American Idol 2011: Thoughts As Hollywood Week Begins

There are no changes to the format as Hollywood Hell Week begins on American Idol 2011.  We still have the same gushing Seacrest saying something about epic journeys and dreams tested.  I think they use the same blurbs each year so he doesn’t have to repeat them over and over.  One thing was different, though: the number of hopefuls doubled.  I’m sure that has something to do with Lopez not being able to say no.  Even last night she was seen saying, “I hate this!”  It was Randy who delivered the “talent is better than ever” line and Steven hoping they did their homework.  I’m not sure what kind of homework needed to be done, but OK, Steven, I hope they did it just for you.

The contestants come in ten at a time as in years past. They get one chance to sing for the judges who then immediately let them know if they’re through or not.  We get a repeat of the same sad stories we heard during the auditions and watch as some jump for joy and others leave in tears. 

Brett Lowenstern sings first and sounds off to the kids who used to bully him.  Dude, I hope those years of therapy paid off for you because you have a great voice.  He sails through to the next round.  James Durbin was a shoe-in for the next round. Even though Paris made it, I didn’t think she was all that good.  Chris Medina, another favorite of mine with the only back story this season I actually cared about, was sent through as well. 

Day Two brought us the two couples we saw during the audition round.  Rob and Chelsee who are broken up are rooming with the cheesy couple who are so in love.  They get through but when Nick and Jacqueline sing, it’s clear she has the better voice and Nick is sent home.  He begs for another chance and sings on his way out with Randy yelling no the whole time.  Get a grip, give her a kiss and get out. 

I’m not a fan of people singing the same songs they did for their auditions.  The judges may not remember, but us folks at home sure do and we need to see what else you can do, so hopefully for the next round we get that.  Oh right, the dreaded group auditions are coming right up.  This should bring a lot of drama to the idol stage.  Looking forward to next week!

Who stood out to you last night?




  1. I pretty much echo your sentiments. I may not watch hell week as it is not pleasant veiwing and I have never thought it was fair to pin someone's hopes of advancing in the competition on a group of people you get stuck with. If you get lucky and are placed in a good group of cooperative singers you will look better when they perform well. If you get with some idiots you may look bad and miss your shot at fame. Maybe someone see's the point of groups, but at this point in the competition, I don't.

    • I don't either see the Reason of 'GROUP NIGHT' Heck These Kids, Young Adults came to AI TO SING Not to TRY OUT For Simon C. New SHOW, To which I understand is looking for GR8 Singing ''GROUPS''!!! They Lost a LOT of Awesome Singers in Season 8!! Because of this STUPID Group Ordeal. I stayed away from AI Last Season. Season 8 Really Pissed Me Off. As the BEST of the BEST Adam L. didn't win.


      • Kelly S. As far as I'm concerned ADAM was the best AI ever and Season 8, in spite of the fact that Adam was robbed, was the best Season ever. My husband and I couldn't wait to see what Adam was going to sing that night and we were never disappointed.

        This season has a lot of potential for being one of the best also but its too soon to be sure. Considering that we have not heard all the talent yet…..I do like James Halperin a lot but still don't know if he is going to make it……

  2. really enjoyed last nights show- thought the talent that was put through was mighty fine! next week should be really interesting…

  3. American Idol execs need to rid the competition of the GROUP Audition portion of the show!!!

    I like that you spoke of the group auditions as DREADED! And, should bring DRAMA! HOW TRUE!!!

    I do not like the group auditions and never have!!! I believe it to be totally UNFAIR to individuals who get stuck with a group that sucks! This is an INDVIDUAL singing competition …PERIOD!…not a group competition…if you want to do groups do groups as a part of the show. Wait for X-Factor this fall it includes Groups in their competition. However, the reality is that AI IS NOT A GROUP COMPETION…SO WHY…WHY have group auditions?

    The only reason group competitions are done is for, as you mention, the DRAMA…good old TV RATINGS and TV DRAMA!!! It can be, and we've seen it before in previous seasons, UNFAIR to an individual stuck with a loser group!

    Simply do another round of individual singing competitions and be more discerning in your judgment to toss the required number out of the competition.

    The group auditions are UNFAIR! But, then again, who cares if it is unfair if you're ONLY looking for a quick hour of just FUN TV.

    The contestants take the competition seriously…the AI execs need to do the same!

    • I am sorry that I have to disagree with you about the group competition….I think that they are designed to get the judges a very early look at how the contestants would perform on an "Idol" tour.

      • I am sorry I have to disagree right back at you. So this round of JUDGING is more about 9/12 month tour and NOT about calculating what INDIVIDUAL is the next "American Idol" winner is…sorry but if the group audition is about a little tour…it makes it SAD for some contestants who get booted because of a losing group! Again…it's an individual signing contest…NOT a contest about a 9 month tour.

      • I disagree with you. On life TV each week contestants sing in GROUPS. Judges should be aware of who has the skills to perform, to move, to maybe dance a little and of course who sings better.

  4. I never liked the group is so true, if you happen to get in a good group, then fine, if not, you are sent home. Not fair..each person should be critiqued on their own individual styles….lets stop the group auditions, so much drama for so little return

    • i completley agree with you because what if one person in the group has excellent vocals but no one else does? he is unfairly being voted off. but, they are entertaing to watch and hear all of the unique sounds at the same time.

  5. I thought the group singing was horrible and I thought Randy was very hurtful whe speaking to the audioners. If the were bad don't tell them. Just end their journey.


  6. The groups that are good are based on the ability of contestants to get along with each other so in a professional manner..think about it as an artist…you had to do collaborations with other artists…form bands like Daughtry did, etc….in the past individuals who shine in bad groups have been given the benefit of the doubt.

    • Two years ago, Adam Lambert was a shining example of how groups weed out the unprogfessionals who simply can't handle the pressure. Rios can't possibly survive after her egotistical comment last night. Bring on the drama..hope Durbin keeps it together. He is a prospective finalist, in my book.

      • Because of James Durbin's disability (Asperger's) he will find it difficult to excell in the group setting. It will be far more frustrating for him than for other contestants. He could get washed out which would be a disgrace since, as an individual performer, he is possibly the best there is this year. I still vote against the groups. This is too much pressure too soon and with too much on the line.

      • @ Wanda. I agree…..and it would be a shame to not see a talent like this move forward. As, I read the comments, I feel a lot of other people share this sentiment. There will be those that will want to grandstand (Tiffany Rios) or want to be in control. With all the drama and confusion group performances bring, I think it may just be too diffult for James…but like you also said in an earlier comment, his disability may be an asset in that if he is able to focus and concentrate, he may pull through. We will find out next week. 🙂

      • I think the group week is needed to see how the contestants will work with others. Yes, James Durbin will have to work extra hard to focus, but his will be necessary if he is to be America's Next Idol. If the pressure is too much for him next week, he will have a slim chance of making it if he were to be voted as #1. He seems to realize his situation and raises to the occasion every time so far. More power to him to show the public that asperger's is not a disability that needs to be ashamed of.

    • I totally agree with UMESBash. They know who shines out of a group and do watch how the contestants get along in a group. This is what it takes to see how the contestant will interact with they were to join a band.

    • OH BULL!!! The ONLY Reaon THEY Started the GROUP THING Was for the Bloody RATINGS; I SICK and TIRED of SHOWS LIke this one going the the SOAP OPERA CRAP To Get THEIR Sweet Little Ratings; Ratings for WHAT; HATE, HURTFULNESS? It M8s me think about ALL Those that got the BOOT what They TOOK From 'Such A Show as AI' How Much More BULLYING Did They Have to ENDURE When They Got Home. Damn Sad AI.

  7. ASHLI RAE…..I totally agree with you. I have been saying this all morning….This group stuff is just for the drama…..I just hope that the people I like don't get caught up in all the drama. I don't know if a person like James Durbin could handle it. I sure hope so…..

    • @Phyllis and Ashli Rae…I definitely agree. I would hate to see someone like James become so overwhelmed and become bombarded with the "personality" of a Tiffany Rios (NOT a fan of hers at all, especially after the inappropriate comment she made before she sang last night)These young performers that really do have talent will learn how to work together through the mentoring process by the judges and guest mentors. I also hope that when the time comes, we will be hearing an announcement about some voting changes….we all commented on this quite a bit this summer and fall. Just hoping these comments were heard. So far, great season, great judges and of course….great talent. 🙂

      • Was Tiffany Rios the one that oh-so-eloquently said that she's tired of watching others TRY to do what she CAN do when it was her turn to sing? (eye roll) Then she proceeded to scream too hard, hence unable to quite keep control of her voice, which wasn't BAD but wasn't as good as many others I heard.

        Don't know if this is the same girl to whom you were referring, but I was absolutely NOT drawn to this girl. Confidence is a plus, but conceit is beyond a turn off… especially when one can't even walk the talk.

      • @Kathryn…yes, she was the one…and also when she auditioned, she was the one that unbuttoned her shirt and had Star "pasties" on over her bra….classy or what…LOL…And, I agree…this Idol season has been one of the best. 🙂

  8. Hey, I think this years American Idol is the best one yet and I've seen them all!!! People sure can be negative!!! How about we focus on the positive's-like there sure are a lot of very talented singers-especially the 15, 16 and 17 year olds!! But I do have a question-I loved Scott Dangerfield's audition and the judges all loved him too but I didn't see him in Hollywood Week?!?!?? Anyone know?

    • @ Kay. I agree…love this season's Idol. I hear you about Scotty Dangerfield…he auditioned in Milwakee and I thought he was good. Haven't seen him yet and a few others that drew my attention…also that John Wayne Shultz guy from the Ranch in Texas…Hopefully they will be showcased next week. And, yes….more positive comments…some of these young people have amazing talent… 🙂

  9. I'm pretty sure they didn't show Kris Allen sing at all during Hollywood week the year he won it.


  10. I also hate the Group week. But lets never forget that AI is a business and the tour is an important part of the business. Also, even individual singers have bands and their ability to play nice with others is important. Those singing the same song as they auditioned will soon be found out – as will the die-hard C&W singers. You have to be versatile and some of these singers can't do anything else than what we have already seen…

    • The Set these Singers with JUST ONE OTHER SINGER; NOT THE GROUP CRAP. Too Many Singers who R GOOD, DARN GOOD Get The BOOT Because of Jealousy, Hatred, Mean Spiritedness from Others In a Big Group. And when They get the BOOT They have to Go BACK Home; and HOME Just maybe an Negitive Place to be; And Or They R Still Poorer than They were before. And Don't forget the BULLIES, WIthin Their State, Town, City, County and ONLINE.

  11. I agree about the chubby 15yo kid…awesome voice and looking forward see him perfom more. He should do well in the competition.

    There do seem to be a lot of sad, "poor-me" stories this year…not trying to be insensitive, but it almost looks like the ones with the sadest stories get through. Chris's story is very touching however, and he can actually sing although I didn't think he did very well in Hollywood.

    The guy with the fohawk that starts crying everytime someone with a camera gets near him is driving me crazy.

    I am a bit perplexed, though, over how they could let some of the better ones go like the CPA. He really has a good voice and can sing. Guess his story wasn't sad enough…

    Oh and as for the groups…that whole bit sucks.

    • scotty mcCreery. he sang your man by josh turner and put some drive in your country by travis tripp

      • We call him "Hottie McScotty!" He is amazing! I think they should just sign him in Nashville!

  12. Can anyone tell me the name of the song that played on the first day of Hollywood week when that bluesy girl got in the car and said “destination hollywood”? There was rapping in the beginning and singing. The lyrics to the chorus are “here we go….come with me…. to a (etc)….


    • The IA Team R Replaying HOLLYWOOD Night Tonight; When the GRAMMY'S come on. You'll probably find the rest of the words to that song you liked so much. Try emailing the IA Team They can put you info through to whoever Produced the Production of HOLLYWOOD IA.

  13. iv been trying to see vidios from the past ,but i git is to install a toolbar that dont even show any of the past all it offer me is the weather and some other crap iwacht american idle every week on regular tv, but sometimes i would like to review the past. fix your web site

  14. Dear Producers: I am NOT watching during the group week. It is a bad way to judge these talented individuals. Take note: I won't be watching your commercials nor consuming the products they advertise. Smarten up.

  15. A 15 year old who made it to Hollywood from Milwaukee was not featured on the show either at auditions or at Hollywood week. She is phenomenally talented. I was a contestant from Milwaukee and at Hollywood Week and I saw her audition both times. Her name is Hanani Taylor. Other than a few glimpses, American Idol has not given her any airtime and that is a shame. America would have been in for a real treat, but Idol already has picked their people and they will keep showing those people to you. That is how the game works. There were many fantastic singers who auditioned but you will never see them or know anything about them. Little Ms. Taylor auditioned with “I Am Changing” in Milwaukee. I heard her in the arena at Milwaukee and I heard her before the judges. I auditioned a few people behind her. No one could believe her big, strong Jennifer Hudson voice. I also heard her at Hollywood Week where she got a standing ovation from the other contestants. She sang "Dancing In The Streets" for Hollywood Week. I was cut at that time so I am not sure how far she has made it. So far, American Idol has not given this talented girl her dues. At Milwaukee and at Hollywood Week,everyone who heard her thought that she was going to be the next "American Idol." I found her on YouTube. Watch her on YouTube at:

    • Joe B……I listened to this girl and she is fantastic. Like I said before, there is so much talent that we haven't heard yet….This girl should definitely be on here way…..She has some voice…..I will be watching for her…

      • @ Phyllis G & Joe B. Just listened to Hanani Taylor…u r right…she is awesome….I have a feeling that AI is holding back and we are in for some suprises. Excited about this week. Whoo Hoo… 🙂

  16. Brett is someone to follow. Not only can he sing, he is also humble and kind. He's the rocker of them all for sure.

  17. in the 'LAST GROUP' that sang….Y Did the Blonde m8 it through? I didn't think she was that good. No disrespect of her. And the poor dude that was with them OYE MAN!! I felt kind of sorry for him. He was just totally wiped out. Poor guy. If IA is going to do this dumb GROUP Thing at LEAST They could do is give the 'Groups' at least 2 days to pratice, and Sleep too.

  18. Jaycee, you are one fine young man. We got emotional seeing you being put through the whole terrible ordeal. You held your chin up high and did your best to win the judges' hearts. You are a true trooper! You have won a place in our hearts! You are a star! We wish you all the best!

  19. Our family loves "Hottie McScotty" from North Carolina. He has such a deep melodic voice. He reminds me of Randy Travis and singers like him are few and far between. This whole group of people are amazing and I am glad I'm not one of the judges in this competition. What a difficult job they have!

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