 roommates), and let’s face it: all six of us could have different choices. Being able to hit “redial” over and over is dumb, though, IMO. The current setup doesn’t reflect the viewers’ opinions, because some of us don’t sit and hit “redial” all night till the phone lines stop taking calls.

  73. I agree. Comments about Mike’s size is just immature and tasteless! Size did not effect the icon status of Pavarotti or even Elvis at the end. It is confusing that the contestants are made to sing a certain “theme” and then get criticized for not knowing who they want to be as singers. Poor Shiobhan was constantly damned if she did and damned if she didn’t. Judges say “stay true to who you are” then say “don’t be the same each week”. I would like to see the top 5 get to choose ANY song they like from now on.

  74. to kat #84.

    my computer says siobhan has over 45,000.000 hits,and crystal bowersox has 6.800.000.thats what it says and i will stick to it.we already know your not a fan so poo hoo.

  75. Kat: That is true when you have more people in the house i did not think of that since i live alone..10 would be a good limit i guess but being able to hit redial as often as you want like you said does not reflect the true opinions and I too disagree with the judges all the time LOL so i hear ya there..

  76. @ Kat #86 The benefit of the judges saving their critiques until Wed. night would be that the votes would already have been cast. The judges opinions wouldn’t be in people’s minds when they cast their votes, so they would vote as they saw it not the judges way.

  77. @Kat : My apologies. I read that as “i Can’t see” rather than “CAN’ see and responded inappropriately. Sorry.

  78. This show is about singing..I am not a big Mike fan but please do not be rude and make comments about his looks or size gets me so angry i see people write in blogs all the time well this one is cute or that one is hot thats why i vote for them..THIS IS ABOUT VOCALS NOT BEAUTY..please vote for the vocals not the looks and keep all comments about looks,weight or anything else that does not pertain to singing to yourselves

  79. ruppert 71, 75 thanks your right, she’s already a star on ellen – she’ll have fame and fortune sooner than the idol but if she’d stayed, there maybe more nice moments to watch between her & lee – so cute to see her find comfort in lee’s arms after her elimination

  80. The other thing i wish they would change is if they do not save the judges comments for wednesday night is to cut the show to 1\2 hour this hour long nonsense to elimanate 1 person is non sense

  81. Like a lot of comments, I, too agree that Siobhan had a certain quality about her and was entertaining to watch. She was not my favorite, however, it is a moot point now in citing how many people have “googled” her, etc. What is done is done. They are not going to “bring her back” like they did with Tim Urban….get over it, people. Also, I agree with Tami @ # 92…rude references have been made of and about Mike. This is pointless. It is a singing contest…again…get over yourself.

  82. 95.rose.

    i never said siobhan is coming back.its an observation thats all it is,but thanks for your concern.and again,not trying to make any statements or whatever,i just found this out to be very odd, so to speak.

  83. To all of those upset about Siobhan leaving:Again i am not a Siobhan fan but rest assured the girl has a career and will do just fine..I think in the long run it is best not to be declared the winner and be tied down to a year contract with 19 entertainment,just because these people are voted off does not mean they will not be signed to a record deal.If they are good and she was they will be signed so dont frown just smile and know she has a great career a head of her i did not dislike her just did not like that powerful scream of hers but she has a great and POWERFUL voice and will go far with it!!

  84. @ # 95 Ruppert. Agreed. I felt she left too early and you are right…she is going to be super in her own right…we need some individuality…I have to go with the hometown boy (Aaron) and not just because he lives down the mountain…he does have a good voice and in a few years, he too, will be super.

  85. I agree Rose,I live in Utah well about a mile from David Archuleta but am an Aaron fan and vote for him regulary he has a great voice and it will only get better there is something about his voice that just draws me in just like archies voice did once i hear it i just cant get enough i wish Aaron all the luck this week and only hope he belts one out from within himself and not to please the judges just relax aaron and let that pretty music escape your great!!

  86. Awww…that is nice…I feel he has such a pleasant voice…and will do justice to any one of Sinatra’s songs. I also agree with you on voting…don’t really know how they would ever limit it to a certain #.????

  87. I dont know either,but just feel it should be more fair but until they make it fair i will hit redial for Aaron the whole 2 hours just like everyone else does for their favorite i am sure

  88. Great choices. If Casey sings “The Way You Look Tonight” he will melt a lot of hearts!

  89. Again, Tami @ #48. I can relate. I have 2 grown daughters and 3 granddaughters and am retired…yet I am a BIG Aaron and an Idol fan….I relate more to the era of Joplin, Hendrix, Zepplin and even Carly Simon than I do with some of these singers out there today….sometimes I just don’t get it…ah well

  90. i am please with the top 5 and i cant wait for tuesday to come for big mike to sing we really like is voice,and if he keep up is style he will surely be on top.micheal lynch just choose some good songs and u will other one in the top 5 can take your place or sing like you.

  91. Not hateing on anyone cause god knows i would not like to be in any of their shoes think its a very hard thing to tke a Sinatra song and bring it current without ruining the song but to me Casey seems to sound the same with every song he sings again dont take it as a i hate casey thing because i dont i dont hate any of them just prefer Aaron’s voice over all of them..Big mike was my favorite at the start but to me the last 3 songs have not impressed me that he has sung.Lee has a nice voice as they all do but something about aaron’s voice draws me to him and no i am not a teen as i have seen people say that Aaron only remains because of the teen votes alot of people here in Utah think the same as me that he has a wonderful voicee and they all m6y age which is 48..Think Aaron needs to do a country album would be the bomb LOL but in saying that i wish them all luck this week

  92. i was in hollywood last week and i see all the top 7 sing.they were all good,but big mike is my favorite this season i vote for him before he get in the top 12.i will buy all is music when in release them.

  93. ruppert (#88): Whether or not I’m a fan has nothing to do with whether or not I am fair. I copied and pasted my Google results to you; nothing more, nothing less.

    Tami (#94): I am sooo with you! But the results episodes aren’t much more than hour long “messages from our sponsors” and (IMNSHO) horrific “star” performances. This week’s results episode was fast forwarded through to the end result. (I love DVR! lol)

    (#97) “i did not dislike her just did not like that powerful scream of hers”
    Hear, hear! That scream would be great for *certain* songs, used very selectively. Like I said earlier, Siobhan would do VERY well by NOT relying on one small element that *some* people like, and instead focusing on developing that beautiful voice of hers to its potential. That scream would be much more impressive when used selectively. (I feel the same about Mariah Carey’s “high notes all over the place” signature, as well. Can we say, “Overkill?”)

    Rose (#103): I’ve got two grown sons, and a granddaughter on the way. I’m also a retired vocalist (very early retirement due to disability), and I take pride in having the ability to hear talent above and beyond all the hype we’re subjected to all too often. I hear SO MUCH potential in Aaron’s voice; I commented earlier that it’s going to indeed be amazing when his vocal cords mature. Most teenage boys simply do not have voices as developed as his, nor control. (Teenage girls too, but due to the voice change issues with boys, it’s of course more difficult for them.) I’m not so sure that AI (and the American viewers/voters) hear what my trained ear does. I do think that had he waited a couple of years to audition for AI, he’d have been more appreciated than he is now.

    I do wish to add that, although I of course have genre preferences like anyone else does (though I’m quite versatile), I don’t judge talent according to my personal preferences. Talent has nothing to do with one’s like or dislike of styles.

    Further, there’s so much more to capturing an audience, much less keeping them captivated… one can sing beautifully till the cows come home, but if there’s not a solid performance and simply a general “whole package” feel, then the vocalist becomes nothing more than the rest of the “dime a dozen” performers. This definitely includes choosing songs that best fit one’s voice, mood, personality, and (whether we like it or not) what the audience AND judges will like. I competed for nearly three decades, and I learned a lot about strategy. Competitions are FAR from “just” a vocal competition… it’s a game, and if you don’t learn and play by the rules, you lose the game. It sucks, but that’s how it is.

  94. Tami i agree with u about not being a siobhan fan ans most importantly about AARON KELLY BEING THE BEST!!! i luv him and he would sound great singing anything because his voice is just so perfect. he does do better with country but i just luv to hear him sing! and i dont get y everybody LOVES casey! he does the same thing and he’s WAAY better at guitar than singing so i dont get y hes on this show its a VOCAL competition not an INSTRUMENT competition.
    my top 5 (best to worst)
    1. AARON KELLY 🙂
    2. Crystal
    3. Big Mike
    4. Lee DeWyze
    5. casey
    i hope casey goes home cuz its about time he gets out

    xoxo~tosha <3

  95. I was voting for Crystal, but she messed up big time onTtuesday. I used to vote for her and big Mike, but i will only votefor big Mike from now on. I believe that Micheal Lynch will win the competition this year.

  96. I enjoy listening to most of the idols. Aaron however gives me chills when I hear his voice. He has an awesome talent. Lee has also managed to do this on a song or 2. I think Aaron in the most consistant vocally I think. My problem with Lee is that it is hard to make out the words at times. Same with Casey. They are all truely talented. My vote is with Aaron though.

  97. Crystal had ONE performance that wasn’t great, and she therefore messed up big time? Wow…

  98. food for thought.

    i dont want to look into the past.but i find siobhans elimination song touching.think.
    the words such as:you better think what your trying to do to me.
    it s kinda like her swansong,to simon,and kara
    the bobsie twins.
    well anyway lots of love goes out to siobhan fro sticking to her guns.go out a blazin.

  99. Tosha i agree with you about Casey..My daughter would also she cant figure out why Casey has not gone home yet..Says he sounds the same on every song and she cant make out his words on most of them..And yes my vote is for Aaron maybe now he wont be over shadowed by the others and can let it rip GO AARON GO!!!!

  100. Casey should sing some Creed. Aron might be the next to leave,I think,so I don’t really care what He sings. Big Mike could even do Creed,or Bob Seger. Crystal Bowersox should do a Janice Joplyn,I think.I think Lee DeWyze,will be the next American Idol,or Crystal. I would have to say that Lee will win and could even sing some Bruce Springsteen,or Billy Joel,or Elvis again,or Bob Seger,or really do a Paul McCartney solo.

  101. I was disappointed that siobhan was booted off! I thought She really had a chance,but She kept punking herself out costume wise,maybe even a little Goth’ish look. That is the only reason that She left. She thought She was being so cute,singing all those low key songs,and inuending to the audiance,”Look at Me,I am sooo cute,with all the new,now punk looks!

  102. It’s a real shame siobhan left,I really enjoyed the real high notes She could hit,while Big Mike is talented,Casey needs to really up His game,and really try belting out the notes,and genuinely look as though He really cares. Simon Cowell and I usually see eye to eye on the performance given,but I would not be as cruel to the contestents,as He is,LOL!

  103. Has anyone thought about recruiting Steve Wilkos to replace Simon Cowel next season? He used to be Jerry Springer’s bouncer on the show and has His own show,at late night. I think that bald headed Steve Wilkos,would and could add a much fresher presence on American Idol. Have You or anyone else seen How Steve Wilkos can or does talk down to the scumbody’s,on His show? He probably could be as rude as Simon. LOL!

  104. It’s a beautifgul day in the neighorhood up here in PA. @ 112 Roxy…Totally agree with you about Siobhan’s “Swansong”…she certainly went out in style…kudoi’s to her. I have a feeling she will do just fine…I felt she started to go a little 80’s with the “punk” and somewhat “goth” look…maybe a lot of people did not like that.
    @ # 107 Kat, I is the whole package deal. I hope that with Aaron, he has some good managers behind him that value him as a person and not just a commodity…aka…Justin Beiber and all the Bieber-fever….poor kid…he will burn out before he is even 20 if this pace continues.

  105. it looks like aaron fans are blooming . hyahhaa. i’m also his fans 🙂
    cant wait to see his performance !
    this genre should be perfect to his voice XD
    hope he makes a good song choice 🙂
    but last week ‘s performances are great . every one are good. hope the best for all the contestant 🙂

  106. The top 5 are deserving with the exception of Michael Lynche. He has glided through performing the same type renditions. Some were good and maybe very good, but, he shows no diversity. I’m amazed the judges haven’t commented on this note. They have no problem making critical comments about the other performers. It’s a shame that he’s rewarded doing much the same thing week after week. I’ll bet the others wish they would have that opportunity.

  107. @ # 121 Henry B…agreed,,,Michael has just glided on by…He does have a decent voice but it appears to be the same performance each time…a thought came to me as well about Siobhan and her being lined up to do Ellen’s show before the results were even announced…voting…what voting…

  108. Aaron may now have a real chance to take this thing. David A. had a formidable opponent in David C., but one by one Aaron’s competition is falling by the wayside. The people who loved Siobhan must pick another favorite. For me that will be Aaron because I believe he has the greatest career potential of the remaining 5. Casey’s voice is weak and, though cute, he has little star power. Mike is a barely adequate R&B talent in a niche that is already well stocked. Crystal, while having a good voice lacks the energy and fire of Bonnie Raitt or Melissa Etheridge. And Lee is just weak, his phrasing, his enunciation and his volume. So, for me, youth must be served and Aaron is the one.

  109. I agree with you Canyon only Aaron has to demonstrate more security on stage, his voice is great but I feel him scared all the time lol. He should win

  110. Canyon #124. Totally agree. I believe that Mike will be leaving this week…followed by Casey, then Lee. Or, Crystal’s time may be up this week and the 4 guys will be competing…then it will most definitely be Aaron…who the heck knows….

  111. Marta, #124…we may see a change in Aaron confidence level this week…one of his goals was to reach the top 5…this may be the energy boost he needs…I hope so…there are times he really does look like a deer caught in the headlights…just want to embrace him…he definitely has the potential to be up there with a lot of the country greats…Aaron 2 win !!!

  112. I agree with Rose. Aaron just seems so shy. He just needs to picture all the judges in their skivees and let loose. Can’t wait to see him tackle Sinatra.

  113. Crystal should win american idol 2010.No one can outpast her.The guys are not good,except Aaron.
    Top 3 should be Crystal,Aaron and Lee.Mike should go home next,followed by Casey.As a teenager,I really enjoy all the songs sang by Siobhan.
    (Paint it black,Wicked game,Think,Superstition,Suspicious minds,Through the fire,House of the rising sun,any man of mine)

  114. Yepp! Fat Mike is so “wet” that it’s time for him to go home & hang himself “dry”!

  115. Big Mike will go home next week… He cant sing Frank Sinatra’s song…. He is not special…

  116. For me, Aaron doesn’t need to win, but I hope he makes top 3. He will gain so much experience and stage presence on the tour and as he matures and gains confidence he will ease right into a Nashville contract. Remember LeAnn Rimes on Star Search?

  117. Now that Siobhan’s gone, it doesn’t matter. She was the only interesting contestant who tried different things each week. The others are so predictable it’ll be boring.
    Why watch?

  118. Big Mike, it’s when people stop talking about u, that’s when u worry!

    Look at what happened with “Tyler Perry”, there were many negative things said about him, but he rose to the occasion, persevered, and now has a multi million dollar empire!

    It is the negative remarks and insults that makes a person strong, and positive remarks that helps a person to grow!

    Find strength in the negative and staying strong, continue to grow from the positive and keep persevering!

  119. I saw the song “The Best Is Yet To Come” on the Sinatra playlist that the contestants have to choose from….I can see Aaron singing this one…because THE BEST IS YET TO COME for this young man…Aaron to win!!

  120. Too much love for Aaron. He is the most boring person left in the competition. There is no personality except for his yoda voice. I think he’ll leave next week. I think Crystal will go all the way this year.

  121. I’m for Lee all the way and I have two Sinatra songs in mind for him. I think he could put a current spin on “The Girl from Impanema” or “Witchcraft.” Check out the Sinatra/Elvis duet on Youtube. I think the rest of them should stay away from the more well- known Sinatra songs like “My Way” or “I’ll Fly Away.” Sinatra has so many songs to choose from. They are better off finding the perfect song for them.

  122. yeah!!!i 100 percent agree with wat rose said~i loooooveee you rose!!!haha…aaron definitely deserves to be the next american idol..his performance last week was like WHOA!!!!he deserves the title more than the 3 other guys..he is just only 16 and he has alot of things to learn..winning the idol will boast his confidence ..i hope he wins!!!i wanna see a showdown between lee and aaron in the finals …it’s like another showdown between david archuleta and david cook..gogogogo aaron kelly!!!!

  123. aaron deserves to win more than the 3 guys..his vocal cords will develop as he grows..he’s definitely the most versatile one but he needs to be more confident on stage..he’s only 16 and if he wins this competition this will definitely boast his confidence and thus improving his performance….he;s still young and has lotsa things to learn…gogogogo aaron kelly

  124. Canyon @ 134…good point. Aaron does not necessarily need to be #1 (it would be nice, however). He appears to be surrounded with a positive support system and that would be very important. I am a retired therapist with a lot of experience in counseling young people….Aaron has the maturity level and the sincerity to be a solid country star…in 20 years from now, we will be comparing another rising star with Aaron as one of country music’s greats…Go for it Aaron !!!

  125. No Tami 92!!

    It’s American Idol!! Not Singing or Vocals!!
    It’s a whole package you have to have. Looks, voice, range, fashion sense, someone who will relate to the public. The only one who has all those is SIOBHAN!!!!!!!
    She was a long shot, true, but she had star quality.

    I don’t wanna watch Idol anymore cuz Siobhan was the reason I lived the last couple of days. I’m gonna name my kid Siobhan!!! Please bring out a CD!!!

    Long Live Siobhan!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Starting to sound like the gong show – who’s the biggest loser ==============

  127. I would like to get through one show without hearing a judge use the word “pitchy” or “karioki.” (I don’t even know if that’s how it’s spelled.) Work on your vocabulary people or use some actual musical terms if you know what you’re talking about.

  128. I just bought a newspaper called GLOBE here in Toronto, probably you guys in USA have it too and this is regarding my comment #4 in this blog about Ryan Seacreast. I bought it because of American Idol and it literally says that Ryan is cracking up. People cant understand his cheap jokes, his dancing with a man while Tim Urban was performing, his honestly tasteless remark to Adam Lambert about his tongue and of course that episode getting too close to Simon almost wanting a big fight in live TV
    I said it before, Ryan is behaving very strange. The paper says he has too much work and is making him nuts, close to a breakdown, also says he might be on drugs or buzz. I think the last part is more believable. I think even he has a contract the producers should put a stop to all this, I think is really vulgar, tasteless and such a bad example. Sad, he a good host and made his job really well. He should seek for help before is too late and loses all the credibility he worked for so many years to gain. I hate what is happening in Idol this year but Ryan is the worse part of it all.

  129. I think Lee become a big turning point this time. And I look forward to hearing his song !

  130. Lee, i wanna see you rise above this challenge and shine with your talent & ability!

  131. Ashley, I agree with your picks of song choices for Sinatra week. I’d like to hear Crystal do the Etta James Blues rendition of the song. I heard Bette Midler sing that song to Johnny Carson on his last airing of his show, and know one could do her rendition and do it justice.

  132. Casey James, REMEMBER to sing a slow, rmomantic song cos that’s what’s gonna get you the votes!!! Please please dont ‘bang’ away on your guitar ok….remember, please…Am a great fan of yours, think you are marvellous, easygoing and you’re a natural. Would be nice to hear you sing a romantic love song without your guitar though..try try

  133. I believe all 5 that are left are all going to have successful careers. They are all very talent in their own unique style of singing. Just look how far they have came since the auditions. Everyone has their own favorite so each week someone is going to be upset about the voting. I wish them all great success. Now I am supporting Aaron. I agree with one comment that if he was a few years older he would not be shadowed over by the other contestants. This guy can sing and will only get better as long as he continues to feel confident like he did last week. Sure to see him as CMA for best new artist.

  134. I find myself agreeing with Kat. I love Aaron’s voice, but wish he had waited until it matured more (same applies to Katie). Lee’s voice is good until he starts singing in “the key of WTF” (quote from MTV story)… it’s beauty punctuated by cringes for me. Casey has apparently had sinus problems for much of the competition, so his voice may improve; I’m definitely rooting for him. I loved Siobhan’s personality and pipes, but she just didn’t use her talents quite right too often. I wish Mike well, but he just doesn’t move me. Crystal may only appeal to a niche market (e.g., older musicians, hippies, bluecollar, scientists…), but that girl moves me like nobody has done in the past 20 years. Her original songs are just beautiful in my opinion. While she gets criticized for being stiff/boring, I don’t need or want her doing choreographed dancing along with her music. My ears and limbic system (pleasure center)of my brain are completely addicted to her.

  135. i am totally disagree on some of the comments about micheal lynche,the man make the best improvement so for into this competion,and nobody text on this website can stop big mike from winning this year american idols.he is a sure shot.

  136. from best to worst,
    num 1 big mike
    num 2 crystal
    num 3 casey
    num 4 lee
    num 5 Aaron
    aaron is not doing any think good,i think he will leave this tuesday and go home.

  137. @Dennis #156… you must be a scientist, you write so clearly and analytically… thanks for bringing up Lee and his WTF key, that’s what i love, besides how he deconstructs a word 🙂

  138. #1-Aaron
    #2-Lee or Casey
    #3-Casey or Lee
    We will see if this is how things will play out. Who knows….

  139. i love watch american idols each year,and every year this show is getting better and better.respect to all the judges and the top 5 you all doing a great job.i was so please with the judges when they saved big mike because he really deserved that saved.he will win because he is doing real good.we all voting for you and good luck big mike.

  140. 1 big mike
    2 crystal
    3 casey
    4 lee
    5 aaron deserve to go home only school kids like what he sing.big mike and crystal will go to the final but big mike will win.

  141. all the way from leeds westyorkshire england.we love watching american idols show here,its so fun to watch.we really love the top 5 and the judges,without them the show would not be fun.i like big mike the most,he is full of style and he makes us enjoyed the show much more.big mike definitely coming out as the winner.

  142. kgn jamaica,
    nuff respect to simon and the other judges,i also respect the top 5 alot.i love your show i think the american idols is the most popular tv show on planet earth.i am happy for those who reach the top 5,but i am sure that big mike will win,the whole world knows he is coming out on top.

  143. crystal and big mike will go to the final,
    aaron will definitely go home this week.
    big mike will take the crown,he is a sure winner.

  144. micheal lynche u r the next tyler perry,i cant wait for you to start doing your movies and your songs.

  145. i think big mike is the most popular this seasons on american idols,and he is america and the whole world favorites.he will win comfortable by millions of votes.

  146. I don’t understand…Mike was in the bottom 2 and they saved him…..Now people are saying that he is going to win…..Something is definitely wrong with this picture…..

  147. well i must congrat the judges and the top 5 for the great job hey have being doing.i really like allen and simon the most they make the show more fun.i wish today was tuesday to watch the show,its the most interesting tv show now.i cant wait for the final week to come,to see micheal lynche walk away with the crown.

  148. @ Phyllis #170… i like big Mike a lot too, but he ain’t gonna win for sure, sorry guys!

  149. @Ronnie…..I didn’t think he should have been saved in the first place. According to the voting that week, Mike was out….They should have kept him out!!!! How could someone be that down and out and now he is in the top 5….Did America wake up one day and say “Lets make Mike the next AI”???
    It just seems fishy to me!!! JMO

  150. Lee–Are You Lonesome Tonight
    Mike–Come Fly With me
    Crystal–Bad Bad Leroy Brown
    Aaron–Come Rain or Come Shine
    Casey–Mack the Knife

  151. “Are You Lonesome Tonight” is by Elvis, and “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” is by Jim Croce. This week’s theme is Frank Sinatra. 😉

  152. this year is such a good year for american idols seasons 9,i am happy for the top 5.
    from best to worst
    big mike and crystal final
    3 spot casey
    4 spot lee
    5 spot aaron
    Aaron will go home on tuesday,he have no stage appearance,he only gets votes from school kids.
    micheal lynche will win comfortable

  153. this week top 5 of to work hard to reach top 4,so i guest all the contestants will try to do their best.but i will still backing big mike to the end.

  154. Phyllis G.Las Vegas 170
    ,,on your comments about big mike,can u see that the table turns.the american people choose whatsoever,or whosoever they want to vote for.i am voting for big mike too.

  155. Phyllis 173 & deryck 179
    most people like big mike, i bet all the idols too… they are all such good friends that it’s amazing… they don’t want to see anyone leave but each fears most about his own safety… as deryck says the table turns and when it stops turning that is the one, but i am pretty sure it ain’t going to be big mike

  156. @ Phyllis G. Don’t get too excited by all the Mike love on this board. I’m sure if you scroll up you’ll realize that a large percentage of it is coming from overseas and those fans can’t vote. Spelling, grammar, syntax all indicate second language.

  157. i really like the show american idols,its so more fun.this week is going to be ever much better,cause all the top 5 everyone wants to they will all do their best tuesday.i have my last 4 weeks votes to place them on big mike i wont regret voting for him,because he is a sure winner.

  158. Frank Sinatra recorded “Are You Lonesome Tonight” in 1962 and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” in 1973. I know who the original artists were but he did record those two songs.

  159. i will be in hollywood tomorrow to see the american idols show,and i want to see the top 5 sing,but big mike is the main person we want to see sing.big mike talk some rest for tomorrow ,and do your thing because u r a sure winner.

  160. pants and the ground,as simon cowell said would be a hit song and it was.big mike your time is coming,just have faith and believed in yourself that u r going to win this compition we all know that you are champion this one can take your place.

  161. Beijing China,
    we love american idols show,we love it,its fun fun fun.we which micheal lynche win.we love to see him on stage.

  162. i think michael lynch is fantastic as i im a big fan of the late luther vandross i think michael could fill the void that luther left also if luther was sill with us he be proud that the judges say michael has that smooth velvet voice.*******fantastic

  163. today is the big day for american idol show,all top 5 contestants will try to do very good.i am really looking forward watching it,because its my favorites tv show.i want big mike to win because he make so much effords to reach where he is now.he is the only one right now seems like he want to win.good luck big mike.

  164. i respect the judges alot they all do a execellence job.the top 5 givin us what we really need.i think big mike will win by millions of votes as the usa prediction website,his new born,wife,family and supporters is going to proud of him winning the american idol.

  165. simon,randy,ellen,kara and ryan you guys are great and doing a execellence job,without you the show would not be so much fun.i really enjoyed the show weekly.big mike and crystal will go to the final,they both doing a good job.

  166. Sharon, 159. I completely agree with you. It is nice to know that someone shares the same opinion.

  167. @ #159 & #193 With all due respect, please allow me to disagree…AARON will shine tonight !!!

  168. I think Casey did a lovely job on Blue Skies, but I would have loved to hear him try my Sinatra fav…..”My Way.”

  169. I just reread the comments and I wish people would let Adam Lambert lie. He did not win because the majority of the voters did not like him. Kris Allen is the kind of role model
    most of us thought should be the American Idol.. obviously.

  170. Casey, I’ll be first in line to buy your CDs,
    wjether you win or not!!

  171. big mike u did it again,you were execellence last night.As randy jackson say u did it and u r here to win,i dont see no other contestants promormed as good as u last night.big mike u r a sure winner.

  172. The show was great last night,but aaron,casey and crystal did not impressed me or america.Big mike and lee did real good,but i like big mike proformers much.Big mike singing and stage appearance was execellence,big mike will win comfortable over all the others.

  173. Nuff respect to all the judges and the top 5.Last night show is one of the best this seasons,big mike and lee was real good.Casey,crystal and aaron one of the 3 will go home tonight.I like big mike is stage apperance was great,Big mike will win by millions of votes.

  174. simon,randy,kara,ellen and ryan you guys did a great job and all your shows.i am so having fun with this tv show,its the best in the world.i am so please with big mike last night,he have all what it takes to win.

  175. Beijing China,
    micheal lynch u did it last night,we love u here in china.cant wait to buy your music,your voice was the best last night.u will win

  176. the show was good last night and i think big mike take the show,and last night put him way on top over the others.he will win

  177. i personally believed big mike will win over the others,because he wanted to win.he used is saved to put himself in the number one spot now.big mike will win comfortable with millions of votes,over the others.

  178. as randy said this one a dope,big mike your singing and stage proformers was dope,you did a good will definitely be at the final,and u will win.

  179. without the judges and the top 5,last night show would not be so much fun.i really enjoyed the show,and by watching big mike,it even more fun watching.big mike did a good job,last night puts him in the possition to show all american and the world that he can win.

  180. kingston jamaica,
    yow yow big mike u have the whole world lock big time.we cant wait for u to visit jamaica and proformed here.all our crews have your back.u r a sure winner and good luck.

  181. congrats to top 5 last night,they all do their best.but big mike and lee was the best,i think big mike pulled a big upset.he will win no dought.

  182. bronx new york,
    mike your style was great,i cant believed you on top now from the judges saved.we in the wood is supporting you 100 per cent,we are voting for you.

  183. ellen is so much fun on the show she gives the top 5 good advice.i like big mike and lee,but casey was way off the track.aaron and crystal did not do well either.lee did good,but big mike was my favorites last night.mike will win

  184. @ Susan #210. I came from New York….What is “in the wood”? I’m just curious….I never heard that expression used before…..

  185. phyllis 212.
    hey phyllis the wood means,neighbours wood but i just shortening it and say wood.anyway nuff respect to u as a new yorker in the house.i cant wait to see the results tonight,american favorites big mike will move on to the top 4.i want him to win,what about u who is your favorites.

  186. last night show, shows the 50 states and the rest of the world how talented big mike is.he will win over the others by millions of votes.our prediction never wrong.

  187. @SUSAN #213…..I saw the show last night…I really like LEE. My favorite was SIOBHAN but unfortunately she is gone!!!

  188. big mike is so talented since he got the saved,he impressed the american people that he is a sure winner at the final,from is proformers last night.big mike will win.

  189. best to worst,
    num 1 big mike
    num 2 lee
    num 3 crystal
    num 4 aaron
    num 5 casey
    casey did not impressed the judges or any of is fans last night,he was so off the track he really messed up.and aaron what was he doing up on the stage nothing.
    casey or aaron going home.

  190. the judges was so right when they used the saved to keep big mike in.i give them 100 per cent respect,because they knows what they were doing.look at big mike now,he shines every week he is in the possitions to win and he will,because he is showing it to all is fans and the judges.

  191. whats up big mike u did it men,keep it up and be yourself and believed that u can win and u will.i predicting u as the winner from u were announce in the top 12.u will win keep up the good job.

  192. Big Mike did not hold back last night and really did a great job….but what about all the other times he has been so one dimensional. I felt Lee was the best of the whole night and I am still an Aaron fan (his vocals were strong ans clear….yet a little weak on the stage presence), Casey just could not get it together without his guitar and Crystal’s song choice was poor and it did sound sleepy and was definitely “indulgent” as Simon put it. I feel she has been self-indulgent for the entire competition…it is all about her and her emotional drama. Still voting for Aaron. Think Casey will be eliminated tonight.

  193. On a side note….felt that HC Jr. was the best mentor they have had on AI. He did a terrific job and was really focused on the contestants looking good and doing well. Big kudos to him!!

  194. what is wrong no one wants to comments on last night show about the others singers,it seems like big mike is america favorites then.

  195. i like big mike and lee the most last night.crystal dont want to win she is answering back the judges,casey and aaron did not impressed me a bit.big mike and lee will come domn to the final,big mike will come out on top,he have better voice and stage appearance over lee and the others.

  196. i enjoyed the show last night,lee,crystal and big mike done great.but aaron and casey was way off the track,what casey was doing,he is in big trouble tonight.i think everyone is turning to big mike now,i am looking for mike to win.

  197. Respect to Simon,Randy,Kara,Ellen,Ryan and all the fans that support American Idol for the past 9 years.Big Mike and Lee was definitely in good vibes.But Crystal,Aaron and Casey loose all their for vibes they done nothing for me last night.Big Mike will win comfortable

  198. Crystal should be singing a gutsy bluesy arrangement of “Birth of the Blues.” It will rival Fantasia’s “Summertime.”

  199. So sad to see Aaron leave tonight 🙁 Thought for sure it would be Casey…ah well. Votes will be going for Lee now….

  200. Thanks a LOT, Rose… tonight’s episode hasn’t even BEGUN to air on the west coast yet. Next time you decide to post a comment about a LIVE show on an article that has nothing to do with that particular episode (meaning those reading the comments wouldn’t be to be told exactly what happens), please think about the fact that people in time zones behind yours just might not want to be told the results before the show even begins. Now I have no reason to watch tonight.

  201. @ 231 Kat….I am so so sorry. I did not realize that. I will definitely be more cognizant of time change.

  202. I’m sorry I shouted like that, Rose. I could’ve pointed out the time difference without sounding like a 12 yr. old.

    As an aside, based on Tuesday’s performances, it should have been Casey to go next. I knew Aaron wouldn’t make it to the end, though, simply because he is so young… nowadays, unless one acts way too old for one’s age and/or is over-the-top bubblegum (i.e., Britney Spears fits both molds), teenagers just don’t make it far in this business. I do believe we’ll be seeing and hearing more of Aaron in the future, though. 🙂

  203. Kat. No problem. I really should have been more aware of the time difference. I do agree that it was Casey’s night to go home and yes, Aaron will do just fine…he will have the tour this summer to really get his feet wet, so to speak, and I am sure we will see him accepting awards on the CMA’s in the future. Again…sorry. Have a gentle day.

  204. I think that scotty should sing three wooden cross by randy travis or long black train by josh turner.

  205. I think Scotty would be great at singing: Where were you when the world stopped turning. Especially in light of what happened to Bin Laden.

  206. haley reinhart should be singing songs by Joss Stone, or Joss Stone’s renditions of songs….asap, before it’s too late

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