American Idol 2011: Pia and Durbin Steal the Show Again

I love the addition of Jimmy Lovine and his band of producers to the show.  I thought he must have been in a good mood this week because he didn’t give much heavy criticism but one thing he did too was show the contestants how to make their songs relevant to today.  This is a welcome change for me and I enjoyed hearing his comments about as much as I liked the singing.

Steven Tyler is for sure trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.  I want my hard core rocker back!  I want him to be brutally honest for just one show.  Not Simon Cowell like but just not quite so sweet to the singers.  We don’t need him to act like Paula.  We want his honest opinion and you can’t tell me on some of those contestants they were any good at all.  Like Paul McDonald.  WTH?  I’m not impressed with this guy.  He was pitchy and picked a song most people didn’t know.  Even Tyler had to tell him to nail it next time.  He’s VFTW’s pick so he might squeek into the top 12.

Even though I do not care for Celine Dion type of music, but wow can Pia Toscano sing!  She absolutely sang that high note at the end and was flawless.  I want to hear her sing something next week that’s not so slow.  Hopefully she’ll give us some tempo and really perform for today’s listeners.

James Durbin caught me off guard singing Paul McCarthy but again WOW!  He’s a rocker through and through but this guy has such a nice quality and tone.  He did an outstanding job!  He’s by far my favorite!  Scotty McCreery also had a nice Garth Brooks sound a like tone.  He is not unique with his talent but it doesn’t matter because he’s got what it takes to put out a country album right now.  

I wasn’t as impressed as most with Jacob Lusk.  The screams he did at the end seemed to go on and on.  I thought it was a bit much and over done.  The rest were just middle of the road for me except Naima who was just awful in my opinion.  If I had my way she would be the one going home tonight.  Casey Abrams is starting to grow on me.  I love how he can interpret songs and make them his own.

Who was the stand out to you last night?




    • Haley is great !! I'd buy her music right now. I think she is awesome!! Pia talented yes, but would not buy her music. Casey, and james best outta the guys, color my strange but I like Naima…

      • I agree, she was great. One of my favorites last night. The other's were, James, Scott, Casey and Naiema.

    • I agree!!

      Haley is probably not my favourite, but she sang well last night!

      I think Randy is unfair! He has done it twice! Haley's performance in the top 24 was great too! I can't believe it! Maybe Randy doesn't really like her…. how come he says good things about Ashton but not Haley??

      He needs to start being fair… and as for the other judges, I like them but they need to start being honest and not praising the contestants all the time. Now, I'm starting to miss Simon… geez

      • I also am starting to miss Simon. There's just something about Ashton that just makes you not vote for her. It's the attitude.

      • I agree. I thought Haley did really good too. I was surprised by Randy's criticism. In defense, I voted for her. She's not my favorite but I didn't like what was happening to her.

      • I agree it's something about Ashton that I don't like either. She seems like she tries to hard and she wants to stand out that's why that hair of hers looks like that. I want her to go home.

      • Randy was WRONG! Hailey sang sang Blue very

        Beautifully! I do not get where he was coming from?Obviously Jennifer disagreed with him. Tyler liked it too! I think Steven and Randy are trying to be nice so they don't sound hateful.And beautiful Jennifer just is so sweet. But I do agree they could be a bit more forceful with there comments. *It's there 1st year! Except for Randy. And he is the same as he always has been. They are learning as they go along! Sherry K.

    • Are you kiddng me!!! Get your ears checked. Haley is AWFUL and should never even be in the top 13 at all!!!

      • excuse me,

        before you ask anyone to get their ears checked, I think u should have yours checked first ^^

      • What was so awful. She hit all her notes. She did a credible job. she's just not a stand-out, like some of the others. Pleeeze! Give the girl a break.

      • MJ, You do need to get your ears checked! She sang that song right on key.Clear vocals! She will not win. But that song was just beaurtiful! Sherry K.

      • Not a big fan of Haley…but I did think she did a great job with her song choice…Blue…Actually liked her performance over Lauren's, who is supposed to be the "country" female singer. The best performance was James…hands down. Loved the vulnerability she showed. So excited for tonight and to hear Adam's performance. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • I thought she was great too. She did the song beautifully. I think those that don't like it don't know the song well if at all. But she may be smart in going after the country vote.

    • Do not like Naima at all!!! I think, even though it isn't my type of music, that Durbin completely stole the show! He definitely is awesome, especially considering his diagnosis!!! I love Pia too, she is flawless… I would like to see her change it up as well to something a bit more upbeat, but she will go far whatever she does!

      Scotty and Lauren are my style of music as I love country, but I did not think that they were the best last night, they are always good, but they were outdone by Pia Toscano and James Durbin for sure!!

      • @ Rayner : I totally agree with you, Pia is great in my opinion!! But it is about taste… we can say that whether she is good or he is not… but the others can tell the opposite!

  1. I thought, as I have all along, that James was that good. He reaaly has the whole package. I adore him and as for Scotty, there is just something about him that is very very likable. My guess, besides his singing ability,is his genuineness and realness. The girls I can take or leave over all and Jacob peaked during his auditions.

  2. Steven Tyler will find his comfort zone. He is already a legend and most everyone loves him. I've been a fan (yes even the fan club) for decades now. If you watch Steven you can really tell how good these people are. I know he wanted to jump out of his seat and give a standing ovation more than once, and Pia wasn't his choice. I think he got up because he had to. If you watch the tapes, he was the last one up. He was probably thinking "&^%# I should of stood up when James did Judas Priest"

    James Durbin should win this competition but we all know how America thinks. I mean look at our government. People voted wrong choosing a lot of those people. We all know some of them vote for the party, not the person and I'm afraid that a lot of the voters for Idol have turned that way.

    I would bet if you made this competition worldwide – James Durbin would win it hands down.

    Pia is way too hyped up. She reminds me of a cardboard box – just standing there singing her wedding songs she has done how many hundreds of times. She is a professional wedding singer, so that is what we are getting. Fantastic if you want to slow dance or listen to dentist office music.

    Scotty is pure country – talented as heck and you just have to love this kid. Jacob is awesome – that dude should be a gospel singer. Haley is one of the three best female singers there. She is not given enough media attention and it seems she is not Randy's cup of tea.

    Lauren is really good and is a lot more fun than the rest of the girls. Naima, well she needs to work on her vocals a little more. She sure can move.

    Paul McDonald, awesome voice bad song choice. Casey is just fun. Stefano is good if he figures out who he is. Thia and Karen are dull. I think if they had a trio of Thia, Pia & Karen – you would see more movement of the microphones than them.

      • I too am a huge fan of James. He will go far in the competition but will not be the winner. It's too early to say who will be, remember the songs we've heard them singing are their choices. Just wait til the Artist are picked for them and we're going really see who's got the REAL TALENT!!

      • I thought Thia, Pia, Karen and Ashton were boring. I enjoyed Naiema and Haley. I loved the comment about the dentist office music.Listening to the above four was as painful as going to the dentist office.

      • Paul is interesting. I think it was a really bad song choice for him. He can sing. But what makes him interesting is his personality and stage persona. I'd like to see him try to do something else. However, you are right. Based on last night's performance, he should go home, but I think those still waters run deep and he deserves another shot at proving himself. He is too much fun to watch when performing and really looks like he enjoys performing.

      • I so agree with Karen but to add that Naima really showed a all round package with dancing, singing, performing and her reggae piece. It was truly amazing. I hope and pray she will get very far and for all those resenting her soooo much. It is one thing to stand still at one point and sing and another to perform as she did and still be able to sing that well. Don't forget they are no pros yet. So I hope she will still have time on the show to grow, improve and do her thing. Overall almost everyone showed a wonderful performance last night. Can’t wait to see and hear Adam tonight. Yeah.

  3. I agree with every single comment you made about last night's show. from Steven's remarks to the Naima comment.. I would add that Scotty does not belong there ,those country voices are a dime a dozen around here , he is nothing special.

    • Scotty his voice is very special you do not hear that kind of quality tone or depth from a young man at 17 years old that guy can flat out sing and you can hear every word and understand it if you sing don't sing where noone can understand it what is the point I hope this year country wins because it has been a long time since country has won we need a change.

      • Paul sounds like Rod Stewart; Scotty sounds like Josh Turner and James sounds like Adam Lambert. Only special voices I like are Thia and Jacob.

      • Scotty sound just like Josh Turner! I am a huge country fan!! I go to all of the concerts when they come here. Garth Brooks him self would tell Scotty that he sang that song good! I used to live in Owasso! My daughter went to school with Sandy Brooks. Garth's first wife. I have met Garth and he is a very nice person! He just goes around in sweats and a baseball cap at home in Owasso! Garth if you ever read this comment board tweet if you like Scotty's rendition of " The River". Sherry K.

      • Sorry…respectfully disagree. I really think Scotty has a great voice and did justice to Garth Brook's song. He is not my favorite to win; but I definitely see him in the top 5 or maybe in the top 3. James Durbin "rocks" 🙂

  4. Thank you Ashli Rae…I agree…James was a definite stand out…He hit those notes and showed a sweet tenderness with that song…He is my favorite to win. I like Pia but feel she needs to loosen up some…it isw as if I were watching a mannequin or a wind up doll-"push this button and I will sing"…too stiff. Casey was being Casey…He is good and there is something unique about him. Top 5 so far for me would be: James, Scotty, Casey, Haley and Pia. I would definitely pay good money to buy a CD or go to a concert to hear James perform…would possibly buy a CD to listen to Scotty and Casey. JMHO. Can't wait until tonight to hear the one and only Adam Lambert perform…awesome. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 Hello to my sweet friends, Phyllis G. , Sherry K. and Angela. Ladies…you rock~!! 🙂

    • Adam Lambert rocks! He should've won last year. Who did win? Does anyboby remember or care? Can't wait for his performance tonight. Sure it'll be the highlight of the evening.

      • I think Crystal Bowersox won last year. Can't remember. What ever happened to her???

      • It was Lee DeWyze who won last year (sorry – not sure how to spell his surname), and Chris Allen the year before that who somehow managed to beat Adam

    • Rose,, My sweet friend, I agree with you 100% on your choices. You and Phyllis G. Are usually spot on with your favorites! I think Scotty could be signed up right now for a country CD. He truly sang " The River " One of my favorite songs of Garth Brooks with pure passion! Lets keep our fingers crossed for our favorites tonight.I am just

      loving it that ADAM is performing tonight! Sherry K. 🙂

    • Sorry Rose A. I got carried away about Garth Brooks and Scotty's rendition of the "RIVER". I just want to say hi to you sweet ladie! And Phyllis too! Sherry K. 🙂

      • @ Sherry K. Hello to you as well sweet friend. I agree with you about Scotty. He did do well with that song. James is the one that slammed a home run last night. He does have some strong vocals. Scotty will be in the top 5 with James, Casey, Pia and perhaps Lauren. Can't wait until tonight… 🙂

  5. pia was really good, she masters her voice. i just dont reaaly like her tone of voice especialy when she goes loud.

    on the contrary, thia has a very beautiful voice but true she is a bit boring. the problem is when she goes up tempo, the beauty of her voice gets lost.

    casey is great, he s so creative n passionate in music and in delivering the art.

    while james durbin is unfortunately over the tip, he yells. from the very first auditon i really didnt get why he passed round after round. the only performance where i thought he did well was paul mccarthy because he was not screaming.

    my favourite was lauren i really hope she will picj the right song next time to showvase her ability.

    • Great talent. Great voice, but there is something missing in the feeling or the connection?

  6. I agree with all your comments….but…..Paul McCarthy?? What planet are you from? 🙂

      • He was fun to watch, and it's a good song, but what vancat was saying (and I've been waiting for someone to say this) is that it's Paul McCartney, of the Beatles and Wings and many others. An amazing singer-songwriter, and misnamed in the article.

  7. I couldn't agree more Ashli! Pia and Durbin Wow! Amazing! really amazing! I don't have my favorite yet but I have to say that pia and Durbin nailed the show.

    I like the tone of Thia's voice but she needs to show her versatility.

    Lynne, you're right. Scotty has this kind of charisma that makes you like him. Though we know that he won't be staying that long. There are more bigger voices than he is.

    Jacob is a soul singer, but I don't know why i don't love watching him.

    Naima sorry. But i really can't stand watching you. I don't get your style.

    Pia I just love your hair.

    As of now my vote goes to Durbin. He reminds me of Adam L. My ultimate AI favorite!

    • Yes, I agree, Adam was the best. He wowed us every week.

      Naieam was fun. I wasn't bored when she was singing. And I enjoyed Halesy singing too.

      It's James and Scotty all the way.

      • Niaima needs to work on her vocals. Especially if she is going to do a dance routine. She looked beat at the end of that. I don't think that she will go home tonight because she brought something extra to the table, but if just based on singing, she was certainly on the bottom of the heap. I was entertained but also disappointed with the performance. Hopefully she will continue doing what she's doing. Only better, if she stays. She's not my favorite, but I am rooting for her.

    • Are you saying that, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and the great Fantasia are unforgettable????

      • I'm pretty sure he/she just means this year's girls are forgettable. I have to agree a bit. None of them really grabbed me like James, Casey, or even Scotty have…Maybe Pia, but she can't get away with three big ballads in a row. She's gonna have to do something more relevant next week.

  8. have watched American Idol since the beginning and have never seen such an amazing group of singers! It is difficult to find serious fault with any of them. I, too, love james and Pia but I also appreciate the uniqueness of Paul and enjoyed his cruisin' around the stage. He reminded me of Chris Martin, Also, remember they were singing songs by THEIR favorites. Let's see how they do next week.

    • Dotti I just said the same. I agree with everything you said. Paul is very unique and lights up the room w/ that beautiful smile(hope he gets to stick around)

  9. j wilson-You must have hearing difficulties-oh no wait you're a rocker Gotta be-

    Ardane-You're just out there- Say Scottie won't be around long-Gues again I bet he makes it to top 3 I know top 5 I hope he wins. THis kid is more than great voice- You both need therapy I see you chose rockers though-so it makes sense You like the screamin!! not the singin

      • I love Scotty's voice his kind of voice you don't find everday listen to the tone quality his depth of his voice there are not that many people in music today that have his kind of voice in country but josh turner some have sort of a deep tone but not like that and rock music today is not anything like it used to be I donot like screaming but singing hearing the words so you can understantd what they say I have sung for almost 30 years until I got sick I know some about music just close your eyes and listen when Scotty sings Steven Tyler does it at times he is taking the song and the voice and the depth It will move you if you listen I like James also I like his style but there can many different styles and all can be liked it's how they bring it

    • Firstly, I don't understand what being a 'rocker' has to do with not being a big fan of Scotty, so lay off the baseless hate. I for one listen mainly to death metal (no, not Metallica or Slipknot, I mean Bloodbath, Vader, Decapitated and other bands you haven't heard of), and I can appreciate good music and a good performer regardless of genre. Scotty is just such a performer.

      While his voice isn't quite as unique as people like to say, it certainly isn't overly common in the music industry unlike some others. He has a certain natural presence and charisma that you just can't fake, and it clearly resonates with the audience.

      Scotty may not win, this is true, but among the top 13, he is certainly one of the favourites. Anybody who really follows polls and comment pages can see that he has an immense following and will almost certainly make the top three if not take the whole thing (barring a massive collapse).

      James is my man, first and foremost, but performers like Scotty and Casey deserve serious respect and consideration for what they do, because they clearly do it quite well. I just wish people would keep an open mind and respect all types of music as long as they're done well, because metal just can't get no love.

      • "I just wish people would keep an open mind and respect all types of music as long as they’re done well" – they should have this top & bottom of every page on these forums & maybe people would eventually see sense!


    • I totaly agree Scotty has my vote go Scotty love his voice his charm and he is very comfortable on stage he don't even have to try it just flows good job

  11. Scotty's got it,whether he wins or not, he already won,,,what a voice..The only girls that should still be here are Pia and Haley, the rest need to go,, godd luck to James, Paul, Casey, Jacob,,,Scotty's gotcha,,shout out from Garner and GO BLUE.. You made us VERY PROUD,, How many 17 yo's to you hear sound like that, with his manners, and behavior and good family values..YOU ALREADY WON……………….

  12. Simon is the one I missed the most! The judge panel is trying to be mr. nice guys this year…they praised almost everyone…even when they're singing badly!!

      • Couldn't DISAGREE more with you…I was losing interest last year and the helpful encouraging comments from the judges is a reason the contestant's are doing so well…encouragement is necessary for advancement…and that's my "senior" point of view!

      • Totally agree with Bob. In the past the judging was borderling on malicious. It was mean and degrading to the contestants. So what if someone had a bad night or just couldn't sing at all; was it neccessary to rip their souls out on national tv. I like the new judges much better. They are tactful and sensitive, even when critiquing. I don't walk away feeling like they just broke someone's spirit for the edification of the nation. And I think that a lot of talented people weren't trying out for the show because they didn't want to hold themselves up for embarrassment and ridicule. If you need bad behavior to get off, there are plenty of low brow, sleazy reality shows to choose form these day. Do you really need that mentality on American Idol?

      • While I do agree with most of what Bob and Stephanie wrote, I can't help but wish for a bit more actual judging.

        There are ways to give legitimate criticism without making it overly mean, cutting, or degrading. Sometimes contestants need a bit of tough love.

        At their best, the judges this season have walked that line perfectly, but often I find them falling into being softies. There have been numerous instances already where a contestant clearly hasn't 'nailed' the song and yet the judges avoid delivering the constructive criticism some of these young artists need to grow.

        In a lot of cases Jennifer will simply avoid commenting on the singing for fear of being harsh, and talk a bout a contestant's hair or nice smile. Also, Steven will clearly not voice his concerns for fear of being booed by the audience (he's a rock star, after all, and not used to being booed). I think Randy has it more or less down pat. He's not mean or insulting like Simon was, but he's frank and honest; willing to praise or criticise good and bad aspects of a performance accordingly. The other two judges aren't bad at all, they can be quite good. I'd just like to see them not be afraid to offer their FULL and very informed opinions on a consistent basis.

    • Simon was cunningly smart. He acted in a shockingly "mean" way just to get us to watch the show when the talent wasn't as great as it is now. They don't need mean any more. The talent is amazing now!

  13. Btw, Scotty is a very good country singer, but I can't see him wins the whole thing…if all he sings is country music week in, week out!

    • Are you saying that it's OK for James to sing rock every week but Scotty should'nt sing country every week? Does that make any sense?

    • I like to see a bit of variation from a contestant here and there, and James did that last week and earned rightful praise for it.

      However, I think they should stick with the style they're best at and most comfortable with so long as that remains both relevant and entertaining. Scotty is no exception to this. I rather enjoy his country crooning, and I'm not a country guy by any stretch of the imagination.

  14. Steven Tyler is by far my favorite judge. He's a rocker, but a man with a heart.I would like to say I enjoy all the young singers. but my top 5 are Scotty, James, Casey, Haley, and Jacob.

  15. This is a wonderful season. I haven't been this excited since season 7. I love the judges, love the whole show set up, and love the performers. I agreed with everyone in the Top 13, except for Thia. Would have preferred Jovany. Anyway my favs are James and Jacob, and Paul and Haley have unique voices but they need to be careful with song selection. Fun times ahead, nice to have a momentary distraction from the bad condition the world is in : )

  16. James all the way, first time idol has ever had anyone like him, and does anyone know where I can find that vest he had on?

  17. I am a fan of Paul McDonald. His performance last night was not my favorite, so I hope he gets to stick around and improve on his song choices. He is more unique than most others.

    And Casey… what a musician. He is so talented. I love love watching his performances. He is so entertaining.

  18. If this is a singing competition, for my favorite music give me THIA…this girl will diversify her presentations as she gets more experience…there are few voices like hers that will appeal to "purists" of voice over time….go Thia go!!!!

    • Thia has a beautiful voice, but wow is she boring. Boring songs and performances. I think that is certainly going to hurt her in this competition.

      • I dont think thia's performances were boring. She have what it takes to run through the competition. At such a young age, she has a unique voice that can surpass other contestants' voice. Just wait for her performances to come, i know she can make it. She did it America's Got Talent, and now on Idol. Search Thia on youtube to learn more bout her, esp.her rendition of 'I am Changing'…. Whoa!! AMAZING!

      • She has the voice….absolutely. She is not an entertainer though. A great singer yes, but that is it. To be a star you need something more than just that voice. You need to keep people engaged, and I just don't think she has that yet. She is young, maybe she will in time, but as of now… She's just straight up snooze worthy.

  19. Naima has gotta go. Pia has such a beautiful clear voice and she is very poised as well. She seems like a very humble and honest person and has natural beauty besides. Thia is to young and maybe an Idol winner in a few years. Scotty has a very good voice but sounds just like every other country male singer. Country music should have there own "idol" show. To much country style this year. Go Pia !!!!!

      • I'm not a country fan but I think we are seeing a country legend being born. One day you will brag, "I saw him on TV when he was only 17 before he became a legend."

  20. geez man..its paul mccartney, not mccarthy..casey,james,pia,jacob,stefano all did great..paul did ok.he will be back with a better performance..scotty is getting boring,yea i know he's country but how can he even challenge himself when he sings the same the way every week.

  21. I voted for Lauren, Pia and Thia. Pia has the most self-confidence of the three. Both Lauren and Thia looked like they were near tears after the judges comments even though the judges weren't that harsh. However, I don't understand why they sing the praises of someone like Ahston who, in my opinion, performed more poorly than Lauren or Thia. I know they are both young but they are both so talented and could both win the competition if they gained some confidence. I think Ashton is going home tonight. America didn't vote her through for a reason. She looked better than she sounded last night but still, she looked and sounded like a Diana Ross wannabe overall. I didn't like Jacob Lusk's performance of R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" even though the judges sang his praises as well. I think his performance was overdone and he was struggling to sound louder than the choir. I do think that there is a problem with the contestants being able to hear themselves as witnessed by Karen Rodriguez being out of tune at times when she's usually spot on. They need to fix the feedback or something. I wish Jacob would have done some Luther Vandross and still hope to see him do a luther song.

    • Totally agree about Luther Vandross for Jacob. I mentioned that to someone last night and they said that he did Luther last week. I guess I slept on that. I think Jacob has great vocals and he is a little overblown, but then look at Lauren and Thia. They toned it down and got crazy criticism for it. They have to bring it and pull out all the stops each time. I liked what Jacov did with the song, however, I do agree he could tone it down some and still sound amazing. I don't think he will be the Idol winner. Where is the market for him. I hope he makes it into the top 10 and can perform on tour with the group though.

  22. Pia and James will be the last two standing. Amazing just Amazing singers. I want to see Pia jazz up her act, with that voice and those legs. Dancing on stage will just bring her up a few more grades off the charts!

  23. J-LO improved a lot this week.

    She is starting to give good constructive criticism.

    Tyler needs to bring it now.

    • I like all the judges this year. Tyler and Jennifer were just what the show needed. They aren't mean-spririted and I like that. Randy never really was mean in the past. In fact, if not for the dramatic changes, I wouldn't be watching Idol anymore. I love the judges' empathy and sensitivity to young people putting their souls on the line on national tv. Even when they suck, the judges seemed to find a way to not be ugly about it this year. The mean spirit-ness of the competition was really turning me off in the past.

  24. AI is our favorite program.

    Only show that me & my entire family will watch together.

    We voted for Hailey, James. & Scotty.

    Don't know what Randy was watching but Hailey did a great job.

    Strange but catchy song!

    My only complaint is the repeated marching out of the choir & use of background singers.

    I have no problem with the choir but should be used in moderation…say the finals.

  25. Everybody has an opinion, but it's so clear who the STARS are…having been involved in Radio for so long, there's a certain "light" in some that is not so apparent in others. I saw in last night in a handful – James, Pia, Stefano, Casey and the incredible Naima! She has become my favorite, even though I am rooting for James as well – my son has a similar diagnosis. He is amazing. Naima, though, displayed true creativity and boldness. We KNOW that she can sing, but her dancing and sparkle was among the best I've seen – this early – in "Idol" – EVER. I'm really excited about the show and never thought that I would be!

  26. Not a single person commented on how awesome Casey Abrams is. HE is the overall winner because he's unique, talented and has that specific style that can carry a TRUE ARTIST quite far. HE deserves to win.

    • Casey is amazing. He's no Brad Pitt but OMG!!! when he performs, he is super sexy and so talented. I love watching him. I hope he has an amazing journey after Idol. He's a great, entertaining performer.

      • casey sound's like he should do a movie theme..toy story 4…perhaps.

        their is a market for animated films..he sounds like Randy Newman.

  27. I have been a fan of AI for years and this year is so full of talent it's hard to choose but I must say my fav. are Scotty, Casey, James,Paul and I'm not sure which is in what order. I don't care for any of the girls especationlly Naima. I hated her preformance last night.

  28. I think Pia is good but she stretched to reach the high notes, it didn't sound natural to me. Jacob is good also, but I think if they both calmed it down some & always not try to technically throw in all those reflections in their voices, they could be the best,in my eyes. I would also like to still hear & see Naima as she grows (she could end of being the great overall showman (or woman) with her dancing and all (Remember Taylor Hicks won in the past.) I also think Stefano, Scotty, Paul, Casey stood out.

  29. Paul McDonald was one of my early favorites….but last night was not good. Ryan Adams is actually my favorite singer as well, and Paul's rendition….not even close. Not to mention that he had to change nearly every word of the chorus to make it TV friendly. Almost not even the same song!

  30. I believe the show stealers last night were James, Pia and Casey. James was AMAZING! I listened to the original version and when I heard James sing last night I was just "WOW" so talented and I guess with that performance, he finally broke away from the shadow of Adam Lambert! Can't stop from replaying his performance in youtube.

    Pia was impressive! Her high notes was so good to the ears. Really love her performance. But I also want to see her do something other than ballad or else she might become boring.

    Casey as always is fun to watch. It was a good choice to sing that song. I have been a Casey fan ever since the show started. Wish I can see him play the Piano or the Upright Bass again =)

    Was disappointed with Thia last night. She's fifteen and she keeps on singing slow music…she's cute and she has such a great voice, hope she chooses something exciting next time and that will suit her voice quality as well.

    • Pia, wasn't amazing what people sees from her its her looks that's it; its not the quality of her voice. she cannot be a good singer she doesn't have her own talent. I go for Thia, with a quality voice.



  33. So far, I think Pia and James are the best, but being that America votes I think it will go to Scotty. I wish we had Simon, Kara and Randy judging this group this year. Talent is awesome and would have been interesting to hear what they think. I feel sorry for Randy because he's getting outnumbered by the other two judges which seems to have an influence on the voting. I know Simon and Kara even Paula would agree with Randy's comments. I hope they don't bring Jennifer and Steven back, at least have Kara and Randy on the panel. Those two know their music, whereas the other two don't even know the difference between karaoke singing and non-karaoke singing.

  34. the talent pool is amazing this year, the addition of the 2 judges is a no brainer. JLO simply sucks, does not know a thing or two about raw talent, aka a great singing voice sans any accompaniments.And she is definitely very partial to her own kind.Steven Tyler on the other hand is so used to heavy music and gets so excited about loud singers. Please bring Simon back!!!!!!!or even Kara.Randy seems to have it under control. I recall JLO even saying not caring about pitchiness. What? is this a singing contest or what? duh.. She should go too! Amen!

  35. Wow guys,

    I have to disagree with the majority of you.

    This might come as a surprise but i am 100% behind THIA to win. She is an amazing singer and definately not boring. Best natural talent there, easily…if she does not win i would be extremely surprised!! my order would be #1=Thia #2=James #3=Lauren #4=Casey #5=Scotty #6=Pia #7=Jacob #8=Naima #9=Karen #10=Paul #11=Stefano #12=Haley #13=Ashthon

  36. Yes, Pia Zorelli and James Durbin are my top picks also. I'd like to see Pia move around a bit though. It was great seeing Adam again. Wish he would stop painting his nails. He's got a great face and voice – don't need his hands to take from that.

    • I do like Adam, but it's hard to watch him sing, especially when he holds on the high notes. His tongue literally comes a little way out of his mouth. Not pleasing to watch.

  37. HIGH notes and Pia? I completely disagree w/ anyone saying Pia can hit HIGH notes well. I haven't heard her hit one yet! While it's evident that some people are referring to loudness others I'm not so sure. Pia has not yet reached the upper octaves that so many great, or even good, female singers hit. She has a great voice & she has excellent PROJECTION for the notes she hits, but all good singers for the style of music she sings can hit higher octaves. (p.s she's gorgeous!)

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