American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week is Here!

After a kind of snoozy batch of American Idol 2012 audition episodes, we finally get into the meat of the audition process — everyone’s favorite week from Hell: Hollywood Week.

The first part of the Hollywood round airs Wednesday at 8 pm ET and the second part follows Thursday night also at 8 pm ET. Both shows will run an hour.

American Idol has the full giantic list of Hollywood hopefuls, if you want to be reminded of some of the faces you’ll be seeing this week. Or see some faces we’ll never see because of editing and eliminations. You can also check out short interviews from everyone and¬†if you have about 12 hours to spare, you might be able to get through them all.

If you don’t want to trek all the way over to that site, here’s a couple of my favorite auditioners:




  1. …and none too soon…auditions this year were way too boring~!!! So far, only a few of those that autioned have stood out for me….hopefully Hollywood Week will bring it on. ūüôā

    • I’m with you Rose…..I wish we can just go to the live shows but I’m just curious as to why some of the singers I liked didn’t make it according to the spoiler list…

  2. hooray for hollywood…maybe.¬† will the wait be worth it??¬† to ed, caught the voice last night.¬† what a difference.¬† what i saw were REAL auditions with some fabulous talent.¬† good show.

    • I knew if you watched The Voice you would like it….A world of difference from Idol.¬† Don’t get me wrong…I love Idol but the road to the Live shows are BORING!!!!!!!!¬† Hollywood week is aka Hell week.
      I’m just curious to see why a singer like Ashley Robles didn’t make it and a few others I liked.¬† There must be a lot of talent we didn’t see..I GUESS!!!!!!!

      • i like the judges on voice – all genres are represented with some pretty impressive people, even the adam who doesn’t know who the REAL adam is (hint hint).¬† by the by, now there are denials about the queen tour this summer.¬† if i hear anything…….

  3. Agreed. Loved the Voice…great talent.
    @ Phyllis…I saw the list of names and pictures of all the contestants that made it through to Hollywood Week and I think I did see Ashley Robles on this list…whether or not she makes it through Hollywood Week is yet to be seen…and there were so many people on this list that we never even saw audition…looking forward to this week~!!! ūüôā

    • Yes, she is on the Hollywood list but not the top 12 Spoiler list.¬† Something had to happen either in Hollywood or Vegas, thats why I’ll be watching to see what did happen.

  4. Pr63….I’m bummed!!!! Let me know if you hear anything and I will do the same….

    • @Phyllis G , Pr63¬†¬†I heard that the top 12 girls and the top 12 guys listed in the spoiler list are pretty acurate so if any one of your favourites is not on that list then they did not make it pass the final selections the Judges usually do before the live show.¬† I hate to be the bearer of “old news”, we’ve known this for a while, since Hollywood week and Vegas are all taped a while back.¬†

      This is why I decided to skip all the crying and sad goodbyes that will
      happen for sure during these coming 2 weeks and it will just irritate me
       more to watch the drama that is a common occurence on Hollywood
      week.  May I refresh your memory in:

      1) the lack of sleep drama
      2) the “my group partner is lazy” drama
      3) the I can’t find a group to take me, boo hoo hoo drama
      4) I am sick, I’m not feeling good, I’m going home routine drama
      5) and the most famous act of all the” last minute do or die practice
           drama, oh one more , the you ruin it for all of us drama.

      I think I will jsut sit back watch The Voice then tune back when the
      live show starts, sorry to sound so negative , I used
       to watch it before but now we have some excellent alternatives.

      • that’s why we record idol and then fast forward all the junk.¬† especially if the rangers are playing

      • Ed……I know all that, ¬†I’ve been thru this for 10 seasons.¬† Like Pr63 said….its dvr’d…I zoom thru the BS but I’m just curious to find out why Ashley Robles did not make it………I, too, love The Voice but that show will be on Mon & Tues. and Idol is on Wed. & Thurs.¬† I watch everything at one time or another…..LOL……but thanks for your analogy of Hollywood week…I loved it….

  5. @ Ed…also like your take on Hollywood Week…so very true. And yes, love the alternative which is on Mon. and Tues….so will stick with Idol on Wed. and Thurs. IMHO…if the Voice and Idol were on the same nights…my choice would be the Voice…but then…there is always TiVo… ūüôā

  6. I don’t know what everyone else is hearing, but the Voice is not better than Idol, talent wise.¬† Yes, I love the setup and idea, the judges, and the process of the Voice…but the talent is not better than idol!¬† I think there a few good people, but several times I have listened to an audition on The Voice, and immediately thought of a past contestant on Idol that could have sung it better.¬† I do think the show is better than last year though.¬†

    I do agree with everyone on the fact that the auditions were really boring this year.¬† I feel like they really left out a lot of good people.¬† I’m still not giving up on Idol just yet.

    …has anyone else looked on the list of people going to Hollywood, and noticed that Alex Wong from SYTYCD made it to Hollywood Week???¬† I wonder if this has anything to due with Nigel, or if he really is good enough.¬†

    • Hi Kris, thanks for your input, you are right¬†I agree, but we were not
      comparing who are the better singers between the two shows, we are only addressing the entertainment value of the shows up to now  and also comparing how the Coaches ofTthe Voice, the way the handle
      the singers that are not chosen,and  the very professional and caring way they address and give advise to those not chosen is commendable.
      Compared to the¬†Idol’s Judges way of making fun of the not so good
      and sub par singers they rejected, as if they were enjoying making fun of them, this I believe is part of the show’s format from day 1 but is now becoming more annoying than entertaining.¬† I am sure you have
      read some of our previous comments and most of us here will tell you
      how we would like to by-pass this part of the audition and move on
      to the real meat and potatoes  of the show.

      I am hoping that as soon as the dust settles the great singers that Idol do produces will shine as always so all of us can enjoy watching it this
      season.  I am not alone in expressing a big dissapointment so far in
      what we have seen in idol, this is also manifested in the drop of the
      ratings when compared from previous years, but it has nothing to
      do with the talents coming in since, it is pretty much the same as
      always.  This season Idol has become very very boring, what do you think?

      • Hi Ed: ¬†For the most part I agree with you. ¬†The one thing I’d like to point out regarding the courtesy of the Voice judges Vs the Idol judges is that the contestants on the Voice are there by invitation and in most cases are seasoned performers. ¬†Many of the singers on Idol have been given false praise and misguided encouragement for years. ¬†Some of them need a strong wake-up call so they don’t waste their lives chasing that dream. ¬†I don’t believe it’s right for the judges to laugh, but they do need to be brutally honest.

      • Well I for one have been watching Idol for years and personally witness very talented individuals be pushed a side do to their personal appearance.¬† Rather it be weight, hair color, or some other insignificant flaw, Idol has shown that it’s showcase is for the prima donna’s with meager vocal abilities.¬†¬† The ratings don’t lie, the show is a Dinosaur that¬†will fossilize with the rest of the decaying network.¬†¬†

      • Ed, thanks for the clarification.¬† I do agree that the shows have not been that exciting thus far.¬† I have always loved the auditions (but not the bad auditions)…so I don’t know what was quite wrong this time around.¬† As far as the other judges, I do love the judges from The Voice a little more (except for Adam…who has a great voice himself, but cannot stand his arrogance).¬† I think we have to take something into consideration though when looking at how the contestants are treated on the Voice.¬† All of the contestants who get to sing in front of the judges have already been through at least one prior audition, so they all CAN sing.¬† I do understand that Idol contestants go through prior auditions as well (although they have never been clear on the process), but I think they purposefully send some of the bad ones through for entertainment value.¬† The idol judges need to be blunt and honest with the contestants, because some of them are completely dillusional to the point where you can hardly believe if they are “for real.”¬†

        I really think this season is going to turn around starting tonight with Hollywood week.¬† I know everyone gets sick of the drama, but this is television, and a show still needs to be put on.¬† You put that many people in one place together, and there is bound to be drama.¬† So, I think talking about how much drama this show has is unfair.¬† I also want to comment on the ratings.¬† The ratings have dropped, yes, but like Nigel said, it has been 11 years and it is still the number one show.¬† I’ve got high hopes for this weeks shows…so let’s see if I am disappointed or not.¬† I am ready to see some exciting and great performances from these talented people.

  7. hi i¬† use to love american¬† idol the first three years¬† was good it seem like now the producer now try to just put the white singers up front and cut back on black and latino singers the white singers get way more camera time then others and that not fair. because at one time any body can win and that not the case now ….go back to the way you started the show like jim carey¬† daughter getting a pass to be on the show it just says that race is a factor on the show and i’m not shock the ratings are dropping like last year winner he should not have won if simon was on the show he would not had of won like watch the top 12 will be 2 blacks one or two latino and the rest all white singers come on now producers show us you not racist and make it a fair game ………..

    • Sorry but it comes down to voice… There have been good singers miss out from all races.¬†

      • @Ghty/Tye¬† I agree, it has to come down to who are the singers that possess that “Idol” quality that the show and viewers are looking for.¬† There was never any conflict on race even from the start of the 1st season to now.¬† Don’t forget that¬† after Hollywood week and the final 24 singers were chosen , it is up to the viewers to vote for their favourite, the judges have no control except for one “Save” who to keep and who to let go.

        I believe that this show was never involve in ¬†any¬†political, religous or racial conflicts.¬† My only real complaint about what has happenned in this show is that it lost that “EDGE” that it used to have a few years back because it kept the same format year after year that it has become boring and predictable.¬† And now that they have rival shows that are
        more dynamic in nature such as , “The Voice” , XFactor , America’s Got
        Talent, and I am sure there will be others to follow, it is time to re-think this show and make some necessary changes to bring it back to its glory.  This is of course my own observations and humble opinion.

  8. The thing that has most dramatically impacted Idol in the last 5 years is teens with cell phones.  If every teen girl had a cell phone during season 4 Carrie would not have won.  Going back all the way and saying the same cell usage was in play then the winners would have been:
    1. Justin Guarini
    2. Clay Aiken
    3. Diana DeGarmo [sp]
    4. Bo Bice
    5. Ace Young
    The voting policy dictates the Idol winner and amounts to the same thing as stuffing a ballot box.  All we can do is find the talent that appeals to us and support them after the season ends.  Nigel is a dictator only interested in the revenue from the partnership with AT&T.  This is unlikely to change.

    • I just have to disagree with Bo Bice…..even the younger generation (I have to stop referring to them as teeny boppers) liked Carrie Underwood.¬† She was the Barbie Doll of the 2000’s…….

      • I believe the teens and tweens would still have pushed Bo into the lead. ¬†It would have been a Lee/Crystal, Scotty/Lauren finish.

  9. Why aren’t u highlighting any African American well we can clearly see that an African American want win! Really believe American Idol is racist… My thought! No longer watching

      • I don’t think Idol, the show, is racist, but Idol voters do have racial issues.¬† When it’s between two singers who are basically matched the voters tend to cast out the minority

    • Are you serious? ¬†Three out of ten winners have been african/american. ¬†That is way over the 12% african/american population in the USA, in fact nearly 3x that figure. ¬†Don’t make it about race.

  10. @Lovel8dy84…Really~?? The race card…Again…this happens every year and it is getting so lame…@ Matt…I agree. It is disgusting and unwarranted.

  11. I can’t believe they let go of the guy that was there last year, has an amazing voice, his mom left the family, now theyre homeless, and he still came back this year and sang better than A LOT of some of these people they let thru. I cant believe they wont even give this guy a shot!!!! Its unbelievable!! Im sooo fricken pissed!! Eff American Idol! LA REED should pick this dude up and make em both rich and laugh in the face of those that didnt think he was worth it!

  12. Totally amazed that they didn’t keep Travis.¬† He was better than most.¬† Such flakiness of the judges, i.e. to be so inconsistent, doesn’t do the show any good.¬† Later on the same issue will pop up in how they comment right after performances.

    As for the latter, there must be something with the audio in the performance hall that makes that the judges don’t get to hear what we get via TV.¬† That shows also in comments they give the next day.¬† Why doesn’t Idol do anything about that?

  13. Folks , I do respect opinions of everyone, the only thing¬†I hate to hear is when someone’s favourite gets eliminated or did not win they then will make it into a racial dispute, gosh¬†I am fed up of hearing that.

    This is a singing competition, and the only way you are going to win this one is to be one of the best if not the best voted by the judges and the millions
    of viewers that deemed you the best, period. ¬†Cut it out or please find another blog to blow your steam off.¬† We are not going to buy “IT” anymore.

  14. I don’t believe they are racist at all. If they were, no ethnic auditioners will get it. I’m asian by the way.

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