American Idol 2011 Hollywood Week Begins Tonight

Update: Check out Reality Rewind’s great run down of tonight’s performances.

Tonight on American Idol we’ll start the real competition when Steven, Randy, and Jennifer head to Hollywood to greet the golden ticket holders and prepare for the tough job of eliminating hopefuls down to the very best.

We still won’t get to do any voting just yet, so the new trio of judges will have to do the voting for us. Let’s hope they make the right cuts when the time comes. No matter what they decide you know there will be tears and anger. Oh boy!

Looking back, which American Idol 2011 hopefuls from the auditions are you most looking forward to seeing again? Well you better not miss tonight’s first trip to Hollywood because it could be the last time you get to see your favorite again.

Side note: Did you see Simon Cowell is giving away $5 million for X Factor versus Idol’s $1 million? Apparently Simon is really working to out do his old show.




  1. What's the deal? Why is Adam Lambert's picture shown at he beginning of the show with all the winners? Why isn't the other runnerup's not shown too? Or better yet, where is Jennifer Hudson? Why is he even up there?

    • because he is an amazing talent!!!!!!!! star power!! I will say Jennifer Hudson should be up there too!

    • Laura; Adam Lambert is probably the best American Idol has EVER had on! He just got the shaft from homophobics. But he is doing great. He is touring and has a new album coming out soon. Adam has tons and tons of talent. He is a gentleman. Always is very polite and nice to everyone. Phyllis my friend and Rose too! You are so right girl! I love the way you get right to the point Phyllis! Yes Adam should have won!!! Did you watch last night? They had some talent that was outstanding! That last guy that sang Tylers song really blew me away! Rose how are you doing? I am enjoying the show this year! I just love to watch Steven Tyler . He is so funny. And so charming! I am delighted. I have been an aerosmith fan for a longtime! But this is kind of like getting to know him and his personality! He is a cool dude! Love to both of you! Sherry K

      • Sherry……my friend….so good to see you on the site. We really started being idol friends because of Adam. We both loved him and we were so disappointed that season. I hope this James Durbin makes it thru Hollywood…..I guess we have to wait and see. Take care and hope to see you on the site soon…..

      • Hello Phyllis G and Sherry K. Yes, Yers, and Yes…am loving AI this year. I am with ya'll on the fact that Adam SHOULD have won…what an amazing talent.

        I did like the very last guy (James)…awesome. Although, while it took insurmountable courage for him to get up and audition…I am wondering if he will be able to deal with the pressures of competing…he really had a wonderful story and kudo's to him for taking on this challenge.

        Looking forward to tonight. Whoo Hoo… 🙂

      • Hi Rose A. I have a feeling you might be right about James at Hollywood week. Based on his performance last night, he was awesome but maybe the pressure got to him during Hollywood week. I sure hope not because I really thought he was sooo good. I'm hoping for another Adam (although nobody can be another Adam)……Love you all. Enjoy the show tonight….

    • @ Phyllis G (Los Vegas) and Rose, My two dear friends! I hope you are right too! I hope the pressure does not get too hard on James either! I am waiting anxiously for Hollywood week too! I am glad to see my two friends on here this year too! Both of you are so great. I wish I could spend more time on the computer chatting! But my husband is not working. and he hogs the computer until late at I either have to stay up until midnight, or wait until he goes some where in the day time. Love you both! I am getting excited now that Hollywood week is coming right up! Bye Sherry K.

      • I just love this site. I love the great friends I have made, Rose, Sherry,Angela etc….Maybe one day we could have an AI Fan reunion, maybe in Vegas (LOL)…….Maybe we can get to meet Matt & Ashli Rae too!!!!!! JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!!

  2. WOW. Phyllis…what a wonderful thought…It would be so cool to have an Idol Reunion…and…yes, Vegas does seem to be the perfect place~!!! I am pumped up about tonight.

    Whoo Hoo~!!! Good thoughts for James….I have worked with young men and women like him and there is always hope…He appears to have a good sense of direction and a lot of determination…he touched my heart… 🙂

    • My heart too! Can't wait for tonight…..Have a great evening and enjoy the show….We'll chat about it tomorrow. Off to dinner for my nephew's birthday!!!!!

      • Phyllis, You and Rose are just so funny! I love you girls so much! It would really be GREAT if we could all get together someday and meet! I have had the " Time of my life " with the two of you! I watched the show through my son talking very loud to me. He was angry about something! He finally shut his mouth and went home.I am sitting here smiling right now. And Rose I was going to look for your instructions on the smile. I wrote it down. But it is just too daRn cold here. I am wrapped up in a wool blanket sitting at the computer! Brrrrr. LOL! Is it cold where you are Phyllis? What about you Rose? Anyway I can't wait until tomorrow to see wht the two of you thought about tonight. I personally really like the country guy who sounds like Josh~~Oh my I can't think of his last name.Is it Turner? He sings " Don't go riding on that big black train." My heart goes out to the ones that have to go home Phyllis. But oh well only one can win! A lot of talent this year.Bye until tomorrow! Sherry K

      • @ Sherry K. I am so glad for James. You may be right…it is his determination that got him through. An amazing young man. And Scotty McCreery….who sang Josh Turner's Your Man is so likable…what a great smile he has ( and talent, as well) Is it next week that will determine the top 40.? There are so many that have incredible talent.

        @ Phyllis…hope you had fun at your nephew's B'day. Already pumped up for next week…Whoo Hoo…:-)

        Sherry…try hitting the colon; (:)then hyphen; (-)then the outside prenthesis sign above the # 0 and that should give you the smiley face… 🙂

      • Hi Sherry K. Your the best….I so enjoy my friends on this site. I am also so glad you got to watch AI last night. Tell your son to call you after AI and rant..LOL…..The show was great last night but they did seem to only show us how the ones we saw on the Auditions made out. I am sure there are quite a few really great singers that we heard yet. I love James Durbin but I have a gut feeling he doesn't make it. I hope I'm wrong….I'm kinda like you and Rose the ones that did make it thru to the next round are among my favorites.

        I ready for the next round (group round) its not my favorite one but there is always so much drama. Should be fun. Have a great weekend Sherry, Rose, Angela and all my AI friends, even the ones I don't agree with…LOL

  3. I really liked this James Durbin dude. Rose mentioned whether his disability might prevent him from handling the pressure? (Kinda like Crystal's diabetis). It could go either way. That is, he said he was a high functioning autistic. Sometimes they are nearly savant with an extroardinary talent and can perform flawlessly under any circumstance. (My brother his Asperger's). But on the down side, they have enormous social avoidance problems which would keep them from being able to be a part of the hollywood scene. In the end, this disability can be a blessing and a curse. The soulful part of their singing comes from "going into their head" and singing "from someplace else". I am rooting for James but have my fingers crossed.

    • Hi Wanda. Yes, I agree. We shall see. And you are right…this particular disability could be either a blessing or a curse, which will come down to a strong support system. From what I saw, I believe he has this. Again, best of luck to this extraordinary young man and the courage and dedication he has displayed. Enjoy the show. I already have but am NOT going to put a spoiler on it. 🙂

    • I agree Wanda, he is one one of my favorites too!!! He will continue on!! His disability will not prevent him, it will push him!

  4. Well i am not really all fond of Adman yes he is great but an American Idol type but now to this year i wasnt gonna watch it because of last year i didnt like who won ..but this year caught my eyes when there is so much talent in the younger generation like the 15 and 16 and 17 year olds out there and i hope this year we have a young one win it Look at justin BerBar or how ever you spell it he never went on idol and he is making it ..You are all are great and im here to cheer my fav and other on to a good session ..

  5. does anyone know if jonathan schultz from karnes city (austin auditions) make it through hell week

    • Winston, I was reviewing some video's of last Thursday's show and at the end of the show, those that made it through to "Group Night" were all jumping around..hooping and hollering…I believe I did see John Wayne Shultz among that crowd…think he even had on his cowboy hat…couldn't miss him. Tune in this week to see what happens. It is a fantastic season this year. 🙂

      • But did John Wayne Shultz make it through group night? Because they didn't show him last night and I'm dying to know.

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  6. I liked the way James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Jacee Badeaux sang. Too bad I didn't get to hear any more contestants sing. I hope I won't be treated to a rehash of the same sob stories week after week, that's just lazy production. It's a singing talent competition and I think other competitors deserve to be featured as well. I don't think someone has to be facing adversity or be embarrassingly annoying to be interesting. If Idol is going to turn into a daytime talk show I'll just wait and watch the last four shows when people actually sing the whole time.

    • MO…I agree… seems that last night we just got to see the same people we had seen during the auditions….I'm ready to see more contestants other than the same ones. Don't get me wrong, I really liked most of the ones that went thru to the next round but I'd like to see some new ones too!!!!!!

  7. Am also an Huge Adam L. Fan. Thought 4 sure He'd Win in season 8. Forgot I live in America where one too many folks are Homophobics. Hummmm "Thou Shalt NOT JUDGE", I guess Folks don't want to Care about ALL those 10 Commandments; Just the ones THEY LIKE.

    Am Sorry to see the 'lovers' male didn't get through. They wouldn't even give the guy a chance; I don't think he even got an bar of music out of his mouth B-4 Randy Dear held his hand up to stop him?! "1 TRY" Whats up with That? They gave a few folks another try tonight. Not fair. Why put the guy THROUGH to Hollywood? Randy has tuned it seems bitter. Mean almost. Sad to see. And Y Have this stupid Acapello sp? Its so darn HARD to sing with NO MUSIC; nothing. Why have the 'GROUP' for that matter? They didn't come to sing in a GROUP; They're Single Singers. I'd LOVE to see Ms. Lopez, Mr.Randy, and Steven T. Sing without any music; And IN a Group; Okay; Steven could do BOTH Blind Folded.

    • Kelly…..I am a giant Adam L. fan. I just love his music…..If it wasn't for this site, I probably would have stopped watching Idol after Season 8's big disappointment….but I wasn't alone so here I am in Season 10 and so far its been a good start. Love the judges, love the contestants. I really hope that James Durbin makes it. So far he is my favorite but than again we haven;t really seen all the talent…??????

      • Hi Phyllis, I'm with you and Kelly! Adam Lambert I felt was the most entertaining that year, and he is still a phenomenal artist! I have been a fan of his, when I first saw him on AI!

        Your idea about an Idol Reunion sounds like fun! Count me onboard, whenever it happens in Las Vegas!

        I did not get to watch the show last night because of my job! This rotten schedule that AI changed to, has been an obstacle for me and I am sure to a lot of other people!

        Change back AI!

      • Angela….You really didn't miss too much last night. A lot of what we saw were the contestants that we saw at the auditions. Some made it, some didn't. They have narrowed the field down. Next Wed. you'll get to see a recap probably but you shouldn't have any problems picking up on the ones that made it to the next round…

        Next year Rose said she is going across country, if she stops in Vegas we can plan something. We'll have to wait and see….but it does sound good….AN AI FAN REUNION!!!!

      • @ Angela…of course being another Adam L. fan. One of the best Idols they have had. I'm with Phyllis G., there is a lot of talent that we have not even seen yet…in auditions and single performances (last night). The ones that did go through are some of my favorites. Although I did not see James Durbin or John Wayne Shultz on the Top 40 list…but I don't think that list is written in stone …yet. We shall see. Thinking about you Angela. Take care of you. 🙂

      • Hi Phyllis and Rose, My dear friends. and I am a HUGE ADAM LAMBERT fan!!! Love that man! If Rose comes to Las Vegas Let me know before hand!! I would love to meet both of you! Phyllis and Rose.I will take the money out of my savings account so I can come!! We have been on here for years together! It would be a big Woooo to meet each other! It would be great If ADAM would do a show while we were there! Phyllis I am so jealous that you have seen ADAM in the flesh! All I have is the gorgeous color picture I printed out in my photo album to look at! I love this season. I am surprised! I was wilting after last season. And I just have to agree with everyone who likes Steven Tyler. He is hilarious! And funny. And the talent this year is really good. Better than last year for sure.To you and Rose, It is 12:42 AM here. Just now got some free time to get on the computer! Love to both of you! :-). Rose this is for you if it works. Sherry K.

      • Sherry K. I would love, love to meet you in Las Vegas…..If we all can make it that would be awesome. I would love to see when Adam is coming back to LV, that would be a perfect time to get together but either way I would love to meet my AI friends…..

        I'm still waiting for Adam to release his new CD…Should be soon……I think I wore out For Your Entertainment!!!!! LOL…

  8. I do agree with you about emily ann…she sounded old school for sure, but also she sings like a 3 year old annoying girl!

    It's amazing that this season we've got lots of people trying to imitate adam's sttitude, but they didn't realize that adam is untouchable and his audition was so different from his other performances on the shoe!

    @Amanda: He's gonna be thru to top 40 i guess. He is so humble and i'm sure if he could make other styles (not just country) he's got a journey to go!

  9. Jaycee Badeaux ROCKS!!! It looks like he doesn't make it next week and that is TERRIBLE!! Jaycee you have stolen the hearts of millions and whatever you do, keep SINGING!! You are the GREATEST…this voice is AMAZING!!!

  10. Hi there, my husband and my two kids 11 and 10 hrs are watching the show and we love it. We are living in Borneo Indonesia and to hear all these young people sing their hearts out is inspiring. We love Idol!!

  11. @ Sherry K. Whoo Hoo…your little smiley came through…you go girl. I really love this site and being able to meet new friends…how great is that. Yes, my husband and I are planning on traveling out west next year…late Spring or early Fall. It would be so wonderful if we could all get together…what a hoot that would be. Now…back on topic…LOL…so excited about what this coming week will bring. I already have some favorites that I hope will continue on through. It is suprising what belief in yourself and determination can do for a person. James appears to have both. The judges this year make a great team…not only are they funny together, especially Steven T. but they are also compassionate and I feel really want these young people to do their best. This is one of the best AI's to date. @ Angela…thinking about you. Take care of you. 🙂

    • @Rose A., thank you so much! I am starting to focus again, on more of the positive!

      Can't wait until Wednesday! Some of the contestants I was reading, did not make it? Wow, that stinks!

      • @ Angela… :-)…I am so glad. I know…they show you such short clips…not really sure who all actually went through. I was on and watched some of the videos and at the end of Thursday night, they flew by all the contestants that at least made it through to "Group Night"….I did see a few that they did not showcase on individual singing…John Wayne Shultz was among that crowd and some other faces that I recognized but forgot their names. Perhaps this week our questions will be answered and we will get a more definite idea. I am pumped up (as usual…lol) @ Phyllis G., Sherry K., Kathy from PA (yea…glad you are back)…a big hello and Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  12. do you guys know what happened to jerome bell? He got a ticket to hollywood but i haven't seen him on the episodes this week. I missed last weeks episodes though. what happened to him?? AAAnd all these top 40 leak spoilers say he is in the top 40??

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