American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week is Here!

After a kind of snoozy batch of American Idol 2012 audition episodes, we finally get into the meat of the audition process — everyone’s favorite week from Hell: Hollywood Week.

The first part of the Hollywood round airs Wednesday at 8 pm ET and the second part follows Thursday night also at 8 pm ET. Both shows will run an hour.

American Idol has the full giantic list of Hollywood hopefuls, if you want to be reminded of some of the faces you’ll be seeing this week. Or see some faces we’ll never see because of editing and eliminations. You can also check out short interviews from everyone and if you have about 12 hours to spare, you might be able to get through them all.

If you don’t want to trek all the way over to that site, here’s a couple of my favorite auditioners: