American Idol 2011: Pia and Durbin Steal the Show Again

I love the addition of Jimmy Lovine and his band of producers to the show.  I thought he must have been in a good mood this week because he didn’t give much heavy criticism but one thing he did too was show the contestants how to make their songs relevant to today.  This is a welcome change for me and I enjoyed hearing his comments about as much as I liked the singing.

Steven Tyler is for sure trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.  I want my hard core rocker back!  I want him to be brutally honest for just one show.  Not Simon Cowell like but just not quite so sweet to the singers.  We don’t need him to act like Paula.  We want his honest opinion and you can’t tell me on some of those contestants they were any good at all.  Like Paul McDonald.  WTH?  I’m not impressed with this guy.  He was pitchy and picked a song most people didn’t know.  Even Tyler had to tell him to nail it next time.  He’s VFTW’s pick so he might squeek into the top 12.

Even though I do not care for Celine Dion type of music, but wow can Pia Toscano sing!  She absolutely sang that high note at the end and was flawless.  I want to hear her sing something next week that’s not so slow.  Hopefully she’ll give us some tempo and really perform for today’s listeners.

James Durbin caught me off guard singing Paul McCarthy but again WOW!  He’s a rocker through and through but this guy has such a nice quality and tone.  He did an outstanding job!  He’s by far my favorite!  Scotty McCreery also had a nice Garth Brooks sound a like tone.  He is not unique with his talent but it doesn’t matter because he’s got what it takes to put out a country album right now.  

I wasn’t as impressed as most with Jacob Lusk.  The screams he did at the end seemed to go on and on.  I thought it was a bit much and over done.  The rest were just middle of the road for me except Naima who was just awful in my opinion.  If I had my way she would be the one going home tonight.  Casey Abrams is starting to grow on me.  I love how he can interpret songs and make them his own.

Who was the stand out to you last night?