American Idol 2011 Top 13 Elimination Results Tonight

Your votes are in and the results are ready to be revealed. Tonight on American Idol we’ll find out who is eliminated after last night’s Top 13 performances and who moves on to this season’s Top 12 and one step closer to the summer tour.

Tonight’s guest performances will be covered by Adam Lambert, Diddy-Dirty Money, and David Cook for the debut of this season’s going-home song (hear it here). So I guess we’ll be hearing that one twice tonight, unless they wait to play it live to fully crush the hopes and dreams of the Top 13’s lowest vote-getter.

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show. Fun stuff!

While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll below.

Don’t forget to join us tonight when we post the big results live at 8PM ET!




  1. @ Matt. Thank you for the update. James absolutely took the stage with his performance of Maybe I'm Amazed. When he hit those sweet notes it was beautiful Showed a wonderful sense of vulnerability. He got my vote. Really looking forward to seeing and hearing Adam tonight. Sorry…not a big fan of Diddy…jmo Hello to Phyllis G., Angela and Sherry K. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • Karen Rodriguez needs to go. This is AMERICAN Idol and they should only be singing in English. Plus she's horrible.

      • Karen's performance was better than some of the other contestants. This is American Idol no doubt – and not American English Idol. Spanish is also an accepted language in USA and songs sung in Spanish are broadcast in English Channels on TV and Radio. However, after last night's performances, my personal ratings are :

        1, Pia Toscano

        2. James Durbin

        3. Casey Abrams

        4. Thia Megia

        5. Stefano Langone

        6. Jacob Lusk

        7. Naima Adedapo

        8. Karen Rodruguez

        9. Lauren Alaina

        10. Scotty McCreery

        11. Paul McDonald

        13. Ashthon Jones

        I was so disappointed with Jacob Lusk and Paul.They were a couple of my favorites until last night. Lusk should slow down on the "yodeling" and Paul needs to slow down on his "Circus" acts because it interferes with his singing! As for Ashthon, I don't even know what to think. I still insist that the "American Idol" and its viewers miss the constructive criticisms of Simon Cowell that brings improved performances from the contestants each week. The current judges are too soft to criticize – which gives the contestants a wrong impression about their performances.

      • I didn't agree with Randy. I loved Haley. I love what she can do with her voice…much, much better than Ashton who nearly put me to sleep. I just hope America gets it.

      • I don't agree with Devoneco's rating

        Pia ok for festival but Scotty stole all hearts

        James and Casey good but the way they are singing now predictable, Thia good but the song only for easy listening not for big stage

        Jacob and Paul unique but will not win

        Other only make the competition more fun

        So the final should be Pia and Scotty and the winner is Scotty

    • JAMES DURBIN…WOW…i was stunned while watching you singing paul mcarthy's are amazing…the can count on my votes everyweek.

      • Danny I soooooo agree with you. He's my fav so far. A very versatile singer. I hope he can keep it up.

      • vote,vote,vote the whole 2 hours for james all the way to the finale, loving him !!! what a voice.

  2. A great show with out standing performances. It will be a very difficult year as there is so much talent. Scottie is pure raw talent, Pia the same,as well as Paul. As I wrote there is so much talent this year. Also there is a great panel of judges this year they are doing a great job, but a very tough job.

      • You know, comments like this can backfire on your bet. How do you know Scotty's stupid? You know him personally? Comment on the singing. I like Thia, but you are doing her a disservice with your attitude.

  3. Me encanta el prograna en especial Scotty es lindo, tierno y tiene una linda voz……

  4. I agree with Barbara that Karen should go, and I disagree with Devoneco. Karen sang in Spanish to get all the Spanish vote plus Jennifer's vote. Hopefully, if she is not kicked off tonight, she will be soon. She is a total phoney. If not Karen tonight, should be Ashthon or Stefano. Scotty is great, raw talent. He could start recording songs today.

  5. this year should not even be close when it comes to pure talent casey blows everyone else out of the water

  6. What a joy to watch this session! The contestants are being treated with respect and praise. When they don't pull of a great song the judges let them know – gently. This is so much better than the put downs by Simon. I think Ashton should go, she did such a terrible job on that song.

    James , Casey and Scottie with be the top three.

    • I agree that Ashton should go home. Yes she has a good voice & can sing, but so can the other 12. It's more than just singing, you need to knock it out of the park…..It was boring…yawn, yawn. I think those at the top will be Casey, James, Pia & Scottie.

  7. OMG Scotty is the hottest guy on American idol and hes from my state……UR CUTE SCOTTY:)

  8. Paul McDonald, is the next AMERICAN IDOL. go Grand Magnolias.

    Dotene Stephens, ATLANTA, GA.

    • I love Paul also. Hope he sings a better song next week. He is cute as a doll and has a great smile. Love his little dance jig. Wish I knew how he does it.

  9. I think Karen should be the first to go. She's obviously trying to kiss up too mcuh to get votes. I had high hopes for Haley, but wasn't thinking she was going to go country and I didn't like her performance at all. Didn't get the feeling that many others liked it either, so she may also leave quickly. I'd like to see any of 6-8 win this year–they are all so good! My bet for the final showdown would be Casey,Scotty, and James. They all stand out in their own way. A couple of girls may make it to the Top 5 Pia or Thia would be my guess. Lauren Alaina has talent, but I don't really get her. Too over hyped and obviously a judges favorite so she may end up in the Top 3 or 5. If you lined her up against any number of other country lady singers, I couldn't pick her out. I'd love to see Casey or Scotty win, but I would bet money it will be Hames! Just my humble uneducated opinion!

    • Oops…..I meant James! I really should repaint the letters on my keyboard one of these days…

      • James has my heart. He is overcoming a bumpy road in being bullied and found his calling. odd bunch this year

  10. 1. I like Casey and Paul.

    2. Lighten up on the anti-Spanish, please. It is a beautiful language. Some of my favorite singers (classically trained), sing many of their songs in Italian. If Josh Groban were on Idol singing opera, I'd still vote for him. On the last "America's Got Talent", half the songs sung by the incredible Jackie Evancho were either in Latin or Italian. It's the voice and the performance that show merit a vote . . . no?

      • The reaction is not on the Spanish language per se, but on Karen's using it to suck up to JLo and to the Hispanic voters. Perhaps she's not too confident of her talent, or too aware of her shortage of it.

  11. OMG Scotty, Casey, Paul, Pia, James are my top five, no doubt. I just love me some American Idol.

  12. Hey! I think Haley is soooo good!!! Her voice is amazing and the only female I voted for. I Love the guys, all so different and all so good. I guess when I vote, I think "would I buy this?" I would buy Casey for sure, maybe a couple of others, but I would enjoy hearing most of them on the radio though! What an incredible bunch of talet.

    • @ Tana…well said and good point…would I pay good money to buy a CD by James Durbin and pay to go to one his concerts … YES Perhaps I would buy a Scotty McCreey CD and even Casey or Lauren A and Pia…but the others…maybe a listen on the radio… My all time favorite is on tonight…Adam… have his CD's and would pay good hard earned money to go and see him live in concert !!!

  13. i thought James, Scotty and Stephano hit it out of the park with there singing and song selections. i would go and buy any thing they sang right now especialy Scotty for being only 16 and can sing like he does. Thia sounds like an angel.

  14. Scotty took A Garth Brooks song, & made it his own! I'M pulling for ya Scotty, & predict that you will win this years American Idol. Keep staying humble, & true to yourself. Scotty is from my home state too. Love your voice Scotty, & you showed another side of your vocals. I'M so proud of you!

    You look so comfortable on that stage! Loved your choice!

    • i hope and prey he does he is a star in the making i can say that he reminds me of josh turner with that sexy deep voice and he is so so handsome

      • @ thia's # 1 fan,,,,u know wat,,,ur not making thia any better by simply pulling down d aderz,,,she's gud,,,but d aderz r gud as well..f u lyk her,,,vote for her,,,and dont mess wid d aderz,,,coz ur not helping her win fans,,,and votes,,,

  15. Pia is the best of the best. Anyone who knows music can hear her polished and professional voice loud and clear. Her tones are right on. I cannot say that for any other performers in this group. She also has that (next big star quality), and I believe she is the most marketable complete pakage of all the contestants.

  16. I found that most of the singers did not give their best performances last night . Seemed that there was a lack of excitment among them . After a lack luster week I hope they all kick butt next week. Even the ones I am pulling for didn't knock em dead this time. Sorry !!!

  17. I believe that Naima Adedapo will be eliminated because she has a hard time staying in tune with any song.

    • Lauren will be my favorite until the end. However Pia nailed it last night and Haley has what it takes. I wish Simon Cowell was back, the show needs him. He is the best!!!

  18. I think Pia did AMAZING! Her and Scotty are my favorite two. However, I do like Lauren a lot too! Does anybody know when the 2011 summer tour dates will be posted? I am really hoping the tour comes near my town so I can buy tickets! Also, does anybody know how much they usually sale for?

  19. I am really enjoying Idol this year. I love the judges, they all 3 know music, and Steven Tyler just amazes me, he really gets into it and you can tell how much he loves music, and Jennifer is awesome one of my favorite actress and singers, and Randy is awesome. I really like Lauren and that is who I voted for, but I also like casey, and Scotty, and Durbin. Pia did really good last night, it is tough this year because they have alot of talent. I think it is going to be a close race. I just know I can't wait for tonight for it to come on. But I hope Ashlynn goes home, she bores me.

      • I agree that while Simon was a bit harsh, he spoke the truth. I'm sorry I realize that Jennifer & Steven are trying to be nice, but let's face it, the music business they're trying to break into isn't nice. Better get used to it now and grow a thick skin. I'm glad that at least Randy is trying to keep it real.

  20. IN Female vocal i really love Haley and Thia Magia. They are unique. The others sound like well, i think i heart that i voice before. For male vocals i Like James and Scotty. They are both unique and love watching them sing.

    Get rid of Ashton she can't sing , And Karan .thinks she is on Latino Idol. I think all and all james Derbin or Scotty will go head to head in final count down.

    • james is goodbut scotty is much better i guess its all in the style of music you like i like rock and i love country but all in all i hope scotty take the whole thing

  21. WOW! Scotty was great last night. He really pull us into the screen. It was like I was watching a star being born!

  22. This is just my humble opinion……Scotty should just get a country contract and be gone……He is in a world of his own…..

    JAMES IS THE MAN……after last night I feel he has it all……

    Casey is a step up from Taylor Hicks and he was not my favorite at all…..

    Who should go home is either Karen or Paul…..I love Paul but he is like am animated singer on stage. He bounces side to side……but I do love his unique voice……

    Karen was a huge disappointment last night…She sings better in Spanish…Sorry.

    Excited about tonight….My Man ADAM will be on…

    • @ Phyllis G. James is the man. Best performance by far last night. Bottom 3 last night for me were Ashton, Karen and Paul with probably Ashton going home. So excited about Adam being on tonight. Whoo Hoo~!!!


      • Yes scotty should get a recording contract with country music but he has every right to be there considdering he is the best singer there they did the right thing by keeping him there he really deserves to be there good luck to all the contestants tonight but most of all good luck to lauren and scotty

      • Bonnie…..I totally agree with you. I guess you misunderstood. He is a fabulous Country singer….and should get a contract right now..(thats a positive thing)…I just don't think he will win AI…JMHO and I've been wrong before….I still can't forget Adam's season when whatever his name was won instead of him….

  23. First showing this year I think James and scotty was

    great, but last night Casey showed what he has. I am torn between throw three

  24. I love Pia!! She is WONDERFUL and I really hope she makes it to the end! I can't stand Jacob or Scotty! I have to mute the show when they sing. Something about both of them just gets under my skin…sorry.

    Can't wait for Adam tonight!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM!

    • Jess, I'm so sorry you can't stand Scotty, & have to mute the tv when he sings. He may not win, but if he does, start muting! I love Scotty the most! That young man can sing his lil' heart out, & he is real, & unique! He's got my vote, & alot of people love him. It's a shame you have to say mean things like that about any of the singers. They are all good. If not, they would not be in the top 13. I don't think you know more than Steven,Jennifer,& Randy who are in the music business!!!!!!

      • I agree with sweetieone there are a few there that i don't like there voices but i don't mute the tv or say mean things about them you must be a hater of country music , that is fine but you can't take away the fact that he has an amazing voice and if he does not make it plan on hearing him anyway because no record producer in their right mind would pass up a chance at picking up a real super star and that is what he is going to be as for pia she is okey she has a lovely voice i feel that about 4 to 5 of them deserve some kind of record deal but scotty will make it one way or another

  25. Para mi Lauren Alaina es la mejor cantante transmite lo que canta y es recontra xvr como lo hace me encanta I love Lauren …

  26. It is definately a boys idol this season my top picks are Scotty, James, Casey and Paul in no particular order. Top girls are pia and Lauren

  27. If America votes the way they sang bottom 3 will be Karen, Ashton and Naima and definately Ashton or Karen will go. Naima just got behind the music rather than she san badly.

  28. Stefano and Naima are absolutely TERRIBLE!! James, Scotty, Casey, and Jacob are by far the best!!

  29. it might not have been thia's greatest performance, but the girl definitely has a really beautiful tone.

    anyway, my top3 for the night are: james, stefano, and casey.

    the ONE who must go (for me) is either karen or naima. naima sounded worse though. not to mention her outfit was just, as always, a mess. as for karen, she may not have sounded strong but atleast she looked like a real star during the performance. naima badly needs a stylist.

    i dont understand why the judges are always trying to be so mr. and ms. nice except for randy (thanks god!)i wish theyd keep it real…now i miss simon…

    • Yep, I think the judges are funny and quite entertaining, and I don't really want McMeany to come back. BUT, they are there for a purpose, and so far I really haven't heard them dish out much real constructive advice. It's usually…well, I liked it or didn't. Even Randy who is trying to be more assertive this year can't seem to get past.."it's a little pitchy" etc, etc. Only one will end up winning, but the others could benefit a lot from the whole learning expeience!

  30. i like Naima. For her is a dream come true. And she try to live this moment. Remember she doesn't have the money for choose her carear , like another constants , and now

    the life give to her a oportunity.

    the Only singer I don't like too much is Stefano e Karen. When I so them is like I am in another program

  31. I have so many fave for this season but to top it all is the adorable, sweet and angelic voice THIA MEGIA! Though her performance last night wasn't her best still she can strongly compete with those older contestants… Thinking that she is the youngest! But her voice soothes to listener's soul… GO Thia FTW! ♥♥♥ you! ^_^

  32. i am not realy sure who will be going home tonight but i hope it won't be scottie or lauren they are the two best there but noone there is as good as scottie but good luck to all the contestants

  33. I think Pia has stolen the show every time she has performed. Her voice is incredible and she is the total package. I'm also enjoying the new judges, Jennifer and Steven. I don't miss Simon. He made me nervous and I wasn't the one being judged!

  34. oh definitely this is the boys' season and casey….my…you continue to wow me..i like scotty and jacob's voice…but they are in one lane…country and soul…no is pia…lauren did well ands ashton…who ever thought of taking her back? she should go home

  35. When you look at the Singers, look at them as if you would by their records:




    Will be the last standing,with a possible Thia

      • I hope she can make top 5. Yes I can go to sse her a buy a ticket, because a know she going to give a big spetaculo.

      • My Mama always told me….."if you can't say anything nice about someone, then don't say anything @ all"! Come on guys, the top 13 got there because the judges saw, & heard something awsome in each one of them. Be kind, & don't bad mouth the contestants. WWJD??????

    • … a filipino and i was disappointed with thia's performance….Boring and she's not challenging her Voice…..please let her know that were proud of her and please disappoint us.!!!!

  36. "Ashton for sure will be sent home tonight..

    bottom 3 will be

    Naima,Ashton & karen….

  37. ""THIA YOU HAVE A GOOD VOICE………………..DONT SANG SONG THAT IS VERY BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. Jacob and James if you think about it they are the only one can sing…….their performance is spot on every time. Pia is good too. I hate Ashthon Jones she does not know who she want to be , she is fake. The three young ones….they are not going to handle the heat……..

    • i dont know wat u talking bout but all i can say is that casey is the best out of all the years so dont be hatin if u cant figuar out who is the best like i can hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tranice you are correct,,,,only jacob,james and pia is the best…but just as for AMERICAN IDOL icon and has the IDOL quality ,,that would be JAMES DURBIN,,HE is so near with adam lambert,well just because adam is more handsome than james..:D

      casey is good too,i like his unique voice,but as an american idol icon, he doesnt offense.

  39. I was trying toroot for Ashthon becaus eshe seems like a singer who i woill end up liking and following, but after last night, I'm afraid she might be going home. I hope and pray she stays though. Naima or Karen need to go home. Performances were awful, but yet those soft judges this season won't critisize noone !

    • Thia will stay because she has the control, quality and distinct voice.. compare to others just keep on belting.. review it and you will see who is much awful.. belting is easy but giving the rendition of your own is much harder.. American idol is choosing the good to hear singer not belting…

      • Thia has a beautiful voice and can sing; however, she lacks self confidence and gets upset when she is criticized. That will cause her to mess up in her singing, and she will be voted off. I really like her, and her voice is wonderful, but she will have to get thicker skin and take the critical remarks instead of crying.

      • with that, she will learn in the competition cause she is only 15 yrs old. This competition will grow her confidence.. I must say over confidence will bored the judges look ashton, over confidence so she voted out…

  40. i think thia or ashton will be heading home

    pia and casey had great performances

    naima surprised me positively!

    • Ashton, karen, naima, and jacob are in the lowest performance i think, awful singing. no feelings.. the belting is so irritating to hear.. there's no control of voice… the judges must focus on the quality and the cleanest singing… some comments is not good.. always praising.. how will their improved if all good praise.. listen much judges..

      • How do you justify being so critical when you can’t spell or write a proper sentence?

        Although I agree with you (I think) your post is "irritating" to read.

      • at least you get my point and i got ur attention.. it means i am effective than you are.. are u affected hahaha.. gud luck ms. perfect grammar.. ok stress ur self for a simple comments. hahaha…

    • i agree casey was awsome great good all the rest of the good words that i must not say

    • james durbin is the best! second is casey and pia she is just some common singers like those out there.. american idol should has the quality of a unique singer and the a personality.

  41. Pia Toscano ur so gorgeous.. u sound really really good… ur miles away from wer i am…. really2 hoping to see u as the next idol winner!! good luck baby..

  42. Randy Jackson is a good judge he saw the error of the singer… I miss Simon cause you will wait his good critic comment.. JLO and Steve must focus on idol material singer… no on belting ability..

    • too nice JLO & steve…may be kinda honest & str8 forward to all contestant for as to improve them to the next level..good job randy im with u & we both the same opinion

    • I loved Haley's song, too. She can really sing. Unfortunately for her, Randy does not like Country-Western singing, but, he had to compliment Scotty because Scotty is adored by just about everyone. Haley is good, and I wish I had a recording of her song. It was great.

      • OMG!! i agree i reallly enjoyed watching her sing:) I really hope she makes it.

      • scotty is a great singer and all but i dont think randy really even likes him because he sings country but i used 2 hate country now that scotty sings it i never new that country music was awsome now i really like country and if randy cant handle country music he needes to get his a** of american idol luv ya scotty

  43. Lauren is the most talented girl this season! She should win!! Pia is good too….she will become a great singer too…this year a girl should win anyway…


    had a chance to become famous from America got talent…why is she on idol now?? She has a very good voice but her attitude is not great so I don't think she has too many fans…Scotty should choose only Johnny cash songs….he really has his voice …

    I miss Simon…he was very honest and correct 99 percent of the time! I love Steven and jlo….I think that they are too soft on the comments…

    • so now she has another chance. don't be mad cause you ain't never had a chance aites.

    • Thia did AGT because that's what she was able to do at that young of an age. She had to wait to do Idol until she was old enough. As soon as they lowered the age, she jumped at it. I don't understand your comment I guess. If anything, this speaks very well for her to have been accepted to both shows, and it will surely launch a bright career for her.

  44. Top 3: casey,james and pia…

    Will be on top 5:thia and scottie….lauren maybe…they are the only deserving idol there the rest are just spoilers…paul and jacob maybe in top 10…I don't like JLos comment that she don't care with the pitch and the tone…hello…this is american idol not just any show and that is what's making it different from other reality shows…so Randy dude keep the spirit of Simon man…be critical…and for Steve Tyler awesome I didn't know he was smart…so awesome…

  45. I was surprised to hear that Casey was in the hospital, i hope he's alright….he's one of my favorites!!

  46. I think that it's already a hands down win for James Durbin, unless something unforseen happens…!


  48. I felt really sad when Ashthon left. I guess I'm gonna go for Haley now. I started loving her since the Blue song lol.

  49. i fealt sad when Jay-Z left because he was like the second justin bieber he sings really well

    but i dont understand if they are going to say that the youngest should come 1 or 2 years later why they open the inscriptions to boys or girls that are 15

  50. Hola buenas noches !!!!!!!!! todos son muy buenos me encanta el programa nunca me lo pierdo FELICIDADES desde Venezuela saludos Bye

  51. James Durbin was so fabulous singing Paul McCarthy but again WOW,WOW,WOW! He’s 100% ROCKER but this guy has such a nice quality and tone. That's so great because he can sing variety songs and he can manage it! He’s my favorite! Scotty McCreery also had a nice Garth Brooks sound a like voice. He is unique with his talent and he’s got what it takes to sell a country album. As for casey abrams, i love that husky voice he has,,so sexy!!! alaina please do another song to impress us…

  52. me encanta el programa y aunque lo veo traducido, aun asì me emociono igual, saludos a todos y felicidades me encanta el chavo rokero

    Translation: I love the program and although I see it translated, as I still get excited greetings and congratulations to all I love the guy roker

  53. For once, the right person was eliminated. Next one should be Karen; she's just not strong enough.

  54. To Thia Megia:

    Please dear sing with feeling and emotion but don't sing a lullaby it make all people sleep try rock or pop like song of Britney Spear with more dance and active and alive kicking attitude girl.

    You know more Filipino people watching you with this show because of you American Idol make as more excited seeing you sing that a PINAY Pride…:D Ok, Take care and always Smile and more alive not sleepy music request for all Filipino Fans… :d Gudluck and God Bless…

    • Scotty is the best.

      What a fantastic country Western singer.

      My picks are Scotty , Phia, James,Stefano

  55. Is Scotty that real handsome kid with that country western voice that I am so impressed with? How do I hear his audition he did that night about a week ago. He needs to put out an album…real soon! My husband and I were very impressed. Lynda 3-15-2011

  56. I love Karen Rodriguez I think she has beautiful voice and talent and should not be eliminated.

    • karen is no good,but i love her voice than her beauty,in this case she's no better than the other competitors but would require her as best.

  57. i think scotty is the best james sucks and thai should go home karen need to pick up on her singing but scotty is going to win just everyone watch 🙂

    • Shaydbug, I have said Scotty would win from day one! There is alot of talent out there, but Scotty doesn’t ever sound pitchie. He is consistant! Go get em’ Scotty! You got my vote each week! Hugs, & God bless!

  58. We love Scotty, his deep voice is so moving, Go Scotty you have our vote your the best. Keep up the good hard work you will make it God Bless you

  59. Ever since he walked into the audition room and sang Your Man, I have been awe struck with Scotty! He's been my favorite and will continue to be. I honestly don't want him to win because it seems that a lot of winners just get swallowed by the contract and we don't hear about them all that much (there are some that don't fit this-Kelly, Carrie, Adam etc), but I would be very happy if he came in as runner up. I am so glad that Scotty has come this far! I didn't expect that people would value his kind of talent and I am SOOO glad people do! Every time he sings I get goosebumps, melt, and almost always cry. Casey is my second favorite guy. He needs to bring back his upright bass though…makes me melt.

    As for the girls, I used to love Naima but she's been disappointing me lately. I'm LOVING Haley and Lauren. Especially when Haley sang Blue. Pia is also amazing…it is going to be so hard to pick a winner because they are ALL so talented!!!

  60. paul's voice is awful and screechy.. i wonder why he was chosen to be in the top 13 and so with that screaming black fatso don't know his name because whenever he sings i switch channel.

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