American Idol 2012: Lythgoe ‘Thrilled’ With Ratings

American Idol might be getting slammed by blogs about its declining ratings, but Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe is pleased, no, “thrilled” with the ratings.

“After 11 years, I’m thrilled with these ratings,” Lythgoe said during a recent conference call. “Whatever bad press we’re getting about these ratings — my God, the rest of the world would love these ratings, for God’s sake.”

Lythgoe squashed any rumors that Idol would be scrambling to make changes this season to boost ratings. “Whatever is happening now, we’ve survived for 11 years, why on earth would we start looking for other things to put in there?” Lythgoe asked.

The producers also is ready to start slamming the competition.

“And let’s hope all of the other shows like ‘X Factor’ and ‘The Voice’ continue to be successful for 11 years,” he said diplomatically. “I’ll celebrate. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for them. But 11 years is a long time to go.”





  1. I really like American Idol but it does need some tweaking……The Audition rounds  should be an hour only.  Two hours is too much…..Seriously, Hollywood week is like a boot camp….its crazy….no need for all that drama.  First of all they give out too many golden tickets to people that are NOT good, then they have group sessions, WHY?..these are individual singers not groups…..The voting system is the WORST………
    Ok……enough….I got this off my chest…..Have a great evening everyone!!!!

    • i enjoy the drama.  I agree, the voting system sucks!  Its the only reason Scotty got crowned last year.

  2. Well first off too many audition episodes. They need to shorten those episodes. No more a Capella auditions. One good thing about the Voice and X-Factor(which you’ll not hear me say too many good things about the X Factor) is that contestants get to audition ns, or a montage of bad auditions. Just give a little background on the contestants that are auditioning and not a whole thing of their hometown and sob story. Show the auditions of the people who make the top 24, or very least the ones who make the “sing for your life” round.

    Fix the voting system. When Pia got voted off last season Uncle Nigel gave an interview saying that Pia was running in the “middle of the pack” with voting. Well that’s not representative of how many people voted, but on how many people voted for the same person over and over again. So Pia could have had more people voting for her, but not enough who were voting over and over again. I know it sounds nice to say “we got 7o million votes” making people think that 70 million people watched the show, but it’s not a true statement though.

    Don’t let teenagers audition!!! And it should be a requirement that someone has at least a high school diploma or a GED to be on this show. And that goes for you Travis Orlando!! And this goes for the X Factor and the Voice too. Sorry but for me I get sick of talented adults being passed over for some young kid who clearly has talent, but doesn’t have the maturity to handle the competition. I’m sick of seeing young teenager break down in tears if the judges didn’t like their performances, or acting like it’s the end of the world if they get eliminated. I am sick of seeing attitudes like Astro on X Factor thinking that they are entitled, or Lauren Alania’s bratty looks one time last season because the judges weren’t too fond of their performance. I’d rather be forced to choose between two adults who have experience and know how than I would some teenager who clearly just needs to go finish their education and get some experience under their belt. Also I think it sends the wrong message to teenagers as it’s become apparent that some are dropping out of high school thinking that they’d go on Idol and the record executives will notice them and they’ll be the next Bieber(who I don’t think is really all that talented sorry just my opinion there). So please NO MORE TEENAGERS ON THESE SHOWS!!!

    Better judging. I’m can’t say what the judging will be like on the live shows this year as the live shows have yet to start, but so far during the auditions it’s been pretty lackluster. There are just some they should have said no to that I didn’t get. I would have asked Travis Orlando why he dropped out of high school and tell him that his golden ticket is conditional that he needs to either get back into school, or get a GED. It bothered me that the judges didn’t even flinch when he said he dropped out of school. I would have been right on him about that. I know it’s hard to say no to some people, but sometimes you just have to. I think it’s easier for them to cut during Hollywood by saying “Back row congratulations, front row sorry the journey ends here.” Than it is for them to tell a single person no.

    Lastly, quit treating the viewing public like idiots!!! The people watching at home aren’t dumb, and when you treat people like they are dumb then you turn them off to you.

    Well I’ll step off my soapbox for now. Just some ideas I have that could help with this show.

    • @Shawn, bravo well said.  This is what I have been saying for the last so many blogs my fingers were hurting already.  You are spot on, and you know what, Nigel can say what he says but I think the party will soon be over because it is now the fans who are complaining of  being bored out of their minds (like me, ha ha).  He has a short memory, if he thinks the show can go on unchanged.  A few years ago , it was fine but that was without, America’s Got Talent , XFactor , The Voice , and two new talent shows produced in YCTV where the tweens are.  Besides the many other variety shows that show cases talents, like dancing , cooking, group singing , and it just scratching the surface.

      As much as I felt bad that Taxi , Seinfeld , Cheers and other show favourites that lasted as long as Idol did , it will…………you know , I won’t say that word, not yet………..

  3. well let see how it goes same old same old  …….boring……. i’m so thankful for x factor and voices wear all good singers have good change too win.

  4. Quit showing all the sob stories…..start showing real talent…this is American Idol for goodness sake not “my sad story life”.  Get on with the talent and start showing the very best from North Carolina…..

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