American Idol 2011 Hollywood Week Begins Tonight

Update: Check out Reality Rewind’s great run down of tonight’s performances.

Tonight on American Idol we’ll start the real competition when Steven, Randy, and Jennifer head to Hollywood to greet the golden ticket holders and prepare for the tough job of eliminating hopefuls down to the very best.

We still won’t get to do any voting just yet, so the new trio of judges will have to do the voting for us. Let’s hope they make the right cuts when the time comes. No matter what they decide you know there will be tears and anger. Oh boy!

Looking back, which American Idol 2011 hopefuls from the auditions are you most looking forward to seeing again? Well you better not miss tonight’s first trip to Hollywood because it could be the last time you get to see your favorite again.

Side note: Did you see Simon Cowell is giving away $5 million for X Factor versus Idol’s $1 million? Apparently Simon is really working to out do his old show.