American Idol 2010: Ranking The Top 5

Update: The idols will not be allowed to use their guitars this week as Harry Connick Jr. will be the first mentor to arrange the songs and write the orchestrations for the contestants to perform.

We should have another amazing week on American Idol.  With the talents of Harry Connick Jr. mentoring the Top 5, the contestants should be able to bring it with the music of Frank Sinatra.  This week I’m basing my rating on who I THINK will do the best performance tomorrow night.

5) Big Mike is going to struggle.  This is not anywhere close to his genre and with the new backing of VFTW things are not looking good for him.  I hope he has the ability to change his song around and really make it his own.

4) Lee Dewyze is my favorite.  I would buy his album over anyone elses right now but I don’t know how he is going to do with Sinatra.  I hope he surprises me.

3) Aaron Kelly should have a good night.  This is right up his ally and I would rank him higher if he had a little more experience and voice training.

2) Casey James is going to continue to shine.  He knows he is in danger of going home and he has to bring his A game from here on out.

1) Crystal Bowersox will be back at the top this week.  She didn’t do as well as usual in her last performance which will make this song even better.

Who do you think will bring the best vocals tomorrow night?




  1. This is definitely outside Crystal, Lee, and Casey’s wheelhouse don’t know how they’ll fare this week. Big Mike and Aaron’s voices are imo very suited to Sinatra week so they’ll probably do much better! That said Crystal and Casey, if they ever come out with an album after this competiion is done, I will absolutely buy theirs on iTunes! I know I should like Lee’s voice because his sound is younger and I’m young but I’m just not into his music but he’s still a wonderful singer same with Big Mike and Aaron not my cuppa.

  2. If siobhan was around, she would have blast off sinatra’s song. she has the best vocals of anyone else. American idol is so dead already. we need uniqueness to continue watching. the only one left was siobhan and she’s gone along andrew, lily scott, and all the people with talent. huh. Lee is the only one who deserves a spot in AI. the rest can go fly kite. This is the worst season with lousy people left as Top 5. omg…………….

  3. Sinatra is a weird choice for AI. If you are looking for a 21st C. pop star, a mid 20th C. star is irrelevant. Sinatra had his last hit before these guys were born.

    Sinatra’s forte was diction and phrasing. Crystal is the only one who doesn’t problems in that area, so she should be OK if she can find a song she can put a bluesy spin on. No small task!

    I want Aaron to sing “High Hopes”. Lee has already done 2 tunes with nonsense lyrics, so “Strangers in the Night”. Mike seems to love ballads, so he should have no trouble finding another one to screw up. Casey? Good luck, you’ll need it.

  4. Since Siobhan got voted off AI I am putting my support behind Crystal. I would like for a woman to win this year. I am undecided to whom I would like to be runner up. As usual good luck to all the remaining contestants.


  6. not going to watch..i will rely on this blog for’s all going to be VANILLA this week..just like America Idol wants it…

  7. I’ve heard that the idols won’t be allowed to use guitars this week. That should make it interesting for the ones that don’t want to let go of them. So it sounds like we will get to hear vocals only. Should definately make it interesting.

  8. i will too,not be watching,who cares really.i highly doubt anyone of these 5 remaining singers will be future stars.i dont want to down grade any of them,i just know they,american idol brass got what they wanted,and that was to give siobhan,the boot.she was the true form of what an artist is,someone who brings excitement,huge vocals,changes her looks,and songs,she is the reason so many ai fans think this show is fixed.

  9. I agree with Ted: Crystal is the only one likely to come close to Sinatra’s beautiful phrasing–now if she can just deliver it with soul and emotion she should easily win this night. Lee is a possibility to do well, but he would certainly have to connect with the audience more than usual. Casey, Mike and Aaron will not have a clue what to do.

  10. Sure will miss Siobhan though. She could have knocked it out of the park with Sinatra.

  11. Really think it will be Aaron’s night to shine like he did singing Angie and last week’s performance. He should do very well. Look for Lee also to have a fairly decent night. Casey may do well. Not so much with Mike and Crystal…can’t see her doing her “Joplin” twist on a Sinatra song. Aaron 2 win !!!

  12. All (the judges) eyes will be on Lee as the rest are much more suited for Sinatra’s catalog, so if Lee can “stay true” to his own style but at the same time “convey” the essence of Sinatra, he’ll elevate himself to a higher level, the top.

  13. Since my two favorites, Siobahn and Alex Lambert, are gone, I really don’t care who wins this year. Aaron can NOT sing, and Casey isn’t much better. Crystal is the only remaining contestant I would buy a record of.

  14. I know I will continue to watch AI but my heart really won’t be in it….At least last year Adam was in it until the end…This year my favorite was eliminated early (no sense in commenting on Siobhan’s departure everyone said everything already) Now I will be rooting for Lee, not voting because I really don’t think it matters so I won’t be wasting my time anymore.
    GO LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Give me a break, please! Vote for talent, not because Crystal’s a girl. I still like the way Mike sings and I think he’ll do well with a Sinatra song. Don’t know about the young one though. Best of luck to them all!

  16. I saw that Sinatra first recorded “I Only Have Eyes for You” — and is a great song. I could hear Big Mike singing that one….. The biggest version was by The Flamingos, (doo wop group) and a version of Art Garfunkel charted, but I think Big Mike could sing that one.

    How about Lee DeWyze singing “Swinging on a Star” — I could hear that. Might even be fun….

    This is not going to be a very fun week, but it could be interesting….

  17. @Byron #16. Nobody sings that song better than the Flamingo’s not even ole blue eyes!!!!!

  18. Frank recorded “Try a Little Tenderness” in 1945, some 15+ years before Otis recorded it. That could be a chosen song too.

  19. Lee is the most over-rated and over-hyped…I say anyone but him. Siobhan was interesting, exciting and had great raw vocals–so it only makes sense she is gone, lol! I say let Crystal win because everyone else is so freakin’ boring! They picked the lamest group fo talent this season. I hope Lee leaves next because he is not able to singing on-key! Notice how the judges never comment on that? Weird. Gee–I wonder who their favorite might be??? Lee per chance? Not sure why since he sucks.

  20. Lee is my fav and I think he can do well with Sinatra if he picks the right song. He has that raspyiness in his voice and there are several Sinatra songs that he could do well with. I think he should check out Withcraft and The Girl from Impanema. He needs to find the song that works best for him, to stay true to himself and make it his own. I think Casey and Big Mike are going to have the hardest time with this category.

  21. @ Torey #19… no criticm from the judges because Lee is best in his unique WTF key –
    he deconstructs each song (sometimes each word), gargles in his throat and spits it all out in such groove… best sound ever made 🙂

  22. Crystal has the most unique voice of any female in modern times…You can understand all her words, and I predict she’ll outsell every AI winner to date over the long haul. Her boundaries are unlimited. Elvis, Dolly, Loretta came from the bottom, and look at their achievements…Pure natural raw talent…akin to Crytal. Colonel Parker would
    have recognized this gal & signed her up instantly.

  23. ….like Casey also, but I’d rather he’d drifted more to the country/pop side & joined the other 45 other hunks in that venue. I think he’s been driven into too many other areas. Crystal doesn’t follow 45 divas. That’s what makes her special. Don’t give me another hunk or diva that has a “great voice” & looks like a model. I’d recognize Crystal’s voice anytime….can’t say that about MOST artists today.

  24. I think that they are all good in their own way… personally i like Lee, i like that kinda rock voice… he reminds me alot of David Cook, i do think theres a chance he may struggle this week i also think theres a fairly good chance that he will surprise us, as he did many other weeks

  25. Performance predictions:

    1.Casey-LOVE HIM no matter what he sings…with or without the guitar…
    2.Lee- Always comes through…
    3.Crystal-She’s ok, but I wouldn’t buy her music…
    4.Aaron-should do well, but I wouldn’t buy his music, either…
    5.Mike-No Comment…

    Heard the rumor Daughtry(my all-time favorite idol EVER is going to be on the show sometime this month…Anyone here anything about this?)

  26. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my man casey. He has been my #1 from the begining. Even though he has had a rough couple of week with being in the bottom 2, I really think he has what it takes to break the streak. Good luck casey, behind you all the way.

  27. I would really love to see big Mike sing a duet with Melinda D., (contestant a couple of seasons ago), and have “Andrae Crouch” write the song!

    Mike has the ability to sing R&B Soul, gospel, blues, and jazz!

    People like “kirk Franklin, “Donnie McClurkin” “Sounds of Blackness”, and “BEBE and CECE Winans” etc. are people/group that Mike can look to for inspiration!

    It does not matter to me if big Mike loses, because he already has my utmost respect and I would definitely support his music.

  28. Lee is off key because he has sniffed so much paint at his job. Notice how he always looks like he’s a tweaker who is really disconnected from where he is at? He has that “deer in the headlights” look. If he wins, what can I say? The show is over. That’s all folks! Go Crystal!

  29. Personally, I’d like I Only Have Eyes For You to be done by Aaron. The lyrics are perfect for a first love scenario. It’s tender and fresh. Aaron would struggle with any of Frank’s more world weary songs.

    Note to Ashley: sp. a l l E y

  30. What do people have against Mike?He has a great voice!!!I don’t get a Sinatra theme.The judges talk about today’s relevance,and then this???? I think they’ll do good.Chrstal will sing apretty ballad,and be totally in tune.VOTE FOR GOoD VOCALS!!!!!!!!!!

  31. AARON KELLY!!! he has the best voice and is the GREATEST LOOKING DUDE ON AI THIS SEASON!! (i no this isnt a looks competition but if it was id vote for him) i luv big mike but he hasnt been doin all that great and i liked casey at the begining (c’mon who CANT like him after THAT audition???) but now that theres only 5 left hes not really that amazing
    my top 5 (best to worst)
    1. AARON KELLY (obviously) <3
    3. Big Mike
    4&5. Lee and Casey i like and hate them both the same so i hope one of them goes home this week

    xoxo~tosha <3

  32. @ 35 “I Only Have Eyes For You” would be a great song for Aaron…He is still my favorite.Aaron 2 win !!!

  33. @ Rose: Thank you. I just went to youtube and listened to some songs by Jesse McCartney. His voice is quite nasal and in my opinion Aaron is a better singer. Since Jesse and Justin Bieber are cash cows right now, I have high hopes for Aaron.

  34. @ Canyon…there you go…I believe the young man “Aaron” has staying power…I would really like to see good things happen for him…he has touched my heart…not only his singing but who he is now as a person and of the man he will become. So proud of him. I believe he has a close knit support system that will not allow for him to be a “cash cow” or commodity. Aaron to win!!!

  35. I really hope Crystal does good tomorrow night. She can’t leave AI. She just can’t, or else AI would get boring. I always fall for Crystal’s performances every week.

    I don’t know but I’m a big fan of her singing country. Like Me and Bobby Mcgee and last week’s No One Needs to Know. I’m not sure if it’s a falsetto or just a plain high note but she was so great when she hit those notes.

    I think it’s Mike’s turn to go. He’s the same week after week. The RnB’s getting a little boring. Sad to say though, I liked him for a while at the start.

    Aaron is plain good. He’s not great but not bad and not so boring. He did great last week though. I like him and he should stay for another week.

    Casey’s staying for two more weeks. I’m pretty sure with that. He’s good when he turns acoustic and soulful. I liked that side of him. But I don’t think he fits second place more than Lee.

    I love Lee and his voice. He knows himself. He knows he’s not all perfect. He knows he needs to improve his confidence on stage. And he knows how to solve those problems.

    PS: Really scared for Crystal. Please be amazing.

  36. @Rose i agree with u AARON KELLY AS THE NEXT AMERICAN IDOL!!!
    xoxo~tosha <3

  37. I really can’t see Crystal swinging to Sinatra. I really can’t see any of them who can do that or who can own a melody like Frank did.

  38. Frank Sinatra,really?? Siobhan would have wrecked any Sinatra song so I am glad she is gone.I really don’t know who will do well.I would love for Crystal to make up for last week,but Sinatra just don’t know.

  39. I’m with ya’ll, 6- 88fingrsloule, 31 boringsox, 8 jack, I too will not be watching or calling any of my friends to have them watch like usual. agree with 10 melinda, 11- Rose hahaha you said Crystal won’t be able to do her Japlin thing this week? Don’t worry guys, that is exactly what she will do. She has a unique immitation carboncopy of Japlin that just won’t go away. lol yuck!!! 16- Byron? and 7- Crafty lol This week won’t be fun but will be interesting because they can’t use their guitars? well wooopiii doo! lol 14- Phyllis, u are a sweet person, you are not voting cus u know what just happened but you are still watching, that’s good enough for me, you are sweet. If you guys are real here and you really want to continue watching this season, I wish your favorites lot’s of luck and I think ya’ll are sweet for supporting the remaining. I on the other hand can’t find any of them interresting enough to be a big deal and something smells rotton about A.I. Maybe it’s just Crystals Sox. Lol SIOBHAN 2010 a star has been found!!! we will watch her in the future.

  40. Casey James was in the bottom 2 or 3 last 2 weeks cos hey, America, you forgot to vote!!! He is the whole package, i tell you, and this week, im so looking forward to hearing him sing without his guitar..he should do good…plesssssssss do a love song, man!

  41. Simon and Kara cruzified her every week, that’s why the BOYCOTT, no constructive critisicm just destructive criticism. Making such embarrasing comments many times had nothing to do with her singing. She is too unique for AI. Really? destracted by leaves, i’m confused, want 2 hang out with u instead uhm DUH! Screw them they deserve what they want, Joplin 4 the win! lol

  42. I really believe that HCJ can take these songs and make them fresh. Think about what HE did with his “Only You” album… and a number of the songs from the “When Harry Met Sally” soundtrack. Given his New Orleans Jazz and Blues bent, he should be able to spin it right down Crystal’s Alley, which will also work for Casey. I can hear Lee doing My Funny Valentine. I think this week will be FAR from boring. Given the success of Norah Jones and Michael Buble’, you can’t say this kind of music is irrelevant in today’s music world either. Just my .02…

  43. and, P.S. While Crystal did a good job singing Joplin, she is NOT a Joplin mimic in everything she sings. She has done some beautiful, pure, clean ballads that are just breath-taking if you take the time to listen to her original work. Anyone familiar with Joplin’s body of work knows that her screaming puts Siobhan to shame. Just sayin’…

  44. I have only one prediction [or is that a wish?]and that is that Crystal will show everyone how to do a Sinatra song! This is going to be a challenge for everyone but I will always bet on thoroughbred singers and performers like Crystal. Can’t wait!

  45. @ RealityDan #51… just curious, how’s Crystal a “thoroughbred” singer?

  46. Crystal….Thoroughbred in question?…Pure RAW talent….doesn’t have to let music drown her out (as a cover-up)for mistakes…Perfect pitch & unique in style & clarity. Name just one pro that’s out there now that sounds like her….U can’t.

  47. OK Frank Sinatra is passé, but he went on singing until the late 80’s long after Elvis’s death and always with virtuosity. He was an icon and I reckon whoever does best this week deserves to be the next AI. I am looking forward to tonight’s performances.

  48. Dan & Don 51&53… Crystal’s gifted any blind can see… i’ll consider her “thoroughbred” when & if she’s compared to Lady Ella

  49. @ ronnie: When she’s compared to Ella?? Why not throw in Nancy wilson and Dinah Washington while you’re at it? This is American Idol. Crystal isn’t even in a class with Melinda Dolittle.

  50. @58,..check out SIOBHAN on the Ellen show ..singing House of the Rising Sun..awesome!

  51. @ Canyon: in complete agreement, this is AI, no need to elevate anyone to thoroughbred status

  52. @ ronnie..Ella as in Ella F.?..oh, please. Not even close
    @ Canyon #59 I so agree.
    And to all of you with the Siobhan”complex”. She is doing good…it is not about her anymore. Focus on who is left.
    Top 3….Aaron, Lee, Casey

  53. @Rose #62…..Its not a complex. I guess you will understand when Mike gets eliminated.
    Siobhan was my favorite and to me none of the others really rock my world….I wish them all well because we all have our favorites and thats who we vote for……

  54. I haven’t watched since Katie was voted off. She has talent hopefully she’ll be back. I never realized what she an Aaron are giving up to be there. Due to the tour Katie won’t graduate with her class just get a diploma mailed to her. She will miss her prom and has to put off college a year. Seems like a lot to chance. I think she and Aaron are to young(emotionally and vocally for the show). Hope that mike goes he reminds me of rubben studdard and what happened to him now? Crystal should end up going to she had a voice but just isn’t marketable. Look at her not a beauty. Aaron go home and finish growing up. That leaves lee and Casey. Neither are great both have moments. I don’t see a big star coming out of AI this year.

  55. Crystal Bowersox all the way. She is very unique and she has shown she can sing any genre of music. I predict she will do very well this evening. She is the best thing that’s happened to Amercian Idol in a very long time. She is extremely talented.

    Go Crystal!!!!

  56. rose #62

    not going to vote for an average performer just to pick was SIOBHAN..she is gone..but try to enjoy her on Letterman and Ellen..just check it may agree with SIOBHAN fans.

  57. Aaron to win !!! He will do great tonight. Have a feeling that Mike will be eliminated this week. To 3 pick…Aaron, Lee and Casey. Crystal may have a decent voice but she is not the whole package….too much drama and angst with her.
    Aaron all the way !!!

  58. I actually don’t know if Crystal would do well this week. I don’t see her doing Sinatra, but I could be surprised. I could see the others doing really well with this. I love Sinatra songs, so I hope tonight will be a good night.

  59. @Gabby#68… a coworker said she did real well at rehearsal and got the biggest applause.

  60. On performance
    1. Lee
    2. Mike
    3. Crystal
    4. Casey
    5. Aaron
    Still love Crystal though..and she looked stunning.
    A suggestion…get RELEVANT and CURRENT themes! Thought we all entered a time machine and went backin time.

  61. Based on performances only from last night:
    1. Lee – first time he looked relaxed
    2. Aaron- really smooth – ggod vocals
    3. Mike – actually did good -really did not need the hat
    4. Crystal – looked uncomfortable – wrong song choice-“indulgent” as Simon says
    5. Casey – stiff and unnatural without his guitar
    Still…it’s Aaron 2 win !!!

  62. Wow casey was awful so im think he will be next to go arron was okay but will be the next to go, Big mike is overrated and very limited to what he can sing i cant believe they brought him back . As someone stated earlier Lee seems to be the judges favorite but the guy is never on key and always sounds like the bruce springsteen. While crystal has had two weeks of poor song selection she is still the best singer of this group.

  63. I love Casey. Last night he did not feel very comfortable, but showed he hss a very very nice voice without his guitar. He’s the best guitar player ever on the show too.

  64. i like crystal but she really gave a boring performance this week…

    lee is a sure fire to go to top 4

    aaron mike and casey bottom 3..

    casey and aaron are the best choices to be booted out of idol… they’re good but people need something new…

  65. LEE is the best. He is the most talented artist on the show. He hasn’t had one bad week yet! Every time he sings I literally get goosebumps, that means something great. Lee will make it far after he wins this competition. I already heard him on the radio the other day =]! GO GET IT LEE!

  66. @ Lauren #76: I like Lee too, but if you really want goosebumps go to YouTube and pull up David Cook’s Idol performance of “Music of the Night”. I guarantee a thermonuclear meltdown.

  67. The band overpowered the singers that wasn’t singing up-tempo music….Wonder how Crystal would’ve done if she could’ve had an imput in the arrangement….Even bet she really wanted to, but that choice wasn’t given. I don’t think she’s as cocky or rude as many suggest…just knows what works for her, and the judges aren’t always right. Look at the top 5 for the past years, and see that those that have turned out to be very successful. Crystal will be a superstar…with or without their contract. You can count on that. Lee & Crystal will both be very successful. The rest will make albums and do well also. *Final note: When Casey was steared away from country by the judges, I knew he was heading in the wrong genre of music. He has the voice, looks & perfect age to join the bunch of hunks that country promotes. Can’t wait to see if Nashville embraces him as they did Kelly Pickler.

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