American Idol 2011: San Francisco Brings Much Better Talent

A much better episode last night on American Idol 2011.  I don’t know if the talent in Los Angeles was just that terrible or the producers got a clue and quit giving us the lame stupid auditions we don’t care anything about.  There were a few standouts I think have a good chance of making it pretty far in the competition.

My favorite audition of the night was James Durbin who is raising a family and overcoming tourettes syndrome.  You would never from his voice that he had any kind of neurological condition.  I predict we will see in the top 5.  I was pleasantly surprised by Clint Jun Gamboa who sang “Billionaire”.  I honestly thought we were about to hear a joke audition.  We get another sad story with Julie Zorilla from Columbia.   Her parents left when she was 8 because of the guerilla warfare and made a better life for her here.  She sings a good rendition of “Summertime” and easily makes it through to Hollywood. 

I didn’t understand why squeeky voiced Emily Reed made it through even though when she played the guitar at the end it was much better than her actual audition.  The American Idol judges need to get tough!  Let’s hope that happens tonight in Hollywood!