American Idol 2012: Judges still looking for that elusive female winner

“American Idol” judges were in Texas Tuesday searching for the next American Idol and took some time out for a press conference.

And like every year, they’re saying talent is even better than the year before and, of course, they’re still looking for a female winner.

“I feel like the bar is raised every year. We had an amazing abundance of talent last year, and I think we up it every season,” Judge Randy Jackson said during the press conference.

Jennifer Lopez, despite being the last hold-out to sign for this season, claims to be excited and gave an even more canned response than Randy.

“We’re excited about this year,” she said. “I don’t think we put the pressure on ourselves to top last year or anything like that. It’s just about having fun, finding great talent.”

But much like last year, the judges are trying hard to find a female to break the guy winning streak.

“The strongest voices we’ve seen this year have been girls. We had a lot of strong girls last year, but they were voted off, one by one,” Lopez said.

It also sounds like Steven Tyler hasn’t hardened any since last season. “It still breaks my heart to tell someone they can’t sing, because everybody’s got a voice,” he said. “It’s not easy. I have my days and moments.”

It all sounds a lot like last season, no? Well, they can search for the next female singer all they want, but women hold the majority when it comes to voters and they’re almost always going to throw their votes at the guys, cute or not.

The past four Idol winners have been men. Jordin Sparks, in season 6, was the last female to win.

Would you like to see a female win next season or do you just want it to go to the most talented person?